Apparently we're "meme terrorists...

Apparently we're "meme terrorists." I never foresaw the day a group of people sitting in front of a computer screen would get called a terrorist group, but here we are.

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worth it

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Dont let the degenerates define you. You know what you are.

post the article here faggot


Just did an act of terror on the toilet. pardon me.

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did the retard even have a manifesto?






Just saw this but:
Completely mental lads

Y'all have been memed on by the BMW. Put this in the screenshot for your Washington Post article and kvetch, cucks.

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oh shit nigger what are you doing

How will Ebaumsworld ever recover?

You had one fucking job…

Oh shit, i forgot I to kill a couple journos with my dank memes.

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Feels comfy.

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no, just too many psychopatic people in the world by that fucking disgenic policy, and they are triggered by funny pictures and by a board philosophists scientific works

coming from a normie, you guys are "meme terrorists" less because of your use memes and more because you guys are the living embodiment of a meme - the incel.

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quickly becomes

hey guys look at this

im not clicking that shit nigger post it here

you guys really think there is a global conspiracy that keeps you from having girlfriends. i can’t. it’s just too much

Speak for yourself, you double nigger.
I am married with two white children.

People who immigrated into majority-white countries with the completely asinine assumption that they were welcome. They listened to the wrong people and ignored the right ones.

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Go back >>>/reddit/

Like population replacement? We know.

Some of us don't want girlfriends. Women offer nothing of value to our lives, they are repulsive in every way imaginable outside of some of them being physically attractive. They are nothing more than fetal incubators, and soon we will replace that function with technology rendering women irrelevant.

Disagreeing with the Liberal Jewish Orthodoxy is itself considered Terrorism by the deep state apparatus. That is why they find us more dangerous than Muslims. Because we leverage words and ideas over their scimitars and bombs making us infinitely more dangerous were we to ever break containment.

Yikes, the edge from that post

if you are having a difficult time supporting your family then maybe you should spend more time working than being a hate-filled white supremacist. just sayin'.

More likely we will just shed the facade of being civilized and go on a genocidal rampage across the world, opening borders for the purpose of letting out death squads and extending said borders, rape and crucifixes everywhere.

I know this is bait, but this is very bad bait

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LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when people ask me what Zig Forums is like i show them this post

I've always hated that word, it grossly underestimates the brutality and indifference of the universe. Go ahead and say it again you fucking faggot.

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Leftist kikefag or civnat? It's impossible to tell them apart anymore

By all means go ahead, the less newfags that come in, the better

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Do you even know what a meme is?

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Coming from a kike*

Also, shooting at a journo HQ when? Its about time the lying press gets it.


Christchurch and Poway were the result of PEOPLE, real people being made to feel like worthless numbers in their own country by Globohomo. That's what they don't realize. Accelerating Clown World will only make things worse. Too bad the liberal ideology is bankrupt and sane people are actually seeing it for what it is.

Leave, you animefags have your own containment board

The word does not suffice to describe how fucked up the world really is, it's the equivalent response of "OMG WOW, THAT IS SOOO RIDICULOUS". It's the faggiest terminology aside from using the word "normie" or "fashy".

14th mountain memetic warfare group reporting for duty

This this this

As a long time poster, i can confidently say that you're a faggot. Zig Forums is national socialist, women are half of our people and have their place in a tradiitonal society. If they fulfill their role well, they deserve protection, loyalty and recognition by the men of their race.
Hating white women entirely is MGTOW tier cuckoldry and usually gets disavowed by this board,

This cuckboi thinks we are actually incels. Lol.

Fuck off newfaggot
Kill your girlfriend and yourself by lynching yourselves together. Film it so I can see it too

Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time

Try not being so obvious glownigger

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You are the product of judaization. The jew is giggling at the level of deracination and racial self-hatred ze has induced in your mind.

They deserve chains. They natural instincts are destroying civilization. It's not just "white women" either, it's ALL women. There may be a few good ones out there, but that's like playing Russian roulette by grabbing a gun out of a bag of loaded guns hoping you get one that is empty.

You're the delusional faggot here, still incapable of seeing women for the disgusting beasts they really are.

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Keep being a product of judaization, its probably better if a weakling that falls prey to the divisive rhetoric of the jew eliminates himself from the gene pool.

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you can't be angry at a dog for not being properly trained when there's a group of people preventing you from properly training it

if you want to sacrifice your maximum potential simply for the sake of having a genetic legacy in this fucked up world, be my guest. You have the freedom to choose that path. I choose to be more than just some 9-5 cuck working for kikes so your kids grow up in a kiked world that ever deteriorating.

Thinking you're tough
(((You))) don't belong here, go into your containment thread >>>/b2/

Dogs are infinitely more loyal than any woman. A woman's loyalty is only to themselves and their kids. A woman will never love a man more than their children. Women are inferior to dogs where it matters.

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just like how a dog needs a proper owner a woman needs a proper man to lead her

you've clearly had very negative experiences with women. and i dont blame you, most men have - there's a lot of absolute trash women out there. i'm sorry that's happened to you.

but you aren't thinking clearly. you're running on pure frustration, and there's nothing anybody can tell you to make you feel better

As i said you are a product of judaization. Instead of furthering your race and giving back to your booodline, you remain a delusional faggot that shrouds his failure to adapt to the role of a man in some imagined "superiority", so you don't have to face the reality that you are simply a weakling. You have adopted an individualist jewish mindset to cope with your failures of becoming a strong part of the aryan racial collective. Your ancestors would be disgusted with you.



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Falling right into the trap whilst saying they avoided the trap. Get a load of these guys.

I was lucky, I got fucked over when I was much younger so I didn't end up some divorce raped man. The truth was a sledge hammer to the chest.

Ok is this article written by an Zig Forums troll?

Wouldn't it be accurate to call us natsoc terrorists?


You can't seem to reconcile the fact that you're going to have to work to support kids in this jew run world while simultaneously arguing that it's important to generate more kike slaves for the system.

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the real terrorists are the jewish bankers

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This has been on my mind for a while as well.

Oh, hey, its you again!
Still touting that shitty stolen reddit meme, eh?

Good shit. Remember to dilate.

unironically this

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Go back to your containment board cuckime scum >>>/b2/

Is there dox already on this guy?

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no and kill yourself nigger

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Fuck off /b2/ is a no cuckime zone you nigger

You must've missed GamerGate

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Checking does dubs
Also, go back


Your board is a literal cuckime containment area at this point. Just go back

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but this is my home :(

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qresearch is leaking over

No it isn't nigger.


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Go back.

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Womens loyalty is naturally to a man, and only a man. For women are lost without male guidance. Women love men who lead them, but if you show weakness continually, they despise you for it. And why wouldn't they? Its their natural instinct. A weak man would get shred to pieces by a sabretooth tigre because he was paralyzed by fear. He would leave his wife to die with her infant children. He would be at the lowest rank of the hacking order because of his lack of leadership qualities, leaving his family to live from scraps. Weakness in men meant less chances of survival for the whole family in the times where securing survival was an everyday struggle, and this will always remain in the female psyche - because it is atruth that is transferrable even to the modern world.
A weak man is betraying and failing his wife and his family. Women are right to despise weak men.

If that is how you think of the ancient aryan bloodline, as "mere slaves for the system" then you are indeed a spiritual jew. You have no loyalty to your race and should leave this place. Maybe actual suicide would be an option for you.

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heh, but I'm here to stay

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What the fuck did I just read


Go back.

A cuckchan faggot shitposting here for some reason.