Why America is in Venezuela Explained

Just a friendly reminders from one of my threads that the mods killed.

We are interfering in Venezuela because without securing its oil Kushner's big peace plan is dead from the start. Kushner, like any kike landlord, thinks the best solution to the problem tenants of Palestinian persuasion is to evict them. The only place willing to take them is KSA because they want a docile middle class dependent on gibs that they can control for vision 2030; previously most of their midrange employees are from apefrica or pajeetistan. Jordan may also give up some token land but make no mistake KSA and MBS will be footing the entire bill for Jared Kushner's plan to kick all the Palestinians out of their homeland.

The deal won't be presented as an eviction but conditions will exist within it to trigger such a clause leading to expulsion and token compensation. Why would KSA and MBS foot the bill for all this shit user you ask, well it is because they have been cooking the book on their state owned oil company Armaco for fucking decades. They had to withdraw the IPO last year because institutional investors were demanding access to accounts and documentation material that was so obviously fraudulent it would have sunk the entire country. Remember MBS needs that Armaco IPO money to fund his vision 2030 and solidify his succession to the throne upon the death of his father making him the first person not to be a son of the country's founder to hold such a position. How cooked are the Armaco books user? Those books are more well done than a steak with ketchup on that jew lover's Trump's dinner table friends. We are talking an overstatement in refining capacity/critical infrastructure by around 30% and an overestimate in held reserves by over 50%; who would have thought filthy nomadic bedouins would just pump more money out of the ground every time they wanted a half billion $ yacht or to shit on a small army of instagram models instead of metering their reserves or reinvesting into refinement capacity or infrastructure.

The Kingdom is completely and totally fucked without that Armaco IPO the entire Saud family is in for deaths like Gaddafi at the hands of mobs of their own people who they have been fucking over to live the high life for almost a century. Enter the Jews in the form of Jared Kushner with nice little solution America will help KSA acquire reserves and refining capacity to make books more balanced for their IPO if KSA/MBS solves the Palestinian Question. So a deal was struck between Clown Prince Jared and MBS that we would stage a coupe in the nation that has the largest proven oil reserves and 5th largest refinement capacity in the whole world and that the new government would sell rights to reserves and refinement from their own state owned oil corporations to Saudi Armaco or its subsidiaries/partnerships.

This is why the coupe is Venezuela reeks of Jewish filth and has the puppeteer kike Eliot Abrams in charge with all the neokikes behind Trump supporting it and ear whisperer and chief Kushner pushing it to his doting father in law. Trump loved Jared's idea which is why he is so publicly supportive of Jared's peace plan and believes it will work. Kike Kushner and Kike Ivanka have convince Trump he will be international hero for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that no other world leads has been able to solve since its inception. The level of manipulation and subterfuge they are using on this boomer retard to stroke his IQ is the kind of fuckery only imagined previously on film and something only the perverted depths of the jewish mind is capable of creating.

Know that you know why we are overthrowing Maduro know that ANYONE supporting intervention in Venezuela is an enemy and any public figure/e-celeb supporting it is 100% paid shill/traitor.

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tl;dr it all but, yeah you are correct
fuck the us and it's controlled media 'democracy'
someone needs to sink an aircraft carrier to put the DoD in it's place

So you know you can trust the info.

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IPO(Initial public offering)
MBS(Mohammad bin Salman)
KSA(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

and all the supposed bipartisan checks and balances suddenly smooth themselves over when the president is kowtowing to the ZOG plan
not a single redeeming attribute to any of his campaign promises. a total kike shill

thanks for that for all anons who are unaware of those acronyms

You're not using memes correctly.

Even zerohedge has figured out it's about oil, since your threads are always deleted it's hard keeping up with Kushner's angle specifically. It's so frustrating because nobody else reports a glimpse of it.

Not exactly. The Venezuela issue stems from them being socialist and people in the country not being happy with the Chavez-Maduro government. The U.S. has a long history of supporting anti-communist coups in South America.

Israel and the Jews don't fit into the equation at all. Sure, they want to ally with Saudi Arabia because they know they had better support the Saudi royal family before God knows what political regime arises there and attacks them, should the Saudi state ever fall.

It's important for the U.S. to take control of Venezuela. Otherwise, it'll just end up as a power vacuum that people that hate America and Americans can use to fund and feed caravans, like the ones on the southern border now.

The eternal boomer with a lifetime of cold war propaganda drilled into its head strikes again.

Every time America says a war/conflict/action is for "freedom" or "democracy" you can bet some group of jews or corporations is benefiting from it and at the end of the day those two groups are really the same. So if someone is using those buzzwords to push anything they are a part of the Globo-Schlomo Industrial Complex.

as an america i hope anti-american forces become an overwhelming factor against the government which oppresses me and that promotes white genocide worldwide

Not a single puppet they've put into a South American country has ever been pro-Capitalism. Chavez being uncooperative with US interests, and by proxy Maduro, is the only reason for the coup.

Are you the user who wrote up a long and elaborate theory on KSA links to the Vegas shooting? Your writing style and abbreviations are similar. I was looking for that thread screenshot if anyone knows what I'm talking about I'd appreciate it. I never got a chance to save it.

Move to Venezuela.


epic LARP fam

Unfortunately that's the case. If only all of Latin American could be like Chile and Argentina. They are also heavily dependent on us for aid. Maybe just blockade them like the Saudis did Yemen. It would be utterly cruel but it would work and no-one in the U.N. would bat an eyelash.

You save theeads? wtf is wrong with you?

That's a wild theory. Too bad everything in KSA moves slow as molasses, they'd have hard time doing any operation right, let alone a mass shooting on our soil.

flush out your head gear new guy

Not happening. They are the White genocide. Turns out inviting a bunch of people with no need to feed themselves except kangz drugs, sex trafficking and food stamps was not best for the safety of the White race.

No. KSA had nothing to do with Vegas shooting they really only exist to provide money they are too incompetent to do anything else really. Fuck they couldn't even disappear a journalist in another muslim country properly; they are a bunch of inbred cousin fucking bedouin genetic trash not strategists.

Found the Jew.

50% of american whites work in the porn industry


and then there were two



yeah the media blackout is really insane, especially here

it's not that hard to figure out. We have all the energy we need from fracking and traditional methods. We could export energy.

There is no coup, it was just a propaganda stunt with some minor riots here and there.

Just because the coup attempt is pathetic doesn't stop making it a coup attempt, since Guado has to appeal to the military to succeed.


jfc these glow in the dark necon kikes need to be shot dead in the streets before they destroy us all. Russia will never let (((the Deep State))) coup Venezuela. Russia will protect Venezuela just like Syria. and Russia will win. oh and China will pitch in too. so whatever plans or dreams of coup d'etat you blood drinking Deep State traitors may have had, you'll have to put them on hold forever.

what else can Russia do? i for one would love to see a lil' eye for an eye, and see Russia covertly create, fund and arm a Narcostan version of ISIS in Mexico. it wouldn't be hard to bring down the Mexican govt, which is already 99% corrupted, and replace it with ISIS-style anarchy, but with Narco warlords instead of Salafi Emirs and Wilayats. good luck Americanski military faggots with fighting the Mexican civil war as it spills across your own southern borders.

as for Saudi Barbaria, they are already the walking dead in my book. the Saudi kikes fucked up royally by entrusting their entire lives and fortunes to the success of the CIA's so-called plan. any time you hitch your ship to Langley, in the end you will be sleeping with the fishes with a knife in your back. after the CIA's plan crashes and burns and the blowback of the unintended consequences of their Masterplan arrives, i cannot wait to see ISIS storm KSA and line up all of the 10,000 Saudi Royal Princes buck ass naked in the Riyadh soccer stadium and then play kickball with their chopped off skulls. i cannot wait to see ISIS simply set fire to KSA's oil fields, in order to prevent you kufar from benefiting from buying the oil. ISIS cannot be bought nor bribed, unlike the Taghut Saudi Royals. it's going to be hilariously ironic when the karmic payback we all want to see inflicted upon Saudi Barbaria for them doing 9/11 is going to be an accidental side-effect of the hubris of the CIA's masterplan going to shit.

what does the crystal ball say? it says King Salman won't even live long enough to become king.


The rest is fluff.

OIAGFAPPSAR (OP is A Giant Faggot And Pedophile, Post Saged And Reported)

It's Aramco. Other than that, thanks for the original content which is food for thought and research. How will oil from Venezuela help Aramco when its cost of production is so high relative to Saudi Arabia's? $27.62 to $8.98 in 2016
And does oil backed crypto have anything to do with this?

Putin would never do something like that.
Also isn't ISIS a creation of KSA?

user said it wasn't about getting oil out of ground but balancing the refining capacity and reserves on hand for the books for when the company goes public. The just need to balance the books so institutional investors give KSA jew gold they don't actually need to pump it from Venezuela just use it to even their balance sheets.

ISIS is a creation of the CIA and GCHQ but is funded by nomadic semite filth from the Gulf states. Refer back to OP's statement.



If you're really a ZOG insider with super sekrit knowledge about the Q LARP, what did the original LARPer used to namefag as before Q?

Aren't the Chinese and Russian military already in Venezuela propping up Maduro?

Free Europe iEuropa Libré! March on Rome 1922 iMarzo en Roma 1922! Maccabean Massacre iMasacre de Macabeos! The Great Replacement iEl Gran Reemplazo! The Nuremberg Trails iLos Juicios de Nuremberg! Human Rights iDerechos Humanos! iMovimiento Anti-Derechista! Democratization iDemocratización! Freedom of Speech iLibertad de Expresión! Independence from the ZOG Multi-party System iIndependencia del Sistema Multiparte ZOG! Libertatia iLibertatia! Nazi Germany iAlemania Nazi! Basque Country iPaís Vasco! Adolf Hitler iAdolf Hitler! Germanic Paganism iPaganismo Germánico! Northern Ireland iIrlanda de Norte! Schutzstaffel iSchutzstaffel! Long Service Award iPremio de Servicio Largo! William Pierce iWilliam Pierce! Ben Garrison iBen Garrison! Joseph Stalin iJoseph Stalin!

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I don't know enough about corporate accounting to know how having "rights to reserves and refinement" of Venezuelan oil would help Aramco uncook its books but okay, thanks for explaining.

I'm not sure ISIS poses an existential threat to Saudi Arabia though, more than - according to this article - 1/ game of thrones style internal conflict 2/ too many underemployed and thus dangerous young men by 2030 and 3/ Iran and its influence in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.
Excuse me for being a brainlet struggling to wrap its head around these big issues.

Saudi funds radical islamic organizations so all the unemployed young men have somewhere else to go and fight and die instead of having a civil war. Importing a Palestinian underclass will give Saudi elite same things as Niggers who have no genetic loyalty to people and owe ruling class everything thanks to handouts they are doing this to effectively to use against their own subjects that pose a threat to their power. Also OP already stated that Zognald Trump is preparing for a war with Iran both in his original threads and his Dumpster Fire where he doxxed all US classified presence in Syria and said they need autonomous Kurdish region to preserve their strategy to invade Iran.

Nigger what?

Watch as the release of Kushner's peace plan isn't until the coupe in Venezuela is over even though they said they would release it last year and then after the Israeli elections last month yet crickets. Why crickets because these vile kikes thought Maduro would be gone and they would be able to secure Saudi support with a massive bribe from their little jew run coupe. This user's explanation is the only thing that makes any sense as to WTF we are doing there and why VZ and the release of Jared's peace plan seem to be tied to one an other.

This makes my head spin. Invading Iran would risk Russia getting involved. What a mess.
The plan would be released after Ramadan so after the start of June.

This makes jack shit of sense.
The coup already ends, Maduro is a vile kike.

I love you Purple

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To zero! This is related then? Boosting oil prices for KSA and weakening Iran.

Just lies liiiies , … ((()))

Another "wall of text" thread. Get banned.

Capitalism which relies upon usury and untouchable incorporation is just as jewish as communism. The only reason that there's a semblance of freedom and free enterprise left in the west is that we have not yet been polluted thoroughly enough with low IQ third worlders to accept the yoke of communism. European blood can't into subjugation.

The commie regimes we prop up in South America are identical to their goal for the USA itself. Hart-Celler (Eugene Celler was a… wait for it… filthy kike!) has been working its magic and, in CY+4, we are beginning to see its manifestation. Low IQ mestizos, niggers, moslems, and women are creeping into our legislative body. The quality of our public is being destroyed and, in another generation or two, we will be yet another communist shithole. Our "elites" (they are exceptional only in their complete lack of a moral compass, which allows them to sell their kin and countrymen out to the dysfunctional and destructive powers of the corrupt third world and international (((bankers)))) will finally have a pliable enough electorate that they will drop their masks and laugh at us.

The anger they inspire in me is almost a work of art in itself. They are so mundane and short sighted that they truly believe that living lives of deceit and fraud in order to have power over stupid mongrels and misinformed cattle along with a side dish of worldly luxury is a winning deal. Will they take pleasure in cruising in their yachts and getting BJs from the abused children of the third world as civilization itself burns around them? The answer is probably "yes". They are probably also literal demons.

Send 'em back to whence they came.


Oh really filthy lying kike


Just last month it was going to be release after the Israeli elections because you thought your coupe in VZ would have happened already now you kick it to June and hope no one notices.

Yea and that is why the jews are working overtime to remove him from power and take control of his country sure Chaim.

Shill harder Moishe. We know Purple is legit he has already leaked classified information on the entire US military presence in Syria.

lel I thought KSA was Kiked States of America or something.

Yes. But Maduro is a communist. All communists must be killed, no matter what.

And IISO/Mossad. Don't forget how they never seem to attack a certain country.

Communists didn't force integration with niggers on the White Nation. That thing called "America" did. Either "America" will die so the White Nation will live, or the White Nation will die to keep that walking corpse going.

Guado is also Communist, the only difference is which puppet belongs to who.


Sage this shit
We are in Venezuela for the oil. We are going to have to triple down because the fucking Russians and Bugmen are trying to exert their will in the Western Hemisphere. If we nuke them all the better. There is a play that alludes to the middle east but that is not the main theme. NO ONE gives a fuck about the Palestinians not even the people in the middle east really. They are the niggers of that area. NO one wants them and just use them as pawns to whip up the Goat Fucking Fever to distract when needed.

Reminder because you faggots try to ignore the truth. Maduro is literally a sephardic jew.

Maduro is a mutt with a drop of kike blood in a country not controlled by Jews; Trump is a jew lover with miscchlinge grandchildren in the foremost nation controlled by jews on earth. Also Trump has Jewish ancestry and probably more than Maduro as Maduro's father didn't fund the construction of and open synagogues with his own money. Trump is the kike Goldberg we all know you can't fool us.


Trump also lets a literal Jewish ear whispering court kike command him around like a bacha bazi boy. Trump is the beast, ivanka is the whore of babylon, and jared is the antichrist you filthy lying kike.

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Jews jewing jews jewing jews… who cares? Besides, it's not a "drop of jewish blood" that's not how it works. You're either a jew or you're not. And Maduro is literally a communist jew, he's hardly /ourguy/. I swear, some of you faggots just enjoy being contrarians and just blindly support anyone that's unpopular.

They've been after Venz long before Kusher, they killed Chavez for sure.

It's a fucking trip, if a country tries to help it's citizens out of poverty we will sanction the fuck out them, send in the CIA and declare socialism doesn't work.

Why is it not ok for the citizens of venezuela to get a share of the oil wealth? It's Socialism and it always turns out bad bla bla bla.

Quit listening to the media,

Pic trivia Which country is the pic referring to?

I know in the middle east some of those countries live great by splitting the wealth.

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Maduro is a literal jew.

I love how jews try to deny this shit.

Kushner is a jew, Maduro is a jew, this is a jew civil war.

Socialism in Libya, all this is true and no debt.

Without Jewish Central banks causing poverty there'd be no refugee crisis and there'd be no way to ensalve the Goyim and take their wealth. We pay around a BILLION Dollars every day in interest on our debt.

A billion everyday, that's enough to make a thousand Americans millionaires every single day.

Who are we rooting for?

No one.

This is kike killing kike.

East ZOG vs West ZOG.

Chavez wasn't no Zog puppet.

He was a ZOG puppet and he robbed the nation dry with commie economy.

Now Maduro is the same.

Hey, anyone else remember how the MSM had a media blackout on Venezuela for years until this Jew showed up in a embassy?



Shows it was very clear that regime change was needed to bribe KSA to go along with the greater Israel plan Trump was installed in office to execute.

Why is this slimy kike Kushner behind every terrible decision in this presidency is Trump a puppet and this kike his puppeteer facts would make that pretty obvious to anyone with room temp IQ by now.

Apparently the only thing Trump cares about are Jews, Corporations, and Regime change in Iran and Venezuela and once again if you aren't a drooling retard you understand the last two are just Jewish interests to begin with.

Even MSM is flat out admitting it was the fucking ear whispering kike who helped push Trump on the issue they don't know why thought but it's pretty clear Purple does.

Kikess Ivanka is in all the Venezuela meetings as well she is in every single photo op with Gaydo or his cunty activist wife Fabiana Rosales.

You also have Gaydo a supposed leftist chumming up with the biggest kike puppet in South America Brazil's Bolsonaro who is supposedly far right. And kike puppets like John Bolton and Eliot Abrams have their hands all over this. Only Purple explanation of fucking over the Venezuelans to bribe the Saudis into going along with greater Israel makes sense as to why so much focus is on this and who exactly is focusing on it.

Gaydo is of course also working to restore ties with Israel and has visited several times. Purple is really the first totally legit namefag in the history of Zig Forums.


MFW I have to admit a namefag is legit.


Get ready for Jared Kikener's greater israel plan now we know why they made Trump president because he will pursue greater israel by whatever means required.

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greater israel is all trump exists to accomplish while jared pulls the strings; remember the Kushners live at:

2449 Tracy Pl NWWashington, DC 20008, USA

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Please shill some more you filthy kike we all know Jews wouldn't work so hard to remove their own puppet.

You know who the Jewish puppet is the one who is recognized by Israel and the United States which would be the faggot Gaydo.

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The problem apart from jews try to take control is commies trying to take control. It's like there's no alternatives at all


Ah chinese bugmen worry you Chaim then why don't you point out how Jared Kushner is opening the door wide open for those same bugmen to buttfuck the US worker some more so Ivanka can get trademarks and the filthy kike can get investment money for his family business.



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These fucking kikes here shilling my god. It's not like agencies have already predicted the cost of regime change will be an additional 8 million Venezuelan refugees living in USA. They are already preparing places for them in Florida you filthy lying rat kike.


Article even written by filthy jew oppenheimer for double plus proof you're a filthy lying kike pretending to care about the problem of our country being invaded by foreigners.

Then why did the US sue ZTE and ban all government contractors from using Chinese technology?

Kill yourself kike we all know purity spiralers all post from Tel Aviv or a trailer park. Even Hitler would laugh at this pathetic attempt at D&C.


Literal half jewish Nazi Field Marshal

Obvious jewish shill misdirection whataboutism attempt.


The action you are talking about kike was the National Defense Authorization Act a bill that passes and gets signed every fucking year to fund the American military. The DoD had the anti china wording inserted in the thousands of pages of legislation contained in that single bill.

So now that the coup failed anyone know when the next Happening is? May 2nd is when the waivers expire but that's not when Iran's retaliation will commence specifically.

This is the thing that is so difficult for people to understand because they, myself included, cannot understand the way these people think. It is nigh on impossible to get into the mind of a psychopath or narcissist and predict what they will do to achieve their goals because it is not how a normal human being thinks. They think differently, what is alien to us is natural to them. They can always achieve a 'hold my beer' moment that leaves you shell-shocked. this is why people dismiss so many 'conspiracies' (911, pizzagate, Saby Hook etc), "People just don't do that!". But they do.
So, fuck understanding, fuck predicting, start killing. It's the only logical option.

Russia's offered support/assurances to Maduro no doubt.

Push for news of psychopath crimes to be reported in gory detail. Once people know what the little guys can do, they will be willing to extrapolate their belief to high status people and grand organizations.

He's just pulling shit out of his ass.

That's distressingly graphic. Russia already pledged full support for Maduro back in late January. Venezuela also has China's support because half of China's investments in Latin America are in Venezuela.
Next would be
"Trump Team to Confront Russia Over Maduro Support, Bolton Says"
They want Maduro gone, considering sanctions on Russia and Cuba.
They want the 20-25,000 Cuban security forces to abandon Maduro.
Pompeo may have said what he did to undermine Maduro's credibility and loyalty.
Russians say Pompeo's lying.
Trump will have to own it no matter what.

I think this can only work if it is somebody who is in a position of real power and influence.That would change public perception. If they're small fry it is just seen as aberrant behavior and can be easily dismissed because of upbringing, socioeconomic conditions or incorrect nurture (e.g. Josef Fritzel), but if it is someone who's already reached the highest positions in society (e.g. John Podesta), then the game is on.
I believe that tptb will fight tooth and nail to prevent anything like this coming out though (imagine the repercussions of 911 truth). That's why I think culling them is the only option.

He's still just pulling shit out of his ass, Chavez has been dealing with US hostility before him so anyone taking the reigns was already willing to go against the US. Pompeo saying Russia this or Russia that is just pro-war rhetoric.

Hey, anyone else remember how the MSM had a media blackout on Venezuela for years until this Jew showed up in a embassy??

Most Boomer Response Ever

Right up there with Move to Iran.

If they love those Mexicans so much why don't they retire to Mexico?

Posting is so slow and painful! The Zig Forums onion must be being flooded.

Ted Bundy might fit the bill. Charming, "normal", psycho. Haven't seen the Zac Efron movie. For a politician, maybe scour this thread. >>12708444

So what now, war?