Arya the Aryan woman

This is how we hijack game of jews ,the show that was watched by at least 1 billion people by turning their symbol of SJW feminism into our own . Arya has:
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Sorry for terrible paint skills but I know you fellow meme terrorists can do much better than that.

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That scene was retarded deus ex machina by lazy kike producers


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No, here's how we hijack Game of Goys: by spoiling it on every single subreddit and normalforum possible. The season is ending soon and this is even more popular amongst normalniggers than marvelshit.

Season 8, Episode 1
Debut date: SUNDAY, APRIL 14 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT)
Estimated running time: 0:54

Season 8, Episode 2
Debut date: SUNDAY, APRIL 21 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT)
Estimated running time: 0:58

Season 8, Episode 3
Debut date: SUNDAY, APRIL 28 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT)
Estimated running time: 1:22

Season 8, Episode 4
Debut date: SUNDAY, MAY 5 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT)
Estimated running time: 1:18

Season 8, Episode 5
Debut date: SUNDAY, MAY 12 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT)
Estimated running time: 1:20

Season 8, Episode 6
Debut date: SUNDAY, MAY 19 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT)
Estimated running time: 1:20

Kill yourself. We don’t care about your jewish propaganda.

How about no? A better use of your time would be explaining why the show is written terribly and they should feel bad for caring about it anymore.

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It's a shame that she got no good genetic start in her life and a bad oral posture to not develop jaw; If she had people would take her. But we by nature and norm are averse to ugly.

Pic related.

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Get this cultural Marxist filth off my monitor

It's a shitty TV show that NPCs watch. Instead of it having a predictable good outcome like high fantasy shows, it ends up having a predictable bad outcome.

Arya-Land is irelands original name. Morphed over the years. Land of the Aryans. The "Phoenicians" come from here. I believe the atlanteans fled to ireland. pic unrelated

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This shit is one of the funniest videos I've seen lately. My idea is that they don't necessarily have to be literal trannies on hormone therapy - it's just when they vet actresses and promote them to the audience, they just pick those that happen to share the same, rather androgynous physical traits, cover them up but not completely, and then push to the masses as new sex symbols, thus slowly turning the mass consumer's sexual preferences around, making him favor mannish women or completely turn him homosexual later on. It perfectly goes together with constant forcing of acceptance of homosexuality and propagating the "born gay" theory which is far from being a consensus.
(((Remember, gays are born gay, this is all a conspiracy theory.)))

I didn't know that existed in game of thrones just in hollywood. Look at the pattern of "female" faces. YOU DON'T FIND THAT IN SOCIETY.

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It's a cult of the androgynous flesh.

It's a face of man this is why. It's not genetics. It doesn't fit in a female hahahah7aysdyasdhadshasdhyadsyhhyadshyadshyads. oh this shit world

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At least Arya's knife move had some pretense in having been foreshadowed even if it was a goof bit of deus ex machina. Having the defenders sally from a fortress in such a situation and then pissing away their entire cavalry contingent left more of a bad taste in my mouth than that.

This seems to be the most plausible theory. They slowly equalize the female body with a trans monstrosity . It's classic programming. I will not be surprised we see those actors revealing their degenerate queer fetishes and mental issues over the next years.

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It's not the first time it happened. Remember the battle of the bastards? It was as retarded as this one, or arguably less. It's all deus ex machina - the movie.
Here's a good analysis from a reasonable man who knows his stuff.

It's a story about the battle for the throne, hence the name.

If you expand from there Ned and fat king's friendship is relevant because it was key to his successful rebellion. Jon's story is clearly the main story line. Jamie fucking his sister and all of cersi's kids being jamie's is relevant. Gendry's story is relevant. Rob Stark's rebellion is relevant. Dany's story is relevant to the extent that you need to understand why all the shitskins are willing to die for a goy. Littlefinger's story is a good red herring,because people legitimately thought he might win.

90% of the stronk wymyn characters can be cut, they only exist to poz shit up. Apart from them most of the fat was the hound's story. You can retconn aria's story being important because it establishes that she's legitimately capable of killing the night king because she's a semi-magical assassin.

“You’re all a bunch of faggots.” - WLP

Strategy: East Cost Anons watch -> West Coast Anons spoil.

1,000,000,000 DOUCHE BAGS


Daily reminder you can now force libs to justify racism or admit faggots are literally conditioned to be faggots.


I wanted the Night King to side step Winterfell, fly to King's Landing, cull the 500k people living there, laying waste to the Red Keep, perhaps with only Bronn surviving the shit by sheer force of will (and wit). Instead we got the lame thing. Well… got jew'd again.

its hilarious that regards like you attack the show as stupid yet clearly watch every episode

aryan is a slur

A million better stories could have been written with the existing setup, but hollywood is so kiked talented people can't get anywhere except in the special effects department, which is why they have to rely on effects now instead of good writing, directing, acting and editing.

Pretty much, yes. Sure, the big huge battle I have in mind (Jon leading his remaining forces south to siege the crap out of the zombie infested King's Landing) would have been a special effects fest, too. But it would have had greater meaning because the capital of literally all of Westeros, the fucking REALM, has to be taken back. Fuck Winterfell in that regard.

I don't watch this shit for a long time. I limit myself to fight scenes on youtube, just to point and laugh. Also, fuck off, kike, you're probably projecting anyway.

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life is filler

They are telegraphing hard the jon/dany married ruling happily forever after. Just as hard as they telegraphed aria killing the night king. At this point I have a bet with my brother whether they'll have ANY surprise moments in the whole last season.

Yes, it feels bad. Very bad…

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True fans watch the episodes live. "Spoiling" the twists for casual watchers won't do shit.

A semi-magical assassin who's main ability was to take on other faces and identities, yet doesnt bother taking the face of a white walker and casually stabbing them with dragon glass as she wanders unseen through their ranks during the battle. Fucking lame.

Infinite solutions available to how to defeat the white walkers. Bran could've done it himself if he had a blowpipe that could fire a sliver of dragonglass.

Couldnt he just go see what he wants and return to the exact same point in time without needing to tell people anything?


The point.

Your head.

Checked for yeah, most peoples' lives are.

Let's make a tranny into something cool

You just wrote an ending that is is 1000% better than her leaping out of fucking nowhere onto the Night King. What the fuck? Didn't he have a dozen white walkers right behind him a second ago? Where did she come from? It wouldn't have been nearly as retarded if one of the white walkers stabbed him, then it turns out to be Arya.

The Jews are getting lazy. They can't even write a compelling story anymore.

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the walkers stayed far from the army, jon tried to take them out but the night king pulled the hail storm out of his icy ass

There's no evidence that drink spiking even exists as a phenomenon of nightlife, and quite a bit of evidence suggesting that reports of "drink spiking" and "date rape following drink spiking" are nothing more than the female psyche's need to come up with an external explanation for drunken sex.
Think about it.
Alcohol is already the sexual lubricant par excellence, so why try to improve upon perfection?

god damn it you stupid fucking animals

the jew rips your culture away from you, tears it to shreds

then he stitches together some retarded mockery and throws it at you, and you suck it and lick it like a fat nigger dick


How about Danearies Targaryen (pronounced Targ-Aryan). She has silver-Blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a pure blood-line that is traced back to King Aegon I, known as Aegon the Conqueror, i.e. Targ-Aryan conquest.

But the Arya thing is also interesting. As soon as she killed the night king, all of the goy thralls were released from the spell. Perhaps it is symbolic of what we must do if we are to win–we must kill the jewish leaders. We must drag them out of our universities, our banks, our courtrooms and our newsrooms, and hang them all. Only then will we be free from their unnatural spell.

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It was a drop knife move copied from the Hunted.

Wow,, GOT sucks giant pussy dick.

Easy move to block with the left hand.
Really that the move that killed a killer??

found le boomer!

big yikes from me chief

Stop tranny posting


first pic is a good roman interpretation.

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Author can't even imagine that if some mtf trans people are more than passable is because they were already born with a feminine body frame (whatever the reason, genetics, hormonal imbalance, stuff in the water, etc.). For some reason, his cognitive abilities hit a wall, he can't imagine the reverse who hold true too, that you could find women with traits not sticking to his ideal type of petite super-slender young girl (read: pedololi porn model fetish).
He's just another side of the [honk honk] we live in.

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Not this faggot again.

Why did the night king leave the most vulnerable party of his body exposed?


This series is definitely going to get some female empowerment sjw slant

Jon snow will probably die and the stronk females will rule

Honk honk

Anyone watching any TV show, playing vidya, etc.. deserves a bullet.

It will just be you and the Bushmen left then. Have fun.

That's obvious but at least the Dothraki all got killed and the only nonwhites left are eunuchs.

Aryan is a slur.


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I stopped watching GoT several seasons ago, but Arya is a good symbol.
She’s a noble from the family known for being just, and she’s on a quest for revenge against the (((monied))) Lannisters et al. Her assassination tactics are also useful in the current target rich environment.
Imagine what would happen if, instead of shooting up random synagogues, zoomers began to assassinate the specific (((individuals))) who wield political power against us? Those likes don’t give a fuck about their fellow Jews getting ganked at a religious service they’d never attend themselves.


were they ever able to write compelling stories?

Still don't understand meme magic, faggot?
Beat it.

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Our mythology does have the tuatha dé danann coming from Atlantis, but the name "Ireland" isnt to original name, it had been "scotia"


Aryan literally is Hindus now. Go around calling yourself that, and you're going to get raped by a bunch of Sikh queers.

Isn't aryan noble?

Seems neat

So according to the caption on the third pic, Is this series just a violent neo-medieval version of Seinfeld, with the wisdom of George and the dignity of Kramer removed?

It was over then.

Lets do it

can you faggot niggers take this gay shit over to /tv please

Are the rumors true? Someone said a Redditor on "r/politics" was talking about hundreds of hours of removed scenes which make up the "real version" of the show watched by Hollywood elites.

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Definitively worth a shot, given how proudly they boast of brigadiering le weebil alt-nazis as they tweed spoilers of the latest episode of Mary Sue Fucks a nigger.

Every hour of screen time probably has 100 hrs of unused footage. 99% is alternate angles, takes with mistakes, unnecessary reaction shots, etc. The only deleted scenes are usually filler where they would have been used if they needed to make the show 5 mins longer.

No, not according to some Redditors on radical extremist group "r/politics". Supposedly there are extreme white pride scenes that the creators keep secret. But a lot of dogwhistles are still blended it.

The same people who think milk is a nazi symbol?

Go back to reddit with your fellow retards.

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aryan means

Milk is a Nazi symbol.

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You know if we appropriate Aria the Jews will just kill her off later in the season. Let's pick a named character to appropriate and see if the producers kill him her of quickly. But if they kill off the character will that mean they become martyrs?

I'm fucking memed out already.

Yeah, I have similar stories from partying years ago. In some of the raves in Detroit, we had to keep tabs on the woman we were with because shady shit happened to often.

My favorite was the magical "fog" that blew in and dropped their CGI budget by 90%. Just shit. The books were good, but unfinished. GRRM is a lazy kike pile of shit.

The only way to understand GoT is that it's a show about Jews written by Jews. And yes GRR Martin is part Jewish himself.
WHITE walkers = white civilization
Arya = aryan woman who gets impregnated by Semitic character. She cucks the white race then stabs the white man in the back and eliminates white civilization. Many such stories in the Old Testament.

Is it almost there yet?