FOR EUROPE: An Atmosphere of Fear and Change - Dedicated to Mr. Tarrant

Dedicated to soldiers of an undeclared civil war, defenders of Europe. To all of you looking for a political solution and finding none. Radical reactions are normal. We are NOT extremists, we just want to survive.

*An Atmosphere of Fear and Change*

Dedicated to Brenton Harrison Tarrant

On July 22, 2011, the world was changed.

An impact for generations to come, a black swan event of unique proportions; the first raindrops of a thunderstorm to cleanse Europe. A perfect unity of word and action.

And we've been waiting; and some of us have tried to follow. "A spectacular action every 5 to 8 years", to let them drop their guard, to strike in their midst, to promote our right to SURVIVE.

To reject and respond to their globalist multicultural agenda that destroys Europe, by taking a stand, by taking ACTION. To resist an Islamic invasion and the politics of degenerate "deconstruction" of reality. To destroy cultural marxist oppression.

Yes; we've been waiting.

And on March 15, 2019, the world was changed again. A great leap forwards, an acceleration; polarization at its utmost, Internet used as a tool against globalization, to spread the message, to bring it home. A spectacular action by the definition.

Stop the destruction of ethnic, cultural, social, racial borders.

Preserve the nature: We are nothing without our environment.

Raise our birthrates to achieve replacement levels.

But above all this, eliminate the source of our decline, stem the bleeding, prevent our ethnic and cultural replacement, prevent the death of our people; REMOVE the invaders!

It IS possible. It is up to us - there is no one else to do this for us. And it is our DESTINY, our Holy War, the retaking of our birthright.

Let July 22 and March 15 be code words and inspiration. Let the heroic actions of the few lead the many.

We are at the end of the way; it's all or nothing. There is only one victory. We take a stand to defend our heritage. All we have, all we are; our families, our homes, our lands, our culture, our blood, our RACE.

Onwards! For Europe!

God bless you all, and give them hell.

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I wouldn't claim that it's "radical" to be alerted about child drag queens, unvetted non-assimilated immigrants who potentially carry diseases, and contradictory leftists. I'd say that it's common sense. You have to be drugged up or distracted by entertainment not to see the full picture.

To be honest, you don't oppose it because you want to survive. It's because you realize that when whites are gone, then the values within that country are also gone as well. Did people ever keep values and culture of Native Americans when they were demographically replaced? Exactly. That will mean that you will dispossessed of your right to speech, secrecy, and self-defense. Don't believe me? Look at the state of the UK. People are in a state where they can't buy kitchen knives anymore. Don't get me started with the implemention of the BDS law where you're penalized in your own country for criticizing a foreign nation and introduction of hate speech laws where you're penalized for criticizing strangers in your own country.

What worsens this is that leftists criticize integration/colonization/assimilation, so it will always mean that the majority of them will remain anti-white. They do not want to integrate, they want to be placed on a pedestal where they will be rewarded.

Another (((Tarrant))) shill thread. For the newfags and useful idiots out there. Remember.

A white nationalist wanting to raise awareness of the jewish problem and wanting worldwide support would target prominent jew elites and or zionist politicians

Not worshippers at prayer

That's what isreali jews would do, not National Socialists.

Lol. Sure, feds/shills have nothing better to do.
Funny how when an actual act of resistance happens, there always is a minor group of conspiracy theorists / J-question nuts who deny the action and it's worth.

How many jewish elites have you killed?


Apparently there has not been a single White nationalist in the last 8 decades. At least according to your criteria.
Actual "terrorist" organizations are not comprised of rambo super-soldiers who snipe presidents and banksters from farm planes. Real warfare is dirty and bloody. And most hits are against "easy" targets.
Even the most sophisticated "terrorist" organizations in the world rarely kill top level leaders. Expecting a lone wolf operating alone to do so is ridiculous. I'll bet you don't even know who these "elites" are.

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BT had different goals from you. His goal wasn't to kill the elite, his goal was to incur accelerationism on a global scale. He wanted the left and Islam to overplay their hand by attacking normal conservatives/Christians. This would cause regular conservatives to lose hope in voting/complaining their way out, so that they can take the same action as BT.

BT was correct in all accounts.

Leftists claim that Earnest was radicalized by BT, but if you think about it, they were responsible for radicalizing Earnest.

Seconded. The manifesto says it all. Every part of it is meaningful, and is worth reading as an alone standing text.
Lone wolves act out because the situation we are in is catastrophic. And they do wake up many people.

that's alot of newlines

We do not encourage lone wolf attacks, in fact we National Socialists discourage it. You gain nothing, you influence nothing. We do not target innocent civilians.

What we want is a mass revolution with the goal of eliminating the Jewish problem.

That is obvious. The fact that your still propagating this very obvious Mossad agent means that Zig Forums is being subverted.

Who? What fucking "National Socialists"? There are none anymore.


Great job, OP.

Where's that Black Dawn musical album?
That thing's probably dedicated to Saint Tarrant too.

Someone get the link please.

I love how you shills let a thread fall once a debate is lost. Come on. Show me your responses. Let all the goyim see.

Lurk moar before LARPing as an oldfag.

Yeah yeah, according to your manual. Once a debate is lost. Do not use facts and logic, just emotionless dumb responses. Whatever, im sure your getting paid thousands of dollars per month shit posting. Good for you.

Posting in a clusterfuck thread.
From this point on I expect replies to be no longer than five words.

No reply huh? As expected of a traitor.

"hello fellow nazis I speak on behalf of all of you"

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You never offered an argument. Thus I have nothing to argue again, newfaggot.
You just scream that everyone is a shill.
Let me give you some advice. The longer you stay here, the more irrelevant that cuckchan tire shit becomes.
Screaming that everyone is a shill-mossad-CIA agent with 300 IPs has no effect on anyone anymore because you dumb newfaggots use that as your only argument.

Next, tis desperate screaming like this

Just makes you look like a child.

Finally, I forgot to mention
There is no such thing.

Hahaha, now that ive bumped the thread. NOW you shills start dumping meme replies. Do you retards have any idea how obvious you are?

Terrorism in general is a fucking brainlet tier political strategy, but terrorism against unarmed civilians is especially so. You're not significantly hurting any government or system, you're not costing anybody a lot of money, you're not killing a significant portion of a population or crucial government assets, you're just making you and everybody even vaguely affiliated with you look like bloodthirsty retards. citation related, the only way that terrorism would theoretically "work" is if you were to dedicate your entire life from a very early age to infiltrating a terrorist group who you DON'T align with and perpetuate a terrorist attack on behalf of a political enemy, which is obviously unobtainable LARP tier and has the moral implications of gunning down and/or killing people who you are supposedly aligned with, but the prevalence of "false flag" theories every time an attack like this happens and the utter absence of false flag theories when ever a muzzie shoots up a place shows that most people understand the ineffectiveness of terrorist attacks implicitly.

This is how we know you're a newfag.
Lurk for two years before posting. This is not how adults argue.

Gtfo kike shill.
We are sick tired of your pathetic copy pasta. This is not cucked halfchan or plebbit

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he lives in your head, rent free
does it bother you that we still have heroes amongst us?


Thank you for explaining this to the entirety of Zig Forums. We shall not let ourselves get influenced by a bunch of traitor shills.

Again the false flag schizo crap.
You are exposed shill, your pathetic attempts are in vain

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This is why the acts of lone wolf resistance among the Whites are so rare.
But that does not make them ineffective! The attacks are enacted for a reason.
Yes, it was a soft target in Chch; but maybe it's high time we stop being delicate about the matter of Islamic invaders on our soil! We are at war.

shut the fuck up retard

So not jews, not niggers, and not dune coons. Got it.

Blow your brains out, you fucking yid. We're going to kill every jew, and then we're going to kill every other nonwhite. Continue to tell us not to kill their women and children and we'll throw you on the pile, too.

What a surprise, the "false flag" schizos are the cucked fags still believing in a political solution

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You traitors are just pissed, the fact that there are so many of you replying within a span of 1 minute. I'm dismantling a month long psyops in this website. And all the anons who read this WILL KNOW. Your kike boss wont be pleased too, and will most definitely fire you. I suggest you traitors start looking for a job now.

You're not fooling anyone.

Its not really my fault. Your "psyops" is just too obvious.

Your obvious shilling doesnt work schizo. Everyone apart from 2 other shills in this thread can tell that


I disagree. It works.
Want some examples? I present you as an example of the effectiveness of terrorism.

Tell me, when is the last time you were able to express your completely normal racial feelings in public or in earshot of a leftist?
Not recently, huh?
Why is this?
Because you know that if you expressed your completely legal rights to a completely normal feeling in front of a liberal, you would likely end up the victim of a terror campaign waged by the ADL to make you jobless and homeless. If you're unlucky, you would be physically assaulted, have your house set on fire, and maybe even be killed.
It has happened before.

So you keep your mouth shut.
That's political terrorism and by god does it work. The ADL is a terrorist organization.

Terrorism works by making it unpleasant and dangerous to express certain political opinions. In otherwords, by killing or injuring some people who you may not even know, terrorists cause you to change your own behavior.

Now let's discuss my favourite topic; economic terrorism applied to states.
You probably don't fly a Swastika in front of your home because you know that the ADL or their lackeys would wage economic terrorism against you and that is unpleasant. Now hypothetically apply this same logic on a larger scale.
A state engages in a behavior that a group dislikes. In retaliation they do pic related every time they don't get their way.

Sure, the government can weather a few major banks going under. Keep calm and carry on after all. But keep this up for a year, two years, three years and the calculating elites behind every government will begin making mental calculations on the costs of continuing this war.
That's the only language that they understand.

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Come on, keep replying. Let the anons read this entire thread. Your operation will continue to fail should you do. Tell your kike boss to hire me instead. Ill be a lot better than you retards.

Fuck off glow in the dark shill, name a single instance of mass murder or string of mass murders that achieved the political end set out by the person in question. I'm not moralfagging here, I'm being realistic and pragmatic about the effects of what really just amounts to a statistical fucking blip.

Let's assume for a single second that somehow body count was very strongly correlated with the long term political effectiveness of an attack, 50 dead Muslims is still literally nothing in such a fantasy universe. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan kill that many Muslims every day, and Muslims themselves kill twice that every week, a few lone wolf terrorist attacks every few years don't really do anything except change public perception about people who have white identitarian viewpoints, just in the same way 9/11 ultimately did nothing except sour American's viewpoints on Muslims or The Troubles (and the IRA are probably one of the only terrorist organizations that can claim any modicum of success, with the joke of a Good Friday agreement for their highly sophisticated 30 year terror campaign) did nothing but energize the Brits to hold on to what is really a completely fucking irrelevant sliver of land.

They wont reply. Or the other anons will see this thread and ruin their 2 month long psyops operation. TBH, they should hire me to replace these dumb fucks.

This is the whole point of accelerationism. They never expect terror from the Whites. It does work in making many thousands of our own people aware of the situation, and promotes the message (read The Great Replacement…)
It works in increasing the polarization in the society. And brings attention to the crisis, and real protests and resistance in Europe: France, the Balkans, etc, etc.
Shock attacks are a viable method, I'm surprised they do not occur more often. Quite certain they will. This is just the beginning.

The 3rd Reich.


Now let's bring the discussion of "terrorism" down a notch and discuss the micro level again hypothetically.
Let's simplify matters to two examples; One is a real-world historical example and the other is a potential future if things do not change.

Say you're a bloke in South Armagh County Ireland in 1982. The British are here and so is the PIRA. You could collaborate with the British authorities. But if you do that, the Provos will almost certainly find out and blow your fucking head off if they don't break every bone in your body first. Thus, even if you do not support Irish nationalism, even if you're not even a Catholic, you will most likely keep your mouth shut and applaud when needed and not talk to the Brits.

I want to include another example; You're in the same place at the same time but now you're a British soldier. You could proactively patrol the surrounding farmlands and villages and interract with the community to gain their trust and bring these 'orrid troubles to an end. But if you show your face outside yoru compound, you're likely to be shot. If you drive around in an armoured cab, you're likely to run over an IED and go home a cripple or worse. And if you try to live in a house anywhere in Derry, the Provos will come to your appartment, drag you and maybe your family out and shoot you. So you don't. You keep your arse in your bunker and sulk.
That's how the PIRA cleaned an entire county of enemy soldiers.

Now let's imagine that someday White Americans get tired of being run out of our homes and ethnically replaced by these hostile shitskins. So one man goes to the border and starts randomly applying the same PIRA logic to these greedy, sneering bastards vomiting forth from the swamps of Mexico.
These greedy spics come here because they know that they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. If they also heard that Americans might shoot people crossing the border, the flood would end. Less and less people would risk entering the USA because free gibs is still not a fair trade off for death.

Even a few such instances would be enough to spook the swarm. Don't believe me? Go ask yoru neighbors whether they became afraid of airtravel in the wake of 9/11. Half of America was preparing for the apocalypse after the DC snipers even though they only killed a few random people in a small area. And just a few anthrax laced letters made millions of Sally Soccer-moms and Joe six-packs across America afraid of their own mail.

You're more likely to die in your own bathtub than be killed in an Islamic terror attack. Yet ask almost anyone and they'll tell you that they're afraid. They're afraid of offending Muslims because of a few people they never met were killed randomly by Muslims in retaliation for slights.

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I don't encourage violence myself. but leftists are responsible for radicalizing these shooters in the first place. Whenever you're reading the manifesto of BT and Earnest, they're always talking about the future. Is there any point to working peacefully for decades in the first place if you're going to lose everything from your beliefs/activism where you can't integrate again? James Watson, winner of the Nobel Prize, lost everything from his views about race. Identity Europa and AIM (American Identity Movement) members got doxed and became fired for non-violent activism.

These shooters aren't strongly motivated by hate, they're strongly motivated by hopelessness. And as long as censorship and deplatforming continues, they will see no point in reintegrating back into society.

Every attack against elites fail like Cesar Sayoc. Even if you do target the elite, it does nothing because you aren't influencing the public.

So how do you feel know when people reply?

Your psyop optic bullshit, ain't nobody biting that shit.

We tried to be high and noble. We tried a peaceful solution. We tried a democratic solution. We tried a political, acceptable, "normal" solution. IT DOESN'T WORK.
We are at war. Soft targets are acceptable… Yes, it is that far, it is that bad. The situation is critical.


No. Your shill group replied because I posted that. There was a dead silence until I bumped the thread.

I will say this again, Many anons will read this thread. And your 2 month psyops operation is dead.

Now let's discuss tertiary effects of terrorism. Let's bring things back up to the Macro level but remember that this works in all cases
Say that you're a aggrieved group in say, I dunno, Spain or something. Say you're Basque and the Spanish government has revoked your ethnic autonomous status and is now flooding your province with shitskins in an act of literal biological war against the Euskadi. So after years of pleading and begging for a peaceful redress of your peoples' grievances, the Basque people get tired of having their rights trampled upon and go back to the terrorism that made them a special autonomous region in the first place. Every couple of weeks, a large bomb is detonated outside or underneath a major bank or a politician who is responsible for this atrocity is kidnapped and murdered. This will continue for as long as the Spanish government refuses to respect Basque rights.
How long do you think it would take them to figure it out and cut off the flood? How many banks? How many airports? How much money would you want to hemorrhage before you stopped this insane, ridiculous policy of flooding Navarre with shitskins?

Now contemplate what might happen if the Northwest Front behaved like the Neo-ETA in this hypothetical exercise.

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Saint Tarrant is ours now. Just as the juden twist and subvert history for their benifit, so too shall Zig Forums claim the actions of a fellow fighter, and make sure his legend lives forever.

It's okay to fail just keep trying. As long as you have freedom of speech and a cache of weapons to protect that freedom here is no need to resort to violence. If you live in Europe though you should become a terrorist because you have no free speech if there are hate speech laws.

Sorry, I lost my train of thought due to an irl distraction. I was talking about tertiary effects of terrorism.
Anyway, so here you are, a Basque in Spain blowing up banks. Even if you just blow up one bank, the Regime will panic because the bankers are panicking. The bankers are screaming that the System do something to stop this holocaust of bank explosions.
But the System cannot do anything to stop angry dissidents from retaliating against a policy that THE GODDAMN BANKERS implemented in the first place. So they do the next best thing; they pretend to be doing something.
That means posting extra security at every bank, at every synagogue, at every airport, at everyone's house. Soon, every mayor and his secretary gets an armed security detail. You can't even get your mail without going through a metal detector and being padded down like a criminal.
This is expensive and demoralizing for the Regime. It is wasteful and is one of the tertiary costs of a Regime warring against an asymmetrical enemy. In otherwords, being groped at the airport is one of the costs that you as a citizen pay because your government is waging a genocidal war against the people.
That's a tertiary cost of this war. And it is apparent in your high taxes that pay these goons to grope you and in the demoralizing feeling you experience every time you have to pass through a literal military security checkpoint just to fly to a city in your own country.

Apply this to any asymmetric conflict. Myanmar, Iraq, or America. A few hundred dollars worth of explosives can compel a tyrannical regime to expend literally billions in needless and ineffective security theater. This sometimes even exceeds the actual damage that terrorism costs a government.

Generals fight wars but accountants call the shots.

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Let's together listen to Saint John, who said on page 2 verse 3 of the Open Letter:

Perfect words.
Like St Breivik said, you can fight with a sword or a pen, have large family / do an operation / start a blog - but do your contribution! You think someone else might do it - but there is no one else!
We should act. And even posting on boards can be great for inspiration.

That board you are on (((user)))

Oh i am so btfo!

fuck off boomer

every single succesful revolution, ever
war is just a string of mass murders, wars CAN be won
and this is a war for white survival

John Brown

at least you admit it, gaiboi

Universalism is judaism though. The protection of european Christians was deemed true by the national socialists in Germany. That being said the Catholic Church and many other Christian denominations just as much as Islamic factions use their creed to universalize populations. Tarrant proved that one small event sets off a chain reaction that the desert cults have no control over. It relies not on what human domestication tactic is used or what institution watches over it but on a fundamental biological reality found in human nature.










We have been at war since the """refugee""" crisis. It was the start of an Islamic invasion.
We opened the door for Syrians and instead we got everything but syrians. That war was a double win for (((them))).
1. More muslims got radicalized and got military training
2. The gates to Europe were opened for all of Africa

People ARE waking up. Far right is surging, the youth is realizing something is wrong and grouping up. My zoomer brother who only cared about gaming a year ago told me he watched saint Tarrant and read the manifesto and his eyes have been opened.

I heard from a guy that a young friend of his did the same after he checked it out - out of mere curiosity - and was instantly redpilled. It's powerful stuff, we must get the message out there

This, all Brenton Tarrant posts reek of professional kikery

Now you realize why there was an internet-wide witch hunt for that video like we've never had before. No shooting has been censored that much. Many shills have been deployed reading the same "muh mossad" scripts on the chans derailing every Tarrant thread.

They are scared.


Daily reminder that these are not our governments anymore, these are not our countries. The kikes and traitors of our people took it away from us and it is our responsibility to claim it back.
The enemy has a clear agenda of complete destruction of our people as a distinct racial group. To think even for a second that a compromise is possible with such enemy is madness.

Everyone needs to realize that as long us there is ZOG, we are in enemy territory, we are at war that will decide if the future generations of our people will have the right to breath.
Such situation demands radical, direct and uncompromising action against the enemy. Think about that until it is subconsciously in your mind at every moment of your life and when you achieve this, everything you do will be an Iron prayer for the existence of our people.

The goal must be the destruction of everything that threatens the existence of our people and this must be done with whatever means necessary, for if we fail, the enemy will take away every right that our ancestors worked so hard to obtain and consequently destroy the future of our people.

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Very good explanation. Capped them all for later use.

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Bumping this. Read nufags

Forgot to unhide the spoiler.
Here is updated version.

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Every time. We are the NSDAP, and we know you fear us.

No you are not, NSDAP was German National Socialist Worker's party who managed to get very close in destroying the international Jewry and the financial, global government they control.
Their struggle immortalized them and their deeds will forever echo in this world. You on the other hand are nothing but a coward who forever searches for excuses to justify your inaction while your race is dying.

You are nothing and no one will remember you after you die.

Shlomo, I know you slept through this week's demoralization class, but c'mon man – the victory of the Kike Race is at stake here!!!

Have you actually read my post(s) in this thread? What exactly about them is demoralizing to you and why are you so aggressively against people taking actions against ZOG to prevent Europeans as a racial group to die out?
Do you also claim you are NSDAP? Then where are you? You are no where to be seen, your actions are not felt. What exactly, as a political party, are you doing to achieve the 14 words? What do you propose?

Hail Tarrant

Hail breivik

Hail Bowers

Hail Earnest

What an exciting time to be alive!

The struggle is real; the fire rises

Can you feel it?

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Newfag, absolutely confirmed.
Complete and utter pipedream without accelerationalism.

Keep thinking you're the smart one. You figured out that everything whatsoever is Mossad, didn't you? All on your own too. Impressive.

Heil Tarrant, now and forever.

Cheers, this OC is going to be useful in the future.
Isn't it amazing? Some fucktard newfag comes around and starts shitposting, calling everyone shills, etc. He must think he's having quite an impact, calling out to lurkers and such.
Around comes an user that blows him the fuck out and actually provides lasting content that will be used to debunk rampant retards such as him.
Such irony.

Don't blame those anons, they're just shocked by people getting their hands dirty. I know that I used to be.

What deprogrammed me was noticing how leftists and zionists gave a platform to their own terrorists. They even venerate them as heroes in their documentaries/adaptations. Menachem Begin, former prime minister of Israel, was the mastermind behind the King David Bombing. It was an terrorists attack that targeted civilians.
Angela Nagle and Nelson Mandela were left-wing terrorists who killed civilians. Mandela's organization ran a decade bombing run that killed blacks. Angela was a Russian Spy who killed 4 guards, yet leftists mysteriously don't denounce her for "russian collusion" and terrorism.
You also see leftists praise genocidal abolitionists like Nat Turner and Jean-Jacques Dessalines. Keep in mind that those two killed children as well:'s_slave_rebellion

This. Never forget that our views are normal. Our ancestors would all be considered right wing extremists by the liberal intelligentsia today.

Their is a difference between an ideology and a party you are correct that the nsdap are dead and will be remembered in our hearts how ever their ideas aren't dead and neither is the ideology.

Liverpool Fans attack Non whites in Barcelona someone create a new thread

we need some meme's!!

And it all payed off for those political ideologies at the end. Israel now has full control of their ethnostate along with having controlling a super power like the United States. Leftists have institutional control of academia and the entertainment now, where they can easily radicalize millions of doctors, journalists, politicians, and engineers into supporting left-wing terrorism and dogma. I was one of the people who made it through and ignored their brainwashing.

It should be pretty obvious by now, but Leftists and Zionists don't have an issue with politically motivated violence at all. They're just upset that politically motivated violence wasn't done in the name of their ideology. That's why they were more angered by Earnest's attack (1 dead jew) than ISIS' attack on Sri Lanka (250+ dead Christians). Sri Lanka killed their hundreds of their political opposition, but Earnest's attack eliminated one of their political allies.

They take issue with 8ch for us talking about the "violent" truth of demographic decline caused by non-white immigration, but they have no issue with calling for violence and outright homicide against white America.

They claim that the entire site is bad for egging on the shooter, but they have no issue with leftist entertainers who egg on their audience to attack whites (see: the Covington controversy). Since leftists make calls to violence under a daily basis, no user here should care about the posts here. As always, leftists are telling you to practice what they never preach in order to hinder you. They're frightened because the tables are turning for them. It'll be rough, but we'll make it through.

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This is what I love about Zig Forums. Here we have this kind of irrelevant thread that instantly gets flooded with shills and cuckchanners. And then some random guy pops in and delivers a dissertation on guerrilla warfare.
This is a mind opening place.

Always keep fighting the good fight. Never listen to hypocritical and dishonest leftists. White genocide isn't hyperbolic, it's a concrete fact.

It's perfectly fine for leftist media corporations to advocate assaulting anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders but if one man suggests actually fighting back on an anonymous image board, suddenly everyone is screaming about terrorism and how evil it is.
Conservatives pride themselves for "denouncing extremism both left and right"
This is why the always… always lose. Everyone knows that you can walk all over a cuckservative and the worst thing they'll do is complain.
Blacks will assault you in the street if you look at them funny.
Muslims will cut your fucking head off.
And conservatives scurry around like scared rodents on university campuses out of fear of offending their leftist peers.
I was once chairing a certain university political organization and suggested a certain perfectly legal and normal action. And a little communist shit (who was lurking in the back monitoring us. don't ask) jumped up and said that if anyone in this room did this, he would photograph everyone involved and hang the photos up for the local blacks and communists to see so that they could identify us and assault us. And btw, there was a high ranking faculty member right there next to that little creep.

That sure as hell worried my flock and everyone began to look down, mentally tucking their tails between their legs.
Without disclosing too much information, that one communist faggot effectively shut down a large student organization for the rest of the year with ONE threat of violence. One guy.
Say what you like about communism, but by God that is impressive.

Glad to contribute.

It worked for the Irgun and the Stern Gang; their acts of terrorism, bombings, derailing trains, random murder (and hefty bribes to politicians) got them the state of Isn't-real. That sewer was born from acts of terrorism, terrorism against the British and terrorism against the Palestinians.
But in a way -you are right… Isn't-real is a fabrication of LARP'ing dipshits who wouldn't exist if they weren't parasitically sponging the lifeblood of the West.

Based and redpilled

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Stupid people are easily directed with the mass media false flags.

Any more pictures of His equipment?

Reminder that this is what the enemy thinks. We're in the right and they're in the wrong. That's why they're left.

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A simple reading of White history throughout all eras would show this not to be the case, even to the point where not desiring open conflict could have had tactical benefits.

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That's interesting projection on their part.
Even the leftist idol Noam Chomsky admits that Antifa is foolish for provoking the "right" to violence.
"When confrontation shifts to the arena of violence, it's the toughest and most brutal who win – and we know who that is"

Most people here strongly wish for a violent conflict so that we can finally physically confront the sneering monsters who are doing this to us.

I find it funny that they claim that we're fearful. Especially after they publish over 10 hitpiecies about how OK symbols create the holocaust.


Right now…

there are dozens of young wolves…
on 3 continents ….
waiting for that RESOLVE to voice ..


this is the DAY…


and the WOLVES will NEVER…

by the POLICE
nor INTELLIGENCE servies

for they are
non Criminal
who walk among us



The best time to plan is now.

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The Schutzstaffel is the archetype and the standard to model for a future international white identity organization. The NSDAP would have failed before 9/1939 without their protective guidance and sacrificial actions.

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