Videos of jews explaining their agenda

Is it possible to have a thread where we compile all videos of jews explaining their agenda (or part of it like in this one) out loud?
I have seen some very good ones of french speaking jews with english subtitles but I don't know where I can find those anymore.
Normies can't deny what is explained by the jews themselves.
Also you can post quotes from jews, but videos are better to redpill normies (they don't really like to read, and videos impress them more easily).

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Shit thread.

Saged and reported for pedophilic content

Finally someone posts proof that the Jews control the Western countries!

Oy vey, this is anti-Semitism

Hello rabbi

Does this count? He's Chaim Moshe Bergstein, a Chabad rabbi.

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The Jewish community has their conspiracy wackos too you know. Any such purported videos of Jewish people "exposing" their so-called "agenda" shouldn't be taken seriously; they're fringe nuts making up things that make the rest of the Jewish community look back.


Friendly reminder not to imbed or click on YouTube links. They are used to track and identify you. Use instead.
YouTube embedding should be verbotten on this board.

Netanyahu Unaware of the Camera 'America can easily be moved'

Rabbi Moshe Parry promises vengeance on the British Empire once their messiah comes.

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Try again JIDF. Your nose is showing.

Song but still relevant.

The issue there is that what they say is EXACTLY the process Occident has been going through for the past decades, all of this pushed by jewish ideologies, jewish controlled media etc…
The facts can't be ignored.
Only a jew would ignore them.

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What the fuck is a jew?

Jewish people have little to no power. Righters and racists seem to think Jewish people are supervillians with godlike powers to change societies. Spoiler alert: they don't. There's very little difference between Jewish culture and your culture.

the acolytes of Satan have been busy.

Are you seriously claiming that Jews don't have a disproportionate amount of power in the world relative to their population size?

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They own the banks, they own the media, they rule over the financial world…
The dominant ideologies are jewish ideologies…
I have had enough of you, rabbi. Fuck you and your shitty song.
ID filtered. Everyone should do the same, He's an obvious shill.

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Who are you talking to?

Who the fuck are you talking to?

How do I change my ID?

Jewish people are scapegoats and expendable shields of Jewish elites and normal Jews.

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lurk for two more years and it will change.

Or just change your IP.

r u fukin srs m8

You are one dumb motherfucker.

I refuse to believe someone can be this ignorant. This is a trainee in the Israeli Defense force on his first week of defending Jews online.

bump for more


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Back to reddit, rabbi.


Bump to expose the kikes

Barbara Lerner Spectre

Goyim are too stupid to see the truth no matter what you show them. Make 100000 more infographics and videos, no one wants to be a bigot, they have been trained to think defectively, they are not allowed to see the patterns, they know if they speak up they will be punished.
Goyim should thank us, without us you would still be worshipping dicks made out of rocks, although your cross is just an upside down wooden dick planted in the earth, but you're too stupid to notice that.

Checks out.

That is one peversed mind schlomo

who are these shill trying to separate whites to not have them named, from the jewish elite and are always talking about the jews and never whites?

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because jews are the root of the problem, and zionism is an interpretation of judaism (which not all jews agree with, btw).

Fucking kikes

This is not about the individual, therefore what individual kikes may or may not agree with within and among themselves, does not matter.
If the mind does not wish to touch the wall, but the hand does nonetheless, have you as a whole not touched the wall?
They are all the same people, and must be treated as such; KIKES.

Hmmmm, either long nose or possibly human nose that has been in a coma since birth

best one I've ever seen

Thanks, archiving that channel.

Oh shit

Is there more shit kikes admit

Bitcoin takes care of the banks (we may also return to a gold standard, I'll take both).

Media is desperately trying to be re-controlled, new media is decentralized (so that's impossible), and dissidents are making new platforms.

Next up: Get Jews out of our government, this is proceeding apace as people wake up to simple shit like "HOW COME ISRAEL GETS A WALL BUT WE DON'T", and "WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FUCKIN' ISRAELIS IN MY GOVERNMENT".

Keep up the good work, fellow goyim, the tide of history is on our side.

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There's a bunch over here already

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Anyone have that video of that teenage jewish girl saying, "Here's a list of the things the goyim need to stop saying"?

being a white man, i have nothing to say.

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when jews call people losers, remember their greatest story was how they were rounded up and genocided by the losers of WW2

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i am not a nigger

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Wow. You must be the shit-tier hasbarah I keep hearing so much about. In any case, pls gas yourself, tubro-kike.

Seethe, Schlomo; Get ready for the noose…

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You know, it's so ironic. They always get on our case about being "antisemitic" but these people literally view their god as le happy merchant–someone to haggle with, to Jew-down. CONFLICT BRINGS US GOLD, OY VEY! I used to work at the largest Kosher super-market in North America, meaning I saw this kind of shit ALL THE TIME! They literally have what's called a mashgiach on standby, who they bring their bullshit to so that he can distort, twist, and manipulate the Torah to fit their desires. And get this: So on shabbat, you're not supposed to carry anything with you unless you're in your own home. Well, I shit you not, they even have what they call an eruv which is a piece of fucking sting they wrap around the whole town that supposedly then allows them to carry things in public on shabbat, as if wrapping a sting around something means it's an extension of your house. lolwut. You think an omnipotent God wouldn't see right through that pathetic bullshit?!?! They even have a Jew-string patrol to make sure the string is still up and hasn't been hijacked by a bird or some shit!
God: "Shlomo, why do you forsake me on the Sabbath?
Shlomo: CHAS V'SHALOM, Elohhim! While true, I am walking down 5th Ave with all my shit, I'm TECHNICALLY (their favorite fucking word) still in my house because string. Either-which-way, per se (not kidding; heard this before as well), the rebbe says the halucha has been fulfilled!

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Someone should webMD this. it pretty much sums up 99% of American Jews in 2 minutes.

Do you have original version of this video, but without Honkler and voice-over laughing ?

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Then what's the problem? Right wingers get to kill the jew, no harm done because they affect nothing.

That is honestly very very disturbing and puts a lot of Israel's barbarity into context.
Israel getting nuked seems to become more and more likely…

Men in Black takes on a different meaning for me now


you stupid goy, the noahide laws dont apply to the chosen.

The British Empire that gave them israel?
What an ingrate.

This board is their agenda. Low IQ White Nationalists are their foot soldiers.

Damn this thread is epic.

Details how Donald Jump is being controlled.

Holy sheet, their religion wants humanity to be slaves.

How can we stop this?

Turn the valve, Adelberg, it's only a shower.

According to Polish and jewish sources, it wasn't that simple.

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Use webms and mp4s.

This kills the shills

PJ Media is an often-quoted Mossad front used to propagandize the American right.

Does anyone know how spell those exotic words like "eni-haz-glad" & the "rah-haz-ann", I'm can't get any references up searching it up.
Even better, can anyone direct me to the sources of these Judaic references so I can better research this topic concerned? It would help me dramatically to add to the archieve and to help spread the awareness of this issue.