Is there anything positive going on in Canada right now?

Imo the whole Bernier thing feels like a bit of a 'steam valve' that is extremely controlled and has no proper future. Sure Trudeau isn't good but Scheer will do nothing to protect the environment for future generations and has a very similar immigration plan, at the end of the day.

I have a few ideas what might be going well, but generally it seems Canada will continue to go as it has been for the last 50 years

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If you own a moving company in a large city, the massive White flight caused by hyper-immigration has resulted in a golden age for movers. That's about it.

Faith Goldy

I mean, I guess I haven't really followed her in a little while, I live outside of Toronto so couldn't really participate in the election properly.

i see she has a video series on youtube now, might check out.

CNP leadership sent out a pretty based email. Looks like they are preparing for a shtf scenario.
Its a small party but it is better than anything else available.

There is talk on the streets all over the place I am now consistently hearing Zig Forums topics and semi redpilled immigration conversation happening from Canadians, teens too, when I go walking around. Western Canada is waking up. It is slow, more threads here would help as anons would be able to share canadian specific redpills a lot easier and fight the culture war coherently if more communication was happening. I am seeing lots of little groups pop up.

Canada is a funny place. Inhave concluded we are actually very nationalistic but we've been tricked into being nationalistic for the globalist world paradigm. That is coming undone, we'll return to being northern bush barbarians and maybe this time we won't let foreign enclaves and corrupt politicians swipe our cities and political systems out from under us.

Canadians are bad at urban shit, haven't been doing it for very long.

Bernier and the Presentation Piece, I mean the People's Party was a Liberal Party/CSIS (they're one and the same) scheme to draw off support from Scheer as well as contain the non-kiked right.

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This. Parts of the Maritimes are getting Ontario-style tax bases for once from people decamping en masse.

Faith Goldy is the Canadian version of the (((alt-right))) containment zone. They give her way too much publicity. If the press doesn't want your message you, you get dead silence. Not many people know who Marc Lemire or Paul Fromm are.

James Sears is a grifter who took Leroy for a ride and also took some informant money. Talk to Jan the guy who runs Sun Ray TV for info on what Sears is really like.

that would be incredible if true. If that's the case, things are getting pretty wild at some really high levels, I hope there is a way to confirm this. I do suspect the LPC will secretly give the PPC major support in key close ridings.

I've seen sears a bit around, I can't tell if he's trolling, or infighting, or joking, plus Kinsella, pic like right above here you posted nearly has him in jail. Kinsella and his wife run a pretty shifty "PR" business though.

I heard they are gonna release 'Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler' on blue ray. That's a plus.

I understand your suspicion, but we should consider that any progressive candidate moderate enough to be electable is going to feel that way

(((Scheer))) is a crypto-kike anchor baby, he is the enemy.

Um, no, actually it was the liberals who helped get Scheer elected in place of Bernier in the first place, moishe.

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Quebec is underwater and being bailed out by the army of the rest of the country.


Time to take what is rightfully ours.

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Your death hopefully.

Nice scenery.

Thank you for the tip off. I'll investigate. What was that giant fucked up cult a lot of our elite were in too? I can't remember the fucking name.

Also anons join the Canadian Nationalist Party. Already has a few anons in it and this is a good transition from shitposting to IRL action. Obviously I cannot confirm 100% that it isn't a honeypot but Patron is a lot more based than I thought. Keeps surprising me with solid emails explaining party goals. Fuckers just bought land in Western Canada to use as a rural psrty HQ and a place for members to retreat too in shtf scenarios.
All of the other political forces are too weak and corrupted to be noticable. CNP is the horse we'll have to back.


You would be shocked how many of the posters here are disaffected Western Canadians. I would say it is the second most common nationality here after American. And that might not sound so impressive but it is when you realize just how few people actually live in Western Canada proportionally. I know for a fact that my city boasts hundreds to thousands of Zig Forumsaks. I have personally met up with dozens of them. Sadly though the majority just seem to be Asians who want a return to the Conservative White Western rule their parents immigration had theoretically promised them.

Jesuit Kenney is leading Alberta.

He’ll flood rural areas with so many shitskins, it will come as a shock to the system and accelerate the race war.

Canada will soon balkanize itself as Alberta separates. Sask and Manitoba will soon follow. The lower mainland of BC will be ceded to China, and the Chinese will begin rounding up all the ecoterrorists, yoga teachers and heroin junkies. The rest of BC will secede and join Alberta. A 1 km wide utility right of way from Edmonton to Kitimat will allow multiple pipelines to bypass Hongcouver altogether.

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You’re probably thinking of the 9th Circle Cult or the 12 Mile Club in Vancouver.

Nice larp. China won't be able to hold the lower mainland. One truckload of garbage bags could plug the pumps keeping richmond above water.
Lower mainland is almost impossible to hold without holding most of southern BC and Vancouver Island. You have to realize that any force on vancouver island can blockade vancouver indefinitely by placing forts in Victoria and the chokepoints between the islands in the north. (There is a section where you'll only need to guard two narrow channels)
Resupplying vancouver by land isn't going to happen especially with the american nationalists planning on setting up camp directly south.
BC will follow Alberta. BC is isolated and Alberta and the Americans of the northwest coast are its nation. Cascadia is real even though the name is kinda silly.

I concer. I also have noticed the disproportionate number of Canadian posters. (((American))) imperialism is a huge part of it. Their companies fuck with us to a massive degree and people see it and it and demand we have our own civilization that isn't some american backwoods client state. Constant pressure to become more nationalistic. Just like how Ontario and Quebec having the majority of the seats causes western Canadians to see the imperial state for what it is ànd chaff under it. Something the quebec masses see too cause they feel threatened by the larger anglosphere. BCers now feel threatened by the chinese wave too.
So all these things, plus the fact that we aren't an urban people and have that self sufficiency ethos, leads to a people that are becoming rather unruly. We didn't civilize as much as the Americans have, it's still pretty frontier. As this base organizes things are going to get very interesting.

Albertan, here. I crave the sweet release of death. We've been flooded with street shitters since I was a wee lad and I've yet to meet one that wouldn't stab you in the back the second you're not useful to them. They run for political office to prepare for the takeover.
Now we've been inundated with nogs of all flavors and things are rapidly getting much much worse. Growing up, I saw maybe one or two over the course of a year. Now we're lousy with lightbulb-headed somalians, most of whom apoear to be muz. They're rude, they don't understand how Canadian society works, and they don't care.
I can't fight for my country as even discussing how bad things are is literally a hatecrime thanks to that Soros slave, Trudeau. Worse, the people I care about won't listen to me or even see that there is a problem. It's maddening.
How do you fight back when you can't convince people they're surrounded by enemies? It's driven me full blackpill. If the sheep can't tell that the dull beasts among them are wolves, then we probably deserve what's coming.

There was a few advanced province elections, not sure why that is since the actual election is in a few months, and they all turned more conservative.
I can't be bothered to find why it was advanced, but it feels like some test elections to see how the wind blows, and if this continues, liberals will be kicked out good.

That said, I'm not sure about the current conservative leader, they changed it recently but didn't do any research on who and what the guy did.

Moncton is becoming a big North American hub for air freight traffic with its new runway. Housing is dirt fucking cheap.

That's in Canadian pesos

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Those peanut head skinnies are refugees and so they're getting $4500 a month from the government. There's not intention nor expectation that they will ever work.

If she really is Canadian Ukranian she needs to write a j-woke book about the Holomodor; or do an upscale documentary on it that names (((them))). She rolls with B'nai Barf so casually, I seriously doubt her viability. Women in politics is disgusting in the first place. She needs to do an analytical historical ideological auto-proofing – any subject except the Holomodor won't work.

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Candida Auris (fungus): no current meds, 50% kill ratio, lives long term on all materials and both living and dead bodies, favors weakened immune systems: the aged, pregnant, ass bandits, and already sick people. Started in Dravidapoo land, but now Africa, Spain and Maryland USA.

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Nova Scotia might be even a bit cheaper for somewhat larger abodes.
Maritime real estate agents haven't quite figured out that White people are leaving, for example, Vancouver at a rate of 1 every 18-minutes, or about a family an hour. Once the agents do the math on White flight, they'll jack up the prices.
Now would be a good time to buy; that $300,000 brick igloo will be listing around $500,000 or higher in less than 5-years.

I fled Vancouver over a year ago, the minute my apartment building sold and I finished packing. It's 98.5% white here. People are far nicer. Vancouver people have always been a rough bunch but the place became a miserable decadent shit hole full of drug addicts and faggots and angry welfare bums that refuse to work. And so the chinks and spice monkeys just moved in and bought the place up. It's unlivable.

Jesus I'd love to bestow lewd caresses on her half naked body and fire off the contents of both my hairy balls down her throat.

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(chk'd post and sweet ID digits)
The carbon tax does ironically pay for cancerous black shit; just not the type of cancerous black shit the gov't claims.

Leaf frog here. I been seeing an increasing number of niggers, sandniggers and chinks. Thou the biggest one were the spicks. This Mongrels descendant of cannibals are now even openly speaking spanish. The chinks are starting to speak chinese more openly. It really making my blood boil.

Turdeau is living proof that faggots are natural born traitors no matter what benefits they've derived in abundance from their fellow citizens.

And I supported this goy

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Sorry you missed the point. I was going for the new aspect, not the good. If I wanted to force a good dimension to this development, it would be increased medical rationale for border quarantines of globohomo immivaders. But that's not you is it?

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CNP is basically CSIS controlled, they do it to every single nationalist group that is more then 2 members.

I feel that feel, tabarnak

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Its leader came in here drunk to try and recruit, and he had no idea how to embed links so he just posted them over and over. He left after anons started posting tranny, fag, and bdsm gore and showing him the insane degeneracy he collected.
What a loser MR CNP was.

Please take notice of Alberta, please, they are destroying our lives and future. I had my life destroyed by reckless police violence where someone didn't use their voice or identify themselves before assulting my girlfriend beside me, and a corrupt appathetic jewdicial system that sides with the police implicitly and balks the significance of the unlying eye of the body camera. Please, it's infested with foreign interests, the natural resources is their base and unelected government is another. Please take notice for our future. The signs are everywhere.


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