Saint Chad Earnest pleads not guilty


A San Diego man accused of opening fire on a synagogue, killing one person and wounding others in what prosecutors are calling a hate crime, had magazines with an extra 50 rounds of ammunition when he was arrested, prosecutors said Tuesday.

John T. Earnest, 19, appeared in court Tuesday. He is charged with one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder in the attack on the Chabad synagogue in Poway, California, that occurred Saturday morning on the last day of Passover.

A public defender entered not guilty pleas on Earnest's behalf and he was ordered held without bail.

Earnest could face the death penalty if convicted because of the hate crime circumstances added to the charges, but a decision on whether or not to seek it has not yet been made.

"We support religious freedom and we must defend it with everything that we have, and we're dedicated to delivering justice in this case," San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan said at a news conference after Tuesday’s court appearance.

The shooting was reported just before 11:30 a.m., police have said. Earnest left for the synagogue at around 11:15 a.m. and parked nearby before entering armed with the gun, prosecutors said.

After the rifle jammed or malfunctioned, Earnest walked out of the house of worship and toward his car but was chased by two congregants, including an off-duty Border Patrol agent who fired at him and struck Earnest's car, Trinh said.

Earnest fled in the car and then allegedly called 911 and said he was involved in the shooting and gave his location and said he was armed, and he was arrested by a San Diego police officer, Trinh said.


ok this kid is kind of alright

He looks like "Bottles" from Shot Caller

Look at that Aryan phenotype. Earnest did nothing wrong


I don't feel any support for that guy.

even the hajis have the good sense to fight until theyre killed or blow themselves up, but these faggots call the cops on themselves.

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I think the idea is that you drain more resources from the government by staying alive. They have to hold a trial and imprison you.


not guilty

look at him eye fucking that spic zogbot

The vast majority of Zig Forums wants to copy Hitler.
In fact almost every single political act draws at least some of its inspiration from actions of predecessors.
And if political violence ever becomes a thing in America from non-leftists for a change, each attack will essentially be inspired by previous attacks.
Indeed, Saint Tarrent himself advocated what you might call "copycat" attacks.

Think before you shill.

What a fucking faggot. Don't be like this guy. He had no business operating.

To seek the death penalty in California, prosecutors have to ask for a "death certified" jury, which means none of the members have political or religious convictions that would make them oppose capital punishment in principle. That usually means a more conservative jury than the usual niggers, but in this case the killer shot Jews, so it's going to be literally Israel-worshiping MAGApedes who drop the ax.

Not that it matters. California still has kidfucking murderers on death row from before Cheers went off the air.

the spic slouches like a virgin before the jaw of the master race

Inb4 cali fastracks this kid through. Gas gas gas

He'll get the death penalty

and he'll be fast tracked through

He provided a valuable example of what not to do. We've got a few great data points now, hopefully user can calibrate between the successes and failures of the OG effortposters.

LMAO having second thoughts? even the edgiest of you incels have no backbone

gave it all for his people. how could you possibly be guilty when you act for racial preservation?

You know it only takes one juror to set him free through jury nullification

He killed a yid. They'll make up new constitutions until they have a conviction for naval barratry, if that's what it takes to get him.

You can't he is one of the SAINTS…

Actually "Based" is Zig Forums terminology

Oh God please, please this will make up for the death of Kate Steinle at the faggot subhumans hand…


Even if he’s a copycat he should have spent AT LEAST a year preparing to do something like this. Tarrant trained and researched for at least 2 years while if you read Breivik’s manifesto he basically restructured his entire life in preparation for his martyrdom. Earnest’s whole plan went up in smoke because his gun jammed, and to top if off he called the ZOGbots and alerted them himself

He’s not guilty. In a Völkisch legal system he’d be given honors

His gun jammed and he panicked and ran away, then called 911 and TURNED HIMSELF INTO THE COPS. He's clearly hoping he can get leniency because his plan didn't work out, but his manifesto where he grandstands about being prepared to sacrifice his life has already been posted for the world to see.

Electric, and I cannot stress this enough, chair.

Are you fucking kidding me?

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Quickest in cali history to send a message and sheeiiitttt

The gun jammed…

fucking disgusting, I'm sure all of those california faggots against the death penalty will have no problem with this
why did he bother doing this in california anyway?


He looks like hes going to get his boipucci tenderized in prison.

*motion for a speedy trial
*motion to represent pro se

The incels and Jews need to find common cause = the extermination of Aryans

you have no concept of the size of the US budget if you think 1 person in prison amounts to squat lol


Learn how the US system works because you don't have a clue

The old woman jumped in front of the rabbi he was trying to shoot, shoo shill.

Chads have the lowest souls. Oy vey, his jaw gave me ptsd!

Clearly you have no idea how jury nullification works. If I were on the jury I could simply vote not guilty and that's the end of that. A jury vote requires a unanimous guilty verdict to be guilty.

Followed by an kike globohomo party where you can all finger each others assholes in an eternal kikel. Here you are at your 'meetup'

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It is afraid of the concepts that they USE AGAINST OUR PEOPLE TO SEEK INJUSTICE 24/7…last thing they want is for you to take your power back.

Do you take pride in being this self-unaware and dumb?

You preach about abolishing private prisoners, but you immediately embrace it when it's put to the test. Have you ever considered that no one believes in the bullshit you don't practice? Glad that we're vindicated every time.

No more niggers and subhumans no more need for prison.

That's why they never tell jurors about the power to nullify. If people realized they had the power to legally tell the government to go fuck themselves all hell would break loose.

Your user name and ip have been tweeted to your local mental health facility, please await processing.
is this really piano kid? What fuck has he been eating?

I agree with this and I agree with everything you said.
Yes, Breivik was far better prepared than anyone so far. And obviously John's actions were mediocre compared with "professional" lone wolves. And he certainly deserves to be analyzed and criticized for his lack of preparation.
However, I am forgiving for two reasons.
1. He was just a kid. Kids get caught up in the romance of the cause and go off half cocked.
2. It is not strategically beneficial to slander those men who actually do things.

Note that I said slander. I am all for criticizing his performance. But I am not going to slander him for doing something.
Even Breivik and Bob Matthews (everyone seems to have just forgotten him) merrit serious criticism for their performance. Breivik actually behaved in a far more revolutionary fashion than Bob Matthews in his target selection. Matthews on the otherhand actually posed a longer term (though minor) threat to the System by organizing and not getting caught immediately. Though his target selection was as bad as Earnest's and he involved himself in criminal elements that were not ideologically trustworthy. And he paid for this foolishness with his life.

It's a shame that the Brenton Tarrent, Andres Breivik, and John Earnest didn't bump into each other and work together. With Breivik's strategic mind combinded with Tarrent's will and Earnest's enthusiasm, they'd be able to do serious damage to the Regime.
Someday this will happen btw. It is inevitable so long as the System continues to oppress and exploit us.

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Although leftists deny it, all of them inevitably admit the truth about niggers/illegals being rapists and criminals when they want to taunt right-wingers. That's why the right is objectively right and why the left is delusional.

Is that piano kid or am I confused?

What the fuck?

What if we pushed acceleration by making jury nullification memes? If we can educate enough people, we can literally crash the whole fucking judicial system, and that will effectively negative government control.


THIS. I agree with this 100% and I will never fault someone who takes action to defend and protect us. NEVER. He is a SAINT and will always be a saint in my book. There will be many 'half cocked' efforts to protect us as time rolls on. I will not criticize those who act for 14/88 AGAINST HOSTILE FOREIGN INVADERS OF OUR NATION NO LESS.



(not talk to you but to the rest of the people in this faggot thread who are behaving like leftist fucking bitches, mourning the enemy who is planning their genocide).

It's clear you don't see where this is going.

Low effort low score surrendering fag. NOT A SAINT

He is 10 times the man you are; because you haven't done shit to protect our people.

Since you aren't WHITE you have no filial feelings for our people.

I agree. Don’t get me wrong, the dude has balls, I’m just frustrated he didn’t put more thought into it. I largely agree with what you said regarding him getting caught up in it all and overestimating himself though. I can’t wait for the day when legit cells are formed to take out these traitorous kikes at the top composed of men all as steeled as Breivik.

What have you done to save your race today?

The jews murdered JFK, bombed the USS Liberty, and bombed the Twin Towers.

wheres his manifesto?

I talked several kikes and niggers into getting abortions. He shot a post-menopausal lady and removed a white man in his prime from the gene pool.

Now lets see if you can do math.

Spoken like the Jewish slave nigger you are. What are you doing to protect "our people", all words of the kike. The follow up to trying to say I wasn't white, that's the best tip off that your a Sholom cocksucker. What's coming next "fellow White People",,,,
If you wen't trying to pretend to be white then you would know that 1 white person is worth 1000 jews and to lose 1 for 1 is sad. He doesn't deserve saint hood.

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You don't have an argument either. You still have time tonight go kill yourself and make the world better.

If only jury nullification were possible.

You are a retard.

Lolbergs already tried this. That’s not to say it couldn’t work, but the jury selection process is pretty good at eliminating anyone with a functioning brain.

I wonder who could be behind this post, could it be the same kike switching between IPs? Yes it is.

Thanks for confirming that they kikes fear jury nullification. I think I'll start working on some memes and then get a thread going to educate the goyim to cripple the government through the judicial system.

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Death to ZOG literally and figuratively in minecraft

Saying “I know about jury nullification” would get you disqualified faster than saying I hate kikes and niggers”. I’m pretty sure they’ve made it illegal to educate people about it outside of courthouses.

That's fine, we just need to reduce the jury pool to the point it takes significantly longer to find jurors, which drives up the cost, and helps bankrupt the system.

Gentlemen, we need less infighting. Obviously ZOG wants you to lose your cool, shoot a couple random strangers, and go to jail forever while fueling MSM's "Look How Evil White Guys Are" narrative. Shit is CASH right now.

Turn it on them. Keeping your cool causes others to lose theirs. Stay committed to /sig/. Like yourself, like your own company. Never reveal your power level – instead, sabotage. Since most elements of our culture are overtly self-contradictory at this point, you can win easy affection from doe-eyed honies if you believe in yourself. And I will absolutely shill for Zig Forums right now but this is my safe space. When this board goes, the internet's over.


We never hear about the arrest and sentencing of Islamic tenorists who committed terrorist attacks in Europe and the US.

It's odd…..

What the fuck?
Godly intervention. Jesus said "Okay kid I feel you on my crucifixion but one kill will get you life and I've got this soon, chill."
It happens sometimes.

Oh yea, we could also spin this to normies that the easiest way to get out jury duty is to mention jury nullification.

You are literally a retard now. You don’t know the difference between a hung jury and jury nullification and can’t even tell that I’m in favor of this kid having a jury of his peers i.e., white people let him off for “murder”

That’s a pie in the sky idea. If you wanted to make a targeted strike on a particular case, you would (in Minecraft) attend the jury selection procedures at the courthouse, pick out the juror who you think is influencable, and either tell him about nullification or offer a cash bribe.

Kill yourself.

I'm good with either outcome. A hung jury will lead to a mistrial right? That will drive up the costs. It's a win-win.

Fine, you’re making reasonable noises now. Please don’t relapse.

Neck yourself faggot. I'm not a kike lawyer. I do know that I have the right to push jury nullification and they can't do shit about it. If the result is a hung jury, then that's fine with me.

One mistrial wouldn’t amount to much on a case like this, but if by some miracle you could get two, you would have a very entertaining media circus on your hands.

So you interpreted “outside a courthouse” as meaning anything other than “in the immediate vicinity of the exterior of a courthouse?” You’re hopelessly brain damaged.

The bro stopped a mexican terrorist bombing plot that was targeting White families at a rally in LA. The beaner terrorist changed his target from White families to synagogues after seeing this bro get so much attention for his workplace violence. Only then did the (((fbi))) step in to arrest the mexican muslim who (((they))) had been talking to for months and were going to allow White families to get bombed at a rally.

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Also keep in mind that I’m not saying it’s illegal either, because first amendment. It people have obviously been arrested wrongly for it because prosecutors hate having a hard time and will do shit like that if possible,

You burgers seriously give the death penalty for 'muh hate'?


Yes, it’s an option in this case.

IIRC some beaner security guard was shooting at him as well.


Pretty sure that’s just (((journalism))) talking. He would be eligible for the death penalty either way. They just want to send a message to readers.

Shut it, kike.

No, for death. Hate is when they know you can get off for murder.