It's All Lies Goys! Zig Forums Singled Out By WaPo

The San Diego shooter’s manifesto is a modern form of an old lie about Jews

A medieval mind-set is at the heart of anti-Semitism, even when it spreads on Zig Forums.

On Easter Sunday, 1475, the body of a 2-year-old Christian boy named Simon Unferdorben was discovered near a Jewish home in the northern Italian city of Trent, then a province of the Holy Roman Empire. Immediately, authorities arrested every Jew living in the city. Even as they awaited sentencing, a mythic narrative sprang up around the dead toddler: that he was a saintly martyr, a victim of ritual murder by the Jews, who had killed him to use his blood in the baking of their Passover matzohs.

After prolonged torture, eight Jews were beheaded or burned at the stake for their alleged role in the crime. The late medieval Christian networks of communication broadcast the myth of Simon’s martyrdom at the hands of a cabal of evil Jews across languages and countries.

If, in the 1400s, anti-Semitic myths were transmitted by means of beatific poetry, legends of martyrs and claims of miraculous healing by pilgrims, today such lies are transmitted far more easily.

But it is a mark of how unchanged such myths are that John Earnest — the 19-year-old man who police say entered a Southern California synagogue, murdered a 60-year-old woman and injured several more people on Saturday — claims to have acted, in part, to avenge the death of Simon of Trent.

“You are not forgotten Simon of Trent, the horror that you and countless children have endured at the hands of the Jews will never be forgiven,” he wrote in a manifesto uploaded to the text repository Pastebin and posted on the anonymous message board Zig Forums. The dissemination of the manifesto was instantaneous, reaching thousands of readers on the message board and around the world. But the hatred at its core could have been plucked directly from the 15th century.

Over the last 500 years, anti-Semitism has evolved to suit changing times, but it has never receded. The rhetorical utility of redirecting popular anger against a reviled minority has retained its power; therefore, so has the notion that Jews are a nefarious fifth column, a “synagogue of Satan” whose sole urge is parasitism and destruction. Where once Jews were accused of poisoning wells to spread bubonic plague, contemporary white nationalist rhetoric posits instead that Jews seek the destruction of the “European” or “white” race by encouraging interracial marriage and mass immigration.

If the manifesto on Zig Forums is any guide, Earnest subscribed fully to this pernicious myth, which far-right ideologues call “white genocide,” and preached it as sincerely to the web-savvy readers of his text as any medieval preacher ginning up a pogrom by spreading the blood libel. (That the majority of American Jews tend to lean politically left, and therefore generally endorse more open immigration policies and oppose racism, provides a far-right, radicalized, conspiracy-drunk subculture all the proof it needs.)

Earnest’s alleged manifesto is an incitement to both homicide and suicide, a terrifyingly nihilistic screed that casts the slaughter of Jews as a noble act against an implacable foe. “I would die a thousand times over to prevent the doomed fate that the Jews have planned for my race,” he wrote. There is a striking casualness to the way Earnest discusses murder, a video-gamey distance from the horrors he planned to inflict; he called murdering as many Jews as possible achieving “a high score.” According to Bellingcat analyst Robert Evans, responses to the alleged killer’s Zig Forums thread and on his Facebook page were full of fellow message-board members urging him on, telling him to “get the high score.”

It’s easy to look at a man wielding an assault weapon, receiving and disseminating radicalized ideas through the Internet and urging supporters to create memes lauding his actions as a profoundly modern phenomenon. But in the end, it’s not all that different from the bishop of Trent commissioning poems to create the myth of a martyred saint and ordering Jews burned at the stake. The goal is the same: to cast Jews — each individual Jew, and Jews as a whole — as the driving force of the world’s evils; and to build, on their corpses, a world cleansed of sin.

Hatred of Jews, no matter how savvy its technological promulgation, retains both the crudity and the violence of a medieval mind-set. In such a worldview, a child saint can cure a painful hernia, every individual Jew is plotting the dilution of the white race through miscegenation, murder is a sacred duty, and holy war is a mere provocation or two away.

That such a mind-set proved fatally appealing to a teenager in California is frightening; that the movement is international, metastasizing from Norway to Pittsburgh to New Zealand to Poway, Calif., is indisputable.

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so if you wonder if 6 million jews died in the holocaust you're a crazy denier
but, if you recognize simon of trent then you're a crazy believer?

This hand wringing has got to stop. When Baruch Goldstein wasted those Pals in a mosque one Friday, Jews all over the world built fucking shrines to him and literally started praying in his name. His grave is a site of pilgrimage in Israel now.

How would the (((media))) like it if we did that for St. Brent of Christchurch?

For God's sake, stop second-guessing our white mujaheed.

No good kikes. None.


Jewish ritual murder is one of those topics that the jews are terrified of. Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited: The Hidden Cult is essential viewing for all Zig Forumsacks.

It goes a bit further back than that, you know, to the dawn of time and such, but ok.

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(((White nationalists)))

Noone ever cared about or helped jews. Ever.

Does anyone else love to go through these articles and systematically locate all of the butthurt that seeps off the page? The Jew writes in a blind rage. To top it all off, OP forget to mention the articles author… (((Talia Lavin))). Pic related, oy vey she’s pretty than any shiksa!

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Accused San Diego synagogue killer could face death penalty

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You guys really need to look at things beyond face value.

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Even putting aside whether or not what he did was right, what the fuck was he thinking? Tarrant even showed him how to do it, did he Earnestly heh think he would single-tap jews with 100% accuracy headshots or something?
Oy vey, think of how many more kills he could have gotten with that murdermachine! It's a just a normal fucking helmet you fucking kikes, it doesn't stream optimal tactics into your brain or something.

OP you do know that we know you're lying right?

I think he's honestly an autistic savant who snapped
Too smart for his own good.

Zig Forums caused the jews to be cast out of egypt!

Go away subversives.

Unrelated to the OP, but didn’t feel like it needs it’s own thread. Anons, what are some good WN books/manifestos you’d recommend? I’ve got Mein Kampf, Breiviks, Tarrants, and I’m reading the Turner Diaries. What else should I add to my collection?

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Why do you need more?
Turner diaries and mein kampf is all you need, if you want more read evola and siege.

Don't tease me like that user.


Not a single refutation with any evidence, just typical jewish tricks

no, because I have been here years and have grown tired of blogkikes relying on the same verbal crutches and jew anti-white attack words

Thanks user. And I just like hearing different ways of articulation for debating purposes

Oh go right on ahead, if you want more books to read go to the book threads on this board.

There's >>>/pdf/ and >>>/pdfs/ too/

There were sacrifice cults all around the world at that time, but we are meant to believe inbred jews didn't do nuffin.
Diversity + Proximity = War


What a moron, as if Catholics didn't kill women and children over time and male pagans. Catholics have a lot to answer for.


Your posts are proof that they didn't kill enough Jews

Why they go after muchosucko now after all there years. Like they waited, watching cuck porn enjoying it. Now they mad?

You see it too.

And what is Trump being involved with the shooting that you're suggesting, OP?

I like bears :+(

If you like a bear enough to let it eat you, then you should.
If you wouldn't, then you'd have to kill it to survive.
Empathy is a gift or a curse, depending on how it is espoused.

You forgot Uncle Ted’s.

Just remember anons, one day, for no reason at all, being motivated only by irrational medieval hatred and old lies, they started putting kikes into camps :^)

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Kys kike piglet

Lol, she needs a
To hire a moyal to do something about that unibrow.


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OK fine I’ll read the earnest manifesto, anyone got a link?


federal agents be sure to take a look at the images attached to this post.

Bold move WaPo

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Saint Simon of Trent will not be forgotten.

Nice update from Manchester UK Locals catch a Muslim convert trying to rape a kid gets lynced by locals nobody calls the police.

They're doing the redpilling for us.

Only stupid people frightened by scary adjectives/buzzwords don't believe it at this point.

Ted Kaczynskii is strongly against nationalism and ethnonationalism as he believes that it's responsible for the growth of technology, but industrial Society and it's Future is a good read.

James Mason's Siege is a good read into seeing the issues behind a WN movement. It's not a terrorist manual like leftists claim for it to be. He talks about deplatforming in his "Linkage" Piece.

Good, he's a nog-tier murderer and helped no good cause.

Is it worth buying stock in Genie Energy?

Fuck off kike.

Polite sage for being offtopic.

Jew spotted

You're gazing in the mirror? Acceleration is a gift to the jews.


Whatever, shill. Talk all the shit you want, but Earnest attempted to do what few others would. He and Bowers stand out among the so-called "heroes" here.

Most “white nationalists” are (((cocaine traffickers))).

jews co-opted accelerationism. i remember when those anti-acceleration memes with the blue paint first started getting posted. accelerationism is not doing the exact opposite of what you want done. read hunter btw, freaking out jews and causing them to overplay their hand is a good tactic

The shills still think it’s 2014 user, and Goose and Gridiron was a (((harassment campaign))) when it was about laundering drug money.

You need to neutralize the like first. Learn from Hitler: take your time, stay off the meth and don’t leave a (((remnant))) that we have to deal with 70 years later.

jews love their adjectives. sometimes it seems like they're just trying to chain as many together as they possibly can.

Feel free to further edit and add your quotes!

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I feel like this guy knows what's up.

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What jews say and do themselves and what jew propaganda outlets report on what jews say and do is the source: so jews are all lying about themselves?

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gotta be more careful with your phoneposts

The most bravery lies in the first step. For that he'll forever be remembered in our hall of heroes. Try harder kike :)

as a failure


how about "synagogue of satan" like it's some dog whistle and not the words of Christ Michael himself

As a teacher to not rely on a single cheap AR actually.

>now going to absorb part of the (((justice system))) for a year or more

Every one of us could go memeshooting tomorrow.
We would all be locked up.
Nothing would change, except maybe they would have a special day of memorial where all the uncut soyboys get their adult cock snipped and blown in solidarity.

Accelerationism is bullshit.
All we are accelerating is the irrecovable loss of land and culture.
We are accelerating towards brasil.
An army of piano boys wouldn't fix it.

We need to regroup and find a line we can actually defend.

get self sorted, drop cost of living to noise, million Whites did this and pooled savings from cost reduction together it'd be 15-20billion/yr, buy every kind of business, can't be non personed, eat our own dog food, jews cut out, buy tons of land, handle lawfare, buy politicians, snowballs from there.

what are the 14 words, nigger faggot.

maybe the next memeshooter should not get caught and keep going as long as possible.

That's all medieval nonsense, you can't believe it.

It's a pity he shot so few of them, but anti-Semitism is no longer necessary.

They may have to be separated as territory and birth control, but the climate and other racial problems are much bigger.

This is a low achievement, good thing he did it.

Jews are a peaceful breed that always lives in reasonable stability with other breeds, and they have also done quite a lot of good invention.

They have also studied a lot, the Jews are a nice people and Israel has also become a well-built country.

Long live the Jews!


Good thing he did, but the motivation was wrong.

A synthesis of Ted's thought with WN isn't too hard though, luckily. He talks a lot about technology and the industrial system destroying the family structure, communities, local autonomy and traditional values and this can easily be viewed through a racialist lens.

Oh sure, that's why they endorse open borders. Not because they have no loyalty to their host nation.

Dude if you can do that why not two million? why not 50 million?
And get them to do something easier than change their whole lifestyle - get them to vote for someone based.
If you have the power to get 1 million people to follow you, you could do whatever.
Now how do you anticipate that this will actually happen and on what timeframe?

yeah yeah yeah
The US will be Brasil in 50 years and 14 words won't stop that

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kek. gas yourself

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Acceleration is happening either way faggot. The snowball is rolling, so deal with it.


Nobody said that everyone should do it. But it will increasingly happen. And everyone who chooses to go down this path is a hero to the white race. A soldier in a war of self defense.

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You just ousted your self.

Jidf can't meme responsibility.

Who did the writing on that, a frenchie? It's poor english.

This is absolutely undeniable. You may question the motives, but you cannot deny that this is exactly what's happening. I'll leave it up to the lurkers to confirm for themselves whether or not jews control the financial system or our media, why they would "allegedly" be promoting the destruction of the Western world. The "what" is undeniable. Good luck refuting that is happening. The most you can hope to do is justify "why", and by doing so, you will admit the "what", thus negating this LIE that jews are spreading.

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He had an Assault Rifle and he only killed one fucking person? How the fuck can you not get a decent score with that?
This guy was so obsessed in following Brenton's footsteps that he forgot to actually learn to use a gun.

there's a wonderful video of a grabbler kvetching about how whites are still going with whites. i guess those butiful jewish princesses with majestic nubian kangz and men vs women d&c isn't enough to override biology.

top fucking kek.

sage for going off-topic.

best I can do

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BT didn't name the jew
It jammed, more like he forgot to sell everything he owned and buy a personal arsenal

Do you milquetoast liberals think that just because you support the status-quo and say all the things jews want you to say that you are any less detestable in their eyes? If only I were so delusional. You're nothing but useful idiots to them, like the evangelical Christians who support jews as "God's chosen people" are useful idiots to cuckservative neocohen jews. You're being played and it's time you consider that possibility. Perhaps the people you were TOLD were Evil(tm) actually weren't. Here's a thought exercise for you.

He was just a regular white nerd with no Mossad handler.

trips of truth

i believe that is the one.