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And they did not fight for Nazi retards who serve the Jews in you pic.

Go away spamming shill.

Get this man an oven.

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Lurk for two years before creating another thread OP and learn to include the text of the article


What the fuck?
No he didn't, he criticized America for having them in the first place.

Fucking hell kikes will keep finding and finding more lies to make up about the furher and the nsdap.

Yes, WWII allies didn't fight for a Europe like this.

If we had decent soldiers today, this wouldn't have happened.

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Time for some of the comments

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Reminder that:

Were all WHITE NATIONALISTS and we live in a world order founded on WHITE NATIONALIST principles.
You are the enemy of your race and you don't even know it.

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Neat natsoc and hitler is slowly but surely coming around after that is normalized and people realize he was right, the kikes who engineered white guilt can say good bye to their only advantage and if we do win can finally do something for our heroes that fought them centuries ago.

last of the comments

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If he was a white nationalist he wouldn't be a commie sympathizer nor listen to (((them)))
If churchill was a white nationalist he shouldn't have continued a war meant for (((their))) interests costing their empire
If stalin was a white nationalist he would've changed communism into a national socialist country for his people.


Op is a different matter, the shill spams this in multiple of threads if someone were to talk about hitler or national socialism.

Where is the lie?

You fill a newfag in on how to green text?

Too late fuckers, we done told you. We've been telling you.

Lurk 2 years and you get your flair.

Not telling you.
Lurk 2 moar years before posting and read mein kampf and watch the greatest story never told.

Their mad at them for a completely different reason.

>If he was a white nationalist he wouldn't be a commie sympathizer nor listen to (((them)))
He still wanted an American nation dominated by Americans.

>If churchill was a white nationalist he shouldn't have continued a war meant for (((their))) interests costing their empire
He still preferred British nation dominated by Britons.

He still preferred a Russian ruled pan-slavic Union dominated by Russians.

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Fuck off woman.

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Still in the middle of Mein Kampf and watched TGSNT a few years back but I appreciate your help. I'll take your advice though and lurk more.

Point taken, but they shouldn't have fought for ideologies that were anti white by nature, they could've easily sided with hitler and overthrow the only enemy that wanted them all exterminated.

No the ones claiming the allies fought on the wrong side were doing it for different reasons, maybe with a bit of help guidance and redpill they will get it.

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If you want to ask questions I recommend coming here.

That guy, thinking that Chinks and Pajeet want diversity.

What do you mean? They all fought in ways that were beneficial to their nations. Britain was a failure, but the US and USSR benefited greatly. The results was a expansion of white power across the globe.

They acted perfectly in the bounds of what would be acceptable to a white nationalist.

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Yes, they're faggots.

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Wrecking nationalism for decades and allowing Marxism to subvert and replace us with third world migration would be acceptable to a white nationalist?

I can't believe some people are blackpilled, when signs like this article are all around us.

The fire rises.

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Fdr completely ignored the wishes of the americans not to get involved, but he did so anyway by lend leasing and cutting out supplies to japan and was also aware of the fact that they were going to attack but let it happen no white nationalist or nationalist wouldn't allow that to happen and also trying to get involved in germany.
They declared war because of the natsoc ideology and the economical model that hitler proposed which threaten international jewery, the true white nationalist during those eras were oswald mosley and general patton, stalin was a straight up madman at one point he made anti semitism a death penalty, till he realized how threatening the jews were at the end of his life was when he tried to purge them.

This is the part where the more evolved shitskins try and bargain for their future.

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So are (((they))) admitting it?

You forgot about Lindbergh.
Why do you think his child was murdered and the crime was pinned on a German?

Read the archive. I've posted on the topic here before, but it's easier to just screenshot relevant parts and post the archive.
Sage semi-off topic.

Good god, haven't heard about this till now.

Nigga what?
That and Pearl Harbor were enough to reveal a pattern of deception by the The Government of "The United States" to any intelligent person.

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Yes. White Nationalists willingly brought us to the present day.

America wanted war and they saw it to the end. Look at Dresden and tell me that came from a reluctant people.

Exactly my point. Jewish interests go hand in hand with white nationalist interests.

One of the reasons the label and languagefags are jumped on immediately. Everyone's wise to kikery these days.

That is pretty sickening, these fucking kikes have no moral line to cross. Which reminds me of something vid related.

About 80% of the americans didn't want war till pearl harbor happened which was all set up to find an excuse to get into war.
I do not know where you got that from, but they don't, even people then like patton and few others were calling them out on this bullshit and it got these people killed.

The anglo was easy to convince because of their deep seeded hatred of all things Germanic. For them, a simple propaganda campaign convinced them that Hitler wanted to control the world.
The Americans required more along with an extended propaganda campaign. Even that failed, because history shows us that people like Patton and GLR were awoken.

They also assassinated 100 national socialists or more in america.

Shills are mirroring clown world as time goes on as part in parcel of maintaining a status quo of lies and idiotic pilpul.
The Allies were all fucking ZOGGED fools who died in vain so that The West could be mongrelized under a Weimar 2.0 Globalist International Government.

He's rationalizing his own cowardice.

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They realized that there were much deeper dimensions to the war than national sovereignty. They realized they had lied to themselves with ideas of serving their nations. The white nationalism that justified their actions is no different than the white nationalism we see today. "I just want to put America first." "A nation for every race." You need to realize that these are the exact same people who butchered hundreds of thousands of Germans 80 years ago.

White Americans need to take more responsibility for their actions. Sure their was all kinds of kikery, but at the end of the day we were the ones who carried out the orders without batting an eye. The best judgement we had was a small afterthought.

I guess the point is you shouldn't celebrate people accepting white nationalism as normal. They are not your friends and they will kill you as traitors when they get the chance. It is Leftism in a even more dangerous form. One that draws from the strength of nationalism, while slowly allowing its subversion.

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Oh I can see where your coming from, but I don't think white nationalism is what caused world war 2, I mean jews weren't that powerful than compared to now, but they still had a good amount of influence.


archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/text/patton wrong side/

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A great man, rather have this guy as president.

It didn't even exist at the time. He's just some wog at the "bargaining" stage, trying to conflate geo-politics with WN.

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Thanks for the news flash, Captain Obvious

It's a spamming shill ignore him.


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His been here for about a year I don't think he is going anyway anytime soon gotta fight the ebil natzes because reasons.

Oh but we have taken responsibility you cunt. America is a vapid wasteland of fucking animals in the cities, plebians in the suburbs, and a rural element living in the past for the most part. All the ZOGBOT cretins are dead or being abused by niggers in nursing homes and there is a coming Civil War and societal breakdown in the near future.

The wealthy kike families like the Rothschilds have been creating wars in the west for hundreds of years you piece of faggot fucking shit redditor. The West is dead mein neger. Celebrate upon its worthless corpse and have a drink.

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Today I shall remind them.

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No fucking shit captain obvious.


Are you sure about that? The nation is crumbling and most Americans (even on here) still honor our ancestors as if they were great men for freely saying nigger.


I really should look into Kai Murros some more

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And why wouldn't we?
Most were great men. The more recent had many a bad apple, but that's what happens when you let a few jewish flies in - pretty soon, you've got a buncha moldy fruit.

But within those fruit lie seeds. And those seeds can be planted. And from those seeds, entire new trees can be grown, with many apples upon them, bereft of jewish flies and their wormy spawn.
You've been longing for a world you've never known for longer than is righteous, and if our fathers failed, or their fathers, we can move forward into the future secure that this was a comparatively recent occurrence, and the strength and will which they espoused still lurks in us.
Let's make some trees grow.

We cannot change our fate, only rise to meet it. And I believe we can rise to meet it. I believe we will rise to meet it. I believe we are rising to meet it.
And I intend to see those trees rise high enough to reach the stars themselves.

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Which reminds me, kai murros is the reason I know why hate is supressed because were the europeans to hate again the jews will be fucked and so will the (((elite)))


Here is a very motivational speech.

Well that might be just what it needs unless of course the red bird drops the bomb.

I don't know anyone who thinks like that besides a zoomer or a subversive. They are all fucking dead you twat. The Nazis are dead, yet their spirits are used to scare others or live rent free in scholomo's oddly shaped skull. The Allies are all fucking dead or too old to even matter. As spiritual vessels, we humans carry on the legacy through our racial souls…yet we are also severely limited by propaganda and degeneration from unhealthy (((applied lifestyles))). Nigger simply means "black" little zoomer, not more or less. Generation Z is the worst I have seen by far, so I as a cynic do not really trust that great things will come from them. There are born and bread to "think as programmed."

Here have some Nazi Furries as a consolation prize.

Redshields have planned for many hundreds of years for this moment. Do you think you will outlast them or will you die once it happens?

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Better than them have tried before.
They will fall as all have before.
The stars are ours. This world is ours. And we will fight for is soon enough.

The Weimar turned around faster than any could have dreamed. If Hitler could do it, so can we. I see a New World… Someday, you will see it too.

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Does anyone know dudley pelly?

One more video lads and that's about it for me.

You do realize that Hitler declared war on America, right?
That was foolish but hindsight is 20/20 I suppose. still foolish

He did so for a few reasons.
Lend leasing your enemies alone is an act of war.
Desperately want to get involved.
The info here is already been posted america is not a country that didn't dindu nuffin and even if they didn't declare war america was going to find an excuse to invade germany one way or the other.

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No, they fought for Zion.

Go away, vox day. Or some of these 'alt retards' might do something.

Can they hurry up and tear down the allied WW2 memorials so we can begin global Aryan conquest already. Geez these faggots can’t even revolution

True, the allies were zogged, but they definitely weren't antiracist. The idea that the second world war was a war against racism it's bullshit propaganda. Unfortunately, many anons uncritically accept it. The truth is both Churchill and Roosevelt said that the allies would beat the axis because the allies had more White soldiers (see Irving's Churchill's War). Hitler never spoke out in favour of white nationalism so to equate it with Nazism it's totally false.

So many things that need to be said here
1. Not it's not. It's basically selling weapons to your enemy. If that's an act of war, then Hitler declared war on Mussolini when he sold weapons to Ethiopia.
2. There's this thing in politics called "basic bitch intelligence."
Essentially this concept can be summed up as, "Don't declare war on people that can fucking obliterate you without breaking a sweat when you have no means of even retaliating against them."
Let's consider a modern example and you can give me your feedback; You're Bashar AL Assad. America is literally giving weapons to your enemies and dropping bombs on your civilians.
Do you declare war on America; Yes or no?

Why not?
Because that's moronic and America would obliterate you without breaking a sweat.
Now apply that same logic to Germany.

Rule one in geo-politics; Don't declare war on people that can obliterate you.

3. "America wanted to go to war"
Yes and no. America wanted Germany to go to war with them… so America could obliterate Germany. Now go back to #2 and contemplate why it was a wise decision to do exactly what the enemy wanted.

Both candidates in the 1940 US election had 'not getting involved in European wars' as one of their most important campaign points.
Obviously its something the American people felt strongly about.

The Rothschild kikes controlling UK declared war on Germany when Germany invaded Poland because 2/5ths of the global kike population (3 million) resided in Poland at the time. They declared war for the sake of the kikes and for their own economic interests.

The allied soldiers fought for nationalistic reason, they thought Hitler wanted to conquer the world and thought they were fighting to defend their countries. They were just normalfag lemmings doing what lemmings do.

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I agree with you but I am talking about the government.

Rothschilds were also influential in declaring war on Japan

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Hitler still had enough of europeans in his army.

The government at that point is already pozzed

Well he lost so by definition he didn't have enough.

First post jew post.

He lost for many reasons but saying he didn't have so many aryan superman sounds likr a copout.

Rothschild's didn't give a shit about Polish Jews. They knew very well what would happen to them in the event of a war but they pushed for it anyway.

It was still used to bait germany to war.

he still supported Churchill's mission to genocide the Prussians. commie faggot.

Oh it's one of these retarded tinfoil hat faggots
Fuck off, retard. I bet you think six gorillion actually died.

The absolute state of leftypol.

But they unironically did fight for baby burlesque and trans rights. Who gives a shit what conscripts think? Not the motherfuckers up top. Nobody mutinied when Italy was bombed to the stone age and raped. Nor Germany.