The headline picture of Zig Forums

Why is that ugly anime creature at the top of Zig Forums page? It's disgusting, childish and completely un-European. It embodies idiotic, escapist entertainment for immature and weak people. It makes the movement look stupid.

The associations with 4chan, an anime imageboard, are bad enough. Don't bring this retarded degenerate stuff, this miserable subculture, to pro-European circles and to boards that have a (slightly) better chance of being normal. We have our own great art, millions of better pictures to choose from.

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If you don't get it, then you don't belong here. Lurk moar newfag.

Faggots took over long ago.

Kill yourself.

1) lurk more
2) it’s the Internet, faggot. A shitty cartoon doesn’t end the world

Because "dead niggers! lulz" is heavily pushed here specifically to turn away educated people.
The Ebola "outbreaks" are themselves hoaxes, psyops.


What am I supposed to "get"? What's the mysterious meaning and significance of this silly, degenerate cartoon? It isn't even truly funny.
I'm a part of valuable communities in my country, seriously dedicated to creating a better future. And I can say that you guys are being made fun of by decent people in Europe, for posting such childish crap and obsessing over it. It's not an accusation towards everyone here, of course, there are clever people and good threads. But there's way too much anime crap. Why?

GROW THE FUCK UP, that's how I can say it simply.

If the ethnostate doesn't allow fun or anime then I'm out fuck you I'm joining the communist jews

Of all the sorry faggots on God's green earth who need to lurk more, you need to lurk the most. I'm not sure two years is gonna cut it in this case. I recommend amputating your fingers, to prevent you from typing any more, and thus embarrassing yourself further.

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I don't even like anime but I'll post it anyway just because it pisses off fags like you.

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This is more accurate.

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The problem is with the anime posters, not that banner in particular. The character you mention specifically is from random (original /b/) and is representative of the ebola virus.

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Murder yourself kike

Bitch anime is the only fucking thing holding this universe together.
If you aren't down with anime and Japanese supremacy then you deserve to die along with the jews.

go away faggot

Well, glad that you see this as a shitty cartoon, just as I do, and as any person with decent taste does.
But it's not just one cartoon. It's a whole trend, a whole subculture, that's fundamentally degenerate. I'm not saying all anime is bad, as there are good series, but the subculture of obsessive fans is made of problematic people, and there are reasons for that…

I don't care whether this ugly, stupid pink-haired girl represent the Ebola virus or anything else. It's ugly and stupid. It's un-European.

The childish mentality of many posters and the slang leaves a lot to be desired, as well.


That's what I'm talking about. A prime example of stupidity.

Go away you're literally a kike, kikes try to make our movement no fun so no one joins, and this movement was built on anime and I've only seen like 7 anime in my whole life.

Also, in case anyone is curious, the uptick in anti-anime spam the past few days is by Dysnomuia and Remedy, who are in the middle of a gigantic meltdown over the /b/tard peanut gallery leaving them in the dust for /b2/. They're on a salty little mission to shit up the site as much as possible. You know how these niggardly hotpockets get when they get snubbed.

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I love you ebola chan

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i wanna suck on them titties till i leave her with pepperoni nips

about 70% of anime is Japanese drawing European people though. Sorry Moishe but I'm not bumping your slidethread

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But there are so many, so many real and better ways to have fun! Hang out with good friends and create a community. Go to concerts. Listen to good music. Make good music. Make art. Collect some interesting stuff. Dance in the rain. Travel. Do sports. Go camping. Watch European-made movies, instread of retarded Japanese cartoons for children and basement dwellers…

I could go on and on…

Have fun like a proud and healthy European, not like a miserable victim of the most degenerate kinds of pop culture.


Alienating basically every nerd on the internet (everyone). wHY IS IT ALL OF THE LEFT AND ALL OF ALL OF THE RIGHT ARE ATTACKING NERDS? I never see anything against swine conservatives in the Middle Class or Lower Class, nothing against sportsmen. It's a fucking joke.

You're the best kind of user, that whole "cuckime" meme is being pushed really hard lately, usually by outstandingly obvious faggots, goons hate anime with a passion. People like you though, who aren't even fans of anime, are fine with me because you don't try and D&C everything with "muh cuckime" bullshit. If they weren't so prevalent, I'd just ignore em, but they've been pushing the anti-anime shilling really hard as of the past few days.

70%? Dude, 95%+ of anime characters are phenotypically European.

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Figure there would be some sort of fallout from /b/ splitting.

There's a great heritage of European art depicting European people, you don't have to resort to silly degenerate Japanese drawings with ridiculous big eyes, pink hair and unnatural hyper-sexualized characteristics.

And yeah, let's call me "Moishe" for criticizing stupidity and ugliness, and defending real European culture. Yeah. Great. These are your priorities?

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Do you feel good being on the wrong side of Gamergate?

Who in their right mind would even think of something like that…?

I recommend killing yourself instead.

yes goy go to your music festivals you can camp there too!

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I was wondering why I was seeing so much of that anti-anime shit. And frankly, I hadn't heard of /b2/ till today. It definitely explains a lot, and why /b/ has been so slow lately. I just checked out /b2/ and it seems a bit more interesting, shit, it's worth lurking in case anything fun happens on it.

I don't care about Gamergate or other useless, ridiculous stuff like that at all. I'm not a gamer. I just care about basic decency and aesthetics.

Hey look is the spamming kike

Saint Ebola destroyer of nogs

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Most mainstream music festivals are crap, but there are some good ones, there is implicitly white music, white communities… you can even try to make your own festivals, too.

It would be infinitely better than obsessing over silly Japanese drawings and infantilising yourself.

how to bait Zig Forums
- women
- japan
- anime

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What I find ridiculous is how some of you respond to criticism of silly anime pictures - with anger, defensively, as if your very identity was attacked.
Is this really your identity? Instead of exploring your great European heritage, you obsess over this silly subculture? Is this crap what you identify with? Is it your main kind of entertainment? Eh, it may be even worse than I thought at first…

Newfags don't understand that 4chan and Zig Forums are based off of 2ch and animu is a part of the board culture. I know there are still a few Stormfags here, but most of the niggers complaining about this shit are shareblue, feds, and /leftycuck/. I can't wait until the next exodus so we can have comfy shill-less boards that aren't full of journokikes who are butthurt and the rest of the riff-raff. Sage

P.S: Banners are for fun you faggot fed. GLR's Banner is a good one though.

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And that's why your "board culture" becomes filled with un-European, childish, retarded and degenerate stuff. A pity. You could have a better boad culture. Get over this anime crap. Grow up.
Some threads on here are really valuable. But the obsession over anime pollutes what could have been a good community.

The slang you use is quite stupid as well… yeah apparently I'm a "stormfag" now… you're obsessed with faggots too, that's unhealthy.

This is now the officially designated anime thread in Zig Forums. Don't fall for trannymods jewish tricks. They are trying to subvert /b2/ by pitting Zig Forums against /b2/, this is JewishTricks_101.

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Jewish tricks, sure. Criticizing stupid and harmful trends and defending genuine European sense of aesthetics, decency and culture is now perceived as Jewish tricks.
You're deluded.
You are the one who has fallen for real Jewish tricks, if you obsess over anime instead of doing somthing valuable with your life…

Eat shit moshe, stream it and your suicide.

Unrelated to the OP, but didn’t feel like it needs it’s own thread. Anons, what are some good WN books/manifestos you’d recommend? I’ve got Mein Kampf, Breiviks, Tarrants, and I’m reading the Turner Diaries. What else should I add to my collection?

OP here… Dude, your request needs a better thread on its own, definitely! Don't drown it in a discussion about childish cartoons ;)

Anyway, I can recommend:
Helmut Stellrecht - "Faith and Action"; a short, simple yet excellent book for the Hitler Youth, outlining the basics of National Socialism.

Kevin MacDonald's "Culture of Critique" about Jewish subversion strategy - long and scientific, very valuable.

Kurt Eggers - The SS Warrior-Poet Collection.

For an esoteric understanding of NS and of history in general - Savitri Devi's "The Lightning and the Sun".

Read Siege.

Tarrant's manifesto is way better than Breivik's.

Is there anything wrong with that or are you going to argue like a liberal, it is a national socialist board, but even then I seen no complaints from the two.

How about you stfu, you virtue signalling queer. Goddam newfags ruin everything. You come this board and assimilate, cock-mongler. You don't demand that we rearrange the furniture to suit your delicate sensibilities. Cock sucking faggot.

Japanese cartoons are not really my obsession. However, most of the older stuff is vis-a-vis without any unnatural subversion. You are the late comer in this game, whereas animu boardculture has been around since before 2003. How are you any different than the kike animal shills and leftist faggots that want to shape an anonymous board to what they see fit? Besides, I doubt you've ever even lurked Stormfront before they even started coming around here like I did. Stormfags have an issue with purity spiraling, but at least they aren't NPC retards.

Basically the only thing wrong with Zig Forums here is that we are at the beginning of a Global Internet Censorship crackdown that is going to help usher in Web 3.0 - The (((Propaganda))) Stage that comes after (((Social Media))).

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Ebola chan was part of an older channer culture, making it unrelated to the abominable associations of anime and anime culture we see today

Stormfront is excellent. They have good language, good aesthetics, and most importantly - true values and priorities. I've known this forum for years.

Imageboards can prove successful and important because of the anonymous interface.

But the anime culture ruins it all. As I said in my previous posts: this crap is un-European, immature, stupid, indecent…

I won't really comment on that, the stupidity speaks for itself…

I love you Ebola Chan.

Good Luck Ebola Chan!

There's another anime picture, equally if not more stupid than this "Ebola-chan". You are embarassing yourself.

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I'm not the one obsessing over animu pal, you are. You are the one that came here and posted about it. You are fooling no one except the ones below you. You have been outed, you are posing as a "no fun allowed" stormfag who can't see past what is literally in front of your nose, but we know who you are. Animu is the origin of imgboard. Do you think Zig Forums was the original board?

You can't just come here and start proselytizing and to say what the imageboard should follow. We will decide it collectively. You can always filter and create your own banners. I'm not against the one real culture that is the European heritage, but I'm not to shit on those who actually memed this place into existence by being an ungrateful little jew.

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You are the faggest of faggot OPs, OP, holy shit. Fuck off, goon.

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Hehehe, good little (((red pilled))) goy.

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OP, can you pay for my aids treatment, it's only fair


dubs confirm 99% of anime characters are based on whites. I was being conservative, and apologize.

We benefit from considering and supplementing when searching for NEW art when Jews have for decades controlled most of the media conglomerates that major comic book and cartoon companies come from.

Hell, a lot of anime references classic western culture more than a lot of western shit-toons do.

Fuck off kike

There is quite a lot of beautiful NEW art being made today, by White people, in a better style than anime, representing infinitely better values. Neofolk music, industrial music, neoclassical, folk metal, black metal culture and associated art, a lot of neo-pagan artists… just have a look on Youtube and Instagram, you can donate to artists and buy their work. You really don't have to feel so desperate and resort to degenerate and silly Japanese cartoons.

At least I don't have ridiculous pink or blue hair.

get a load of this ignorant nigger lmao

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I'll be away for some time.

Leaving you an appropriate picture.

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Yeah, speaking of music, where the fuck is that Black Dawn album?
Apparently it's 100% Zig Forums inspired, so I want it. I saw the link, but didn't bother downloading, but I keep hearing about it. So now I'm curious.

Lurk 10 years before posting.

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Animu is mass-produced cartoonism for entertainment. What do you expect? High Art? Art is dead in the mainstream venue thanks to your pals the judenfilth. I appreciate European art more than you would know, but I am not a painter or artist myself and don't care to pontificate on rehashed old subjects of art with faggy hipsters. Is that what you're getting at? Hobbies are hobbies and nothing more.

No, I want to continue to rub my hands and scintillate my rat-like claws on the keyboard while you goyim play with my FED golems. Nyeahahahaha.

Why would an anti-social person like me use social media to look upon neo-anything art when that just ain't my dig? One should not derive values from art, but rather expouse them through design.

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spot the newfag

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good bait post, well memed friend

You should prefer that rather than being gorilla fucking retarded.

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This is the kind of ebin infiltrators the left is sending us.


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Yeah, you've got it.
Or rather, we.
Or I.

What's stopping you from being me, hm?

I would love to see everyone using TOR. Honestly, just for their safety.
But the more who use TOR, the more safe TOR becomes for everyone.

Yep, anyone shrieking about Torfags are glowing or retarded. It sucks having some limitations on posting, but that's life (and there's ways around that if it was essential for some reason). While it's not immune to targeted attacks, it's still much safer than a regular VPN. And besides, if a migration to a bunker occurs it'll probably be an onion site (at least until the decentralized solutions are viable).

Thank me later.

You got banners and anything depicting otherwise the reason national socialism is as big as it is, is because is the truth eventually anons lurking here will come to that conclusion

I agree with that


Someone hasn't lurked for at least two years.

Which is why it is a natsoc board because it's truth I don't have that screencap where it talks about how people will eventually get to it, simply saying is not natsoc is also false.

No wonder those two groups are so hated.

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What is it with all of those "all too serious" boomers and newfags coming here and trying to replace our culture? You are internet rapefugees.

NSDAP/Rightist/NatSoc/Hikky-NEETsoc board seems like the natural conclusion for the best years of Zig Forums. Raw input from White users and White Racial Memory started this whole thing whether or not anyone understood the nature of what was occurring. However, like anything else that is above the vulgar masses who cannot connect on an esoteric unseen level; thine trash cometh forth after they who bilk the bile from the original inhabitants.

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Peak boomerthread. Lurk for 2 more years
Have some more smug anime girls you stupid nigger

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triggered by cartoons

Get the fuck out of here, glow nigger.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about Ebola Chan, you little bitch?
You’re fuckin dead, bucko.

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kys fag

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Shame what happened to deutsch/pol/, but it really showed what happened to Zig Forums in general in a microcosm.

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Faggots don't realize that image boards were created by a Japanese, therefore there's animefags here.
Ebola-chan might forgive you for this heresy, if you submit now.

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