The sexual degeneration of Western values through the guise of liberation continues

The sexual degeneration of Western values through the guise of liberation continues.

A comment on the Reddit 'Am I the Asshole?' subreddit received 18,000 net up-votes for admonishing a father that refused to buy his twelve year old daughter a sex toy and taking away the computer that she was using to browse for them on Amazon. Fathers are no longer allowed to protect their daughters from a descent into corruption through sexual deviancy. He must instead encourage her to indulge in a gluttonous fulfillment of lust. He must facilitate her transition into an object whose only value is measured by how many ways she may debauch and sodomize herself. It must be okay because, after all, it is 'normal' for a 12 year old boy to masturbate to pornography on a daily basis.

The slippery slope has been proven time and time again. We are closer than ever to the legalization and normalization of pedophilia and whatever thresholds lay beyond. Waiting for our daughters to turn 18 before being consumed by the machine of exploitation is no longer enough.
How have we allowed this sickness to infect us so thoroughly? Why have so many fallen for the tricks that blind them to this abominable behavior? How might we turn the odds in our favor when these people are so ready to sacrifice their children on the altar of hedonism?

This is not an attempt at demoralization.
Instead, I hope that this stirs within you the absolute fury that I feel on a daily basis at the state of the world we live in.
There is no good night to go gently into; What remains is a forest of viscera, plague, and decaying horrors that we must fight our way out of, lest we be consumed and leave the world to rot in our wake.

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They’re degenerates. By the way you’re picturing them as more attractive then they are.
Most likely they are non white or fats.
Honestly just comment your thoughts in a constructive way and forget about it. They will understand they were wrong when their daughter overdoses on drugs.

Redditors are fucking morons.

This post needs more upboats. Not only does it explain why op is a fag it also addresses degeneracy and it's conceqences in subhumans very well.

le reddit exdee, yeah they're fucking normies but that's the point

I cannot comment as I was banned from plebbit for 'encouraging violence' by stating that White people had a right to defend themselves.
It it still representative of the zeitgeist and inevitably affects the psyche of people of European descent. Have you not heard of Weimar, Hollywood, or any of the other enclaves of degeneracy that are found wherever the Jew has made his nest throughout history?

Yes non-whites are more susceptible to this kind of thing, but to think that whites are immune is delusional. Go on any website dedicated to pornography and you will find mostly young white women who have been encouraged to destroy themselves.

Better question: What makes you think this is real at all?
Reddit has been the center for astroturf and shilling since the site began, only becoming big beacuse links farmes migrated from digg because the up/downvote system was easily gameable and the DNC made it the central place for Obama shilling.

If it's real, start some gay ops against the dude. Dox him. Post flyers to his neighbours say "Hello, I'm Joe Fuckface living at Asshole Bvld 3 but on the internet I'm /u/ISuckDogDicks247 and think 12 year olds should buy vibrators".
Find his work place, hop on LinkedIn and find the highest up person you can identify, go to their mail and write something like "Hello Mr. Manager Asshole, I'm John Doe, part of Random Assholes Against Internet Pedos and found one of your employees grooming children and arguing they should buy adult toys, any comment before this goes to the press/the police" i.e use the same life ruining tactics leftyfags use.

Man i'm done with this world, 17k upvotes for this ?.. the system has to die, there is no political solution, period.

(checked satan)
oh I'm sure it's heavily embellished and the votes are manipulated, but some of it is organic
the person who made the post isn't directly doxxable, they made the account just for that post (could potentially get more info by private messaging and pretending to be on his side, if he's even a real person)

pic related is the blubberpuss that made the comment

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also I'm guessing she lives in the pacific northwest (another pic related)

sage for doublepost

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>You're a sick man if thinking about your 12 YEAR OLD DAUGTHER'S SEXUALITY makes you uncomfortable. Go get a (((doctor))).
Why does it feel so disappointing, if it isn't surprising at all? Why does it feel so rage-inducing? Why do I want to go out of the house and look for something heavy now?

This is what our kids are taught by "professionals". This is who we're being told is the "authority" - people who we are supposed to trust, those that are supposed to know better. And this is only getting worse, day by day, month by month, year by year. But it's (((evil nazis))) who are (((radicalizing))) children by introducing values that worked for thousands of years, by encouraging discipline, healthy life and good familial relations.

Save this fucking image, set it on your desktop, read it daily and remember how bad things really are. Get angry.

And you fucking Dipshit Retards will STILL Scream and Shout against MGTOW. Literally fucking Kill yourselves. Kill this Kike Thread

"GeEe look how shit everYthing iS whY don't yOu be TraD GoY"

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This wouldn’t have happened if the dad was not a catastrophic chump. He is asking reddit for advice, after all. The scenario he describes is probably just the culmination of years of being a pussy instead of a father. When the MacBook dispute arose, he should have calmly taken the thing into the garage and run it through a band-saw. Thanks in advance for the upboats.

Either you dominate them or you get no respect.

nice use of capital letters, boomer
just because it didn't work out for you doesn't mean we should all give up


That subleddit is the most pathetic piece of forum ever, it's full of soyim asking whether they are the asshole for finally confronting their wives after they've been cheating on them with random strangers without a condom 30 times or more.

I'm kind of past caring, the slippery slope is steeper than ever, and it only gets steeper. One more whore for the pile. This ship is going down, and I can't help but laugh at it. It may be my ship, too, but all these people drilling holes are too bizarre to be taken seriously.

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Well, if the father is working 8+ hours a day, and the mother can stay at home, she could have poisoned the daughter's mind while he was away. Not everybody can be Henry the Eighth.

At which point the wife of his could instantly file for a divorce because of "abuse". When your shit's that fucked up, there's nothing you can do. You have already lost.

Sure, but that means he's his wife's bitch. He ignored red flags and didn't set up boundaries as he should have. Too late now, that genie is out of the bottle and ramming both his wife and her daughter. Why else would he be posting on a subleddit for metaphysically castrated invertebrates?

some pedo writes a dear Penthouse letter on Flebbit as masturbation material about little girls and dildos and OP bites hook line and sinker.

Told you.

I found halfchan through Ghost in the Shell and other scifi/action/suspence moontoons way back in the day, and came to Zig Forums when the faggotry ramped up to maximum homodrive, around 2014.
Normalfags wouldn't likely have had an in to anonymous imageboards if they had the patience to put up with the fuckery that was happening to traditional web forums, or had got into social networking. I can't believe it was GOOGLE of all companies that told me to never use my real name, or give out any real personal information online. How times have changed. Just my hypothesis, though, as I cannot really identify with normalfags who find pleasure in life, and achieve satisfaction with a modest amount of effort.

At this point I'm considering to just let them, while I built my own Civilization next to their crumbling one: people of character and mirth will flock to mine, while the sinking ship that's called modern civilization will swallow up those that are not worthy anyway.
Ride the tiger, mein freund.

That is a fair question. It's conceivable that this exaggerated story serves the purpose to steer the public opinion ("It's ok for a 12 year old to want a vibrator and engage in sex play") or at least open up the discussion about it. That's a classic way to steer public opinion and I've seen it play out plenty of times already.

Why is it mostly fat bitches who are 'sexually liberated'?
She does raise a point that he should've discussed this with his wife first (though, seeing how mom in the story responded, it would not surprise me that he gets cucked good by her).

Very plausible, but the overwhelmingly supportive response of those thousands of bugmen is not fictional.


Which country is this taking place? USA?

Because they have to have lower standards of course. This "liberated" thing is just their coping mechanism.

it's genuinely baffling that you think this is a reasonable response
I'm sure when those ebil nadzees do something online you'll feel the same way

The specific location is unimportant, the cancer attacks wherever our spirit resides.

Specific location is important. Dodging the question too must be noted.

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Nice retort you fucking moron. I didn't dodge your question, I explicitly said why it was a pointless one.

It goes directly back to Donatien de Sade's and his peers' corruption of the French public with pornographic filth that denied the spirituality of man. He recognized the truth in St. Augustine's analysis of mankind as 'two cities' and used the idea of an immoral man being easily controlled to his advantage. Funnily enough, he managed to pretend his way onto the proletariat's side while his fellow aristocrats were being beheaded in the French revolution.

OP… do you hear yourself? The jew mind virus has you imagining reddit is, Western civilization. For all we know, a larping Aussie with bots posted that for shits and giggles. Because what father shares such a thing? What father asks random fucktards questions about his 12 year old daughter? Also those 'votes'… the 'subreddit' could be filled with payets. Etc,etc. So forest from the trees.

If you ever catch your daughter surfing for dildo's, show her this

What the fuck? That's expensive shit for a 12 year old.

Why do you think his daughter is such a raging slut in the first place? Dad can't lay the pipe down on Mommy and he sure as hell can't run a family.

Kiss whatever paternal authority you had goodbye forever, reddit nigger.
This is further proof that the 1# cause of whorish behavior is a weak father figure.

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It doesn't matter if this specific story is real at all, for the very reason you already explained: "Reddit [is] the center for astroturf and shilling". Even if this is some giddy kike making up a story and having a coworker reply, it's still something that's being pushed on the people who use the site as a way of thinking to follow and an action to perform. This story, and ones like it, will be used to push the average parent to allow 12 year olds to buy sex toys.

Go the fuck back to reddit you absolute subhuman self-flaggelating niggerfaggot. You're probably a kikestian too with how much you prostrate yourself for others' actions.

You even contradict yourself in one post, absolute brainlet.

You shouldnt be on reddit to begin with.

Don't give your children access to the internet without restrictions. You know they are learning this shit at school now, probably from the trash they are forced to associate with in public schools.

Then again, it's also likely they learn it from extracurriculars considering how these degenerate fuckers are everywhere it seems.

I can smell the puss from that blue-haired Reddit professor's nose ring

This just in: Commentor on self-proclaimed Frontpage of the Internet suggests there's "Golden business opportunity in market for Sex Toys for Children"

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Too late. It’s called the Gillette Venus Vibrance razor.

I'm pretty sure the reddit OP is baiting them. Any normal person would just say ear/headphones and laptop. Unless the normies have been so truly brainwashed into being shekel dispensers that they refer to everything by brand names now.

Reddit’s AITA is just a tool for finding out if a mob of strangers agree with your opinion or not.

People have a disagreement with someone they care about, like a spouse or coworker or parent… then after they listen to that persons argument they come to reddit to find out what a bunch of people they’ll never meet think. Then what, do they change their mind because of what someone who isn’t close to them thinks? Or come back armed with “well the internet said this” and start the argument over again?

It’s fucking stupid.

If you have a fight with your kids you should work it out with your kids.

People are so hung up on being right that they don’t bother to look for equitable solutions to their disputes.

this, that leddit OP is obviously a good goy guide
at this point I'm surprised it doesn't also say "my wife's daughter"

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It is pedophilia, if they support it then there's nothing preventing them from filming it too.

nice that Muslims post here sometimes

Normal people don't use Reddit and post on it. Reddit is full of oversocialized insane leftists

Of course they do. It’s the same as goybook and twitter. user, there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of neocon boomers using reddit and Zig Forums thanks to Q-LARP.

He should've waited for a more opportune moment to discuss that issue with her so she doesn't have any valid reason to become rebellious against him implying the story is legitimate that is

kill yourself faggot bot

Most zoomers have that stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if the father is a (((fortune 500))) tech employee.

I moved to Seattle for work. It's awful. I swear there's some kind of cell tower mind control experiment going on here.

The story is an opportune fabrication, or the father is an absolute retard.

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God fucked Mary when she was about 12. That is the historic age for marriage because girls ARE sexual at that age and if you don't know that you are a complete and utter moron.

On plebbit, you always are, goy.

There is an upside to this fentanyl "crisis" : native and mexican dealers are killing their own in record numbers.



You don't get free speech anymore, roundeye.

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butcher all righties

Hey look it's Shanley Kane.

The weather radar in Victoria was fried two years ago due to some secret experiment and it still hasn't been replaced.

nu/pol/ the thread
Apple isn't as domineering in their markets as say, Kleenex to warrant this phenomenon, but I think it's at least partially related.

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Remember one thing though OP, we live in a
How much of what you read is real? How many of those upvotes are real? How many were bots?

It’s not to completely dismiss your fears, but objectively, out of all the men you know, how many do you seriously think would be ok with their six year old daughter watching porn? Idk though maybe in San Fran or NYC things are different but even then.

Just keep in mind this shit is highly unnatural. 1000s of years ago porn did not exist. Our ancient ancestors in Europe honored virginity and monogamous marriages despite being seen as little more than savages.
The sick (elites) that push their perversions realize this is not natural and attempt to gaslight you into accept it is. Don’t go straight blackpill just yet.

Whoops fucked up the echo brackets on (((elites)))

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>caring about (((reddit)))
Fuck off cuckchan

implying you actually believe in Christianity and aren't just a subversive kike

was the 'le reddit' meme not posted in this thread enough for you already or something?
this isn't 2012, Reddit isn't just neckbeards browsing /r/atheism anymore

Only $12,95! Any kid mowing lawns in the evenings could get one.

Disgusting, I feel the rage OP, I feel it now.
Everything is fucking wrong with that cap, I don't even know where to begin.

This fucking thread. This is why you have lost. This is why you are being genocided and you gladly accept it.