Mexican soldiers forcibly disarmed American troops at gunpoint north of the border

Mexico has invaded and captured American soldiers
Fox reported on this a week ago but I haven't seen a thread about it:

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also trump
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fuck the wall, we sending 2 carriers to venezuela!

just WOW if you think trump gives a shit about the border
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This is huge! The Mexican government is behind the drug trade, and even though the wall isn't finished, Trump is sending the US Army to the border. Someone should send an apology to Mexico… BECAUSE THEY ARE ABOUT TO LOSE THEIR DRUG TRADE AND IMMIGRANTS__.

Trump isn't the primary topic of this thread, the primary thing of significance is that Mexican troops invaded illegally north of the border, drew guns on American troops, stole their guns and kidnapped them. But since you brought up Trump: what if he's been stalling on the wall because he plans to redraw the borders further south where it is narrower and this is the perfect pretext to invade because the army is working with MS-13?

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They only had one gun between the two over 20 Mexicans will full automatic weapons.
Try harder Jew.

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You are misinterpreting my chosen image, the surrender flag is not about the 2 troops, but rather that the U.S. isn't actually doing anything about it besides tweeting at them.

I can see you really don't want to acknowledge Mexico has invaded. If you want to call Trump to task, then it should be for his inaction to this crisis.

That does not make any sense.
Two people with 1 gun surrendered to 20 people with full semiautomatic weapons.
Who would not surrender especially if they 2 got shot by the 20 it would be war.
The 2 unarmed did right.

It's already war. If you surrender your guns to the enemy every time they draw on you to "avoid war" then they will simply conquer your people.
this is besides the point though
This was an act of war and Trump's letting them off with a warning. This should've been the pretext to invade.


Legal immigration from Mexico is still going on anyway. Soon enough the only difference between the soldiers will merely be their uniforms.

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How do we know these "American" soldiers weren't fellow ethnic Mexicans and wish to support their fellow ethics and purposefully allowed the drug smugglers? Mexicans are only loyal to Mexico.

This story is a week old and there’s already a thread about it.

Doesn't matter if you fuck them or not if they keep crossing the goddamn border.




Trump is such a bitch. He'll be lucky if he isn't arrested in the White House by Mexican authorities at this point.

I hear a sitting POTUS can't be indicted but what about International Arrest Warrant and our extradition treaty with Mexico?

"Make the arrest, do the Due Process later"

Who the fuck uses these types of images? What imageboard native writes like this? Op is a shill, this is literally the 10th time we have seen the exact same thread. I wonder what defeatist agenda they are pushing?

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exactly, seems like 4/5th of the Border Patrol is full blown Squatamalan beaner.

Its like the DMV being staffed by Niggers, but diff.

You can't expect an organization to function if its over 25% staffed by people who have never done anything in 10,000yrs.

White Spanish Mexicans MIGHT be sorta loyal to White America, but Squatamalans will be strictly loyal their dusty home village in Mexico, regardless of how long they've been "US citizens".

Its like Jews in the Pentagon.

Imagine if we'd had US Navy and USMC units of Japanese-"Americans" in the Pacific in WW2.

You already tried this outrage slide moshe.

You already got BTFO in the last thread making this argument which is why you made this one to do it again kike.