How To Handle Glownigger Visits
This is the Harold Covington video on how to deal with feds. I tried to find it earlier but Jewtube shoahd it. Its extremely important and they want to cover it up, theres no rules it would break, the fact it was taken down demonstrates they are afraid of him breaking the feds strategy.

A few hours later after an open request and someone finally provided a link, on Bitchute. Please watch it, comment so the thread gets more attention. People - Zig Forumsacks - need to see this. Save the link, repost it when people talk about feds.

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< Fed tells you how to deal with feds.

How fucking retarded are you user?

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The video stands on its own, ignore Covington, Im aware of the Greensboro massacre and his words towards Pierce and many others, and how he tried to frame KAS etc

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I love how after every Happening, Glowniggers are out full force.


and therefore we are the new terrorists to justify their budgets

Hey man, Agent Goldberg and Agent Wang still gotta pay their mortgage.

How to handle glownigger visits: plead the fifth and tell them to fuck off if they don't have a warrant


Don't be a Nazi fag. No FBI visits.

I have a MAGA hat. I get to look like I fought the system when I am the system! I get to look badass when I'm actually a fucking pussy and possibly retarded!

There's only one way to talk to feds at your door.
Which is by exercising your right to silence.
Any other advice is malign encouragement by controlled opposition.

100% of the topics of the day here, 100% of the media politics and economics are to reinforce your slavery. Its like somebody putting you in a cage then you scratching your knee then saying "wow I'm not in a cage now!"

The average polfaggots brain is 99% occupied by information about pop culture or puppet politicians so they can feel RIGHT when they post valid information. They work so hard to look good for the people they are supposedly fighting.

I have a MAGA hat. I get to look badass while being a pussy. Want to hear more about me? This is my blog here. I post all day about celebrities and whatever topics Langley decided I should discuss. Want to hear about how much of a pussy I am? I have a red hat too. And my son on law is based and is gonna make Israel great again. I can't wait until I have schizophrenia so their imaginary friend talks to me too.

Please yes.
Why are your hands so small? I think I know why, but I want to hear it from the source.

Tom Metzger - The Five Words

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Report them, sage, and tell them to fuck off back to reddit? Yeah, we know.

I must not be sucking enough nazi dick because I still haven't gotten even a fucking card from the fed ssholes.

Where is my lawyer goyim.

So we're supposed to talk to the feds?
Is that what your implying?

N E C R O___B U M P

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Terrible Tommy Has It Right
Ignore the shills
I have nothing to say

This is only relevant thing itt.

And top tier American lawyers agree, this video is a must:

Is that girl a mass murderer ? Or is it some random thot ?

What do jews do for a living?
(vid posted elsewhere)

How to respond to a fed or cop
I wuz a gud boy and a gud goy
I dindu nuffin
Zig Forums iz a board of peace
I wan' mah lawyeh'

Handle this!
*unzips GS rating*


Post YFW
*Knock Knock*

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Covington says A LOT of correct & good stuff.
But he was a shitty person who tried to throw a bunch of people under the bus in the process.

Covington is one of the few people where I would recommend separating the ideas from the man. He obviously didn't have discipline or respect but he did have practical wisdom.

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