Minecraft creator Notch banned from official 10-year anniversary event because of IOTBW tweet

They are trying to un-Persson him

Full text of the (((Variety))) article:

>“Minecraft” creator Marcus “Notch” Persson, who sold the title to Microsoft for $2.5 billion in 2014, won’t be part of 10-year anniversary plans for the game because of his “comments and opinions,” Microsoft tells Variety.

>“His comments and opinions do not reflect those of Microsoft or Mojang and are not representative of ‘Minecraft,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Variety.

>Persson, once an involved member of the video game development community, has increasingly ostracized himself with his Twitter comments, including transphobic statements and comments about a “heterosexual pride day,” and that “it’s ok to be white.” Persson has about 3.7 million followers on Twitter.

I love how successful whites trigger the fuck out of these kikes. Remember to aim high and be successful. Be that which they hate most: be better. /SIG/ heil.

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Shit, I meant to post the archive too. archive.is/478bH

I find it funny how they didn't went after hitler skins or swastikas yet.

Still, 2 billion dollars is 2 billion dollars, I guess.

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This. I hope Notch gets further radicalized thanks to kikes attacking him. He seems redpilled, and hopefully sitting on enough "fuck-you money".

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You are so, so, so fucking retarded.

You are not allowed to be successful. The economy is 100% rigged.

You are a second class citizen BY LAW in your own civilization. And you think you should apply your talents to this economy?
You're living at the mercy of people who are obviously using their total control over the system to genocide your people with ZERO plan to fight back.

Do you know what the federal reserve is? The civil rights act? Have you literally ever read a fucking book?

You're a slave that's about to be exterminated.

Everything other than killing jews is a waste of time

Don't pay for this shit lol

So what’s your kill-count?

Yes, this is why Notch got two and a half billion dollars. This is why Pewdiepie is still the #1 youtuber.

Fuck it if the game is rigged, I'll still fight, and I'll still win, because I'm made of white.

they can't take anything away from him

that's why they keep doing this. they keep bringing him up to slander his name. it's been years though.

also notch is kind of retarded. He believes in Q.

Expand your horizons; getting others to kill kikes is a valuable time-sink.

MicroInfertile is complete fucking Shit List. Video Game Piracy has become the Carnival again. Expect many Recreation crashes in the 20's

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2 billion dollars probably buys you some really good drugs.

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The bestest goy. Jews create nothing, they profit from others work. He got 2bln, they will get 20bln off it.

The only strategy is not to play.

op, you are a funny guy, like you


They'll de-person him, and (((freeze his assets))) for an unrelated made-up crime. Who owns the banks where his money is supposedly stored, or rather where the numbers on computers are backed up.
Perhaps they'll employ one of their child prostitutes to say he raped her, typical tricks.


No one will forget about Notch whenever they see Minecraft.

I wonder what jews are going to do to him with his money. I'm thinking confiscation based on whatever pretext. "hate."

So you will sit behind your keyboard and do nothing? Doesn't seem like a good strategy.
Oh I know, your strategy is telling other people that they should go and kill kikes. What a man.

Well, if I had $2.5b, I'd sure as hell have a plan B. You hearing me Notch? Get yourself a plan B and an alibi for when they drum up rape charges.

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Need to start our own everything, bank included.

Notch got big on 4/v/ where he used to post updates and take feedback. After he stopped making the game and repeatedly went on vacation for months at a time people started to shit on him. He then left for Reddit who would kiss his ass, then he went to Twitter when Reddit got sick of his lies.

Notch scammed millions of people with promised features he never made. There was always an excuse why he couldn't make what people paid for when the game was in beta. Minecraft is the entire model for Early access and is one of the reasons games are so fucked now. It's pure fucking cancer.

I’ve been playing it for years and this is my first time hearing about “notch.”

I thought mojang was the name of the creator.

Lying nigger.

Didn't Notch post on /v/ long before Minecraft became super popular? You'd think he's of a similar mindset as most user when it comes to how he views the world.

What features? I don't play Minecraft and have no idea what it'd be missing from such a simple game. Raytracing?

A multi billionaire user, who has done nothing interesting with his money. With that amount of dough, you could establish your own private ethno-city somewhere out west. What a fag.

Raytracing is a gay meme.

This. Whites are so superior that they can win even in an entirely rigged game designed to destroy them.

Minecrafts original idea wasn't just a sandbox builder. It was supposed to grow into having proper siege modes where you would have to scavenge by day as hordes attacked at night. It never came about because Notch basically abandoned updating the game once the halloween update came out. I don't recall the other stuff but you get the idea.

He used to post updates on 4/v/. He would just say "Updates out" and then anons would figure things out and find what was new he added.

Everything Notch tries to do he's failed at. And he realised people only liked him for his money and got depressed over it. He probably spent a lot of it

No it wasn't, stop lying

Fuck off Notch. I was there and remember the promises in the threads. It was supposed to be like Terraria's blood moons with enemies who could damage your buildings.

That was Literally Apart of the original Idea and planning. The entire Game was structured to do such thing. You literally dont play video games youre a fucking Boom Shill carcass trying to spite replies fucking kill yourself

He could buy some Island in the pacific and turn it into an independent nation. Or fund right wing political movements in Europe.

Im talking about not being a prized workhorse for jews, dumbass. Yes, killing jews is the only way so why bother with a career anyway.

I’m serious. Does it say “notch” when it loads? No it does not. It says “mojang.”

Obviously I know who he is now because he’s in the headlines.

They're kikes. I would expect them to pay some cartel goons to pull a 'botched robbery' and hit him with at least 100 bullets from high-powered military-grade assault rifles.

Then they'd confiscate his money, for some (((charity))), no doubt,

He could finance a white coup of the South African govt and then recover his expenses by taking equity in the jew owned gold mines. If any other anons here make a billion, don’t turn into a pussy like this guy pls.

I think replacing jews in all things would be good, nullifying their current non-personing tactic.

Bump for starting my day with an A+ pun, thank you user

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Remember to boycott all such cunts.

He developed the game imin the direction be thought would be more fun, after he learned people were autists who just wanted to build ever more complex rather than fight.
All Microsoft added was a way for you to spend money to reskin the game.

He should put a ton of TNT underneath a replica of the corporate office of Microsoft in Minecraft.

Most Minecraft fans love the game and are not going to boycott it. They aren’t playing it because they hate transgender people.

And then the next step is to just stage a robbery like the other user said

You got it all wrong. Jews want us to have loads of money, it demoralizes us. It seems that it's the resource that they try to keep away from us, but think about it. The more money you have, the more slave you are to those who control it. When you have millions, you are afraid of losing them and you play into the rules of modern banks.
As usual, they got us in a dichotomy: You don't have any money and you're screwed because of not being able to buy needed products or… You have loads of money that you spend on unneeded things and rewards that fuck up your moral compass.

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The chad Notch

Then you don't understand what you're dealing with.
Not only do they allow that, but it was probably designed by someone at Microsoft.
The idea is to allow such things to spread, actively encourage them, then launch a media fear storm against the parents.

Nope. It's one of his favourite weapons.

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A man has as many masters as he has vices


Are you paying attention Stormtards?

ha, what a Jezebelian cunt.

If you see red text or one of the 500 "alt right approved buzzwords" , you are in a kosher thread.

The game itself actually hasn't been affected at all outside of getting more updates and content that previously you had to resort to mods and the (((shekel begging minecraft community))) for. Seriously, this is the only modding community I've ever seen that not only begs for donations, but also hides download links behind things like "ad.fly" to make ad revenue off downloads and feels ENTITLED to money for their game mods.
Removing references to his name from the game is the only pozzing that's directly happened in the product itself. That's t o say nothing about the community nor currently owning staff.

Except you do harvest/mine/build by day and have to survive hordes of enemies spawning everywhere dark at night. What are you on about?

I'd be impressed if Notch spent some of that money selling homes at cost to married white couples and otherwise encouraging an uptick in the white birthrate. $2.5 billion can go a long way.

Goyim, I….

You are the ones who do not understand. They have put themselves in a position where they must react. We can force them to boil the water to quickly, baiting a straight up fight. Violence is the fairest, most meritocratic competition on the planet. They need infrastructure, so they can't just glass us. And they have never won an insurgent war against a fraction of what they will face.
Now go suck vox off some more.

Has minetest made any significant progress? I haven't checked on in since like 2015.

The answer is always no.

T series is 1.4 million ahead now.

And that's all he said? Fucking insane…

Now list the quantity of niggers and jews making money out of nothing in entertainment.

I thought he and Sarky were best buds though. Did notch get put in permanent orbit?

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Pretty much the entirety of EA?

You realize that's basically accelerationism right? Force them to play their hand and overreact/overkill over nothing then making everyone hate them for doing so.

[email protected]

If Notch reads this, you should shoot me an email and i'll buy you a beer. You deserve better than the California hellscape you moved into. There's other options.

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Reminder that Notch is from 4/v/. There's even a reference to /v/ in one of the messages that show up on the main menu.

Not a couple of random mobs who appear and stand outside your door. Actual sieges, like an army turn up and try to tear your shit down. Ladders, battering rams, an actual game.

i know these are just kids, but be brutal to them. No one has an excuse for being wrong, ever.

He deserves everything he gets, moshe.



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Twitter really is a wasteland.

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No they still hate the swastika they are using the weapon of europeans against us the same can be used in vice versa it has nothing to do with favorites their doing what ever they can get their hands on and use that as their advantage.

Fuck iff spamming kike.

Reminder that PewDiePies parents were two of richest people in Sweden before Felix was even born. The PewDiePie meme is just like the Taylor Swift meme and that Swedish bitch will shit in all of your mouthed before the war is over.



>(((it's cowardly to use brackets)))

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Twitter is for SJWs to virtue signal.
Instagram is for prostitutes.
Facebook is for grandma and cuckservatives.

On the Q-LARP board they call themselves the night shift.

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like that Faggot in ND who announced his plans out to the world?


Kill all jews, or nothing will be better.
There is no victory without violence.

tor fag

Not all effortposts make the news.

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Again, your kill count? Oh, I see.

Nice to see someone on Zig Forums still has a sense of humor

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Because then the banks would fuck him in the ass.

Did this happen before or after him cucking out? Did he just pretend to quit the fight after he knew he'd lose anyway?
Actually, I'll look.
Yep, he only "cucked out" because it wouldn't matter. He got to #1 in trending so maybe it was his strategy to come out on top because of pity subscribes or something. Or at least "quit rather than lose".

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Are there any other video games made by Zig Forums approved figures, or Zig Forums approved games?

He should consider buying a bank so that they can't lock/steal his billions.

He never had a chance, even if the Indians went somewhere else he would still have to eventually contend with the growing Brazilian and Spanish youtuber population while english youtubers are stagnating.

he should start a bank

Right wing game design when?

should be:
Should have spent some of those minecrack shekels on a grammar lesson tbvh


thats an insult to whores user