The Nordic Resistance Movement has organized 2 marches in sweden today, (((the media))) is kvetching and swedish politicians are talking about banning the organization. Hundreds of counter-demonstrations are expected and the police are preparing for violence.

Images from last time the Nordic Resistance Movement demonstrated in gothenburg.


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Is this a demo or are these faggots finally going to take out the "trash"?

Hil Sejr, svenske frænder.

Daily Reminder: Nothing ever happens.

This is just controlled opposition.

Livestream down for the moment

Vera recalls time with Adolf Hitler. This little old lady grew up in germany before the war and is an honored member of the Nordic Resistance Movement. She often shares stories about her time in the Hitler Jugend and is telling the interviewer about when she saw the Fuhrer speak this day 80 years ago.

Vera encourages nationalist youth to abstain from drugs and alcohol, and to take good care of themselves.

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What are those swedish limp-wrists going to do, have a giant slap fighting riot with the police? Sweden already necked itself.

nordfront is the only movement i actually give a shit about.
none of that pussy civnat or aut-kike faggotry, just white dudes getting organized.

But what are they hoping to achieve with it? What is the objective?

Ok, so it will cause ZOG minions and shitskins to counter protest. Is there a plan to exploit such situation? If not, apart from showing people that they exist, this demonstration is pretty useless.

I hope they actually do something this time. Actually killing zogbots, kikes, or shitskins. Come on, anything.

Bump for the nords




They are accelerationists. They provoke the authorities while building critical mass. The next step is to withdraw into the forests and start to attack infrastructure, such as power lines and briges. Their plan is not political power, but to crash the economy.

Achtung Juden!

why they do not use drums, it has a strong effect

Don't know, they've used them frequently before.


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Arrival of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Kungalv

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Are they recreating this scene?

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Waterflame - Glorious Morning (Ebbes Remix) - Edit - (From Age Of War) – Hardstyle

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is this the future

gloriuos past

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Big words

The two centre frame are the only 2 that don't look jewish out of these.
So basically you have 7 jews dressed a bit nazi burning a flag. Wow, impressive.
Bit like when those jews did the nazi salutes for the cameras at the gov agent, Richard Spencer rally.
It's all so very tiresome, eventually a holocaust has to happen, jews are ensuring it.

You forgot to sage.


What is the thule society?what is the theosophical society? How did the eastern symbol of the swastica end up in germany? Who started with the whole race bullshit? Aryans referring to germans and not persian/hindu? You have been conned by the same secret society bullshit aparatus that always goes past retarded sheeple noses. What is the bavarain soviet republic? Who was silvio gessel? Who funded hitler and infiltrated him to the german workers party? Who really creared the ADL? Who created the bnai brith secret society? Who uses antisemitism and the reaction to it for their advantage? The pyramid goes deep.

Listen to william cooper and do your own research. Those of you who are not shills but speak shill words are no less dumber than the left. They want you to hate other sheep just as they want the other sheep to hate you.

You think they care about jews or white? All sheep are pawns on a chess board wothout even realizing they are pawns and they turn every social group and scenario to their advantage. The more sheep are divided the better it is for the players and neither you nor the jews are really players in this game. These people don't care about sheep religions, in fact they hide under those religions for their own benefit.



)))based comrade(((

Blind and retarded sheep with 0 arguments. Either this or another shill.

No, there's more of them then counter protesters.

Antifa usually only get violent once they have the numbers. Sad showing today.


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This is awesome. But do they have ambition and fortitude to take it to its logical conclusion?

Fuck off boomer

Police might attempt a mass arrest. Demonstrators stopped and busses are arriving

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Bumping to hopefully see some of those paddy wagons go up in flames

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>based controlled op with police-issued riot shields uses (((LIVESTREAMING))) to spread "hate".
Notice all controlled ops are using (((LIVESTREAMING)))?
It's almost like they're about to ban it and just need to cement the socio-legal justifications of "greater good" in the minds of the plebians (who are no more duped than the fools here who believe these pricks are anything but cops in slacks.)

How does Sweden have one of the coolest and best organized resistances to this mess,

5 Resistance members arrested so far, police refuses to comment on why

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Livestream here

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They don't need excuses lmao. They will literally legislate in the realm of Feminist Catwoman theory. Your optics faggotry and overall shill demeanor have been debunked a million times. And it doesn't matter who controls what, if you can manipulate it to your advantage. That is politics 101. We are crashing this ship with no survivors. Truth is a wet clay totem belonging to the victorious, mouldable and it bears the markers handwork.

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I don't follow this logic man, when people see demonstrations that counter the Official Policy, they start to get ideas. Even if Brarnton Tarlinto was a false flag, the Saxon has absolutely and 100% learned to hate. Fortunately whitey is wittier than tired old Boomer kike shticks. There really is no stopping it, and it will bring us into WW3, which I am absolutely salivating at the mouth for. GIMME WAR NOW!!!!!!

Mainstream press was asked to leave by the police, only NTV remains by the looks of it

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I hope NRM realizes they will eventually be in a physical war with the police and intel agencies. And possibly the military. They should be prepared for that inevitability, and God willing they will win.

Any opposition is better than sitting on your arse shitposting and belittling the efforts of others.

Posturing wont help you traitorous fed piece of peasant shit. Conspiracies and posing at people who outnumber you by the millions wont save you. You should join the NRM not oppose them. After all they are fighting for your family's future. Whereas your jew boss will stick a knife in your children's backs for his aims.

Demonstrators were just allowed to leave and the livestream was cut.

That's the real test, time will tell.

If such a war does come about we need some of those police to join us, so the more redpilled they get the better. No revolution has ever succeeded without significant support from within the police or military.

Yes, well it's either they join or their families get overrun by sand niggers and their genes are eradicated from the gene pool. The people who protect their families will end up carrying their genes onward.

Yeah right. Their paycheck this week is more important than their children's future

i don't think we'll be seeing any response from the nigger invaders from any of this. isn't hard to spook them. the zogbots are probably in need of a diaper change as well. their only response is to shutdown media reports and attempt containment.

No violence = useless.
Peaceful protests and marchs are completely useless.
Going after the lives of jews or at least their paypigs is the only solution.
If you aren't united for the sole purpose of killing your enemies, you already lost.
The only winning move is to be violent and kill all of your enemies.
Kill all jews.
Kill all who are supported by jews.
Kill all who support jews.

Even my Mother speaks like this now.
Can you feel the Fire Rising?

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Then lead by example.

Nah, what they should try to do is take over the Jew media, then the weapons, then the Jew banks in a coordinated action. They do need help from the military to win nya~


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…and violence without strategic action is more than useless nya~

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The shields are a great idea though, ideally bullet proof. Use the tactics of the dogs of the state nya~

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And they double as a billboard

op was, the kikes are scared

A bunch of fags.
This is over.
Give up.

Video not available in Spain

This copypasta was posted in the UNCC jewnigger shooting thread btw.

Why do they wave a made up flag instead of the Sweedish flag?

Congratulations, the zogbots are now on your side.

Nigger, everything is controlled opposition. There's no such thing as organic movements. Nobody does anything, just like you, nigger.
Fucking nigger.

tip top kek

I'm fairly certain the Swedish flag doesn't represent it's people anymore.

March shows strength. It means the government is unable to shut you down. People seeing this in broad daylight will build them numbers.


it's true

dumb faggots like yourself need to be gassed

Like the shields and flags. Very cool.
This is for those kikes who think Sweden wont react.

you anime posting nigger kike

you are a fucking grown man trying to hang around revolutionaries dragging around your teddy bear

kill yourself

Violence without numbers is useless. If you want to convince the niggercattle you can´t directly gulag the ZOG bots. You need to disguise as a democratic party and treat people humanely. Otherwise you immediately lose the battle.

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Looks to me like they're building up right now. Dont be a nigger and realize that it takes time to build shit up and get it off the ground. Push too hard to fast without numbers to backbiting up and you get quashed. It's a more delicate operation than you believe

Why is NRM so based?

they are highly effective with them

In the news here it says that they were already looking for these said people, and had decided to rile them all up at this rally.

It doesn't go into depth what they was wanted for or anything, it's signalling that doesn't work. All it does it give them sympathy but again they are not known to be the brightest of people…. the police and their (((boomer))) overlords

Unrelated to OP but we need to incite more black on black violence in the US. I watched a video on a FB today of 2 niggers in a fight, and the loser of the fight was punched a couple of times after going unconscious. All in the comments, niggers were praising that the the 2 chimps chose to fist fight instead of gun fight but condemned the extra punches. It seems to me that more and more niggers are coming together. We need trolls on the internet starting shit between rival gangs and inciting hatred amongst themselves. We cannot afford for the nigger to start uniting.

I don't recall but didn't Sweden just banned guys from putting Sweden flag outside?

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It seems you need to do shit yourself then.

He is partly right, its usually all a show to stop you from doing stuff, because you feel someone else is doing something about it. Either do things yourself or assume its some kike op.

I’ve been reading over their ideology and think that it could be easily adapted to fit many other countries. How likely is it that an American Nordic Resistance Movement could come into existence? The US, for the longest time, has been lacking a proper National Socialist party for quite some time.

so why are they holding commie and pride flags?

Because those are the homosexual and communist counter protesters.


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Trips hot damn.
Interesting take. Seems like a lame goal in my opinion but I've been known to escalate a few fights.

Tl;r. Okay so the sheep are being divided and your response is to… shame them and tell them to listen to YOUR sources of information? Is that the best way to help our wayward brothers and sisters?

If you had left it at the last line this would be top tier. Why spout off about the mouldablity of truth after expousing what I can only assume is your version of the truth?


Idk about that very much. Talking leads to action. Shitposting is where it starts. This whole site wouldn't be here if it weren't for shitposters getting tired of other shitposters.

That is typically what you do with cancer

If you want to kill someone start with yourself. You are clearly your biggest enemy

Pretty sure there are a ton of groups like this in America. They don't gain much traction outside of their tiny orbits though because despite what many of you might think. This shit doesn't matter to a lot of people. It's just loud in here

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Not entirely sure as I don’t follow the group that closely, but I would assume so. Movements like these should strive to form a small ethnic holdout community due to the fact that a political solution is very unlikely.

Not that I know of. Nearly all of them are defunct, the National Socialist Movement is now owned by an African Jew due to their leader’s
incompetence. None of the movements have the professionalism nor the numbers as does the NRM.

Right because like I said nobody really cares about "national socialism" in a global economy. Remember that you guys are the BAD guys. That's why you came here. It was fun pissing people off. I seemed cool to root for the moustache man who killed himself. You got ran out of everywhere else. You'll be run out of here too to go to the next silly board because that's how this got started. Y'all couldnt handle 4chan so you moved. You want the joke to go further but it's just not funny dude…

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You're in the wrong place, leftypol

Oh I very much am in the right place. The peanut gallery never disappoints

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Argumentum ad populum.

It is okay to be white, to preserve the white race, to preserve white culture, to oppose genital mutilation, and to oppose usury. We’re not Hollywood “nazis”.

Nope, see above listed points. I originally had communist sympathies and my ideology changed over time.

That’s not why I’m here.

We never found his body.

It’s not a joke and it’s not meant to be funny.

You haven’t made a single argument.

Oh my bad, >>>/reddit/