Doctor E.Michael Jones is apparently being blamed for the latest Synagogue Shooting

Kek. He was already blamed by the ADL for the Pittsburg shooting (video here if you want: ).
And now, he apparently been blamed by (((Dr.Brown))) for the latest California Shooting, because Dr. Jones has "empowered" the young man because of his "antisemitic" remarks and "antisemitic" biblical verses.
He talks about the latest Synagogue Shooting here in this interview with RooshV.
between 52:00-58:00

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The interview here, he talks about the Synagogue Shooting here between 52:00-58:00

And what is ironic is that he did a debate with (((Dr. Michael Brown))), a """christian""" Jew, a few days before the Shooting, to know if it's anti-Semitism to criticize Jews or not.
Of course, Dr.Jones beats him, because Dr.Brown thinks that Jews are hated because people like Dr.Jones criticize the Jews, instead of being hated for their wicked evil behavior. In other words, Dr.Brown's argument is that Jews are pretty much blameless, that they are persecuted for nothing and that the "demonized" against Jews, that the anti-Semitism against Jews is the cause of hatred against the Jews.
Just watch it, to see how a Jew thinks.

EMJ showed his true colors on Twitter last month when he whined about his intellectual property shekels over free fan-made audiobooks. Hail clownworld.

I enjoy Dr Jones' analysis of Jewish behaviors, and especially his work 'Libido Dominandi' that describes the way the concept of 'sexual liberation' has helped lead us to our own enslavement.
That being said, I'm not sure what he proposes as a solution to the problem he is aware of, nor am I sure why he believes a person calling themself White as holding a pseudo-identity, while not holding the same belief for someone who calls themself a Christian. I guess it's akin to civic nationalism.
He proposes that we not defend ourselves because it only empowers them further. How, then, does he believe we can remedy the situation? Shall we just allow them to destroy those descendants of Europe and pillage the holy sites we built in the honor of our Father in Heaven? This does not seem reasonable.

White is not an identity. Only mutts consider their identity to be white. An identity is German. French. Scottish, an actual place where an ethnic group calls home. It's not a generic blob of skin colour that you push together because you invited a bunch of spics and niggers to live among you.

A man has to eat you thieving commie fuck and from the looks of it, he could do with a steak.

He doesn't create his own audiobooks. They're all free. No one's profiting off his work so IP Law doesn't apply. Typical eceleb sycophant.

He pretty much refers to the Ethnic Cleansing he had when he was younger.
He talks a lot in this video about Urban Renewal as ethnic cleansing.
Here between 37:00-42:00

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This is as retarded as saying european is not an identity.

Then again this same cathcuck said there is no german.

This makes no sense or whatsever.

Are the japs really jap or are they nips?

It's almost as if this alone proves shills are full of shit.

Ethno-nationalism for Europe, White Nationalism for the colonies. Its really not hard to get your puny head around.
Vargs latest video is denouncing Ethno-nationalism, he reckons we are all the same, fucks me haha.

He's leagues ahead of the knee-jewk reaction most have on his speech. American identity is FUBAR, has been for decades. EU, USSR of course bringing in the (((useful))) experience.

I believe the concept of Whiteness to be a general term for those descended of the European races. I don't think you're wrong in saying that it applies primarily to those of heavily mixed European descent, but there are a significant number of those people. I'm not sure how many pureblooded Germans, Scandinavians, etc . . . are left.

I am what you would call a mutt; My ancestry is 50% English/Irish, 25% German, and 25% French. With whom should I identify? I believe I possess the spirit of exploration and hunger for knowledge my ancestors cultivated over millennia, my IQ is >140, everyone in my family has an IQ over 120, and I am willing to fight to combat the extinction of European people and values. What would you have me do?

German nationalism wanted to unite German areas, white identity-fags want global white unification (mostly bad because America Uber Alles isn't that great). I can understand opposition to other races and their expansion, but – we'll see. Might be that kikes will actually achieve global white identity if this madness goes on for longer.
I'm not going to oppose it if it happens, but I'll stick to my own nation, history and heritage until then.

Be the American, Argentinian, Brazilian– you were meant to be. New tribes form in history, why not in colonies?
Just keep lesser races from your gene pool and you'll be fine. Finns are fine despite the ancient (5000/2000 year old) Asian genes.

Half Anglo-Saxon, Half German here. Do not get hung up on the spergs.
I would have you fight for the existence of our people and a future for white children.

It's really a non-issue, Europeans (whites) as a whole are under attack, obviously no one is advocating that the individual ethnicities mix, unless of course in the colonies as its better for them to mix than to mix with the purer ethnicities.

EU is pushing this heavily and uses immigrants to do so. They want a pan-European culture and population.

Oh please. If we think of it as weaponized religion, then it is us who wield it.

(you dont have to reply to the shills) Feel free to practice your arguments tho, but honestly the reason newfags get in endless shit slinging matches is because they cannot see someone here is not genuine.

==NO ONE meaning US== I thought it pretty obvious that I am not talking about our enemies…

I'm not saying he isn't a positive force. I'm saying that I do not take lessons form the faggot as far as this movement goes.

Wield what? You are worshipping a toothless boomer eceleb.

I can throw that right back at you. Atavistic hatred of jews and everything jewish is jewish. It's annoying, but that's the case. Hatred, revolutionarism, total critique, intentionally being wrong to oppose others - is spiritual judaism. I legitimately believe that we lost most of the good Christianity with Byzantium and early losses to Islam (Antioch-Alexandria, Pentarchy).

You want pasta? That's how you get pasta.

That said I think that jews have managed to make it so that they'll justify one revolution, one genocide - against them.

I want you to stop worshiping dumb boomers.

Ok mate, kys.

I don't worship boomers. Lol, boomers are the cultural revolution

Hate is a vile master. You can kill all the jews out of love just fine. Hate is unnecessary.

Fuck off pseudo-intellectual kike lover.

Dumbass christcuck detected.

So much for all that jargon.

Hitler hated waffling intellectuals for a reason.

Hate is good. Without hate for injustice, there can be no justice. Only a fool ignores hate and focuses only on love.

He is trying to deflect criticism away from his Jewish religion by pushing the fallacy that blind hatred of Judaism is in fact spiritually Jewish. A very dishonest line of reasoning. A big ole cope.


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Is it just me or is this dishonest race traitor being shilled extra hard lately?

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Yes, actually.

I'm European, I'm not """white""", we are not """white""", we see each other differently in Europe because we are different, what unites us is we live in the same small continent and historically, christianity united us too. This "white" identity is just plain absurd.
In the USA, it's harder to understand because you were pretty much born in this racialized Jewish culture, in a foreign land from your european ancestors, so basically have no roots.

He's saying that "white" is a misnomer. European is correct.

European means white people, dumbass.
So white identity is absurd, yet european identity is not, and christian "identity" is not.

That nigger just says there are no germans, only catholics and protestants.

Don't care. Fuck this kike worshipping niggerfaggot and fuck all you Zig Forumsiggers that keep shilling him.

Wait so you're telling me that if you worked for a couple years researching and writing a definitive argument on some subject and when it's finally done and you pay the ridiculous publishing fees some guy turns around and gives it away for free and you lose money. This wouldn't upset you AT ALL?
I find that difficult to believe, user.

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Yes because European culture grew from Catholicism and Protestantism. He's saying that describing yourself as such or as European instead of as "white" is the correct and truthful way to go about it

European culture grew from GRECO-ROMAN culture.

Catholicism and Protestanism are bullshit religion and have nothing to do with shit.

You can just say you're extremely retarded next time, it's much faster

L M A O Isn't this fucking telling? Only when it negatively effects your kike worshipping eceleb do you screech about this. But for everyone else, they're a greedy kike for wanting to make money. Kill yourselves.

So denial then?

How the fuck are Catholic and Protestant "identity"?

Is a nigger protestant the same as a german protestant?

Alex Linder's?

White is useful because that's what we are, contra niggers and semites. We aren't German, Irish, Norwegian, etc until we're with our folk. Its when we are against the enemy or the outlander that we become White. There's literally nothing wrong with this.

He is not.
He clearly says that religious identity is the only identity.
Of course, he also says that national socialism was based on Wagner. Check out some of his shit. Dude is a fucking nut.

You just proved that you didn't listen.
We are Portuguese,Spanish,French,German,Italian,…And within a nation, there are even several ethnicities within them. We are none of this "white men" stuff.

Which are european, which are white people.

Want to do this again?

No faggot. You need to lurk moar.

Are you playing dumb on purpose ?

Imagine that. An anti-white kikestian is shilling for his kike worshipping religious cult and against an umbrella term for the european ethnicities. Kill yourself kike.

Shills always write in red and often in bold police. So easy to spot you, so transparant.

Are you playing dumb on purpose?


We are Aryan.
Fuck off with your "white" bullshit, neanderkike shit smear.

Funny because Hitler also referred to the white race.

It seems yids fear the word "white".

I actually like this explanation. We may have family struggles between tribes but when one white is threatened, we all are. Perhaps one day this will be true again as it was in ancient times.

It's always true.

This muh white is not european shit is invented purely to split hair and D&C.

Except we are. We're White Man because we longer live only among our folk, but beside niggers and semites. We aren't just this our that ethnicity anymore.

Ok, let me use your logic.
Which are living on the planet Earth, which are the one and unique Human Race.
This logic is just absurd, stop trying to exterminate European identites by (falsy) identifying like animal breeds solely because we have somekind of ressemble in our skin color and what not. This is just plain aburd and you are being a useful idiot of borderless rootless pan-European cosmopolite Jewish utopia and you don't even realize it.

European is not an identity. People with national identities don't identify with the continent they are on. It's almost like your education system taught you nothing of the interconflicts between European nations. A german and an Englishman do not see each other as brothers, they're rival cousins.

Fuck off Richard Spencer. You don't have colonies, you have your own white nations which make their own identity. Then you avoid the Amerimutt problem where people with zero relation to Irish culture or people running around saying how Irish they are because they put green food colouring in their beer.

What you should have been was American. A new mutt European group which would form it's own identity and ethnic traits over a few hundred years. Sadly you got denied this. Right now you don't have any real choice in what you are or what you should be. The USA as we know it won't exist by the time you get to forge your own identity so it's not useful to larp as the all American patriot.

tl;dr people from different European nations do mix between each other, but the grandkids of a Frenchman in Germany will be mostly german and the French traits will be lost so may as well be called German.

Shut up nigger. It's not important to you because you don't have an identity to sacrifice. It's like a poor man telling a rich man how to spend all his money. If you lose your identity in the mixed race white globalism you may as well lose it to the nigger mixed race globalism. That is how important national identities are to actual Europeans not mutts. You don't napalm your own side while trying to save it. If you have no home or land to fight for you have no reason to be fighting.

Said the man who is ignoring every commercial break shows interracial couples and colleges promote having casual sex with as many men as you can including non-whites.

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Sure. Much better to just worship a dead jew who isn't coming back and let that be your identity.

Well he's white so I guess he counts. Not like your ethnic group or culture matter. Just as long as you have pale enough skin. Even if you're rivals who hate each other it's time.

No one said Europeans aren't white. People are saying white is not a banner people want to fly under unless they're mutts. Do you think the Europeans are happy the Polish thugs use EU passports to start crime in their countries? To race mix with niggers? Polish are definitely white and yet no one in Western Europe wants them in their country. But you mutts can't understand this because you have no country. You have a jewish shopping mall.

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You are so intellectually dishonest you kike, filtered.

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Nigger what the fuck are you talking about?

European = white.

How is saying white genociding european?

Uh, yes, it is.

Christian meanwhile, is not.

Anyone can be a christian.

So I guess tanned european aren't white? Why are you strawmanning?
Who the fuck are you?


This people don't understand what it means to have a family and a community. They don't get that ethnicity is a tier system and within those you have subspecies of humans. Instead of seeing unique breeds of dogs they just see Wolves, Dogs, Coyotes and Jackals. They lack the necessary tools to see breeds of dogs exist, or in many cases are acting selfishly to deny it.

It's the same as when faggots try to co opt right wing movements. They know if an actual traditional right wing movement took power they would all end up dead. So instead they try to subvert the right's standards in order to make it fight Islam who will also kill them. They're the degenerates and mutts who no one wants so they argue for their own interests over the people they claim to be so desperate to save. It's a very Jewish tactic actually. Which is why it's so funny when they scream Jew and D&C at people pointing it out. Don't they say the Jew cries out as he strikes you?

You miss the point of a unifying religion. It doesn't matter if you worship satan as long as it unifies your people, makes people able to live healthy lives and creates a cultural shield against moral decay. Kike on a stick is an useful tool if it works and can be adapted later once you have the luxury of rejecting useful tools instead of being at a crisis point where any tool is a miracle.

I'm an European with a cultural identity and a family history going back hundreds of years. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?

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I will fix this.

I don't believe you. I think you are a fucktard amerimutt. Speak your native language.

LOL, you can't unite based on white, but you can unite on a non-white religion as Christianity.

Go fuck yourself, so much for muh history, muh family.

What planet are you on?

Oh, yes sorry Mr. Jew. I forgot you were salty about that.

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How many different christian denominations are there? More than the number of narrow ethnic identities you can come up with.
"White" is a broad tent… and everyone understands who is and is not white. There's your unity. but you must first abandon judaism pt. 2.

Stop, faggot. You're embarrassing yourself, and too ignorant and arrogant to see it.
Do your fucking homework, dumbass.
Fuck off, faggot.
"White" is an invention of kikes like you, just like "Racism" isn't a real word.
Wizardry. Rhetoric. Propaganda. Lies.
Stop, faggot.

I don't think you are speaking native ethnic English.
Actually, europeans team up with each other, pagan and christian to fight arabs.

Christianity doesn't unite jack.

It's funny how you vehemently deny yourself being white, yet it is totally okay with fake identity like christian.

Let me guess, you are British.

Actually, white is a description of the european race.

Meanwhile, Christianity is a kike invention.


Yet some people consider jews to be white. Others don't consider Mediterraneans to be white. Exactly who is being defined as white here? Do you count all the Europeans offspring of Muslim invaders who now have pale skin but large noses? Can you even tell the difference between Jews and Italians half the time?

Would you like me to say favourite or colour nigger?

British is not an identity either. It's a global homo identity to devalue the nations they try to identify it. And you shouldn't ask if someone's British because you will get "British Asians" saying they are. Same way you get "African Americans"

Yes, I would, as a natural reflex.

I think you are an amerimutt LARPing as european.

Nobody considers kikes "white" but kikes like (((you))) pulling a (((fellow white people))).

No, you stubborn, mindless faggot.
"White" is a slur, invented by kikes, just like "Nazi" for sovereign Germans, or "White Supremacist" for any American who still believes in the founding documents of the U.S., and our borders.
Seriously, fuck off, faggot.
You look REALLY stupid right now, moron.
You push poorly engineered kike propaganda, and you're too much of a faggot to stop, and accept this fact.
You don't belong here.
Go. Stay go.

Don't be so dishonest. You know damn well who is and isn't white.
And here's a better question, can you tell the difference between the vast majority of christians and jews by their behavior and attitudes?

Actually, white is a description of the european race.

There's literally nothing wrong with being white.

I think you ought to drop the charade.


This conversation is well above your pay grade, nigger.
Lurk, dipshit.

Homework assignment: When did "White" enter the lexicon of discussion?
When was the term "Racism" coined, and by whom?
Why are you still such a faggot, despite all this information being easily accessible to your dumbass.
You still look like a fucking moron here.

White enters the lexicon of discussion as soon as romans see niggers.

Really? I think you are the only one looking like a moron here.

>ignoring everything that counters his (((narrative)))
Boomer kikestian, kill yourself.

I don't really care what you think since you admitted you're a nigger when you responded to being called one. Nigger.

Kikes consider themselves to be white and Jewish at the same time. And you have European kikes so European includes them too.

You can't argue common sense if that isn't an actual common sense. European people identify with their nations not their skin colour. They have distinct histories, alliances and rivalries which weave a complex tale.

Nice attempt to deflect.

The roman empire spanned multiple continents and ethnic groups.

Funny that the "europeans" who deny being white while sucking christian cocks are almost always americans.

it's not even a surprise.

Cut the self-hatred please, amerimutts.

What you are trying to do will never work here, you neanderkike faggots.
The ONLY reason you want so desperately to push "White" as a descriptor is because this is the only Camouflage you filthy rats have left to survive what's coming to you.
Unfortunately for you decadent, and ignorant assholes, many of us here of done the research, and can spot you vile demon possessed goblins from a mile away.
You may be "White", according to your own bullshit propaganda, but you will NEVER be Celto Europid/Aryan!
You're going to die for your transgressions and genocide, and for pushing this mindfucking bullshit on our folk.
Stop now.
You're waisting all your energy, save inadvertently redpilling those less informed here you are attempting to subvert.
We see (((you))), you tiny, pitiful, vermin shit stains.
Can't wait to meet you.

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Notice how kikes horrid behaviour and disgusting demeanors in public are never to blame. Just the people discussing what most already know.

And it still sees niggers as black i.e. Nigredo.