Jewish white genocide plans from early 1900s

Four jewish books that detail plans on how to genocide whites without getting their hands dirty

Of course, the focus is the Germans, but note that all of the proposed policies are being implemented in every white country on the globe.

Summary of proposed policies:
- Forced or coerced sterilization
- Forced or coerced outbreeding (racemixing)
- “Denationalization” (globalist indoctrination)
- “Territorial dismemberment” (balkanization)
- De-industrialization
- Restrictions on militarization
- Immigration: encouraging non-German
males to immigrate into German territory
and breed with German females.
- “Eradication by education” (brainwashing?

Emasculate the males to prevent violent resistance, and then propagandize the females to breed with males of other races, a very simple plan to destroy a race you’ve conquered without having to risk your own lives with violence.

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We must eradicate all of the semites, every last man woman and child.

We will only be delaying the inevitable if we don't target SEMITES ENTIRELY (the whole race).

Even one to one extermination like SAINT EARNEST is acceptable.

Archived and saved photo.

user you don't need to bump the thread 5 minutes after it was posted but I appreciate the enthusiasm.

it looks like this is specifically attempting to destroy the idea of pan-Germanism. Pan-Germanism was the idea that the entire German nation should join into one country. In 1930, only half the German people in Europe lived within Germany. Pan-Germanism sought to finish the German unification process by uniting all ethnically German people and land.

And now we, Germans, need a larger plan, ETHNOGLOBALISM to combat the globohomo kike agenda.

Death to the enemies of the German People.

The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) president Abraham Foxman had a speech on August 25, 1998 in New York where he said:

“We control governments. We have created dissension among our enemies
and made them kill each other. We have effectively silenced criticism
of our affairs and we are the richest race of men on this earth… I speak
of the death of the White race. The complete removal of all means of
reproduction of the so-called Aryan race. Men, we now control the
destiny of this race. It is now time to make sure the White race becomes
extinct through miscegenation and having a virtually zero birth rate.
We have all enjoyed the vision repeated all over this world every day of
THE LAST WHITE CHILDREN playing with little dark children and knowing
that they are being set-up for their eventual destruction. We can ruin
the ancient pure blood of an Aryan child by convincing him or her of the
altruism of begetting interracial children. We must expose the race
mixing of the urban centers to the suburbs and rural areas of this
country. More aggressive programs to integrate these areas are now
underway through HUD. It is worth any price to annihilate the next
generation of White children. We want every White father to feel the
sting of having their children marry colored mates and produce biracial
children. We must use our power to discourage White men and women who
still persist in getting together from producing more pure White
children. They will be ostracized by not becoming part of the New
Society of all races. This will dissuade most of them. We will deal with
the less cooperative goyim by murder and imprisonment. Finally, we will
see the end of this White race. Impressionable White children will have
their minds molded into the agents of their own destruction. Already,
our efforts have succeeded in making the “men” of this race grovel at
our feet. Men, you and your ancestors have worked hard to make sure we
would have the power to hold the destiny of this race in our hands. Now
we have it. Perish Aryan Goyim!”?

ADL, or old buddies who were founded the exact same time as the Federal Reserve

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YT (globohomos propaganda arm) lost 70 billion since they started destroying White the content of YT because it was 'antisemitic'. I suggest you all use other (still kiked, but not OPENLY KIKED resources).

Someone suggested that WE would have to be fucking bilked again LEGALLY to 'cover their loses'. These GIBS ME DAT PARASITE KIKES NEVER GIVE UP.

This is legit what the Jews tried to push in Weimar after the turmoil of WWI. The reason why it didn't work was because they did it too quickly; Hitler and the NSs, and indeed the average German, caught on and pulled down their destructive institutions, which is why they decided to play the generational long game of "demoralization", as Yuri Bezmenov put it. Info attached is very related; it's a bit long, but the Conclusion is an absolute must read.

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Image related is the communist subversion process.

Will read later, ty.

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'Communist' is such an generic term that doesn't allow you to specify the TRUE ENEMY (((SEMITIC PHARISEES))). YOU NEED TO PUT THE BLAME WHERE IT LIES.

This is SEMITIC SUBVERSION. People need to be able to tie this criminal behavior to its source.

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Whites are a curse. All other races hate them. The destruction of the white paradigm is the single most important goal on this Earth. Only then can wisdom reign, and Israel shine.

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What has tis board become?
Post the pdfs for fucks sake you faggot!

That's a phony quote. Don't taint an otherwise fantastic thread with fabrications.


The jews considered them amalek.

Kys jew

What's the point? The summaries are all online and provide enough info. You can find them and read them if you want to.

ftfy kike.

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Allegedly the jews started formulating concrete plans on how to deal with the germans at the 1889 worlds' fair, that was held in Paris that year.
That one old german lady they keep jailing for being "antisemitic" and denying the holohoax talked about it in one of her videos.

Ursula? Do you have a link or something? I know almost all of her videos got taken off of YT, there were some incredibly good ones amongst them

Daily reminder

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Sounds legit. Got a reliable source Moshe?

Yeah, pretty sure it was this video.
Ursula Haverbeck - August, 2016 The Hooton Plan And The Migrant Crisis-0TNubGmz5w0.webm

Fun fact: these organizations both started in 1913

I avoid YT by using an app called NewPipe.
There are better apps if your phone/android TV is rooted, but it's a solid option for those who haven't rooted their device(s) yet.
It's not ideal, you're still giving traffic to YT, but the app prevents ads from showing and it doest require an account to maintain a subscription list.
The nicest feature of the app is that you can listen to audio of videos while the screen on your phone is closed, or you can even download the video as a video or audio file.
It's basically YouTube Red without the subscription.

This all said, we must continue to support alternates to the globohomo corporate hydra that is currently hell bent on taking control of the web.
Kill your Google account.
Kill your Facebook account.
Kill your Twitter account.
Use alternatives where you can, and find workarounds to prevent them from benefitting from your traffic where you can't.
It's a small thing for each person to do, but together, these little efforts can add up to great results.

Smaller version.

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Fuck off back to reddit.

They must be giddy like little schoolchildren seeing how far they've come since WWII. Shame about all the fatal backlash coming their way :^)

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A Chinee Man is getting j-woke: juden-news recently kvetching about (((anti-semitism))) in a Chinee land. Could these books be translated and sent through the Chinee web filter for proliferation there? Jews did the Opium Wars.

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Chinks speak English, don't they? They're disgusting but they're not niggers.

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Very nice tip, I will check it out, that feature of being able to listen to vid (audiobooks 4 me) while the ap is closed is a great idea.

Just like all the subhumans; all they do is consume, breed and destroy. They are nothing to write home about.

Sounds a lot like these.

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Where are the "jews don't long term plan!" retards.

Nice find OP, shit like this puts a whole new face on history because it provides context. I can only imagine what's going on at JIDF after they saw the image in the OP.

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Those people were always shills, the jews have been doing this shit for millennia, their religion is literally a long term plan with an expiry date, and that jewish year 6,000 is rapidly approaching.

Lots of newbs easily led to parroting that shilling, just the other day I saw it on voat.

This is what happens when you separate a people from their history. The jews would never suggest such a ridiculous thing because they have an unsubverted historical lineage so understand that multigenerational planning is completely normal, but moron whites, even those supposedly "redpilled", are so separated from their peoples' historical lineage that they simply cannot comprehend an entire race engaging in long-term planning.

Half of these dumb niggers think that history started with Jesus.

BUmp for importance

"We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter- racial tensions.

Forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples. "


Hate these kikes

good information, been going on a long time. no one cares or believes it's actually happening

Fuck these kikes.

They're still at it today.

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And then, for no reason at all, people suddenly elected A.Hitler.

Above thread has a ton of related images

don't post that quote we don't know the veracity

They weren't found necessarily to protect the federal reserve, but because justice was served against the jewish/rapist murderer (and B'nai B'rith president) Leo Frank. The ADL exists so jews never have to take responsibility for their crimes.

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twitter is still a necessity in order to get a Zig Forumsack's message across into the mainstreamtwitter has a mobile platform that can work without javascript and tor.

Its anti-semitic to notice the 'federal' banks are owned by jews. reported.

Good collage/meme. Thanks, will share!

By the way, not WHITE




wonder why they split up germany so wrong after WW1

The transgender agenda is the sterilization policy. If you work in a medical field or are an educator you should encourage jewish children to become transgender. You should also encourage jewish women to date blacks and encourage jewish men to marry outside their race and to hate jewish women.

ALso educate young jews to hate judaism and feel guilt over palestinians. And educate jews into believing judaism is not real identity. All of these things jews have been doing we can do to them. Encourage jewish women to get abortions too.

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Glorify criminal behavior to jewish youth and make drugs seem cool to young jewish children

Reciprocate the firewall that China maintains. Without international connections they can’t maintain their own whole territory, and they shouldn’t!

Yes OP, those are very well known titles. How about something from this century now? We have these subhuman, hooknosed cunts on videos admitting the shit.

Well, BRD, especially after 1990, is Weimar Republic 2.0


You already have a book thread reddit.