What European Neanderthals Really Looked Like

(This is not an attempt to rewrite history.)

According to one theory, the Neanderthal Predation (NP) theory by Danny Vendramini, European Neanderthals looked more like hunch-backed gorillas with snake-eyes. They evolved over 500,000 years in Europe. Then, of all places, around 40,000 years go, they ventured into modern-day Israel (the Levant) and hunted, raped, and killed modern humans, keeping human females as sex slaves.

In act, modern humans evolved in reponse to Neanderthal predation. It forced us to become smarter, more collaborative, and develop technological defences, eventually defeating the Neanderthal.

In the pictures shown, the artist gave them a black skin. In his book, however, "Them and Us", Vendrammi says Neanderthals might have had a pale skin. But they would certainly have had a thick black/brown fur(!) like bears and wolves. They were NOT naked apes like modern humans.

Moreover, Neanderthals were nocturnal hunters who hunted with spears. Their big snake-eyes served this purpose. They ate about 2 kg or 4 lbs fresh meat every day, hunting cave bears, cave lions, woolly mammoths and rhinos, deer, antelopes–and Homo Sapiens.

Indeed, evidence of cannibalism means Neanderthals ate each other in times of food scarcity (like niggers). And that means they certainly ate humans, too, if they found them. According to this theory, Neanderthals were Gorilla-Niggers but incapable of quantal speech.

Still, white Europeans today share about 2%-8% Neanderthal genes, likely because Neanderthals robbed and raped Sapiens women. The same thing is happening again. Hordes of niggers are invading the West and raping our women. We have to come up with new defenses.


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White "people" are disgusting snow apes

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This is a reverse == WE WUZ == also known as == U WUZ == meant to demoralize anybody retarded enough to believe (((modern science))).

If we were “le savages xd” what were niggers during those days? Literal ogres? What about semites? Spiny goblin like banshees lol? What niggers like to forget is that insults work both ways, that’s why the word nigger is still so effective; due to it being a taboo among themselves whilst it is also used to describe themselves. For insults to work there needs to a basis, kinda pointless calling a spic a nigger,one which you lack.

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It's all bullshit without any concrete proof, not worthy of debate.

No, he contacted one of the best forensic reconstructor to remake the neanderthal. He basically removed all the anthropomorphism we assigned to these things. Instead showing us something much much more terrifying. Hate to sound redditcore but this is nightmare fuel.


Holy fuck this dude had an red ice interview lol


I can give you answer. But then thread will be pruned or deleted as last ones…

It is ultimate redpill and jews dont want to know this one, lel.

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After reading this, I'm 100% certain that's exactly what you're trying to do.

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Go shill this shit somewhere else, nigger. As long as there's not an actual evidence, we have nothing to talk about.

Yeah, me too, gas yourself.

How about you take that pc you typed that message on and smash your head into it, asshole. You think fallaciously, personally I'm not completely sold on it rather I think its a fascinating topic.

No redpill is going to get an entire thread pruned.

You have no idea what a redpill is.

Literally no evidence that Neanderthal were violent toward Early European Modern Man, and in fact the exact opposite exists showing they cooperated at times. Neanderthal is probably where EEMM got it's white skin and propensity to be more social.


individualists v socialists
Jews sometimes help out society but it's ultimately for their own game.
The same patterns you see today are exactly what you'll find in the past.
Nothing ever changes.

Neanderthal DNA is key to the European man's intellect, empathy and superiority.

What? No matter whether you find the theory compelling or not. That is literally exactly what this is.

More like
monkey niggers

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Evolution is bullshit.
History is cyclical.
Humans (Homo sapiens) have existed in our current form (more or less) for thousands of eons.

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neither of these disprove evolution but suggest that is takes longer and longer the more and more "successful" a species is.

Yeah, I've read this dudes book and he doesn't acknowledge the fact that Africans have little no neanderthal DNA and yet they still have traits that are universal among humans (white eyes, body structure etc.). He seems to attribute the neanderthal as the being that guided human evolution (physically). We avoided the traits of the neanderthal such as their body structure and thus certain traits survived (prominent nose, white eyes, and unique female sexual body parts). I think his depiction of the neanderthal is an interesting one, but its not a theory I subscribe to. I believe (due to the existence and our similarities to African homo sapiens) that our distinct traits as homo sapiens evolved before the mass interaction between humans and neanderthals. Therefore this theory of the neanderthal must be wrong.

While its true we cant detect all soft features just from fossils, Neanderthals are genetically closer to humans than they are to gorillas. So the idea that they look more like an oversized bipedal gorilla is retarded.
Sage for no niggers or jews

you cannot use the first and third picture as proof because those are just speculative interpretations - not how they actually looked.
if you would like to not be an actual hypernigger you would line up a jewish skull next to a neanderthal skull next to an aryan skull, and then start drawing conclusions off of that; but you don't because anything with a foundation in easily verifiable truth would not yield conclusions that align with your narrative

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They looked like jews you twat. Niggers were/are a distinct species.

Jews not niggers? did you read the thread subject?

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Varg isn't going to like this.

Reminder that anthropology is kiked, but genetics are Aryan and based

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So you meaning to tell me jews went from that to squirming little parasites?

Make it a high effort thread then

Tell that to Smithsonian institution. It is forensic reconstruction.


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The mixing of a lower race and a higher races obviously produces offspring that is lower than the higher but superior to the inferior. Behold the origin of Aryankind. We rose above being mere Homo Sapiens by mixing with Neanderthals, becoming a higher race. The Neanderthals were far more advanced than humans ever were, and their features were as white and pure as could be. Blood-poisoning with humans and demographic replacement destroyed the noble Neanderthals

On the international Baphomet day?
C'mon. Let jidf celebrate in peace.

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So "rape apes" were a real thing.
And they're the ancestors of modern day nigs?

Vendramini is a total hack and every geneticist and anthropologist knows it. Neaderthals had bigger brains than even modern day humans and we're probably peaceful which is why we sapiens wiped them out after raping them. Cannibalism isn't necessarily violent and is often a cultural way to honor ur dead. They didn't leave Europe and go to Israel either, the other way around. But believing this kind of shit is what happens when u read only one book on the subject instead of actual peer reviewed papers, so I guess there's no reason to argue w monkeys that would believe this shill.

*were probably peaceful

For sure they were.

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The rat people of pakistan!

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Rat people of pakistan explained incest


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Btw, OP's theory is pure BS.
Purpose of that kind of theories is to convice goyim, everybody who investigate neanderthal semite connection is just ludochrist, UFO aliens tier "conspiracy theorist".
We have pretty good idea how Neanderthal looked like. It is caled forensic reconstruction.
Neanderthal wasnt fucking gorilla. He was robust man with sloped forehead and big nasal cavity and weak chin.

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We call them jews, here.

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Jews = Neanderthals
Whites = Cro Magnon
Niggers = Unknown Ape/Early Human
Asians = ?

Asians = Cat People