Assange sentenced to 50 weeks in jail

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Placing a bet now for (((suicide))) after enduring 7 years in embassy, or being poked by some muzzie implant/guards after which the rescue services tried their best but were just too late.

i wonder if and when he will be extradited to the US

probably in or after june when trump is scheduled to meet the queen of the island

This was inevitable, he did break the law regardless of how ridiculous the reasoning was. They'll probably try to keep him inside as long as possible to diffuse the outrage of what comes next -

Exactly.The extradition to the US after is what will prove important - if he lives that long

Imagine how the leftist deep state is going to react once he's extradited here, then freed after testifying against Hillary at the military tribunal. GEOTUS is a genius!

Reported. Get the fuck out of here you stupid piece of shit.

Globally Reported

He broke no just law and did nothing wrong, spook.

Fuck off you kneejerk retard, you might not like the law and you may think it unjustified in this case, but it is a fact and inevitable. Why do you think he holed up at the embassy? FFS, learn to research

Please cite which law he broke

He broke NO law. The rape charge was fabricated. The entire stint is to capture and kill someone for speaking the truth. Kill yourself kike.


This boomer piece of shit actually thinks that Q-LARP is real.

wow so he's not a felon?


Google is your friend. You don't have to like or believe in the law, but it's real and has nothing to do with the rape allegation. Stop whining like a libtard and try to understand the actual situation. maybe then you can contribute to an adult discussion


You stick out like a sore thumb, kike.

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Holy fuck, the koolaid is potent today. I'm not saying it was justified or moral, but it was inevitable and has been inevitable for 7 years. You act like it's a big fucking surprise, so I assume you're all new to Zig Forums if not adulthood. I know you think researching a topic is highly overrated and that reeeeing is the obvious solution to every problem. but maybe lurk for a while longer and, even then, don't post until you're grown-up because your contribution is a waste of bandwidth

Niggers and Jews rape children and get probation


Stop being right all of the time fucker
Minnesota rabbi sentenced to probation after arrest in child sex sting operation

Assange Gets Prison for being inside an embassy while on bond even though the fucking charge of rape was dismissed

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inb4 crucifixion
in b4 spear stuck in ribs


How much are you paid to post here?

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I won't waste time on such childish knee-jerk bleating

'Google' makes it easy for you to understand the concept of using a search engine to educate yourself on a topic before thinking you have a valid contribution to make

Stop whining you pathetic manchildren, act


Yes, and Israel™ is our greatest ally

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Tell your boss to lower your pay

That's just a matter of IQ, critical-thinking and learning. What's sad is you sheep are all outraged over something done and dusted and always predictable. What are you actually doing? Fuck all. You're no better than a YouTuber begging for likes.

But you're all newfags brought here by the edgy Tarrant meme and I forgive your trespasses

Missed the point. Eat more oily fish


just switch IDs and try again, Chaim

Brrrrrr! It sure is shilly in here!

Obvious glowing false savior whose only purpose was being a honeypot. "Omg the dead man's switch!" "Omg I have evidence that your government is evil, but I'm not releasing!" "Omg this guy is a huge threat to us , so lets give him unlimited free publicity!"

There is not one good thing that came out of WIKILEAKS. Its still the same world. Only retards and pussies surrender their sovereignty then go "See! I gave up, but I have a FEEL THE BERN bumper sticker so I fought the system ! Now I am the system and I look badass!"

Where did you copy that script from?

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Do you know why niggers, gays and women have had so much success in manipulating the system to their advantage after years of whining about 'the injustice of it all'?
Thought not and that's why Assange is inside and that's why he'll do time in the US.
You think the system is corrupt against your beliefs personally, but it's not, it's just riddled with corrupt practices and we fail to learn from other's success.

You're not smart mate, you're just a narcissist.

Toasty roastie dialected.
You also have yet to state which law he obviously broke, o wise and all gnowing juan.

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Aww the virgin is triggered. Must be the jews!

you people are so transparent

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Your a fool if you thinks he's going to die befor extradition to Washington and thr CIA can get their hand on him.

Bada Bing Bada boom. We are gonna have to create a plan for his relocation and safety protocol in jail.

Fuck me, no wonder Assange is locked up with supporters like you and the rest of the keyboard warriors in this thread. You're about as useful as prayers after a hurricane

At least make some effort, a generic browser is your friend

I hope that entire island drowns.

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If only Zig Forums would sponsor stuff. goddamnit

It's like your posts phonetically repeat jargon from this place devoid of context. Good try, at least you didn't have reddit spacing, a perpetually broken shift key but tone down the unwarranted thin skinned ad-hominem next time and you'll have a better chance.

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The kike is drawn to the shekels. That's why we do it for free.

that's just bullshit. no money no action, that's just the way it is, organizations need money, else they are nothing since they don't have capital to substantiate themselves in real life

Indeed. Whatever. Like I should care. You're still missing the point. And that's what makes me sad

Judge Deborah…..well, thats part of the problem.

NO ONE gets jail for "skipping bail", held for trial maybe. But now that the charges are DROPPED, lmao.

It was really EQUADOR that showed "disdain" for UK Kangaroo Kourts, but after tangling with Germany a couple times UK is not in a position to throw its weight around.

Assange's eviction and arrest came right after the Russian collusion investigation was concluded.
What's the Qanon narrative on this? Before you all yell at me, I want to know what plans they may have for Assange.
From Mike Rothschild but I prefer to hear from someone who is not disseminating disinfo.
With good behavior, Assange could get early parole after serving half his sentence.
What happened to his cat tho, does anyone know?


Are you paid per hour or per post?

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Wikileaks has always said it can prove that the Hillary emails it published were insider leaks not hacks.
So If Assange can really prove that, it would have a huge impact on the new investigations that have spawned since the Mueller report failed to pin anything on Trump.

(((Their))) lapdogs, the Muslims, are going to kill Assange in jail.

>The Southpark Clown Court in London on Wednesday sentenced Assange to almost a year for “violating bail conditions.”

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Don't waste your time arguing with people two deviations lower than you.
I'm quite sure that you understand how some laws are unjust. These morons don't seem to be able to comprehend the point you are trying to make though.

The sheer volume of the leaks would have taken too long to download over the internet, hence it was an insider (Seth Rich?) that met with a representative of Wikileaks (some older friend of Assange) and handed over the data (probably heard this from Alex Jones). If this is true and there exists a hard disk drive, they'd better have looked after it.

I've always said Assange wasn't dead. Maybe he was smuggled back into the embassy. The Hannity interview with him was green screened, now why would that have been necessary if he was in the embassy when that was filmed?

Yeah that is the only version of events that makes logical sense to me. I remember at the time lots of Berniebros were seething with rage at Hillary stealing all the nominations when Bernie was way more popular.

If Assange can prove it that would be a political firecracker. It also means he might get suicided like poor Seth did.

Are you able to combine reading with understanding?

Thanks user. I thought I was going mad. You're right though, I'll stop now

Would you care to fill me in on the legal fuckery going on? I haven't followed anything in regards to this, so I am a blank slate 4u

It's abundantly clear you're not from here, and if being asked if you're paid per post or per hour makes you pivot in such a way then just remember - you're here forever.
Glad to see the shills have finally updated their playbook despite being unable to answer such simple questions when outed

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I bet whoever wants this all to come out has deals to keep him well insulated from the general prison population. Maybe he's not in a prison at all. Perhaps deals were made well before his arrest. (I still think he was put back in the embassy.)


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Apparently he's gonna be in jail for 50 days so that one fag a day

So he won't even get a day off unless he diz more than one done days.
He'll have to do the occasional orgy I suppose

Well what the fuck, if that is how it happened, then I am pretty pissed about it.
I sometimes think it is a unwinnable war, most people wouldn't even want to care what the governments are doing if they knew.
But thanks very much for the summary.


I just love seeing alt-righters defend Julian Assange a leftist Anarchist. You guys are fucking retarded

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what a joke

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Don't you have some dilation to do sweaty?

That's just his bail skipping. kek he is so fucked.

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Sweating comes later?

Oh you sweet summer child.

fyi we aren’t capitalists.
Im trying to help you, faggot.
Its futile.
But im doint it.

Maybe the truth is malleable when you people propagandize each other but here it just makes you look fucking retarded. He doesn't have the same political opinions as either of us.

Insurance files release when?

I'm definitely still here. Was browsing other threads. I don't stick around waiting for auto refresh to give me a stream of shit to cry about.

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Nice try.

People are aware there's a larger unit of measurement right? We have months, even years and decades and so on.

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Execute the Judge.

British Judges deserve to be executed.

Nice try.

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This, I was once contracted to do a remodel on a house, practically rebuilt the whole thing. At the end of the project the guy came to pay us off like he owned us or something trying to get us to leave, he didn't realize that since we put our labor into the rebuild both his money and the house belonged to the workers after that. We told the Bourgeoisie scum to pound dirt, eventually all us workers got together and voted democratically to decide who the rightful owner of the house would be and that's the story of how I got my first house, communism rocks! The only problem was that after the house became mine it meant I was a property owner/capitalist so my comrades had to come around to burn it to the ground, but at least now the house is gone and I'm homeless so my commrades consider me a good person again.

From the talks ive seen and stuff ive read Assange was pretty critical of both left and right politics.
Also this isnt a board where the aut right is welcomed. The people replying would be center righters and far righters.

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Alt-right? But this is a Steven Crowder board.

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Kek, the "no such thing as White" poster is on the fucking clock today. Praise Kek that he's equally obvious in every thread.

The US is a joke, but nobody is laughing except the jews.

Jewish money.

The point is that you're a huge faggot. We got it m8.