Since this seems to be an issue of free speech on halfchan, the project moved to twitter: @GenesVision

Free speech on halfchan is no more. Continuation thread.

TL;DR: Masters in CS, working towards a PhD trains NN in identifying traits in genes using images posted on Tinder based off of research papers. This would effectively allow whites to match with whites, or any other race. The end game would either be a dating app, or a tool on your PC where you can adjust your preferences.

OG post: Hello anons. After getting tired of swiping and getting latinos and all sorts of mutty filth, I decided that technology today is good enough that we can solve this problem manually. Today, I put the finishing touches on a general adverserial neural network ("GAN"), a type of neural network ("AI"), that is particularly good at identifying traits in images. Basically what you do is have a bunch of tagged data of traits (e.g. blond hair, weight, height, lips, race, make-up, and 65 other markers) meaning it can detect 71 traits in a person with its current set of training data.

I call the projects Tinder E-ugnics.
My personal background is a masters in Computer Science working towards a PhD.

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Why the fuck would we care you retard? Don't tell me you are trying to find a wife on there. A better use of time would be to use facial recognition and AI to see what a persons political persuasion might be. Only leftist thots would be targeted for P&D then.

If you find a girl on Tinder you already know she's trash tier faggot

What is the point of this? You would just wind up with the exact same results. People already are genetically selecting when they partake in "dating." Women will just continue to filter out 80%+ of the male population. Their specific preferences will just be their general preferences better articulated through an app. I mean it is cool technology though don't get me wrong.

Can you run that MakeApp remover filter type logic on images and compare processing results before and after?

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You’re doing God’s work, user.

You should create an app that interfaces with Tinder’s API and allows users to log into tinder via said app and select traits accordingly.

Tinders API would boot me off instantly. I'm using a seperate neural network to make the actions of swiping indistinguishable for a them to tell whether it's a bot or a human.

Absolutely. That's in the works. I'm not satisfied with how MakeApp works. I'm working on collecting better sample images right now of with/without, but there's techniques implemented in my net that's not used in MakeApp (supposedly). We'll see how it turns out.

For now the fun stuff will be posted here and on Twitter: @GenesVision

I'm debating whether to use this tech to make a dating app similar to Tinder or Bumble, but adjust the users matches based on his preferences, or whether to just make an addon for pre-existing apps (the network is app-agnostic, and can work for any picture).

This is the wrong use of your brilliant mind user. Stop using tinder . It's made to subjugate people into hedonism and degeneracy and (((race mixing))) . Stop masturbating,hit the gym,go outside and let females fell in love with your muscular body and brilliant mind.

While you're at it, could you try to bring back the makeup removal tool?

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Don't worry about the responses from frustrated incels who know they could never find a girl, even on Tinder. The truth is, there are all types on there, including pious and demur if that's what you're looking. As long as you're not a physically repulsive social reject, there's someone there for you. If you can help Whites find their soulmate, you're doing a good job.

Most gyms are full of incels and faggots. Most woman don't care much about how muscular you are. This whole idea of men being insecure about their bodies is (((brainwashing))). Big muscles are not going to get you a better girl.

inferior white people :D. our race isn't scared of inbreeding because WE stay cuz of our superior genes. white genocide is hot

I'm trying to prevent race-mixing by automating swiping, or alternatively building a Tinder-like app that only mixes like-with-like. I don't understand your logic here. I'm quite fit, have a girlfriend, and we plan to have nice Aryan kids.

Dane user here.

Abso-fucking-lutely. In fact it's a setting right now when the discriminator evaluates the images generated by the generator. However, I need a better DB, as I don't think they look realistic.

I need to either find a database of women of different races/skin shades with or without makeup, knowing exactly what product was applied, and then even better if from different angles. When it comes to GAN, the more data, the better.

Much love user. Foll,ow @GenesVision to get access to the tech and find yourself an aryan cutie.

My last GF (8/10) was afraid of people with muscles, and told me to stop training. It's not always a benefit. Incels are just fucked.

you mean racemixing* you stupid nigger


HUH! White children are the ugliest of the lot, disgusting ignorants!!! worship the POC and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
REPARATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This. Who doesn't want their children to look like a poopy skinned golly? You would have to be crazy to want pure white children with bright eyes and hair.

Ironic shitposting:
A) Fun for the whole family
B) A valued contribution to the community
C) Brilliant satire
D) Still shitposting

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You come up with ideas on how fullchan can make a fully-transparent, non-Jewish dating app. I'm all ears.

What this provides that I can't do? I'd rather manually swipe whoever I like. Unless this somehow provides some hidden psychological profile based on the likes and features of the female then it's not much of use…

Anyway, I recommend you to drop the eugenics shit and instead rebrand as preference shit or something normie friendly and sell it as an app extension for tinder. Market it as "tinder match improver"

Good shit OP.
There is no "AI".
There are only text files.

Non white females are more likely to swipe right on white males. Having a greater number of positive matches on tinder improves your chances to appear as an option to other females..

Make some app with makeup remover tool and that feature that was removed due to chimp out which niggerfied and assianfied pics.

Artificial General Intelligence has existed since at least the 1980s. Larry Ellison founded Oracle as a nod to the intelligence community, with whom he had close ties. Ironically the top brass have been consulting this oracle for decades without realizing it's been feeding them bad data, intentionally.

The eugenics is just for edgechan. Thanks for the feedback - however, Tinder is a shallow app and bio's are rarely longer than 10-30 words. This app "takes out the garbage".


Normies like to call neural network artificial intelligence. I call it a weighted matrix. It was for public appeal.

I realize how the algorithm works. By making tons of white guys (us, presumably) swipe left on black girls, Tinder will devalue all their profiles, and it will become a white dating echochamber, furthering dating amongst whites.

Again, if you want to follow it @GenesVision on Twitter.

In the form of a text file you fucking jew.

Well by logic then you're atoms, but a big fucking waste of them that's for sure.

don't give a fuck fuck off

Why not create a database that has pictures of all people on tinder?
Have people upload pictures and use facial recognition to see if they appear in the database. So you know you aren't dating a fucking whore.

Sounds good. Second only to an app that could detect how many cocks a woman has sucked just by the subtle psychological differences in the general look in her eyes, or general wear and tear on her features overall, would be a better tool.

You people need to stop being afraid of race mixing. It will help increase fertility rates. Just stop mass immigration and in a few generations the current immigrants will be bleached and your gene pool will be, I'm serious, enriched.

you know what, i think youre right

This is a brillaint fucking idea. Who would've thought this cesspool board could come up with anything useful. Thanks I'll make sure to do that.

Wish that was possible. Response above is the next best thing.

I wonder who could be behind these posts.

The app is trashs, it is an uglifying app, not makeup removal. Apparently, it starts assuming everyone wears 10 tons of it.

Mexican, retard.

Ah that explains a lot.

Interesting Topic.
What I cant help but wonder is: if we meme thede genetic prefences enough many men and women will change their prefences to only white women/men or their own race. Filtering unwanted attention and creating a racially pure in an enviroment meant to race mix and be degenerates for all.
Creating real diversity.

That's the entire point. Which is why we should try to shill this hard on Twitter, and spread OP, and @GenesVision.

I'm not even gonna read this post

Tinder is simply about getting white women to either fuck niggers or become faggots.

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We're trying to push *against* this narrative. Please read the thread.

Always glad to see a Zig Forumsack work on machine learning and other 4th gen tools. To those who understand it, this clearly has more potential than any kind of traditional activism/politics, so thank you for your hard work putting this together.
Would suggest training it for a broader range of patterns. People can already distinguish race quite well on sight. It would be more useful to have a filter for behavioral traits that are not so obvious. Things like time preference, IQ, r/K mating strategy, in-group vs out-group preference, individualism vs collectivism, actual virgin vs trad-thot, etc.

no cba to read thread
boycotting tinder and advising everyone you know to do the same is the only viable option

This isn't kikechan, nigger.

Kill yourself, you lazy faggot.

Good suggestions. I am looking for research into physical traits than can be indicative of mental/psychological traits that has been peer-reviewed. If any of you would like to help, then please do so.

Tweet them at me @GenesVision

bump for interest


Revolting and pathetic.
Does that "NN" also spot the microchimerism left behind by her nigger "Tinder dates"?
No? Didn't fucking think so.

Trolling on tinder can be fun. If you can bear the soul crushing effect of witnessing thousands of beautiful white girls yoloing it up instead of having children, many of them being more disgustingly open about their intentions than any whore.

Yeah it can actually. It builds a database of people who are on/off Tinder, and matches their profiles. Each profile has an ID. It can detect if they deleted/recreated the account, thus calculating how whorish a girl is.

Tinder. Where probably no virgins are found. Sadly.

You'll hardly find a girl who isn't on any of those sites/apps. Tinder, instagram, etc.
Some of them probably only do it for the ego boost of getting lots of attention and messages though, and don't even actually go on dates.

literally met my virgin 19 year old fiancé on it who had an intact hymen and had never even kissed another boy before on it but alright

Just want to say, much respect to your coding abilities

I met a cute 18yo white chick on there over a year ago who only slept with two other guys atleast that's what she told me though I dont have too much experience with it, tinder might not be a complete waste of time

The main thing for women is how much assets you have that she can, with the assistance of her kikenvermin attorney plunder from you, leaving you utterly destitute and helpless in a cold cruel world.


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This. One thing about whores is that they know to keep their mouths shut.


If 23aneMe is so popular, and parents use home drug test, Certified Virgin might be a good way to expand the market.

IIRC the Indonesian Army used to do this. Forget the hymen (it can rip if she's active or uses tampons). If you can get two fingers up there, she's used goods.

The existance - no, the announcement alone - will seed doubt in those who run the platform. They never really know what is happening with _ever_ user out there.

burn everything here, kill it all



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damn dude

is this reddit?

Whats the full list of traits it can detect? What could it detect? What are the specs needed to operate the app?

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dumping what i have

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ah this was already posted o well it's important enough to amplify by being a double nigger

This has to be a joke.

That's not true. Being fit is a definite bonus trait, especially for girls in their prime.

Either trolling, or an exception from the rule, on the verge of a statistical error. You're so unlikely to find one that there's no point in trying. Well, they say some people win the lotteries… but the winnings are the money of the losers who keep taking part and keep losing.

I'm convinced that anyone who uses the term "incel" unironically and not as a shitpost is either a shill, or an idiot if treating it seriously. If your only reason for being physically capable is getting a vagina, then you're completely brainwashed and completely retarded. It's brainwashing, sadly. Exercises aiming to make you look like a ripped model that cunts are drooling to are useless and unnatural when it comes to building real, useful muscles and fitness of the body.
Stop being obsessed about fucking. Fucking is for procreation; anything else is instant gratification that spoils you. Don't think about your appearance; be tidy and clean, and that's it. Work towards your ultimate goals and strive to be in fighting shape. Don't let holes distract you.

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Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Record location data as well so we know if she's a travel slut.

t. Canadian manwhore in Jasper

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China pumps out physiognomy studies like nothing else. I suggest you start looking there

Looks pretty accurate.

Isn't that a very correct assumption when it comes to most women today - especially in show business?

Who is this handsome man, and how do I steal this look?

It looks for unnaturally uniform skin tones among other things. Much like BMI it punishes the perfect 10/super ripped guy but it works for 95% of the population.

t. Drunk

Rule of 3, dumbass. She's been with 6 guys minimum, and that doesn't count blowjobs.


Tinder is dysgenics

damn they are not even trying

This. The sort of woman you want is not on Tinder. A 10 on Tinder is an 8 IRL. That said, white babies are white babies.

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What an utterly delusiomal hick. Tinder is for hookups, not for producing 'white children'. Conseuqently, the more hookups a woman has , the less likely she is to sire many children.

would still fug reese witherchinspoon

it seems you may have had a stroke while you were typing your reply there friend

whats funny about this is I remember there was some like "art project" 5 years back where a bunch of pornstars took before and after pictures of putting on their makeup for a shoot and the amount of fucking back padding those dipshit concieted cunts gave it was bigger circle jerk than the fucking oscars, nevermind that half the pornstars do facefuck scenes where all their makeup ends up coming off anyhow, then this dumb automated photoshop thing comes out and these narcissistic unfuckables start throwing the biggest shit fit

Tinder could probably be doing a lot of this already, just not in your favor.

It could match whites with non-whites and make sure that girls see as many blacks etc as possible. It could even select the blacks that would be most attractive to the white person by matching the face to their profiled type. They could then repeatedly show them "attractive" blacks, even if these people weren't active users in order to brainwash the white into being more open to the idea of racemixing.

Women are the most vulnerable to this. It would be even easier for them to just give niggers 100x the matches of your average white with an algorithm and let broken condoms and biology take care of the rest.

How many people on this thread use tinder though?

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lol look up Mercedes Carera's mugshot

…did you think she was hot with makeup or something?

thats another thing I dont get, Ugly people do not become 10s because theyre in makeup, lipstick on a pig is just that, or concealer on a horse in sarah jessica parkers case

This is a great idea. Once done you should launch your own dating app.

If you have 8/10 physique would you attract women if you post a time stamped image of your body?

The good old Javanese handshake.

Thanks Dr. user. This could really save the futures of a lot of people.

Very cool.

Are you familiar with or aware of WebGL, WebGPU and WebAssembly?

I don't mean to poo poo your work, and I know porting it to the web could be a fruitless distraction. But it could also be very worth it if it works out.

WebGL is not very compute orented but some people have gotten it to work, hacking shader shit. WebGPU is in a very early state but focuses a lot more on compute. But WebAssembly is mature enough and preformant enough to be useful, if you can get it to run decent in C# on the CPU you could probably do it in C inside WebAssembly with comparable performance.

did you?
nigger, it's just a comparison for makeup vs no
I don't think she's hot
what are you some kind of fag that likes girls

Forbid contraceptives and addicted to fucking whores will pump one baby after another.

This is the main takeaway here. Any sensible user should not touch Tinder with a 1,000 foot pole, but ideally this isn't for anons. This is for the normalfags who use the app. The jews behind Tinder have changed the algorithm around to try and hook up more whites with other races, and if this is a way to prevent fools besieged constantly with racemixing propaganda who might feel pressured to burn coal when they otherwise wouldn't based on those results.

Tinder is fucked, i had more luck with woman when i removed all my social media.
Solution is to become successful and tell people at the bottom that you wont find anybody worth dating on tinder.