Ilhan Omar: "This Is Not Going to Be the Country of White People"

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Klein Meirnaht fur die Mittled

Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid

Fuck this. I'm moving to eastern europe. What's even the point of having a family and kids if you're just going to get overrun by shitskins and murdered.

You're a coward.

Notice how Kikebart is critical of this (as people should be), but there wasn't a peep when their contributor Pamela Geller called for the nuking of Europe? It's all agenda driven, and these jews see Omar as a way to give aut-righters and cuckservatives a sense of solidarity with Israel.

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lol how did his ancestors even end up in the US in the first place?

>going to europe to get cucked by the (((EU)))
Make sure hang yourself with a wet shoelace while you're at it

lol you got the backwards the EU takes money from the actually productive counties and gives it to the slavs

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People talking shit like that make me really angry.

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She is a US politician openly stating whites must be displaced from the US. That is genocidal intent. She is not your friend, you numbskull.

That's like every single other politician in the US, except she also names the jew as well

You can't run from this shit. It will also reach eastern europe. With time it will even reach russia. There is no running from it. Somebody finally has to take a stand against all the degeneracy that has been slowly pushed for decades.

She OPENLY says whites need to be wiped out, yet you are so fucking stupid, you think she's your friend. I don't understand how it's possible anyone is this stupid. You have to be shilling.

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worse is better though. we should cheer the yearly nigger chimpouts as well. not good short term but, non-euro and non-kike barbarism is a form of salvation for us

Russia already has the largest mosque in Europe

It's all carefully scripted…

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Again so does every other politician except Steve King

true. almost forgot.

If you're stupid enough to believe this person is remotely on your side in any way, there's no talking to you anymore. I think we're done here.

I never said she was I just don't get it all the vitriol over her when the only thing she does different from every other congressmen is name the jew

that mosque is in dagestan. largest mosque by area in europe is actually the mosque of rome.

this country used to be great

quite literally our (euro-americans) greatest ally is the people's liberation army of china. our enemy is the federal government. greater discord amongst factions in washington is win. omar should be made a senator and leader of ISIS in america.

nice cope Ivan

point was that dagestan is a muslim region and therefore it would sport a large mosque. secondly that you've dodged the fact that the largest mosque in europe is actually in rome. nice cope conservacuck slavbaiter

And shills tried to promote her for saying something anti-jew.

The anthill's insect army is only good as target practice. Well, the IJA had the smart idea of using them as csnnon fodder/bait in the midway. Maybe we can dress them up and have them watch the non-critical posts that are expected to be overrun. They'd probably send us a big check for helping thin the herd out, too.

Just like Michigan and Minnesota?

You know, I spent some time mentioning her on Zig Forums before, talking about, "An alliance of Arabs and Aryans."

But you know, either she just got out of Room 101, or she was always just another clueless retarded traitor with no idea how things work.

She should try saying these things in the country of her original ethnicity. It sure would be amusing to see what happens there.

Omar is redpilling whites

quite actually european nationalism is an underground po-dunk terrorist operation stage of statehood. while china is the second greatest powergroup on earth. if china wipe out pacific command tomorrow than we'll be in position to take over this country from zog. otherwise we're just gonna be browned out and hopefully the homeland learns the lesson from this.

Remember how people a few weeks ago were saying she was based?

Why isn't she in jail, americucks?

Wow! Ilhan Omar is so based! Slay queen!

yes i seem to remember the history lessons of middle age saracen armies of the north american mid-west




What the fuck are you even talking about, nigger? Keep seething and cope with your cuckoldry.

Time for bugspray
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The issue is one of hope.
We had HOPED she was based. We wanted to give her a chance.
We thought maybe she understood. It's because we're not racist. We're not islamophobic. We really thought, no, we merely *hoped* that she would help us somehow.

But there is no hope. All popular politicians will always be selected by them. We have no power. It's just a political "game of thrones." And we're all going to die.


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this nigger is better for white american interests than 100 republican senators and congressmen who cry along with the rabbis over omar's simple statements and opinions

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Imagine thinking a nigger is on your side and is based just because muh named the jew
Zig Forums has really gone downhill

n u / p o l /


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she is based. she's politically an affront to judeo christian sponsored white genocide. what would be more based is if massive mumbai/colombo style terrorist attacks started sparking off in every city in this country and we can actually get to war instead of slowly dying off like a herd of goy cattle

Look, do you wanna know how to trick Zig Forums?
It's easy, just say something vaguely negative about Jews in some capacity and Zig Forums will eat it up.
Either through retards that are that fucking oblivious or shills like

will take advantage of it and push it for their own gains.
Vice versa is true, if you want Zig Forums to be against someone, say they're vaguely supported by Jews or that a Jew likes them or whatever.
It always has to involve Jews/Israel in some capacity.
I hate Jews. I do, I do think they're slimy and subversive but I'm not that retarded to let it cloud my judgement. I'm not going to fucking support A, B and C because they said something vaguely anti-Jew.
Zig Forums has a particular reaction to terminology.
You don't want to be a Jew, do you?
You don't want to be a good goy, do you?
You don't want to be x, do you?

It's weaponizing our speech, to use our anger against us and take advantage of an overall sense of paranoia, frustration and energy to get us to back whoever/whatever they want because it's as easy as saying, "X hate Jews! Baste!"
You don't even need evidence.
Retards will believe it.

Now give me my (you)s that I won't read, retards

She is. There was never any question regarding some of her political views. And you know what? Even if she had some private sympathies for white people because she is Jew-aware, it was white conservatives maybe even more than Jews who all jumped on her when she was talking about AIPAC. Here is an example, a white boomer "patriot."

1. Kikes
2. White liberals
3. Muslims

In that order

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I live in the state she's actively turning into fucking somalia. Accelerationism is one thing, but don't jack off to this egg head nigger just because she accidentally threw you a bone.

it isn't difficult to understand: the federal government is bad for white nationalism. those who sow discontent in the federal government are good for white nationalism. irrespective of judaism or israel. literally nigger chimpouts = good. white goy army victory over towelheads = bad. understand retard?

Ilhan Omar made millions of people aware of AIPAC earlier this year, the first politician in over a decade to call them out.

Yeah, I know, you have selfies in a MAGA hat to take.

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yeah well it is hilariously a product of your judaised governments policies. there are all of 3 muslims in the congress despite the fact that they're like 10% of the demographic. those 3 muslims and muslims in general have been a bigger thorn in the side of the feds than dozens of white nationalists who have managed to make it in politics through the decades.
the bone isn't that she calls out the jew it's that she's a symptom of their loss of control and the collapse of this country which must occur before we can clean up the mess.

She's not the one turning Minnesota into Somalia, that is Democrats and probably a few Republicans as a whole for the past few decades. Remember when conservatives flipped out that she wasn't adequately respectful of the American troops who served in Somalia in the 1990s?

That is when the Somalian exodus to the United States began, when they were looking everywhere to find justifications for keeping the defense budget high.

Aw yes, two (you)s so far. The shilling's getting my cock so stiff.

have another you. just trying to make a supposed Zig Forumsack user see reason. definitely worth the steam off my piss you bitch cuckservative.

I hope in 2020 they get another big batch of Muslim politicians in Congress. The biggest difference between them and other liberals is that they will sometimes actively confront Jewish power.

AOC IS the Jew


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You know what's funny eurofags? Minnesota was one of the main territories scandinavians immigrated to. Its just great thinking about how, left to their own devices, the swedes wherever they are, will hand over their country to semitic, nigger filth.

yeah and it's becoming more popular. naturally shitskins see the dichotomy of our country. jews on top with their goy boys doing the bidding. small white nationalist group who supports them along with the nigger hordes they can control.
won't take a resourceful group of muslims long to wrangle their way up the chain and start some real shit that the yids won't be able to scream and cry their way out of.

A Muslim Somali Nigress is in Congress telling White Americans they have been dispossessed. And the largest backlash she has to fear is shit posting that has been banned everywhere and relegated to obscure forums. You niggers won't do shit.

And they have reasons to do so. They must be so disgusted looking at the foreign policy of the United States, and also they probably get very little Jewish money. Even the most liberal Jews will never feel quite as secure with a Muslim as they would with anyone else.

Give them an inch and they take a mile.

Women will throw themselves at you if you survive and win.

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she definitely wasn't vetted like past muslims who made it to the feeding trough. she can say kill whitey all she likes and it won't make any ripples but, if someone in her position wants to make a splash than they've gotta keep after the jew power barons.
even if omar gets her gibsmedats from them there will be more nig/arab muslims in the future that will take the same hard line. one of them won't back down eventually and it will be a great show.

Secure enough to back Muhammad's attacks on Mecca and the Islamic invasion of Europe. Drop your shit for brains slave religion if you want to be taken seriously.

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Nice strawman cunt.
I simply want to push her toward gass rich americans first, because those are all our primary (((enemies))).

She doesn't REALLY name the jew though, that's the thing; she names one side of the kosher sandwich.
And if you look at her rhetoric, its jewish as fuck.

of course it is she's 1) a kike religion nut, 2) a fucking nigger immigrant from shitstan, 3) bought by kikes

Nigger cunt adamite should shut its mouth and leave immediately Inshalla

plans take time, let's wait and see

she represents the old black nationalists though. jews have fleeced whitey until we're $22T in debt. their pay-offs for the nigger rabble rousers are less effective than a generation ago. omar might be controlled opposition but, there are 20 million black and arab muslims in the melting pot talking about jewish/israeli control of washington openly now

I'm tired.

I know, that's kind of the point.

I wager she's also getting quite a lot of jewish money, considering jews provide like 50%+ of democrat funding each cycle.

Just looking at Open Secrets, I'm seeing some signs…



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Yeah, that's great and all bro, the problem is that they view it as white supremacy/western imperialism. That doesn't actually help much at all, seeing as they aren't really going to do anything about the israeli angle, while at the same time promoting israel as a white supremacist western imperialist power.

Nobody who speaks the words of jews can be a true ally, you can't truly turn jewry against itself.

the breaking point that is coming is the silver lining is my point. their talk might be all bullshit but the yearly BLM chimpouts are real and they're a direct affront to federal authority. niggers can't build or sustain civilization and therefore the more power lent to them by ZOG the less controllable they become.

You are responding to a dnc shill. You are nu/pol/. We need normies taking her side because it normalizes discussing jewish wealth and overrepresentation among the left wing normies. The right is coming around, a few more betrayals a la Q larp and they'll be ready. soon the real mainstream right will have broken from what talking heads say it is.
The left needs to be fractured further, they operate like muslims by standing behind (((moderates))). They will never think like us.
Muslims can be dealt with after we deal with the jews and white traitors, ever since the siege of vienna they have been no real threat. White traitors are much more capable of hurting us, I want them splintered, isolated and alone.
A narrative where the right knee jerks against her and the left can quietly whistle to the side and pretend she isn't there is the establishment getting exactly what it wants.

Again, that's great and all, but the niggers are never going to make any real moves because their leadership is all jews and philosemitic shabbos. They come for the gibs, not the ideas, and that's not going to change anytime soon IMHO.

If you view it as a benefit to have an anti-white muslim niggress in power in your country because she shitposts about israel, you might live in Clown World.


Name one point in history where a few individuals successfully defeated, not just stood against, an empire and succeeded. Outside of you zoomer's capeshit and other kiked fiction, it does not happen. Absolute individualism is a lie born of the idea that absolute suffrage is feasible, and shows you still need deprogramming. No mammal lone wolfs nature, they exist in groups and act collectively.
Lefties must be destroyed, but at least 15% of whites must fight with us, or you will die alone and become the center of the next holohoax meme that will be used to enslave humanity to desert horseshit forever. Normies follow whatever makes them feel safe, which is whatever they view as more powerful. Splintering the support of traitors and making the power structure look weak is thus good for us.

the gibs are running out and our world is changing. if nothing changed than we wouldn't be getting wiped out. we are getting wiped out of history and physically/ethnically in this country. the jew elite is on every interest group's target list who wants to assume power and direct this country.
niggers and arabs aren't totally inept and will make power grabs in the near future. BLM is a great tool for them and soon the hordes will be directed to riot and destroy the wealthier neighborhoods. don't act like the collapse has moral qualities we need to decide on it is a strategic inevitability we must plan for.

meh, she is just stating obvious facts (given way things are going) that others are too cowardly to say in public.

But its amazing how little was ever done in the USA by anyone except Anglo-Brit "Blue Bloods" who were here in 1776.

Even all the Silicon Valley guys like Packard, Shockley, etc are all 95% Anglo "old American".

Only person that counts that isn't would be DuPont AFAIK.

Yes, and I'd much rather face the group that got shitter shattered by slavs outnumbering them 20 to 1 than the group that uses mind viruses to turn our brothers against eachother. Let the muslims destroy jewry. At least for now. SA would be white if the ANC didn't have zog pulling for them globally.

First off…


Who cares about what has happened before? I'm concerned with what is happening now, and if you only ever limit yourself based upon historical standards, you won't get far - especially if you have shit-for-brains and little knowledge of history.

The vast majority of both felines, sharks, reptiles, just to name a few, do not act collectively.
I'm just saying, that's a fucking stupid commentary on your behalf, demonstrating a completely absence of knowledge of zoology.

Bro, the US would fall if a mere 1 million White men (~1/300th or 0.03%) committed to the cause. 15% is an assured victory many times over.

Oh, I see. You're that loser who spams about killing White Nationalists and NatSoc being a jewish op, aren't you?
And you're a newfag.


Are they? What gives you that idea? The monopoly money numbers of 'debt' keep rising? Because the MSM reports that some .gov program is 'bankrupt' or some shit?
Come on now user, you're smarter than that.
Name me an interest group present in the US today, asides from White interests, which is not ruled by jews.

Yes, they definitely are, just look at the state of modern niggerdom and the fact that 200 million muzzie arabs can't get rid of 10 million israeli jews.

Always via the jew bro.
a jewish golem.
I see nothing to suggest that to be the case.

Muds are not going to be the source of collapse through direct action; the only way they would bring it about is if they became the power base bereft of jewish oversight, which will never happen, for several reasons.

jews in south africa were all for apartheid and jumped ship when the blacks took over. now their populations are halved living in walled communities just outside the major cities. they can sustain themselves but they were effectively removed from government by the black majority just like their anglo/boer hosts.
that will happen more and more here but, europeans will be 20-40% population for the next few generations at least. so very different from the south african situation and much more beneficial.

They won't though, and don't, that's the problem.
This muzzie right here, that this thread is about, is not 'destroying jewry' - she's PART OF JEWRY, just acting on the one side instead of the other.
Point is, while there are certainly internal divisions within jewry, they always - ALWAYS - close ranks when it counts, namely, against an outsider.
While a source of amusement, I don't see it being

Actually, its funny - if ZOG was in charge of SA, it would probably be White, because ZOG actually liked doing business with SA.
But the marxiojews wanted to eviscerate it, so gradually the ZOG kikes backed off and let it crash and burn in niggeritude because the marxiokikes - the same sort who back this Omar cunt - wanted it more.

People actually supporting a shitskin because she shit talk kikes once and she still want you dead. Full blown cuck.

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Mmmm, (you)s
So many sentences written
Not a single line I've read

Lol this exactly is

This is exactly why I'm only voting for belligerent anti whites PoC. They wake whitey up. GOP put them to sleep.

Every politician is against us but the white politicians are all traitors. All of them and that's worse because you think you have representation but you don't. Vote Kamala Harris "kill whitey" 2020.

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Oh ya. If she hadn't called out the Israel lobby nobody would be giving a damn about what she's saying.