Muslim Crowd Attacks French Police in No-Go Zone in Paris (Police Were Investigating a Rape)

This happened last week when the French police entered populated Muslim area in Paris to investigate a sexual assault case of a French white girl by Islamic immigrant:


If France is ever going to be saved, then something drastic is going to need to happen very soon.

(forgive me if this was already posted, I didn't see it in the catalog)

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Wait, i thought no go zones didn't exist. did the media lie to me?

We should create our own no-go zones. Obviously the police can't do shit about it. And if we are not able to stop the demographic decline it may be the last resort. Playing nice and living by the rules is absolutely pointless now anyway.

kek at shitskin with the assault umbrella in pic

Kek. mudslime arabs can make sharia no-go zones without problems. If a group of Whites tried to make a White-only NatSoc no-go zone, the combined military might of the world would drop like a hammer on it. If a government was ever going to bomb its own populace, that would be the time. It just goes to show, "White flight" isn't an option anymore. There is no "White area" to retreat to–or if there is, there won't be for long.

Point being: this is why I've turned the page and now advocate for an Ethnoglobe. Fight, flight or freeze, these are your options. Flight is no longer possible, freeze means inevitable genocide. The non-white world has openly stated its intention to genocide us. In my world, turnabout is the fairest of plays. I know most people don't have the 'sense' for these types of things, but there is a spiritual balance to all things in Creation. When a group has gone so far down the path of destruction, it's only inevitable that its counterpart will appear to restore balance. Thus why "it's always darkest before the dawn". Humanity has two (2) and only two (2) choices. Ethnoglobe or extinction. This is how it's supposed to be. It's the filtering system of God. If you fight and die everyone dies btw, you're acceptable and can move forward. If you flee or freeze, you are an animal and will be recycled into jew-hell for another soul-eating stay in the human farm.

Let the subhumans be the soul-food, let the kikes have fun in their hell they're never leaving. Wake the fuck up before I get irritated and slam the door on this whole debacle. I'm not making this offer in perpetuity. There will come a day, there ALWAYS comes a day, when people look for me and I'm no longer there. It just happens. I suggest you make a rock-solid decision sooner rather than later. Not a single one of you is "necessary", and if I advance not one single, solitary human soul and you all end up getting eaten by demons, no one anywhere will think less of me. Because your race is sick and likely to need extermination. But, perhaps, there are individuals here who are, in fact, destined to be more than goy cattle for demon-posessed apes. Might be. It's worth looking into at least, from my perspective.

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How many more before the day is done? We don't need a french news anchor giving a play by play. This is Zig Forums not /frogjournal/

It's a british agent.

Tie strings around your neighborhood and call yourself a jew.

I know Serge Gainsbourg was a kike, but I wonder if he ever considered that his final movement from masterpiece Histoire de Melody Nelson, called Cargo Culte would, instead of portraying naive Papuan sorcerors of the cult of cargo, could aptly explain scenes in the Paris streets of 2019…

I should really include the lyrics.

Je sais moi, des sorciers qui invoquent les jets
Dans la jungle de Nouvelle-Guinée
Ils scrutent le zénith
Convoitant les guinées que leur rapporterait le pillage du fret
Sur la mer de corail au passage de cet appareil
Ces créatures non dénuées de raison
Ces papous
Attendent des nuées
L'avarie du Viscount
Et celle du Comet
Et comme leur totem n'a jamais pu abattre à leurs pieds
Ni Boeing ni même D.C. Quatre
Ils rêvent de hijacks
Et d'accidents d'oiseaux
Ces naufrageurs naïfs
Armés de sarbacanes
Qui sacrifient ainsi au culte du cargo
En soufflant
Vers l'azur
Et les aéroplanes
Où es-tu Melody
Et ton corps disloqué
Hante-t-il l'archipel que peuplent les sirènes?
Ou bien accrochée au cargo dont la sirène d'alarme s'est tue
Es-tu restée?
Au hasard des courants
As-tu déjà…

know of the the magicians who call to jets
In the jungle of New Guinea
They scrutinize the zenith coveting the guineas
That the pillage of freight would bring them

On the sea of coral in the wake of this
Machine those creatures not deprived
Of reason those Papuans wait for vapour
The wreck of the Vice-count and that of the Comet

And as their totem hasn't ever been able to bring down
To their feet neither a Boeing nor even a D.C. four
They dream of hijacks and of bird accidents

Those naive shipwreckers armed with blowguns
Who sacrifice to the cargo cult
By blowing toward the azur and the airplanes.

Where are you Melody and your wrecked body
Is it haunting the archipeligo where the sirens live
Or well attatched to the cargo plane whose siren
Of alarm has become silent, did you stay

Adrift on the currents have you already touched
Those bright corals of the Guinean costs
Where those indiginous magicians act in vain
Who still hope for smashed planes

Having nothing more to lose nor a God in whom to believe,
So that they give me meaningless loves
I, like them, I prayed to the night cargo planes

And I hold onto that hope of an air
Disaster that would bring Melody back to me
A minor turned away from the gravity of the stars.

I find this cover version handy for appreciating the lyrics in English.
Don't much rate the lad however.
Don't be mad that I post jewish music, Serge was an Anglophile and it surely stings the pride of lurking kikes, leftists and journos to realize that we are cultured folk.

Checked for yep.

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This is why bootlickers get the rope too.

Gas grenades and live fire are the only solutions for these subhumans

Feminists police and feminist judges BTFO

How can you spread feminism if you're not allowed in?

What a fucking retard you are… who cares about race in the face of feminism?

Most underrated post

This is fake news… video was not made in France. But it does highlight the dangers of allowing more animals into what remains of civilization

what is the guy recording saying?


Ain't shit gonna happen. Especially right around May Day in Paris.

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Is there any hope for France at this point ?

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another low effort OP stays up when greater efforts and topics get deleted. this is an FBI website now

Is there any hope for this Clown World?
Make the call, lads.
The clock winds down.

the pigs will make it a point to go after any white groups. right pig traitors that run this site???? they'll waco our children if their kike bosses tell them to.

death to the governments of the white world for enforcing white genocide and hunting the white men that try to stop it. SCUM!

France is lost its nigger and mudslim land now with only a few white people.

that nigger has no right hand

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Holy fuck.
Gordon Bennett, that's awful.
What makes me the most angry is the French guy just standing there, ignoring the rape going on right next to him.
Let us not be like that cuck, the image of so many men. If we have to risk ourselves against a bigger opponent, just to protect what is right, then that is our duty.
We must not let our courage or principle die. A life without honour is not worth living.

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Song related.
Meine Ehre heißt Treue.

You can't. Whites are pussies.

That's right. Keep poking.

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lf they waco us than we Timothy McVeigh them, that is simple.

I was thinking about that today. It's not all muslim that are like that but let's look at the race of those who commit those rape and killing and stuff. it's frinking pakis. I never saw an Albanian rape gang. If it's litterraly all muslim that are fine whit rape then i''l think otherwise but it is not the case. But I'm all for a good ol' fashon day of the rope on those who commit rape.

video isn't from france, check ad on left and double yellow lines, cars typical of a five eyes country

i guarantee its america

The phone number on the ad has a 631 area code which is in long island NY. Those are NJ, CT, NY plates in the background.

Those are all degenerate junkies m8. It's also clearly in the US.

Technically speaking, it's literally what the Romans to survive the dark ages. They still became Italians, though.

Mudshits are animals, they are incapable of living alongside Whites. Every last one of them (including converts) needs to be deported.

Duh. The commenters were NYers too.


this is algeria, not france

Are you dumb? This is in the USA. Area code 631 (New York) probably, judging by the ad on the bus stop. Plus they're talking in english and the license plates on the cars are the american dimensions (euro plates are thinner and longer).
Anyway it's good that the french police gets btfo by some immigrant cunts. They fucking deserve it for being so nice to them, while at the same time being brutal and actually maiming/killing GJ protesters.

It doesn't matter exactly who does the raping and killing, when the religion itself gives them the incentive to do it. Then you have all jizzya domination bullshit. It's a religion designed to take over all other cultures. There's no peaceful co-existence possible, that's a fucking lie.

Lazy nigger OP you're lucky the vid hasn't been removed, its so easy to dl jewtube shit and just post the .mp4

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That's Algerian protests against the President wanting to run a 5th time

Nah. I would probably laugh at it.

race is always an issue, dumbfuck
especially in the face of feminisnm

So, another typical day in frogland?

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