==Campus Closed==

How could a university be completely shut down by a lone wolf?
It occurs to me that in most states the univeristy in the capital is the gateway through which all the degeneracy and multiculti libtardery flows.
Shut down the university and the libtards and foreign students go home.

Doesn't seem like a trivial task though?
Fire seems like the first choice (no buildings - no classes - no open campus) - but with modern fire safety and the spread out nature of universities it's not easy to literally burn the whole place down.
Any hypothetical other ways?

(I'm writing a fantasy novel about anarchists and I created this thread to research my fictional characters - thanks user)

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Which buildings would cause the most disruption to torch?

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I would guess there is actually a lot of physical infrastructure essential to the running of the campus still in administration buildings.
Not everything is online.

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Lots and lots of nerve gas

I was thinking constant threats punctuated by real action.
Even a small banger followed by constant threats might cause enough disruption with all the evacuations.
Or even say the attack will be "sometime this semester" causing them to keep the whole campus closed?

Also.. wouldn't this just take out the people and leave the infrastructure? They would be up and running again in no time.
The tokyo nerve gas attacks didn't shut down the metro.

AC or Heat depending on location and time of year.
Water, imagine how many port o potty they would need.
Electricity, self explanatory.
Website Hosting, no homework, no online library, no administration, etc..
Parking, students pay for parking, if a parking structure is shutdown students have nowhere to park, complain, miss class, etc.

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nuclear radiation
critical foundation damage
mercury in all walls and floors
poltergeist, hell gate, ah ghost

Yeah ok. Ideas.

The best way to completely shut down something like a campus is a bomb/chemical scare. This would make all the buildings uninhabitable until they found the remaining bombs. I think this was in die hard 3. You have them find one or two real bombs and tell them there are more (that don't exist) they have to spend weeks literally scouring every inch of all the buildings until they determine that you were lying about the remaining bombs.

Two weeks is really your upper limit for this sort of thing because by then they could organize alternate places for any classes that didn't require specialized equipment like chemistry.

Of course since your book is hypothetical you could shut down the school indefinitely through human interactions. Fomenting a race riot or implicating the entire staff in a CP ring could grind things to a halt quite nicely. This would be less reproducible IRL because your character would have to be a master of social engineering to pull it off. The bomb thing is something most intelligent people could do, so anarchists would likely fuck it up.

Yeah.. I wonder though if you didn't get caught you could keep calling in the threats evey two weeks right?
Especially if you threw in the odd real device.
The place would be glowing though hard to not get caught I think - although there are lots of legit NPCs on campus carrying backpacks.

It is, but I want my readers to be able to suspend disbelief so It needs to be realistic

Might be able to do it with simple hacking (keylogger for example) - upload CP to target's accounts and call it in.
Repeat for key personell.
People don't want to send their kids anymore

Hit the fiber optic and cable lines going to the campus. Hitting multiple power lines is good. One pole got ran into in my local city, and it knocked out 5,000 or so people from power.
Your character is not going to permanently shut down a university by yourself by doing this though. Things will get repaired; and it's one university. Students will go elsewhere to get "Educated"

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Asbestos, ground and spread across a few buildings (especially the dorms) would cause an expensive cleanup, I guess. Mercury may also work, I don't know what it takes to get rid of the stuff. other than that, making the place smell really bad may work without having to potentially kill a lot of your characters and having to write about that entire mess.

Forget fire, if you let a building burn down your readers will immediately call in question whether that university was up to building codes

Don't they have things like bomb dogs that can smell boom chems?

This would be the big one that would easily be accomplished for your fictional characters. All universities have high electrical demands and usually have a power substation or two. Your characters could steal a couple of cars and ram them at high speed. This would cause physical damage to the substation so repairs would take time depending of availability of parts. If your characters are smart they could jump out of the vehicles before collision. If they are not smart they could always stay in the vehicle and possibly fry. Your choice your piece of fiction.


The Gainesville ripper scared enough students that many left campus voluntarily. Maybe something like that except targeting admin? Doubt anarchos would target a school tho. Be like the wolf shutting down the sheep farm.

That would be great if it could be done secretly.
They wouldn't even suspect a physical fault at first.

Yeah actually.. some minimum amount could be spread by drone over the whole place on a weekend.
I wonder how much you would have to spread per sqm to force cleanup.

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drop gallium on bridges from a drone

Biological Agent/Viral outbreak

campuses get shut down for mono outbreaks, or an outbreak of a thought to be eradicated sickness (measles, mumps, shingles, etc)

Yeah, in a book this is easy, in reality it would be more difficult. Getting one or two people by dropping a USB drive with CP in their desk is possible, but in order to get the entire staff you'd need to at least generate the appearance that they're trading it. Perhaps if they're antifa you could convince the cops that their commie terrorist meetings are really cp trading rings. But otherwise you'd have to get them to email files with hidden cp to each other which would be really hard to do.

The can sniff certain types of chems, like dynamite. Thermite is undetectable. A servo that opens a gas valve or something similar would be hard to detect.

Old people suck at email, if you compromised two accounts it would be easy to send each other emails and then "hide" them

And by Lone Wolf, it could be a Lone Refugee….a physical "carrier" of a biological weapon.

Patient 0 if you will

You wouldn't even need to actually have a biological weapon.

A terrorist cell could "false flag" a biological attack by faking sickness with a substance that mimics the effects of anthrax, nerve gas, etc

They could amplify the panic by deliberately spreading misinformation. If they hacked into school websites, twitter accounts, or college newspaper social media, they could maximize info dissemination

It'd be harder than you think to do it that way. The best angle of attack would be to compromise IT. I've seen admins in large companies with the root passwords on text documents on their desktop or sticky notes on their monitor.

Befriend one of these guys, watch him as he types his password. Break in to his office at night. If the uni has ftp accounts for all the profs you could start dropping cp in there and you're good to go.

It doesn't take make to get a head injury or road rash even with protective gear

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Idea 2: Scream

On campus serial killer. Who wants to go to that school?

I went to high school next to woodland that was notorious for rapes and murders (fucking london).. we used to call it the "Battyman Woods".
My friend's sister was raped there one year - they moved away.
No one else did.

But yeah perhaps a series of random shootings would work.
My character could target a university two states over - the investigators would have a hard time with that.

Murder via food poisoning in cafeteria?

Murder via targeting intoxicated students @ night? This actually happened at a California State School in the 80s/90s.

Murder via poisoned drugs?

Murder via bacterial agent?

Basically you have to kill some of your fictional students, or at least create the spectre of death to create a compelling reason to leave.

Schools have withstood pedo scandals, fires, race riots, and losing their accreditation.

You need to work on the basest most primal level if you are going to cause an abrupt closure of your fictional school

An interesting take (and something that would work for a populist audience) is targeting of teachers and administrators.

If a school can't get anyone willing to work , they'll close by default

They could always pretend to be rich and defer payments to spic importers and then flood the universities with aliens, forcing out actual qualified students.

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What would actually happen if the university administration was burned right before a critical time (First week, enrollments)

They would have to set up some temporary workaround I guess.
Idk how possible that would be.
The semester is only so long might end up disrupting the whole thing.
Especially if the character followed up with bomb threats in the subsequent weeks.

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College buildings will have built in fire walls to prevent labratory fires from spreading. Arts buildings might not.

Problem with only one building is that universities are big and they can just use other buildings for classes.

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It's easy for a lone wolf to shut a university down (see: Bomb threats), the question would be how long would you like to shut it down for?

If it's forever, then it's impossible as since universities obtain millions in funding from the government. If your anarchist wants to make an impact, then it's important to target those who indoctrinate students. He should either omit his motive or state that it was done from a left-wing motive.

Grind >60 cherry seeds/pits if you want to do those.

Go here, they have an application

A semester.
Something to seriously inconvenience the students and cause enrollments to drop.
Actually the goal would be steadily decreasing enrollments

Celebrity, it seems.

Sounds like your character would be the type of anarchist to either target professors in their office or students in a pep rally. They're dormant during their office hours, but they have different schedules and are located in different areas of the campus. Since anarchists are left-wing, his motive would be that he's frustrated with student debt and that he desires free college.

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Water. Opening up leaks in upper floors could soak walls all the way down. Water damage and mold growth means the whole place needs to be gutted.

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Call the school administrators and tell them that you released a bio weapon on campus. It would take forever to quarantine everything and test for toxic substances.


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