The future of Jewish life in Europe is being called into question by rising antisemitism, according to an analysis of global attacks and abuse.
Jews in many countries around the world feel an “increasing sense of emergency”, said Moshe Kantor, the president of the European Jewish Congress, launching the 2018 Kantor Center report on global antisemitism on Wednesday.

The analysis by the organisation, which represents Jewish communities in Europe, found an increase in 2018 in almost all forms of antisemitism, with the number of major violent incidents rising by 13%, from 342 to 387. The highest number of such cases were in the US (100), the UK (68), and France and Germany (35 each).
A separate report published by the US Jewish activist group the Anti-Defamation League on Tuesday, three days after a shooting at a synagogue near San Diego, found that violent attacks against the Jewish community in the US doubled last year.

The ADL recorded 1,879 antisemitic incidents, including harassment, vandalism and physical assault – a 5% decrease on 2017. However, the 59 victims of physical assault – including 11 people killed in a shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh last October – was up from 21 victims the previous year.

The report by the Israel-based Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry said antisemitism was being normalised. It was “no longer an issue confined to the activity of the far-left, far-right and radical Islamists triangle - it has mainstreamed and become an integral part of life,” it said.

In France, the interior ministry recorded 541 acts against Jews in 2018 – an increase of 74% compared with the previous year - according to the report. Eighty-one involved physical violence. In Germany, there was a 70% increase in violent antisemitism.

In the UK, physical assaults were down by 17% to 123, but in total there were 1,652 documented antisemitic incidents – a rise of 16% on 2017.

Speaking in Tel Aviv, Kantor said: “There is an increasing sense of emergency among Jews in many countries around the world. Antisemitism has recently progressed to the point of calling into question the very continuation of Jewish life in Europe.”

He cited a recent report by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, which said that 38% of European Jews had considered emigrating from Europe because they did not feel safe. “It feels like almost every taboo relating to Jews, Judaism and Jewish life has been broken,” Kantor said.

Among the reasons suggested in the report for the increase in antisemitic activity was generational distance from the Holocaust.

“Almost 75 years after world war two ended, a growing number of the present third generation feel free of the commitment to know, remember and expiate for bygone wrongs. They are free of the burden that cast a shadow on former generations regarding the plight of Jews,” it said.

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ahahaha good

Just because antisemitism now means people jews don't like, not the opposite.

It's unsurprising that the influx of muslims, who are educated to hate the jew, resulted in an increase in anti-judaism in Europe, so they must have known and prepared for that when they planned this decades ago.
What i think has surprised them is that every other creed is learning to despise them too, partly because of the ease of access to alternative narratives and also because they have got so arrogant and obvious in their jealous desire to ruin Western culture. So now they're having to act on the hoof, bringing their plans forward e;g; staging fake hate crimes to push for new laws. This sort of special treatment just makes them stand out more as 'other' which may have surprisingly pleasant consequences.

Is this article a hoax?
Stop With the Golems, Already!

Sounds like they can't rule for shit.

Apparently not a hoax. The author is a Jewish holocaust revisionist.
His AMA:
Is he then /yourguy/?

Gas, gas, gas!

I had to look up the word 'expiate', it means make amends or reparations for guilt. Why should present Europeans make amends for 'bygone wrongs' when it was their forefather's who fought the 'evil' Nazis and brought the 'holocaust' to an end? Fuck that! Their ability to milk their self-inflicted victim-hood is almost unbelievable if it weren't for the fact that its jews doing it.
Better that they ask the question why, wherever they go in the world, wherever they are welcomed in, sooner or later they become hated. Maybe change those cancerous behavioral traits before a real holocaust happens (and imagine how they'll try to milk that)

jews are living with circumstances that have given them power
but they're too stupid to realize simple historic lessons that have reoccurred in their history
so, like in south africa their house of cards comes down and they can't realize their hand in the suicidal policies they pushed on their host nation

I've got myself a notion,
One I'm sure that you'll understand.
To set the world in motion,
By reaching out for each other's hand.

Maybe we'll discover,
What we should have known all along.
One way or another,
Together is where we all belong.

If we listen to each other's hearts,
We'll find we're never too far apart.
And maybe love is the reason why,
For the first time lately, we're seeing things eye to eye.

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Oy we got all the power we need under our control of the jewSA come home chosen!
This is why we need to glass their desert shithole too.

Can you elaborate on this?

The (((South Africa))) thing, I mean

Was one of the reasons that jewish behavior is a primary cause for antisemitism?

He means how marxists pushed white guilt and anti apartheid policies in SA, which ultimately destroyed the country and turned it into a 3rd world shithole. The same thing will now happen in Europe and the USA. SA didn't affect the Jews directly, but now that they're turning the USA and Europe INTO A they too will feel the consequences, which they dont understand

Any material of this? I'd love some more redpills for my collection.

This is the normal reaction.

South Africa didn't have widespread internet.

You have to kill the internet first then wait two generations to deal with those of us who have archives. It won't work.

Anons perhaps forget that what Jews are doing is illegal. Genocide by replacement is illegal. These Jews should be in jail cells, not allowed to feel uncomfortable and then leave to Israel… just like Zionist kikes want. You think these developments are good because your own dislike for the kike keeps you from seeing the bigger picture.

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Jews, just go to Israel! Please!
For your own safety. It's getting worse and worse.

Why have war and you can just go to your rightful home? Then there will be peace for everyone, and we can just have good ol' international trade and the internet to chat with our international buddies.

But just leave our lands, and we'll let Israel be a glorious nation as it ought to be. It's the right thing to do.

The Eternal Law of the Sun doesn't lie!
Lighter skinned people to the north, darker skinned people to the south.

And Jews belong perfectly in Israel!

What if I told you Mossad did all of these attacks to attempt to persuade Jews to flee the US AND EUROPE into Israel?
What if I told you that they still won't flee because progressive Jews aren't into religious affairs and don't give a fuck about Israel?

The Eternal Law of the Sun isn't religious.

It's purely scientific. Jews go to Israel because they are best adapted there, and beyond that, they will be with their extended genetic family. They will understand the minds of the people there better, and get along better than they do here.

Those who are light skinned live to the north, and those who are darker skinned go south. This avoids race mixing, as race mixing creates societal outcasts. We don't need outcasts. We all ought to have friends.

And Jews are finding fewer and fewer friends in Europe and the USA, considering all the terrible things they've done. No one is naive enough to pretend like all this diversity, feminist, and LGBT propaganda was them just playing "nice guy libertarian."

It's brainwashing propaganda, and it makes everyone severely unhappy. They need to leave, for their safety, and for ours.

Israel is their home for societal reasons, religious reasons, political reasons, economic reasons, and scientific reasons.

They no longer have an excuse. There are carrots for them in Israel and sticks for them here in Europe and the USA.

Feeding their victim narrative means we're winning, got it

Inside of sect good, outside of sect bad.

Typical bullshit members are fed to be scared and stay inside.

Mein Neger

Get out Jews

It does. Their victimhood is hated, and feeding it only makes the it bigger and easier to be hated by everyone that sill doesn't hate it.
Accelerationism always works, as does violence.
Kill jews, in order to win.
When they cry their victimhood, everybody else will want to kill even more jews, as everyone is sick of hearing about jews being victims.
Killing jews is always a good course of action.

Rising anti-semitism isn't your so called 'accelerationism'. It's an escalation of hostility against the perpetrators of injustice, the eternal jew. A slow but steady turning of the tide.

They think their messiah emerge as a one world government, in which their sick vision of world peace is attained by having all the forum firmly under their subservient control. However, all they'll manage to do is sew so much chaos in the effort of achieving their endgame that it backfires. They'll blame everyone else but their selves when shut does go wrong. Hell, they'll even blame God too. They have. and they will again.

This is Delta Force handlers making fun of Mossad Likes the thread.

no way
into isolated sodom/lesbos/heena/deathcamp on their choice

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Discovery: POL IS A CHATBOT. The BOTS do not respond to RED TEXT. Bumped dozens of threads, not one person has told me to stop. Chatbots just start talking in necrobumped threads. Not many humans on this site. Alarming

What do you think promotes this rise? It isn't letting things be and making childish memes on the Internet alone to laugh about with your ingroup. It's making the enemy force their hands, grasp tighter and tighter, and push people to pick a side. Make them take off the mask themselves and you expose their ugliness. All just basic insurgent tactics, and we are an insurgency in the cold part of their development. Get your head in the game, man, it's only the first quarter and they're playing for keeps.

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I'll be the first. You're a faggot and nobody responds to red-text spammers because they're obnoxious and just get hidden and ignored.

Accelerationism or anti-semitism are actually just a return to normality. Remember the chosen people were expelled from like 500 different countries in history.

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