If the Aryans are the superior race, why do the Jews control everything...

If the Aryans are the superior race, why do the Jews control everything? Wouldn't it make sense for (((them))) to have been overthrown and replaced?

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Jews have a high average IQ, higher than whites

Because Jews are more evil.

>Wouldn't it make sense for (((them))) to have been overthrown and replaced?
Hey that's a good point. If only there were some kind of historical precedent for this exact thing happening several hundred times throughout history…

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Aryans tried to do so but jews recruited subhumans and race traitors to fight for them. They made our enemies pray at their altar of international finance.

All of which failed, apparently

They don't
They have lower iq.

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Not only do they have a higher average IQ, but their racial solidarity is much higher compared to whites due to historical grievances and their history as existing as a diaspora, where all the non-loyal Jews intermarried, while all the ethnocentric Jews remained pure and Jewish.

What you have left is a highly ethnocentric group with a high average IQ, compared to Europeans that are masochistic and have an average IQ below that have Ashkenazi Jews.

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Vermin are known to be tenacious. You ever had a termite infestation in your house? Termites are almost impossible to get rid of. That doesn't make them smart.

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You clearly don't know about the Jewish PSYOPing

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Nice Quads by the way

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Also reported.
This shoulf be in questions that don't deserve their own threads.

But whites are the ones who actually believe that

define "that", too brood of a term

That whites are inherently privileged and violent, and that they should be ashamed of their race

You outed your self schlomo.
Anyway prepare to have this thread deleted or anchored.

Because we're too altruistic and trusting for our own good

Why can't you shills stop outing yourselves. saging and global report

I'm quoting, you absolute retards

>See! Look at that (((fellow white people))) collage; this is what white people believe!
Is this that high jewish IQ at play?

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This must be that high Jewish IQ I've been hearing about

False, the Jew exploits quantity not quality, desperate wizards turned to orcs and goblins to conquer those with whom they could not rise to equality.

This. I'm quoting this. Jews say these things and there are white people who buy into it.

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Global report.

Global report.

When people are caught with being politically correct it's easy to stop them from thinking correctly

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If lions are stronger than a tick, why is it that sometimes a lion can succumb to parasites?


Because the Jews are cunning.. They are treacherous and the very epitome of evil…the weakness of the Aryan man had always been his heart.. Being too trusting and too willingly to help those weaker than himself… That was the one chink in the armor the Jews needed, like a snake they slipped in and used lies, greed and manipulation to get where they are today.

Make no mistake… The Jews are clever and most skilled at deceit. We won't make the same mistakes this time, however.


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As a non-white, I've only ever been treated with respect and as an equal by whites. Meanwhile, I've only ever been treated as less of a man by Jews. When I was younger I thought that it was racism, but now I know that no goy is an equal in a kikel's eyes.

This is the white problem: they are too welcoming to semites (and frankly, possibly all non-whites). If you want to know what happens to a people when they open their arms to semites, one only has to look at the case of Paradesi Jews in South India. They brought about the fall of the Pandya empire, raped our country and our people, redefined our culture (bollywood is half sephardi), and left us with the loss of our identity.

These Paradesi Jews were the same jews that were kicked out during the Inquisition. They are the ultimate proof that Isabel I was 100% right in kicking them the fuck out.

So why do jews ru(i)n everything? Because they are a parasitic race that smiles and shakes your hand while holding a knife behind its back. Througout human history the third world has opened their arms to these parasites and they have repeatedly leeched from us. Now, with Israel, they have become so bold that they believe they can kill their oldest host.

If there are any kikes reading this, know that the races you have touched all thirst for your blood. It's not just whites. You will have no quarter in this world and you will be chased to the ends of this earth. This is the end of your history. You have only strengthened your enemies and your end is near.

If multi-cellular organisms are superior, why can they be killed by unicellular organisms?

Check m8.

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The jew always fails my man.

Whites are the only ones who don't believe it.

Wow, so, because a comparatively small proportion of Whites - less than 1 in 3 - believe that kind of tripe, that means all Whites do?
Wow man, great argument.
What percentage of non-Whites buy into that tripe? Oh, wow, a much higher percentage.
Guess that means Zig Forums was right after all. As usual.

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No white I have ever known was privileged.

The privilege of creating art, literature, music and film
The privilege of having leaders that represent your interest
The privilege of getting jobs you have no interest or talent for The privilege of getting good results in a class run by a member of your own ethnicity
The privilege of using above nepotism to highlight your "intellect"
The privilege of stealing thoughts, ideas and work and claiming it as your own and getting recognition from your (((peers)))
The privilege to print and control currency
The privilege of low interest
The privilege of easy loans
The privilege of an ethnic community that spans the world
The privilege to genocide a race

All these privileges belong to one ethnicity. Figure it the fuck out or fuck off.

How many times has this faggot question been asked?
A tapeworm infects a bear and lives on the bear's energy, does that make the tapeworm superior to the bear?
This is a struggle of honesty, integrity and strength versus deception, corruption and weakness. Natural selection doesn't always favor traits we consider noble. Pathology occurs naturally and it should be purged when it's detected.
Thanks for wasting everyone's time, faggot.

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Jews literally are the fungal pattern of evolution.

learn how to sage, subhuman

Jews are HIV.

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they expidite the destruction of their infected empire
their means of control is only a social means of destruction
europeans are certainly not super human and our altruism and naivety are easily exploited

Jews are far superior. Every white person knows this and the anti-jewish hatred is jealous based

Nice shitpost.

the kikes control everything because they are the most underhanded of all the races, surpassing even gooks and chinks in their underhandedness

chinese indian and african worship the jews and want to be like them



Nine non argument, salty whiteboi