Alright, which one of you assholes is going out for a shooting today?

I'm just trying to stay ahead of the curve and at this point, I expect it. So here's a few pointers:
It's boring to mention PewDiePie in your manifesto
Make sure you actually stream the thing.
Have enough weapons and ammo to blast through people.

I'm sure more pointers will be condescendingly added ITT so pay attention!

Good luck and godspeed.

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Make sure the version of your minecraft client is compatible with the server.

cattle die and kinsmen die
and one day we shall die
one thing i know that never dies
that is the fame of a dead mans deeds

Two years. It's not just a meme. Lurk two years before posting. Train two years before effortposting. And don't say where you're going to be or whom you're going to grief in your manifesto. Don't tell anyone what you're going to do before you do it. Basic shit, there.

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Yeah I pretty much 100% concur there. Seems like common senseā€¦

Kill yourself, nigger.

This is a board of peace user. No-one here would even dream of committing such heinous acts.

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Of course, this is completely satire!!!

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Seeing a fire to start somewhere on the other side of town right around the time you're making your move seems like it'd be a good way to distract and give you additional time to mobilize and flee the scene.
Memes are power. Use them.

And remember to urge people to Subscribe to Pewdiepie.

Who said anything about shooting?

I thought this whole site was supposed to be satire. In roblox.


I would but i am out of ammo this week. Subscribe to Felix is old meme anyway. Brenton made perfect manifesto already so no reason to bother with that too. Still nobody used Erika song, Slayer Raining Blood or Angel of Death. Maybe suicide explosive vest would be good way hot to end stream.


That fire idea is actually brilliant

I hope the hood they throw over your head smells of shitskin.

That is good old Breivik trick. Work every time. I love playing Minecraft.

If you've got the technical know-how to have it happen in several places, even better, I would think.

If I have to be at point A, and I don't want you at point A, then I should set things to transpire at points B, C, and D to draw you away from A for as long as possible.
Similar, less-destructive options are also viable, I would think.
See: set up a boombox with gun-fire sounds and screams and stash it somewhere with a timer such that it'll go off 10-15 minutes before you make your move, preferably somewhere at least 10+ minutes transit from your location even under optimal standards (ie if you're in a car with a siren and lights that people will get out of the way for).

Minecraft is old hat bro, we roblox now.

We'll talk about the revolution.
I have two questions.
1 How to get into this fall (i.e. management system)?
2. Can you take their power?

As my second life responded.

First, the best way is to establish the current regime, and there is a large combination of there to be no longer any existing support, or is being actively drawn from the community. In other words, from our view, we should change that most of the Americans think of White Nationalism, and change them to the political power associated with it, and I will be standing against him.
Their party took power. Not really possible.

You can encourage people to do something, not the remaining media company. And since this is a revolution, it is possible to get a cycle known as described above.

I think it would be more useful to focus on the first question. In fact, it could be for any of the violence until I removed the ability of the enemy to control the minds and the minds of the people who manage them. But there are relatively few individuals, motivation and skills, instability provide opportunities to practice now to conquer political power and breath while returning to White America.