Low tier coup still snailing forwards. Will the (((government))) forces massacre le freedom protesters today? Only a matter of time before the Euromaiden moment. Same playbook options chosen up till now.
Blackjacks at Simon Bolivar airport in Caracas pictured.

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>Will the (((government))) forces
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Aren't Chinese and Russian troops there? Is Russia going to bend over to let what happened to Syria happen once more?

negative and i'm only interested in american over reach of power and hopefully a bloody snap back reaction
if all sides are supposedly controlled by international zionism then this must be a puppet show. actually i think the mesitzo's are capable of some pretty insane shit we'll soon be witness too.

US is trying to get colombia and brazil to do the ground work while we bombard them. apparently guiado was at the end of his rope yesterday and called to action before any actual plan was in place.


Would going after the Saudis be a good proxy war angle of attack? For instance they could sanction Saudi oil, and shoot down any Passenger jet during the Haj until the Saudi royal family was over thrown for "democracy".
she/they are right though. we put an $11G hold on VZs oil proceeds from Citgo before thier current economic crash. if the US doesn't win this we and our latin american puppets will look like total whores amongst the mestizo hordes. i'm suprised the supposed leftist mexican president's government has been so lackluster in his support for maduro.

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you're talking US versus saudi arabia? i don't see that happening anytime soon kek. wtf does that have to do with vz?

Russia vs Saudi.


kind of doubt it. russia doesn't seem to be playing against the petro dollar game. they've still got baku and only react to existential problems like crimea. russian media is pretty vocal about VZ though at least.
saudi arabia seems like everybodies whore. their yemen war is a total quagmire and they aren't exactly US sphere in total.

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wouldn't a halt on their oil industry, and the blockade of the yearly pilgrimage throw that region into chaos?

If the coup wins, which I doubt without us involvement, there are going to be more spic refugees. The Neo-Cons benefit by seizing more oil and natural resources, plus weakening cuba and opening up another client state for the US in South America.

russia is still pretty politically leftist. putin supports arab states just as much as gorbachev or kruschev did. no major world faction would want to shake the boat because it would erode their position as well. so i seriously doubt the russian government will play SA like we're playing VZ.

I bet they do because higher oil prices or a tighter supply for major importers benefits them.

Wouldn't it be smart way to get back? What would the US's response be to the idea of eliminating the royal family for "democracy"??

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subject: venezuala
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i think russia would do better with playing norks against the sorks

Kind of true in this case
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best case is that some elements of lima group attempt an invasion and the us gets "forced" into bombardment. then china and russian opposition is cemented and we get to watch fallout across our hemisphere (for once).
the americas could certainly use some havoc