Confessions of a gay app insider view of degenerates

I'll clarify that i never had gay sex but only online interactions,still, what im going to say is a relevant criticism of gays)

I was depressed because real girls wouldnt give me attention so I took to talking to trannies on grindr.
Two things surprised me;the amount of nude pics I got,and how easily they wanted to meet up with me despite only a short chat.
Even with a big age difference(me being the younger) they still wanted sex with me.
Some of them were into bdsm stuff, acting like dominant women.
My overall opinion is that im not so handsome but even the ones who looked like female fitness models were ready to hook up with any average joe. Maybe its because many people dislike trannies?
Anyways they were quite ready to have "non strings attached" sex,and they even seemed proud about it.

there's also FTM people on the app but they were a bit more calm about sex.

After i got "Bored" of TS people i talked to some (femenine) gays and they seemed also proud of being gay, one was only 15,another one boasted of turning a straight friend gay.

Another disturbing issues I found was offers to be a "sugar baby"(prostitution),and actual prostitutes asking for "generosity"(i didnt even bother to ask them the price tho)
The black pill and incel community has done a great job attacking hipergamy and "chad" but they miss a point; every straight man is a volcel,since its very easy to have sex with a TS girl if you're thin and fit and have ok face.

this changes the dynamic of the sexual landscape. im not advocating gay sex but im just saying,the fact the option exists makes you worthy for rejecting it.

you can ask me anything you may want to know, Im seeking a conversion therapist to stop being gay/bi and find an actual girl to settle with.

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Im warning people about how degenerate gays are, im not proud of what I did.
back then it helped increase my self-esteem but it was a silly thing to do

pic is the only solution

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Well at least you know that homosexuality is degenerate, but you seem to be making excuses for yourself. Just admit you have the issue and face it head on. Give your life to Jesus Christ and repent from this path, or you're going to wind up dead @ 40 from AIDS.

I was a transgender girl too once.

I'm only saved by the fact that I rejected being slutty, in favor of being a pure European girl. But now I'm stuck that way forever. I'm beautiful as a girl, but inside my heart, I am a proud Aryan man.

Consider me wounded, crippled as any veteran would be. Don't look at me with hatred just because my body is different. It's the same as a legless veteran. My wounds are terrible, but I'm still on your side.

dying from aids would garner the horror and ridicule of the people i know
id avoid it!

Christianity isn't real, kid. It's a cult.

Scientific atheism is the better path.

Give yourself to evolution: if you can find a mate and reproduce, you succeed, and add yourself to the chain of glorious ancestors. You know, if you look down that chain, you'll find Odin, and the other glorious ones.

But you'll NEVER find Jesus, because Jesus is Jewish, and isn't on the Aryan chain.

Reported for blogposting

Who knew?!

i embrace this

Hey sweetlad, what's your addy?
Wanna have ur cheeks spread by a 7" Aryan lingam?

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Stop blocking the Aryan lingam.
Help spread the wee lads cheeks or bugger off.

I know what a lingam is.
I feel like tuxedo winnie pooh

Well well.

Don't mind the shills here, it's always interesting to get the perspective of former leftists. I know a lot of close friends who are emotionally unstable types, but not a lot of them get what it comes from.
It's because LGBT people are broken people who are radicalized by academia and woke capital. They think that discrimination is responsible for that void as opposed to the subculture where sex is treated without meaning. Humanity was designed to find pleasure in creating life, it was never about piercing your genitals, spraying weird hair dye, and fucking strangers.

Not responding to religous D&C, but be a Catholic or Orthodox Christian.

Alright pal


yes, im OK,what about you?

Ah, faker.

Why do you think that this meme is true ?

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You are either incredibly brave, or (most likely) unimaginably foolish to ask that here.


1. Why don't you fucking lift, faggot?
2. Why don't you fucking train boxing and get practice hitting people/getting hit in the face, faggot?
3. Why don't you take an interest in self-improvement, faggot?
4. Why can't you do 30 push-ups, faggot?
5. Why don't you study successful, happy men and emulate them, faggot?
6. Why are you still talking to your parents faggot? THEY FUCKING FAILED YOU.

That said, good luck, much love, no homo.

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Intellectuals, or as society calls them, nerds, geeks, and fedoras, are drawn both towards path and present.

To the past we have our pagan ancestors and their closeness with nature.
To the future we have our family and glorious technological future.

Christianity is just a Jewish cult that only brainwashed retards believe in, so it has no philosophical significance. Kill yourself.


It's brave (and frankly smart) to be honest about that lifestyle. A lot of people were unwittingly sucked into the lies of LGBT subculture.

please, fedoras are homos not nerds or geeks

I do lift, as i said im fit thats why i was able to get nudes sent to me.

I think the kids that dressed all in black and drew pentagrams in their school notebooks are the ones going pagan now tbh.
Fedoras went the SJW path of worshiping Diversity™.

guys dongs

You might as well call yourself pic related

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they're basically fitness models with a penis.
if you don't see the bulge you'd mistake them for a girl

You saw the bulge

show us a pic so we know what we're dealing with

Compassion is essential. Without it we are no better than beasts, and at worst we become (((them))).

That said, at some point, regardless of environment, one needs to take responsibility for oneself.

People can help unfuck you, just like they helped fuck you up, but you still need to do the work.

w/o taking responsibility for the fact that YOU AGREED TO ACT THAT WAY, you can't take on the responsibility of acting differently.

That said, there's hope. Many have come back. Often they are the most powerful ones.

the transititon from incel to volcel is a painful one

Gays need to stay in the closet
Suck each other off in the sauna in private
Don't ask don't tell

Excellent, and much props to you (seriously).

Next, you need COMBAT TRAINING. Find a gym where you can get punched and punch in the face.

There's a reason for this: w/o physical violence among peers, A MAN'S BRAIN SIMPLY CANNOT PROPERLY DEVELOP. Normally this happens at a very young age (8-12), but Western society has denied this essential part of masculine development because (((reasons))). Have no fear, you can develop this part of yourself at any age.

You must learn to love to fight.

I highly recommend The Way of Men by Jack Donovan. It is the single best book I know of on masculinity and masculine development. Many will decry him as a degenerate homo, but he's more masculine than 90% of the fucking tards here (b/c he's more masculine than 90% of men). He may not even be straight homo, I personally think he suffers from a particularly pernicious form of narcissism, but that's another conversation. IMO, if all homos were like him, most people wouldn't have a problem with homos.

But to the point: To become a man, you must study the ways of men.

FYI, you're probably going to lose most of your "friends", but they really aren't very good friends, trust me.

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The voice of experience booms from the bathhouse

another bad trend about lgbt people is they use a lot of drugs

It's because that's what happens in Eastern Europe.
There are no out fags.
They do their thing in private and deny it publicly.

I will agree this is a preferable condition to the current state.

Props for honesty, now go spar 5 rounds, `suka sin.

I am unironically downloading Grindr rn.

It's not you fucking christcuck or Jew.

don't do it, you'll be consider just another random partner by the men you'll talk to
do something wholesome

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I have to deal with a few fags in my line of work (I write sales copy for PR firms). Sex is on their mind more often than the average hetero's by an astronomical margin.

Dude. spoiler that shit.

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It was a joke… I am not a faggot.
Also can we not shill for "staying in the closet, you don't put a house fire out by containing the fire to the closet.

You two faggots should meet up and kill each other.


That's cool but:
1. Anal sex isn't real sex
2. TS "girls" are not real girls

"It seems you are having problems with your sexuality and feel too feminine. Here, read this book by a faggot called the 'Way of Men', it will make you straight"
Jack Donovan is not a man. He is a druggie degenerate who hates women. He probably can't even do manual labour because he is an Amerimutt AIDs-monkey with roided-up artificial muscles.

If you want to know what a man actually is, I suggest you read 'If' by Rudyard Kipling, that should give you a vague start.

There are only 2 types of AIDs patients - gay guys, and liars

No, there is good AIDs and bad AIDs.

OP likes poz

Jack Donavan could easily kick your ass and then make you his bitch, if he desired.

You should aim to be more man than him. Most aren't, which is an incredibly poor state of affairs.

His book, regardless of the author, is excellent.

The Jews hate Jesus though.

I think they want us all to become homos.