Antifa Tries to get Doctor Fired

Antifa visits doctor, get's told he doesn't have PTSD. Spazzes out. Gets kicked out. Tries to get doctor fired.

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Do we even need to do anything here? I don't think most people with side with an ANTIFA cunt over a Vietnam veteran.

Jason should post his contact information so that they can get their VA friends to hook them up with VA welfare. After all he's just as much as a warrior as one who jumped on a grenade.

Nobody needs to do anything. However this twat is hitting up his employer & certifying board trying to get him fired.

And has rallied an internet lynch mob calling the guy a racists & white supremacist. All for calling him on his bullshit.[email protected]&src=typd

All the doctors by me are chinks, pajeets or sandniggers.

These commies are complete clowns. I want to be angry but I can't stop laughing my ass off.

There is the lie to put the icing on the story. The Dr. probably mocked some made up shit about how being disagreed with a political somehow gave someone PTSD so the cunt decided to make up some crap to slander the guy. Some boomer with a nice thing going for himself isn't going to say anything that could cause financial hardship.

Why not congratulate the good doctor on his professional approach to the antifa subhimans

I hate antifa as much as the next guy but these fuckers helped create them.

Besides, a gook-killing vet can surely handle a little antifa heat I'm sure. kek

Are you retarded? These dumbasses claim that they got PTSD from a rally full of civnats

And? The poor victimized little cunt got thrown out. Not your fucking problem. Not Zig Forums's.

They want to self-diagnose themselves with a fake illness to get tax payer dollars, fuckwit.

I honestly wouldn't blame the little shit if she had PTSD

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Nigger that is not what this is about. The cunt was told no. By a doctor. A doctor needs to make the diagnosis for it to get gibs. WOMP fucking WOMP. NYPA.

She might have gotten a real diagnosis from an actual psychiatrist because they give out ptsd so easily but need physical proof of her physical. Injury and that is probably why she was there.

I know, please no bully

We need laws that make it a felony to doxx to attempt to get someone fired, kicked out of school, kicked out of their home or apartment, anything.

Everyone who posts such should be thrown in prison for a couple years, unable to vote or contribute to any political cause or action upon being released, and if they did get someone fired, guilty in civil court and responsible to pay multiple years of salary to the person they helped get fired.

Everyone who calls someone's employer with that goal, or emails someone with that goal, or even retweets something like that should also be guilty of a felony.

Make what antifa are doing illegal and cut their legs out from under them.

Can't wait till "You are about as useful as a online review" enters the zeitgeist.

Should have had an Internet specific Bill of Rights years ago. At this point they'll sit and quietly let this shit happen because it benefits them in the long run. Rules for thee, not for me.

I have no dog in this fight.

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Congratulations, it just did.

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Don't let the feminine speech patterns fool you. That is a biological male hiding behind his girlfriend.

Her story sounds very manufactured.

We should take it upon ourselves to actually fuck with them. Otherwise it will just be one side stating that he said nigger or w/e fucking else. We arent protecting the doctor so much as exploiting a golden opportunity to shit on people who actually have zero evidence except for one person who tried to push a self diagnosis on a trains psychiatrist. Its a great way to drag more of these social vampires out into the daylight and burn them.

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I don't think antifa is a credible threat to anybody
they're mentally ill cowards that will route at the first sign of actual combat
they have no will to action, no brotherhood beyond virtue signaling

C'mon now, there's no way in hell a man wrote that crap.

Antifa? That's 8ch according to TRS and hero based and redpilled totally not a gentile and definitely a goy mike enoch


Although I suspect the entire story is a fabrication. I'm willing to bet money it went more like this

And then we get their little bullshit story on social media.

In the end, moronic leftists will believe it without a second thought so they can "like share and subscribe" and show off how much of a "good ally" they are to each other by never questioning each other and always joining in to "fight" whomever gets singled out as a target next. And the doc will have to deal with these psychos showing up for awhile, but eventually itll calm down, the claims will be dismissed and/or ignored entirely because they're obviously bullshit (no doctor is going to come out goose stepping and telling him shit like "hitler should have gassed more, and included you," though frankly someone should be telling him that on an hourly basis till he fucking grows up and his balls drop).

Its all so mundane at this point, you can see through it before the fucking ink is dry on what they've written. NONE of them have ever learned basic story telling, which is: 1) characters have to act IN CHARACTER, they shouldnt be written as doing something thats clearly established would not be done - ya know, like an elderly doctor telling a patient he hopes he dies. and 2) the overall story has to be believable, it has to be something people could actually see happening based on point 1 and therefore believe it could be happening to you or the character. But apparently those two basic rules are beyond their grasp, because time after time these insane stories get posted, and time and again its proven to be false.

I just truly hope this guy had video recording of the waiting room, cause you KNOW that bitch acted psycho as fuck… and I really hope their office uploads it

Don't you think her PTSD could have made her imagine these things happened?

Those laws will only apply to us.

We must make them fight for our amusement.

JFC that's a male??!

I guarantee Jews self-induced their own PTSD from persecuting everyone else throughout history. “Oy vey! I could get caught doing this completely evil and morally reprehensible thing. If I do they will surely kill me. That stresses me out and it’s the goyim’s fault.” They constantly worry about being found out. Their culture and history, whether falsified or not, reminds them that they deserve to be risen up against and righteously destroyed or thrown out. Jews absolutely have some mental illness PTSD engrained in them on a genetic/memetic level because of this. We should continue to trigger it.

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What a pansy little fuck. Glad the doc put him in his place, good on him.

Yeah he was in Cville.

He's the guy in front of the banner wearing the red scarf.
He is a known instigator with squeaky voice.
You'll see him on the front lines until the real action starts, then the usually can be found in the back.

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>nu/pol/, who never does anything, is more concerned with (((morphaeus))) (((splc))) posts about some eceleb than about someone getting unpersoned and made homeless over a schizo pantyfa retard's feels


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Don't play the enemy's game.
"Racist" and "white supremacist" are thought-stopping words designed to set people like normies, centrists and fence-sitters (hence majority) against the person who gets branded with this word. It includes other words, like "nazi", all of them used by the mainstream media, twitter sockpuppets and antifa mouthpieces. They have engineered these words to dehumanize any opposition, regardless of their true political alignment; it's enough that someone criticizes them to be called "a nazi" and thus be alienated. Thought-stopping words are a very powerful propaganda tool, remember about it next time you use any of these words to describe anyone, whether it's yourself or someone you sympathize with.

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Incredibly BASED doctor.

Read this, user.

He works for a pac. You can see him in one of the pac videos dressed up like a founding father telling my fellow whites what to do. Given where he's from (the jew part north of nyc) I suspect he's a trust fund red- diaper baby.
He seems very neurotic and constipated at the start of cville - but that's typical for ashkenazi. He wasn't violent at cville but he did burn a flag that BLM nig criminal DeAndre Harris stole.

Here (((he))) can be seen several times at a 2016 - March for Trump handing out Russian flags and harassing people.
PTSD my ass

Listen to his squeaky voice and try not to laugh.

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Who could have guessed?

Holy shit what is that demon in the green jacket? That little ugly girl from game of thrones? Age has not treated her well.


I hate People who try to get people fired. They hate corporations and capitalism, but they're more than happy to go
taddle to a corporate office to wreck someone's livelihood.

Oh user, I hope this doctor sues the shit out of stinking Antifa ass.
Defamation of character and whatever other shit he can find.

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No thanks. Who do you think they would use these laws against anyway?

bawahhahah now that's a bad ass doc. Someone in the area fuck this kid's whore mother.

It's like that everywhere. The last few Whites are now all retiring and retards are being imported who can't even speak English.

Good. We’re winning. All you fascists will be dead.

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Severely underrated post.

Mobilize mobs to kill antifags. Never let them run free or to be left alive.

delusional fagshit


You’ll be killed first, Nazi punk.

Fuck this gay shit.

I think you might be, all your props are made in china and your a limp wristed pussy.

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I deadlift 550 you retard

Nathan Lodge is alt-kike controlled opposition

Uh huh. Sure you do.

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It was real in your mind, just like a Holocaust.

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Commie faggot

That's the moment when his staff suddenly started wearing MAGA hats. They pushed poor Jason to the ground, put a noose around his/her/xer/.. neck, poured some bleach over him and yelled: THIS IS MAGA HOSPITAL.
Poor Jason defended himself furiously while eating a sandwich but was quickly overwhelmed.
He suffers now from Triple- self diagnosed -PTSD.

A commie that complains he is refused to pay.
Give this man a free helicopter ride.

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Don't tell me that you can make squats with that body weight of yours.

Holy shit, an honest doctor? Why don't I ever get honest doctors?

Wow. Saying a murder should have been successful - what an asshole of a doctor. What an awful thing for anyone to say about anyone! Thanks for publicizing this jackass doctor, OP. You’re doing Satan’s work.


Nope, but God and Satan think Antifa are worthless

I most certainly do not!

I mean, uh, lololo, I have as much right to speak on behalf of those entities as you do

tee hee

Is there any audio/video evidence this doctor said this?
Or you just believe Jason on his word?

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kill them