(((Eric Striker))) Exposed

A dark day for Nazbol kikes.


The enemy of my enemy…

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Their source is Moarpheus. Absolute mad lad.

lol thanks cointelpro frend

I mean (((OP))) obv

Where is the proof of him being jewish?

Holy shit lol it actually is

The article doesn't mention he's Jewish but just that he isn't white. I used ((())) because in my opinion non-white Communists who LARP as white nationalists are kikes even if only in spirit.

"South America" I'm seeing more and more of theses niggers, absolutely disgusting filthy subhuman scum. I fucking hate you South Americans, more than blacks, because niggers at least don't lurk on Zig Forums.

In order to help ideas on requires great persistence. If we are to, say, achieve export subsidies for house batteries in order to stabilize the middle class life experiences of emigrating nations, we must contend with the voluminous public failures of racist hateslaves, and prove that strength and honesty can outmatch bigoted slavery for output.

I always thought Nazbol was just shitposting

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Moarpheus is a D&C kike though

What an utter shit-show. Why are all of these alt-right/lite movements filled with such human garbage? TRS had race mixers, faggots, and the host was married to a kike. Heimbach or whatever his name is was fucking his step-mother, and Jared "they look white to me" Taylor is married to a kike.

He was probably the DACA/come to south America spammer.

Can't really be D&C if the people you're outing aren't white.

Eric Striker is one of the most articulate people I've seen in the white nationalist movement. rejecting him now would only hurt your movement in the long run.

Hah! I'm going to read this whole thing.

Here's your (You).

Stiker has been involved in multiple IRL groups for a long time. I doubt he isn't white. Interesting that Hayden doesn't include what the "latinx" names are. Even if they are from South America, that doesn't mean they aren't white.

Also, Hayden included all that shit to get you spergs to attack Stiker. He's an Antifa "journalist" and you're only taking him seriously because you already don't like Stiker. Michael Hayden is probably laughing and vigorously rubbing his hands at the sight of you falling for his obvious Jewish tricks.

And here comes TRS…

You just support niggers, fuck you i hope you fucking die nigger loving faggot

Moarpheus erroneously claims that they are Jewish to instill paranoia. Of course you shouldn't support any grifter, but you shouldn't give validity to that eceleb either.

Some South American people were European whites who adopted hispanic surnames. Stryker could be one of them, but he got doxed.

I wouldn't be shocked if Eric "I used to be a commie degenerate but now I'm totally a fashy goy guys" Striker was some sort of beannigger but you should definitely kill yourself for being such a massive faggot.

Checked, kill nigger loving whores like

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I like striker. Why do we hate him again?

I-i.. don't even know what level of cognitive dissonance we're on

Fuck you nigger, so many faggots today man fucking kill yourself already if you like spics

If richer nations were to enforce pro-environment tariffs against nations with unsustainable practices, while encouraging poorer nations to take up the slack in trade, developmental equalization would reduce migration pressures without the need of foreign aid spending, tax increases, or any particular charitable “niceness” or “compassion”. This is just one of many examples of ways the business of nations can be encouraged to take care of itself.

Moarpheus was never right. He said that Stryker was a non-white Jew, not that Jordan was a spic.

Is he a spic though? gibs picture. I read the jew commies post and it just says his family has "latinx names".

I agree with If Striker isn't actually white and he's roleplaying as a White Nationalist, that makes him a Jew whether he's ethnically Jewish or not.

Something similar happened when TRS was shilling here. Everything came out all at once and now it's treated as a given.

Lmao, fuck off (((Moarpheus)))

Everyone ITT is Morpheus. Didn't you know that?

Rejecting people who fall for socialism meme is the one reasonable decision

Latino is such a vague term that it can even refer to white people. Don’t buy a thing (((SPLC))) says

If he was smart he would have done IRL shit and avoided online conmen and Jews.

>(((Marxist))) ideology scapegoating jews

I guess Potok now has full-blown AIDS and it's screwing with his thinking.

This. These threads are generally FBI threads. I read the whole SPLC piece - there's nothing conclusive.



Strikers response

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Once again, spergy fedposting larpers have more common ground with the SPLC than actual effective White Nationalists. It's almost like there's a pattern or something.

Well the SPLC is currently embroiled in multiple defamation lawsuits so if there is someone around 30 who lives in NYC with the name Joseph Jordan then they're fucked, but I'd be willing to bet the article is accurate.

And this is the confirmation. The guy is a mud and he's losing his shit over it. Explains the persistent south American shilling that's been going on.


Did you know that if the boer moves to South Africa, his DNA turns and he become a koisaan, magic dirt, how it works?!

Torfag is correct

He hung around Mike the kike so this shouldn't be a surprise.

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Come on dude.

SPLC and all these ZOG NGOs still don't realise that podcasters aren't leaders, they are entertainers first and foremost.

Also funny to see how many "legitimate posters" are ready to jump on a bandwagon to shit on Striker. I'd almost fall for it if you weren't so transparent in your glow.

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Jesus fucking Christ.
They have no sense of awareness at all. Literal NPCs.

Only kikes and Mike Delaney post this shit.

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And his making excuses for based mutts and 1/4th yids as well as his unironic use of "purity spiralling".
This guy should have stuck with writing exposé articles, something he was actually good at.

Argentines are more intelligent than niggers but they're slime.

Truly the best strategic decision when ZOG orgs are attacking you

fuck off TRSodomite

Yeah. idk.
I don't bother shilling against people who are actually doing stuff. Talking to the public is good. The more people do it, the more people will realize that the secret racial feelings they're feeling are completely normal.


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Torfag is the "White nationalism prevents White nationalism" faggot.
He's never correct.

Kikes are desperate if they think this will turn people against him

The enemy of your enemy can be just as much as your enemy as your enemy is. These e-celebs come and go, next month it'll be some stupid scandal that the jews are trying to get me to care about but I don't because I don't care about these temporal e-celebs in the first place.

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You all coordinating this damage control?

I'm saying that the article could be real, but we've no idea if he's European descent or not. You should know it's a mixed bag in SA. Generally, these threads are just D&C bait to eat your own. I take the motto, if the message is good for whites and bad for jews,then that's all that matters.

Whoa, the alt-right is full of non-whites? What a surprise?! I totally didn't see that one coming!

Eunuch is a kike himself.

And the sad thing is, he is one of the least degenerate aut-righters.

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What does D&C mean


I love civic nationalism too friend.

Looking at the source, this is clearly an attempt to sever this guy from his audience. Nobody else would freak about about vague references to him being a "mediterranean" type. He must be rustling ((((them)))) for some reason. Probably because he is one of the few alt-kike associated people who, despite being a horrible cuck on racial purity and a of a degenerate, openly and explicitly advocate for National Socialism, the only system that truly scares them.

Based black man

You fuckers are niggers by virtue of having

Striker is Nazbol, not NatSoc.

Has anyone ever confirmed Eunuch and his wife are divorced?

Shut up, Striker. Even trsodomites hate you.

You all are nigger brains. Obviously if Striker is non-white this throws a big screw in how he's been presenting himself.

Very cool

Neither. In my mind anything that doesn't help move these ideas towards reaching critical mass is simply detrimental.

Also very cool.

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Moarpheus is a turboautist, and half the time he's totally full of shit, but the other half he's right. Last year he made some retarded case that Patrick Little was a jew, but in the same thread, he outed a different "alt-right" candidate as a literally gay prostitute.

They probably did being. The marriage became a financial liability to both of them, and nothing matters to jews more than shekels.

That isn't even creative.

That’s what can happen when you’re a faceless LARPer who does no political action. Jews and wannabe Aryans can infriltrate and shape young white men’s opinions. Striker is trying to convert us to Marxism

Nazbol is a meme. Literally nobody is a nazbol you stupid cuckchan faggot. Kekistan is realer.

I've listened to 10+ shows that he's been on and never heard him try and convert people to marxism, just racial-based socialism like natsoc.

Nazbol is too well-known for you to say it's just a meme or joke. Every single eceleb is associated with Nazbol. If you say Nazbol is just a joke then these people promoting it are also just jokes. So who cares?

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It's in the same vein as calling eveyone who laughed at TRS getting doxxxxxxxed "antifa". No one is forcing them to get into the public spotlight. They do it willingly and they do it knowing their own personal history, and when that history comes out they blame everyone else for it blowing up in their face.

Kek I'm starting to like this moarpheus nigger. All TRShills deserve to be BTFO

Oh, and the measles outbreak is being sustained by retarded “pro-science” primitivists trying to coerce science funding out of the public. They’re slaves just like you assholes. They could get their way if they were good, but they aren’t, so they don’t.

They are. We agree on something after all. Fuck them. Also, checked.

Lurk moar.

That's fair. I'm glad we have a common ground

Seriously. Define your objectives, publish them honestly, and have enough self-mastery to find the collective and individual harmonic. Non-pacifists are idiot regressives. A society can be well-founded if it is peaceful, and it can be well-founded if it is implicitly peaceful, but there is not a long-term alternative.

Zig Forums was never a movement to begin with it doesn't need one, if you are going to make a movement it will be seperate from this board, this board is not a good way for organization due to kikes shills and glow niggers.
It is board to discuss topics, national socialism and most topics that are hardly discussed in real life and it should stay that way and should not be anything else besides that.

Let it glow! We can all shine on alright, already we’ll all shine on…

If you meant natsoc get the fuck out.


Hes a bolshevik shill and were not aut-kike. Hes a complete knowing fraud and backed out of a debate with the Gab Zig Forums group moderator after making the initial challenge, because he knew Spencer and Heimbach and co would have their bolshevik scam blown the fuck out with Zig Forumsfacts.

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Before Christchurch, I think something like 20% were fedposters. Since then, it seems over half and just full-blown autists.

Jews promote White Nationalism. You should know that schlomo.

Try again spamming torpedo

Imagine calling yourself a National (((Bolshevik)))

This happened last year, its old news and they didnt break it. Weve known for a long time, you faggots must be new. Or TRS.

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Interesting. Nothing like co-hosting a podcast with a kike to make someone go moderate.

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