Nick Sandmann sues NBC for $275 Million

They're also suing a dozen more media outlets.
This kid basically won the fucking lottery!

The jew media is gonna have to pay up some serious shekels.

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Hope he wins. Not really thread worthy though.

Absolutely Jewish.

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Hate the game, not the player. These jews broke their own rules, make them pay.

No thanks, I will not corrupt my soul with Jewish mindset. This kid, like every other Aryan kid should only have one goal : make them pay the blood price


Spotted the nose.

I hope the young man is a multi-billionaire when all is said and done.

Based. Fuck the shills, these lying journalists need to eat ramen noodles forever while receiving measles from illegals.

Tribe on tribe violence.

Extracting large sums of money from the jew media is ok by my book.

The best weapon against the jew is to use their own weapons against them. Sue them. Even better, use their own jew lawyers to sue them.

I feel like your ideology contradicts itself.

Or just something to do when you're bored. Litigation is fun when you can afford it ^-^

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Got your shekels from Shlomo and everything is alright ? No more genocide ?
What a fuckin boomer..

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~ .t cucky mccuckington

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$275M is a drop in the bucket for NBC, which is really just a bottomless extension of ZOG. It has effectively has no budget.

You're not damaging anything faggot. You put your honour and pride in their shekel system.
This is how we ended up here. With this mentality from the jewish ghetto..
You realize they print the money right ?
But what am I replying to a degenerate posting anime pictures ? Just get a rope and do what you have to do nigger.

lmao fuck off retard

What are you doing here rabbi ? neck yourself

That's almost enough money to send several big news media corps into bankruptcy. I hope he wins that money.

There is literally nothing wrong with jewing jews.

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haha that's some funny shit. That would have made a great Monty Python skit

lol i'm sure you'd walk away from 250M right of jew pockets and grab a sword instead, you fucking joker

Damn, NBC prints money? Does the treasury department know about this??


dunno about NBC shill, pretty sure it the same retarded faggot thats been here for years now. he just shits on anything anyone does and tries to armchair qb everything

how does nbc paying hundred of millions to another jew hurt the tribe again? somebody pls explain to me

basically it's just

You're the kind of guy that points at your own shadow and yells JEW!

(((Sandman))) (((sues)))

His black sunken eyes with dark circles around them and his fish mouth are disgusting. Jews are disgusting

Oh you dumb shit. Not sending the smart ones i see.

So where is the proof that the kid is supposedly a kike? His features say european.

Proof he's a kike?

his features say european to jew?
also sandmann

Oy, delet this



He should sue Chris Evans and drain that faggot's earning from all that capeshit.

Even if the kid is a kike it's still a jew jewing other jews, which is fine by me. I'd rather one jew kid got rich and destroyed a massive jew media outlet while teaching the other ones they can't just get away with whatever they want.

That's great. Good for him.

What I like about this is that it opens the door to other lawsuits.

He could be a joo. Can't really tell by his features, but the lawsuit saviness shows hes likely one of the tribe.

The picture doesn't immediately trip my jewometer, like Denise Prager or Jared Lusher.



Retarded Faggot detected.
Taking money from the jews and whites having it (potentially using it wisely to further white goals) is bad?

If you were any stupider your skull would fold in on itself due to the sheer densness of the stupidity in there.

Honestly he could light the money on fire and it would be better than if NBC had it

And there is no dilemma here
It's not "stop white genocide or sue NBC" like some shills are implying. That doesn't even begin to make sense

White folks aren't incapable of sueing. It's just not their go to solution. The Jew has a passive aggressive nature that lends itself well to lawsuits, and they've been trained well at Yeshiva.White dudes have to take some time to learn the steps, cause they aren't raised by sue Happy, shekel grubbing kikes.

Hi Nick, I know you're here
Great power brings great responsibility
Use it wisely and history will remember you well

Certainly earned a payoff since they destroyed any chance at a normal life.

Fuck this weis sandman Jew already

But really guys, trigger the libs own the libs :^)

Remember to contact Barnes via e-mail so he demands the highest possible punishment. A pay-off is nice, but these media vermin tried to get innocent people harassed and attacked, even lynched. Prison time or bust.

well, at the very least he's triggered the retarded spergs who think this is an argument

I can't believe people are missing the point this much. The shekels are a secondary. The whole point is setting up legal precedence to make it easier to claim slander against the (((news))). That means the kikes will have to be very careful about choosing the claims they make if, one day, YOUR picture ends up on talmundvision.

And as far as "hurr, don't make money off of jews cause that mean U R DA JEW"; wrong. Any amount you can tax them, fills up your own war chest so you can buy the supplies you need to wage your battle. All war is a logistics game, and if revolutions don't have the funding to buy basic needs like food for you, food for your funz, paper and electrical for propaganda transmission, etc; then you're effectively crippled.

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they aren't missing the point, they're just disingenuous
they want the opposite of what you want

Stop replying to yourself and triple posting.

I always give most people the benefit of the doubt and assume they are overzealous or simply immature (or just fun posting) rather than just immediate call them jidf. But yes, clearly they are here as well.

No matter what good thing happens, shills always find a way to countersignal against it.

that woman, the news reporter needs her fucking head smashed with an axe and then cut off her fucking body to be hung at gates of the city. Young man is only 16


Kid may be boomer-tier, but if he actually damages NBC, OH SHIT NIGGUH

< the only way to defeat the jew is to throw away your life and rot in prison for the rest of your life

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This is just a Taiwanese basket weaving forum though.

He can use it to buy land, start a business, marry, raise a big family, instead of wagecucking for just enough to pay for the bare necessities for himself. Rent to a kike landlord for a shitty apartment, food and clothing, electric bill, student loans.

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This fucking cocksucker is a kike, retard!

Nailed it.

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Kek. They hired the "lawyer for the damned". Media is absolutely fucked. There's no way around the bullshit they pulled.

Kek, come to Germany and have your mind changed then.
Fucking faggots here will sue you for every irrelevant bullshit.


How do you know he's jewish? I would have a hard time believing that jewish parents would send their son to a catholic school.

His last name isn't really proof when you consider that kikes actively hijack local names to better blend in. Also, his bone structure suggests European, with some admixture of nigger, but no jew. Anons keep claiming the 'muh jew' argument with this kid, but there isn't any evidence he is jewish. If he actually were, his parents would have brought attention to that, if not the kid himself.

His family was actively threatened by people on social media contacting them everywhere and harassing them. That is legitimate grounds for a lawsuit.

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His mother's last name is Weis. She's a securities broker. The event got more coverage on the chans than a shooting ( this is the stronger evidence than the name). Conversos.

So where is it supposed to go instead?

Exactly this


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Weis is a German name, which literally means "white person". Lol, no joke.

Jews may have adopted the name, but the origin of the name is German.

"Weis is a name for a person who had a pale complexion or fair colored hair. The surname Weis was derived from the German word weises, which meant white."

What's the total he has sued these media corporations for? It must be close to a billion at this point. Absolutely hilarious that these cointelpro niggers are trying to convince anyone that taking that much money from the kikes is reprehensible somehow.

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Apparently he's doing it on behalf of the other kids, who are white, and they will get a share.

ThT would be amazing if true

He's a Jew who infiltrated the local Catholic high school . hurr

Nick Sandmann doesn't look particularly jewish to my eyes, he actually looks like a young Stephen Hawking (the British scientist).

And i'll state again that "Weis" is not a specifically jewish surname.
There are a ton of German whites in Ohio and Pennsylvania with that surname who definitely are not jewish.

Same with the "Sandmann" surname. This is NOT a typical jewish surname.

You guys need to research your shit before posting idiotic rubbish on this forum.

taking their money is a more grievous wound to them than taking their blood

Like I said previously, the strongest evidence for this person being a Jew is the coordinated shilling on the chans. The name is of secondary importance.

Kikes are european lol. The og jews got ran out of israel a loooong time ago. They fled to europe and inbred with eastern europeans.

not an irish nose.

Suing kikes isn't Jewish. It's American.

It's better than nothing. Every droplet of water in a river has value chipping away the rock. It would have a chilling effect on unfair coverage lest more come for their shamed-gibs

ITT: NBC shills shitting their pants

Reminder: there were three people spammed on this chan. The first was Trump, the second was Weis-Sandman, and the third was Tarrant.
All three were either Jewish or worked for Jews.
Astroturfing Jews are easy to spot on the chans because they always overdo it.

Agreed. Not a Jew IMO

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What's the difference?

Did you really just ask this?

Yeah. What's the difference?
Jews = radical, godless, money-worshipping materialists
Americans = radical, godless, money-worshipping materialists
Prove me wrong.

Zig Forums is for Douche bags.

good job kid, you sure showed them

Nicholas Sandmann

1444 Shirepeak Way

Independence KY 41051-7425


He should buy into Alex Jones network with the proceeds!

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