Whoa! It's so AWFUL that Robert Evans and Michael Hayden are radicalizing journalists by promoting stochastic/meme/journo terrorism with their violent rhetoric. We should:
1. Ban ABC and SPLC for giving a platform to terrorists like we do with Gab and Zig Forums
2. Cut the payment processors, credit cards, and services that all journos use like we do with right-wingers
3. Censor all criticism of right-wingers like how we prohibit criticism of leftists/Islam as it's a "pipeline to anti-Christian extremism".
4. Prohibit Eggboy gifs/memes like we did with Brenton Tarrant

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This is almost as good as that Mexican ISIS dweeb who wanted to kill jews. Everything is really coming together now. How long before Talia Levin commits an act of anti-semitic terror?

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That's what happens when you live in a place full of roundabouts and embassies.

I'm completely fine with Starbucks cucks starting the racewar.

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Reminds me of a poster some Oxford students made when Evelyn Waugh was invited to be the regent of their college.


I know swords are cool as fuck but these nerdlingers really shouldn't be waiving them around without any training. Shameful.

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Should have used a kiliji instead. Most of Saint Brent's kills were Turks.

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my sides

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The Soylent Cuck Rises

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is that a travis?

He's jealous that our movement is full of vitality and producing heroes every other day.

Kek. Were they even white?

Shit what am I saying. Neutering a soyboy is like giving brain damage to a nigger.

What a fucking nigger kek. What was his endgame?

A fucking scimitar? Good heavens. Honk and crikey


still looking did he attack whites or non-whites? bonus points if he was attacking niggers. i'm going to love these christchurch reprisals even more if they keep attacking god-fearing niggers.


Because ofc, he is special

it is lit something a kid, a 11 year old could say….

Finally someone out there developed a tier of cringe worse than "owning a katana".

I am tired of the bigotry, the intolerance and hatred and vitriol these prejudiced media organizations like the huffing post spew against white people. There is no place for bigotry in our society. These people need to be confronted for being the racists that they are.




Is this some kind of evolved virtue signaling for attention? Is that where virtue signaling is heading? A soynami of empty violent threats?

i wish a soyboy would

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i never would have thought i'd seen the day when the meme became even more real. can their balls be meme'd back or?

Soy overdose is fatal I'm afraid.

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Only a presstitute would kill his own people!

holy fuck

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Fucking Ausfags

He should just dress as a goat and go get gang fucked by halal dick.

Did any of you idiots read the article at all? It was a stunt; he wasn't actually trying to lure anybody. Literally: "come over here so I can chop your head off". 0/10

No I have adhd


Debatable. And he's still in jail for it, so who cares?
You're parroting the sad excuse for an argument his (((lawyer))) made. "He only bought the weapon and said he'd do it, there's no proof he would!" I'd love to see that argument work for right wing people, but instead entire groups get labeled terrorist organisations if a single FBI plant does something bad.

What the fuck is honestly even going on in this timeline. Also
Fucking kek.

Sure it was.

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sup glowie

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If we're going by what lawyers state, then Fields never killed anyone. :^)

Target journos in mass shootings. Journos think that they are untouchable, and they lasted too much time being protected by jewish laws.
Journos are the front line of jewish propaganda, and a group that think that they can never be harmed.
Always kill journos.
Incite masses from all groups and races to attack and kill journos, along with killing jews.

Owning a katana is still worse as it usually is accompanied by an orientalist persuasion.

Similar case in sweden btw..
The found a weapons cache belonging to this reporter..

Foreign burglars that found his cache while raiding this container, and they notified the police. He is probably a kurd and wanted to start a war in sweden

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James Michael Waugh did nothing wrong! His mom was hogging all the brown and black cocks in town and all he wanted was some bbc for himself.

In other news, antifa cunts were trying to buy weapons from 'Mexican Rambo' to massacre White people.

It's too bad he didn't livestream his suicide

btw… do you think this even in mentioned in swedish msm?
ofc not, you should think the would write about some burglars calling the cops while on job.
okay then we'll come…

anything? ofc not, let's just pretend this didn't happen guys…. yet they find as much as an air rifle on one of this NMR guys and it will be in the papers for days if not fucking more….

Is that goblin his wife?

Yes and the basis for the cartoon character NoobNoob

Wow. Is this demonic possession or what?

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This could have been fun.

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