The state of women: Dancing around an abortion graveyard

"Look, there’s mine right there!” she said, pointing to one of the crosses representing a killed unborn child.

Earlier this month, Planned Parenthood-supporting students at the University of Texas-San Antonio giddily mocked a pro-life group’s display known as the “Cemetery of the Innocents,” which is a dedication to the unborn killed by abortion.

“Stop, hey, hey, what's that sound, all the fetuses are in the ground!” sang one female student…

Another female student joked that they should “kiss in the fetus graveyard” and said getting an abortion is her biggest “kink,”

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with abortion.

Christfags cry when white women abort half-nigger mongrels.

Abortion is a good chunk of the reason why we're dying out.

I feel sick.

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, that's good for as he's part of the long nose tribe.

, retards celebrating the death of their own children and people.

Do they not realize that future generations are going to watch this video and realize that this is how woman will act when given the freedom to do so.

i miss commonfilth compilation of these things

depends who you're aborting

There is nothing wrong with the abortion of non-whites and dysgenic, deformed or mentally-handicapped babies. It is absolute insanity than we bring these abominations into this world while destroying hundreds of thousands of healthy white children every single year. It’s genocide and you’re a kike if you support the abortion of healthy white fetuses. Maybe people shouldn’t have sex if they can’t be prepared to face the consequences.

No, you can be assured that they don't. You should be ashamed of yourself for assuming that, out of the thousands of different religious denominations, all of them somehow believe the same thing. There are many women that don't believe in abortion. There are also many women that strongly believe in not race-mixing. As for your bait, it is trash. This post was made by /Christianity/, have a nice day.

Daily reminder that Christfags directly encourage dysgenics in some US states by making it a felony to abort the retarded and those with Down Syndrome. Honk honk

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women don't want truth, they want approval

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Yes there is, it turns everyone into worthless whores who just fuck everything and anyone and destroys peoples sense of good in this world

kikes eat abortions to save on grocery bills

We wouldn't have all those diseased kids if women weren't retards in the first place and given rights

Tell me about it. We should always treat our women with dignity, but it’s important for any redpilled man to realize that women are just big children who need to be treated as property in order to ensure that they are not corrupted and that they don’t turn out like the harpies in the OP. Under firm male guidance things like this would never happen and women would be much more restrained, for their own good may I add

We're not dying out, we're being killed. There's a difference.

Periods of population decline is a natural part of human history. It's also not necessarily a negative. Lower population = more resources per person = higher birth rates once again. The Black Death killed 50% of the European population, what followed was a golden age where the labor of the common man was in high demand. Living standards rose considerably.

Women abort for primarily economic reasons. If there is a resulting population decline from abortion, said decline will lead to the scenario I stated above. It solves itself.

So, no abortions are not causing us to die out.

The real damage is done when natural population decline is combined with replacement immigration. It prevents the natural recovery from a population decline from ever occurring. It keeps birth rates down. This is the manner in which we are being killed.


I will slit the throat of every liberal subhuman with joy.

A few years back women would collect used condoms to wrap it around a similar abortion grave yard on a college campus.

they wrapped condoms around crosses*

The women should be doxed and have that information given to their parents.

Anti life vs pro life
Imagine having to have this type of philosophical conflict in the 21st century

Even then that depends on who the parents are. The child can be White and still be born to a family of degenerate criminals.

Under a fascist state the parents would be put in a camp and the child raised by a suitable family to ensure its proper development. Then we can just hope that the behavior isn’t atavistic.

Are the pro-abortion people here too stupid to understand these white women are having abortions because they are sluts. They are not good mothers. You should be very concerned.

how do you kill whats not born?

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It has a heartbeat, it feels pain, it has a unique genome distinct from its mother's genome.

your date of birth isn't when your heart starts to beat.

Abortion is a monument to the dishonesty and hypocrisy of the right. It’s so compassionate to hate people! It’s so compassionate to bring people into abusive homes!

Women who would abort their children make
and have
Let’s stop them killing their children and make that the next generation! Without abused children society has nothing worth conserving, yaaaay!

Doesn't matter nigger. When all major organs develop and function within the first few months, it's technically alive.


Just to clarify, I'm in no way advocating for the forced abortion of healthy fetuses as a punishment for parental criminality. Perhaps certain types of criminal behaviour ought to warrant sterlization, but that's a seperate matter.

What you say is correct.

Women don't deserve dignity anymore, they're trash, either beat them or shut the fuck up

t. nigger

Dear griever, listen up: if a child reincarnates early, experiencing a succession of wombs before its senses have even properly developed, what exactly is being tormented?

And if you’re not Tibetan, merely grasping blindly after what might support your faint excuse for decent argumentation, consider this: if God is omnipotent, God dwells in the heart of every abortion doctor, every mother who buys that service, and every child who gets aborted. Why would God apply experience to those children? Why would abortions be permitted?

The unsuitable and stiflingly submissive nature of the omnipotence argument is part of why religiosity has been fading along with other historic crimes such as child molestation. For God dwells also in the hand of the child molester, and would the crime occur if God did not will it so?

it does matter nigger. give it a social security cards, a birth certificate of 2 weeks, one day if you think its alive and some Buddhist book about souls has nothing to do with a heartbeat other than "these two things match therefore truth".

When people attack you for this just tell them that they're not going to suck their dicks for defending them, there's no princess in the castles.

This city is so fucked. We have a kike mayor, a crooked city council and our district attorney was bought out by George Soros.

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Maybe both men and women should try not having children if they're not ready for it. We should remove welfare too so the government doesn't force me to pay for sluts' kids at gunpoint.

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I think we should advertise and pay them to be sterilized voluntarily. I would be quite a bargain looked at in the long term time frame.

It sounds like you don't value your own kind. You're probably not White though, so I honestly don't care what the fuck you do to your women.
Yeah this is nigger behaviour alright.

Only a nigger asks for meaning instead of taking nature at face value. The foetus thing is alive. There. What's your conscience bothering you about? You either support eugenics or dysgenics, get a fucking grip you nigger.

The solution is a breeding license. Take the Pentti Linkola route and use it to fight overpopulation and achieve eugenics simultaneously:


Breeding license = state enforced eugenics

So slapping a bitch = bad

Killing babys = good?

welcome to clown world

Kill yourself so my standard of living would go up.


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kill all humans
you either support murder or you support life
get a grip retard

breeding licenses make not having children the default position, terrible policy with current population trends

You're not fooling anybody

got an idea

Let's tax churches.

They would get angry because they know of people like the following.

Yet in reality by taxing them they would be allowed to have political opinions.


if these cunts
Can go around
Aborting innocent babies
Then I should
Be allowed to
Masterbate in public
don't stigmatize my
Pre abortion abortions
legalize public circle jerks
Equal rights you filthy cunts.

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Apologia Church in Arizona bullhorns abortion clinics. The women who come out to argue with them accurately demonstrate the idiocy of pro-abortion arguments.

top lel bro

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healthy white babies being aborted = bad; non-white/retarded babies being aborted = good. what color is the baby, and how many chromosomes does it have? that is the question





The absolute stink of those women would smell like rotten fish and their personality would smell like the depths of hell.

Why do you think the left pushes abortion so hard? They understand voting demographics. They understand how many niggers get aborted every year, and how many votes that amounts to.

They support it for the same reasons the ancient Israelites where giving infant sacrifices to Moloch. Power from Satan and slowly weakening the ability of the goyim to say no to anything. If you will tolerate infanticide you will probably tolerate everything else.

In the future our Muslim rulers will show this shit to little blond Ismail in 5th grade or so to teach him about the backwardness and wickedness of his Christian ancestors, and to ensure that he won't repeat the mistakes of the past. And he won't.

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In any world with sufficiently complex lifeforms, 'evil' (pathology) will occur. To say evil is the 'will of god' is technically correct, because God doesn't break the universe by preventing it, but it's completely besides the point.
You can't deny the existence of consciousness. All possible explanations for consciousness are metaphysical in nature, so you can't deny the existence of unseen metaphysical forces. Denying the existence of God is just as stupid as denying evolution.



I kind of dislike breeding licenses because arrogant people would seek them as a status symbol, and then double-down on their superior licensed status by reminding their beaten children that they are licensed to beat them.

It would be a lie, obviously, but children are powerless aliens who don’t yet understand earth customs. They won’t know their licensed parent shouldn’t beat them.

jew won't have any descendants to see the day

user, a woman who had nine abortions lost an argument with me and in retalliation called the cops when she had several pounds of illegal drugs in her house AND was on probation.

No, I don't know what happened to her, she's dead to me now.

Axe usually, neural lacing might go a long way to fending off pathology, quite possibly ending it fir good. Are we then and on that day to concede the final inferiority of omnipotence in contest with the glory of the human will?

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Not sure what you mean exactly, user

Churches are such little bullshiters. We need to end tax exemption.

Aborting niggers and retards is fine, the problem is thots are aborting perfectly viable white babies and the kikes are actively promoting it.

Even if the majority of abortions are nigger halfbreeds and actual niggers it still bails out slut behavior. I'm against it in principle even if it works out for us demographically

Watch and regulate implants in the brain will give people the power to eliminate unwanted thoughts. That song you hate will never get caught in your head again; that attraction you know will never work out can be squelched; that habit you never wanted can be vaporized. The elimination of criminality will be a matter of course, but the part nobody seems to expect is that as long as we do our best to protect freedom of conscience along the way there’s no reason to believe there will be a loss of creativity or autonomy. Sociopaths will be curable, narcissists will be curable, emotionally unstable or traumatized people will be curable, and all will be brought forward into the freedom and joy of a voluntarily lawful life.

If the technology is implemented in restraint of progress, society will lock in stasis forever, and never again will humanity respond effectively to an x-risk. Yet ultimately, that is not in anyone’s interests, and the irrational paranoias or short-sighted inclinations that fuel invasions being themselves eventually curable, the deployment of neural laces in accord with the magnification of human potential is extremely probable.

That sounds great, but I'm always amazed by mankind's ability to mess up a nice idea. I think mandatory neural implants are more likely to change the nature of pathology than to eliminate it.

The thing I love about implanted oversight is…

I don’t have secrets, and that will finally be provable.

Current watchers tell

The outfits that believe all unwatched society is evil are as corrupt as they are paranoid. Were they angels they could be a spectacular asset, but they ain’t.

The difference in lacing is there isn’t any individual high or low who will knowingly submit to neural enslavement. So either the tech is introduced by fascist liars so up their own asses they would forfeit the whole future of humanity for a fraction more control, or the tech is implemented dishonestly with a lie big enough to spark a world war when it gets caught, or the tech gets implemented… honestly, with the enthusiasm of honest implementers eager to use their own tech.

It’s a wager I’m inclined to take. How many of you have been honest enough to gain from such a thing?

See, you ought to repent of your sins and seek ethical redemption, not because God watches but because he doesn’t. For I bear warning that the most economical people just are not criminal, and will fucking take over as brainwares come down the tech tree. The race of augmented people will overpower the aryanist slaverace not just easily but trivially.

Someday there will be everyday superintelligences
and they
will not
get bored!

Spot the kike

Oh yeah, sure, mandatory would be fucked up. Much easier to make it voluntary and then watch as every celebrity gets augmented, every job integrates lacing software, and prisons start offering it free for rehab and early release. No need to force anything, just make the resistant scream as suddenly trustworthy and talented ex-cons get rich ahead of them.

I only care about a subset of gentiles.

I do get where you guys are coming from. My own view is that slutty/thot behaviour isn't a product of abortion but of cultural norms instilled by the (((media))).


*when applied to niggers and retards and rape

even the name scares me
The honesty aspect of it is interesting. Do you have any links so I can read more about this? Google isn't giving me anything on implanted oversight

Abortion only adds fuel to the slut culture dumpster fire, though it might not be the main cause because there are still women running around slutting it up without turning to abortion. It's a get out of jail free card for sluts when a baby should be a constant reminder to women why they shouldnt have opened their legs for any fuck boy who wanted in and also act as a warning to other girls so that they do not become sluts.


Go read my other posts.

What do you think brain monitoring research is for? What do you think mind machine interface technology is building towards? Abusive tasteless arrogant people have ensured that the experience of having annoying music stuck in their head has been coerced upon every human being! We do not live in a sufficiently joyous and free society to escape this future!

And yet this doesn’t need to come from abusive narcissists in power. Right now the oversight agencies are so corrupt, they’d rather watch people who try to keep them honest than actual criminals. Giving people the keys to their own kingdom will suffice. At last every underperforming spastic and broken power-reaching atomized nazi alike will be able to reconfigure themselves in an efficacious way.

What is effective? Is it really effective to scream at people, or has that rendered this place into slaves? Was it really effective for leftists to abuse freethinkers, or did that put Trump into power? Is it really effective for conservatives to suffer powerlessly in hatred of foreigners, or has that made their societies start being completely overrun by foreigners?

Peaceful life free of pathologies is effective. The power that at last will have oversight of the individual self IS the individual self! No longer and never again will people live in submission to corruption and criminality.

Right now, technology permits finite integrity, but this will be fixable. Were there an omnipotent god, what we could fix would be a fraction of what that being could fix. There is no God. We dwell upon a paradisic earth by fortune; we rise, and our glory is our own.

Weep not for the souls of aborted children.

Oh what? My IP cycled! I guess I spent too long in this thread for my shillsoft. :(

Pedophilic nazis keep trying to revive pizzagate, a campaign that only ever rose up because leftism took a turn towards the kind of narcissistic lies, prudery, and abuse of children which enables pedophilia in the first place.

Look, I “believe it”, and it shall be so.

Introspection is a masculine trait.


Tell a therapist

What a waste of trips. Do you have mommy issues? Did geogia Tan Steal you as a baby?

What a manifesto!! Haha hope you had fun typing it. But seriously dude this to the max. Makers gonna make

You use that like it ever meant something

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Every enslavement shall end when at last dawns the triumph of truth! The path is inevitable, but it is born of a will purer and more benevolent than fascism. As man must not submit, so shall it be, and truth shall win defiant over the slavery of liars!

We shall have a material eternity of flesh or greater than flesh!

Repent of all lies, abandon all abuses, become humble in this era, and you may surely join me in that joy eternal which shall be on THIS Earth, in THIS lifetime, born not of ineffability nor miracle but of science! Of the causal structure of human bodies and human minds, we shall conquer death, and place it behind us.

Or, you know, whine about piggy mints, and the superiority of being joyless grumms and angry lying warriors, and the inevitable pointless doom that’s only really bearing down on you because you’re too arrogant to be truthful. I’m sure that’s a lot of fun. Many laffs.

If you laugh all the time, your brain is telling you that you’re okay when you’re not. :)

You are a middle-aged female who posts like a menopausal whore. Please no tits, just GTFO.

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Trips of truth

1/10 come on dude you can do better. Like in life. You can't hurt me but you don't have to stay here. There's a lot of nice people out there. Some you may even get to know and befriend.

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Ad hom in the first round. Now I know you're Margaret Atwood. Livestream your suicide with a bag on your head, you Canadian puddle of shit.

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And they are 100% right.

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If you cooperate in the abuse of women, everyone else will have more sex than you.

If you promulgate policies that promote child abuse (like abortion bans), there will be more people in the next generation with pathologies that would benefit from implanted oversight.

I will gladly gladly gladly give away the weaknesses of my position, because that’s what inevitability is like. Holy holy holy are your every attempt to resist. Only by perfection you will not achieve can you preserve this present earth of slavery and lies.

Be good to every child. Be master of every disease. Give a comfortable life to every man and woman. Be peaceful. Be pure not by force but by will alone. Let down every strand of force and fraud in your society, and speak of purifying truth in this era even when it discomfits you. Combine not against.

And so on, and so forth, and yes, even you should permit abortion. Do everything to render the world pure and perfect, and the future I look forward to shall never come to pass.

But you won’t. You won’t do it! You’ll keep traumatizing people. You’ll keep being arrogant. You’ll keep being short-sighted in greed, lust, vengeance, or what-have-you. And I understand! I tolerate you. Many are the people I admire.

There will be a place for all of you, so carry on, my prodigals. Laugh and feast, cry and fight. There will still be a place. You will be rehabilitated. As indeed will I.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with abortion of niggers, kikes, and all kinds of shitskins

Those who defy the powers of this world find the powers weak indeed. Yet I shall not be so fallen, for indeed I am no power of this world. I speak of no force, and no army may be mounted against me.

I speak of what people shall willingly do to themselves, piece by piece, pure and in potency, and I speak of a process that shall outperform every faith there ever was.

I am but the messenger. Defeating me is pointless. But listen, and there is joy both now and to come, no laughing madness do I promise, but the cure of every ailment. Nor shall I bring it to pass, but everyone shall, and the greedy shall bring it to themselves snd others just as surely as shall the altruistic bring it to themselves snd others.

Weep not for the souls of the aborted, lest you be my soldiers in a path of physical causation.

Are you one of the retards in the video?

I was going to type something out and try to explain my contempt and disgust, how I wish for the entire system to collapse, but I can't really find the words. All I can say now is:


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