America's Ass

Did anyone else notice the 'Double Entendre' "America's Ass" in the movie, " Avengers Endgame " ?

This has profound cultural and political significance.

Notice how Present Captain America defeated the Captain America from the past by by exploiting his sentimentality? The mere mention of Past Captain America's long lost friend, "Bucky" was enough to render the "Great Captain America" totally useless.This is symbolic of the United States. The United States was taken over by Socialists because the Socialist, the political faction that controls most of the world, was able to take advantage of America's generosity and sentimental gullibility.

The Socialists literally conquested the Americans, and the world, by manipulating the sympathy of the gullible morons around of the world. I'm not talking about sympathy being correlated to stupidity. I'm talking about the morons who are sympathetic for the wrong reasons. The intelligent people of the world understand that there are inherent operating principles, in a natural human ecosystem, that prevent the collective from being able to help every individual without causing more harm than good. Capitalistic barter systems formed all over the world, independently, in every circumstances imaginable. Those barter systems naturally progress into a money system that greatly benefits the barter system. In even the most anti-capitalist cultures, such as the USSR, Capitalistic deals run the entire system… Even in Communist China, the CCP has been forced to employ synthetic Capitalism. Without Capitalism, all you have is forms of Slavery and Feudalism. Without land ownership, all you have is barbarism… the ones who aggressively take and hold territory thrive the most. Even a dog understands the concept of territory and ownership. The pseudo-empathetic masses, somehow, get this confused when the propagandist exploits their kind nature with an overload of 'isms'

Digressing back to "Captain America's Ass" What does all of this have to do with American History? America is EXACTLY like the Captain America from the past, and we can become like the Captain America of the present.

Currently, we do not defend our borders because all that some random political faction has to do is say the magic word "Racism". We can't defend from Chinese spying. We can't prioritize American Citizens when planning our public spending. We can't help our vets. We can't protect the sanctity of marriage and family becase all that some random political faction has to do is say the magic word, "Sexism". We can't maintain a low divorce rate. We can't keep our family's together…

We cannot progress as a society because, Metaphorically, all someone has to do is mention 'Bucky'… and then punch us in the face while the idiots are confused.

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Maybe if your board didnt ban everyone with a different viewpoint people would take you more seriously

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Ready get fuck by a big Jew cock

This is pathetic, learn to express your viewpoint like a man, you soy cuck.

Your lies have no power here.

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If you hate life, just slide right. Jackass slave fascists don’t even tolerate their own good, much less anyone else’s.

I used to be a lot more capitalistic, but it didn’t work very well, now did it? People enslaved themselves to hatred and became broken little lying bigots.

Lefty Pol banned my for explaining that Communism is Socialism.

Literally, Socialists hate Jews because the Jews have an average I.Q. of 150. This shits in the face of the Socialist propaganda point that "all people are exactly the same". The Socialists are the political faction that is dividing and conquering the world through racist identity politics. "China for China" is "National Socialism"

National Socialism is Socialism you racist retards… And Socialism is Communism.

All of you Hitler wana-be faggots are the useful idiots that are working for the Communist agenda.. and you're too fucking stupid to realize it…

There really were tons of Genocides and Eugenics programs in the 1900's…

There are still Genocides occurring as we speak right now…
Either Racial Superiority is possible, or All Races are Equal.
Which race has been forced to survive the harshest adversity?

No good deed goes unpunished…

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*banned my ass

And your "power" doesn't scare me. You gotta keep in mind I have no agenda here. I'm just mad that y'all are so quick with the ban hammer when I come on here trying to help you out by telling you why your arguements are ineffective. I'm trying to help you and what do I get? A bunch of insults and a ban.

Why is Zig Forums so fond of censorship?

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I hope you don’t believe everything the Jews tell you

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Idiot… the international financial institutions are centrally controlled institutions that redistribute wealth against people's will.

The Financial institutions are SOCIALISM; Not Capitalism. Capitalism requires consent. Socialism dictated from a centralized control.

I wish Zig Forums (((Mods))) weren't giant faggots… They should just let things happen…

It is very simple science. It has to do with the Monarchy creating slave races. Also, it has to do with the inbreeding in your past. Also, look at who is writing all of the books, inventing your computer technology, and who is working in your hospitals. Germans? Nope…

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Op is cancerous that is why is likely getting the banhammer.

Idiots cannot distinguish between Genius and Insanity.

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You obviously aren't banned liar.

We don't have the slightest desire to intimidate you, your comptrollers and brainwashers deceived you into believing such to galvinze your moral indignation against us whom speak the Truth, whilst you demoralize and satanistically invert the very real freedom of speech we have here, probably in hopes of demoralizing younger men from believing they can seek the truth here.

LMAO, you're trying to assert dominance on user- .

Why? Does it elevate your mood in some way? Does it jiggle you reward gland?

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The (((Communists))) won by preying on Aryans and their Empathy nya~

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I didnt say it was my first ban. What am I new?

Checkd dubs. I don't get your agenda but you seem legit for good conversation at least. Thanks for being here

See above. Also just who do you think you're talking to young man? I've been locked up, institutionalized and more and got out of it all. There's only two things I dislike in this world and that's existing and poor trolling. So riddle me this? What free thinker gave you your facts?

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Ultimately, destroying the Third Reich, was the second to last draw… if not the last… for the Aryan race, and the US was 90% Aryan before WW2 nya~

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Lmao, no schlomo, just no

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You outed your self by saying natsoc is socialism and that is a part of a (((communism))) agenda and then stated that jewish iq is 150 which is false and far from the truth when according (((studies))) their iq is 110 realistically it is around 90 maybe if you weren't just a jew always outing your self easily and making half ass arguments people will less likely ban you.

There's three sides to everything, that's a false dichotomy.

Races aren't equal, but world environment contains enough variation to prevent and world superiority, even for the Jews.

And the Jews are not the most long suffering tribe, allow for exaggeration in the sorest ridden hack that ever was driven, no man has ever stated his griefs as lightly as he might , but those who state them the lightest often suffer the most, the Jews are merely a tribe of wizards that have set about to kvetch about "muh suffering" because they are paranoid from winning through usury and lying, bribery, and sleazy vice peddling and use the Holohoax a smokescreen to hide the filth and degeneracy of Hollywood, their involvement in the slave trade, the porn industry, etc, like every other vice industry from Monsatan to the Sackler's opium empire.

The Jews committed the genocides and were not genocided except by their own in the 20th century. The Jews that starved and died from disease at the end of WWII were the totality of the so called "Holocaust", no Jews were killed in gas chambers, and the starvation and disease that did occur was because the Jewish ran Red Cross refused to cooperate with the German Folk or the German Army at the end of the War, claiming German soldiers would steal the food and medicine, and thus they allowed their brethen to starve and die, and then made a public relations campaign and Hollywood hoax industry about it.

The Holocaust is now purely a racket and 99% lies.

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Jews do write books, but they are mostly lies.

The don't invent computer technology they steal it from goyim, hence since Jews have taken power, the pace of innovation has declined.

And they only monopolize the hospitals because they control the IV league Universities where doctors, lawyers, and politicians are trained, hence the state of medicine is in dramatic decline, and has become a racket to keep patients as sick as they can bear for as long as possible to extort all their wealth from them.

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Get out.

What's wrong with dissecting propaganda, Rabbi?

Lol wut? user you are exactly the kind of confused kid I'm looking for. Why are you spending time here when you could be getting your own balls hit with a baseball bat. You could live your dreams!!

I too am interested in the response but I feel like you would get a better one if you didn't call him a rabbi. That tends to upset people here for some reason. I know. I don't get it either.

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You nailed it!

If we get rid of the Socialism, Natural Selection will clense the blood lines in just 3 generations. The Truly superior blood lines will end up on top.

Those I.Q. results are not correct. It really is that simple.

In your opinion, but remember… even professional doctors constantly have contrasting opinions at the top of every field of study..

Uncultured swine…


Get the pop-corn. The arguments are going to be gold. I'm going to go grab a pizza real quick.

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Lol I'm delivering pizza while reading this

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People don’t seem to understand the difference between Race, Genetics, and Culture.

One simple vocabulary lesson would change the entire political landscape.


culture comes from genetics and a clearly defined genetic group interrelated by the genetic distance of 5th cousins is a race.

This isn't 4chan, go back >>>/4cuck/

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no it doesn't. culture is a social response that changes over time. when your circumstances change, your culture changes. people take from/rely on their cultural resources to tell them how to interpret and go about the world.

for example, individualism is part of american culture, and it's why america is the only first-world country without universal healthcare. culture arises from a country's unique history and social structure, not genes


You're a degenerate for having that in your library.

The (((Mods))) anchored another great thread…

They must have been (((Butt Hurt))) because
Op called them *Huge Faggots*

The (((Mods))) have ironically proven that Op is correct about (((Them)))…

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That is the most retarded post in history… We are all literally dumber from having read that post…

Go back to (((PewDiePie)))'s comment section on YouTube.

have you considered you might be a homosexual?

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You Moron… The First world lives parasitically off of the third world.

Basically, all of those cushy Socialist perks are leached directly from the 3 Billion people that are living on 1$ a day.

Everyone in the Socialist societies are forced to sink or swim because of the Tax policies and endless inflation.

The people who manage to swim in the Socialsit economy gain a since of entitlement because of how hard they had to work to get ahead. They made it against all odds, and they would be thrown onto the streets with the starving masses if they even question the status quo.

In this way, the worker drones all struggle for success without looking at the possibility of there being consequences to their actions.

The leaders, who are less than .00001% of the population, all don't care about Human life. They prioritize their country over other countries. If their plebs become dissatisfied, they change the leadership.

In this way, the workers delegate their responsibilities to their leaders, and then they demand that the leaders satisfy them at all costs.

The result is, the third world is thrown under the bus to provide freebies to the Socialist societies who then proceed to declaring themselves morally superior.

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