Celebrating the beauty of the Aryan

There is nothing wrong with nudism. The naked body has deep roots in European culture and art. The ancients could appreciate the beauty of the body at its greatest potential without it being tained with notions of sex. It was only with the introduction of the Semitic shame-cults that nudity and the natural became demonized, the body inherently sexualized and perverted. Look at today where the naked body is seen as inherently eroticized, a far-cry from the heroic nudity depicted in the past.

The declining nations of the West can only be repaired by first building better individuals, and we can only be regenerated by transforming our bodies. The body, of course, must be returned to its natural, naked state so that it could effect change upwards: first Aryans themselves, then the race and nation as a whole. This regeneration also implies a new moral ethic, moving away from (((shame))) and (((hypersexualization))), so that the body does not become a vehicle for degeneracy, but instead became a constant, living reminder to its owner of the need for restraint, sobriety and pure living.

If you find nudity inherently erotic your mind has been jewed.

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I agree with you one of the things that pisses me off the most about the "shame cult" is that camaraderie and brotherhood has been reduced to "lol what are you gay?" Really stupid.

Nudity is tricky though, in modern times without shaming nudity it would be cheapend to whores showing their asses in the street etc.

Everything post 1950 is so fucked up.

2nd post is kikefree.

Fuck off I am thinking out loud and since a thread already died for this I want to see some discussion around this since I am struggling to make up my own mind about it.

I know it wasn't, couldn't resist my self.

Also still thinking about the topic before posting something constructive, also user don't worry you didn't any threads I often go on the bottom a lot, your all good mate.

From books published in National Socialist Germany.

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They already essentially do this though, but with tight jeans and yoga pants. What needs to be done is to bring back the shaming of whores along with an elevation and celebration of bringing one’s body to its highest potential to where there is no shame in showing one’s self if one may choose to do so. Using nudity as an excuse for public degeneracy is obviously crossing a line and counter to this culture of fitness and eugenics. Though of course, none of this is possible so long as the Jew is the one who (((molds))) our perceptions.

Some bodies are unwanted, so you cover them now, or you cover them later.

Aryan means race traitor, slags.

Getting rid of tattoos would be a good start.

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If you shame whores, you don’t get any sex. What an Absolute facepalm. Drink less, think more. Don’t be a slave to bad feelings when the world offers so many pleasures and rewards us so well when we’re kind.

It feels good to have been nofap for the last two years and to see these images and be able to appreciate their beauty without sinking into a quagmire of degenerate thoughts.

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What's even the point of tattoos?

This is absolute bullshit or you are extremely ugly or something. One of the easiest ways I have found for women to relentlessly pursue my approval is to shame them.

The only tattoos I’ve ever found acceptable are military tattoos, and even I’d be reluctant to do that, but I can understand the rationale some more. Today most tattoos people get (especially women) are no more than corporate cattle-brands and shallow stuff they’ll likely regret.
Only a muh dick nigger brained man would refrain from shaming whores in fear that they would deprive him of sex. Premarital sex and marrying a non-virgin is detrimental to marital stability anyways

Then you are not a true national socialist or true aryan if you are going to let your mind wander of to pleasures which alone corrupts soul and mind and slowly let it decay the mental state of your being, you will also be apart of the problem if you participate in these degenerative behaivours life is not about pleasures, is always been about struggles.

Good for you, bro.

I don't get it either. It's supposed to be some type of self-expression, and there would be nothing wrong with that if it was body paint, something done in fun, and not something that scarred the skin for life.

It's funny, too, because they're spending money and undergoing something painful to make their bodies uglier. I'm kind of disappointed that image boards haven't completely shamed tattoo use out of existence, or at least out of the mainstream.

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For most of the 20th century, only sailors and convicts regularly had tattoos. The story of the former is something that's easy to relate to, where guys who would travel to different parts of the world but had no ability to take hardly anything back with them would get a tattoo from the locals. Not my thing, but it's easy to understand the rationale.

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I think the reason it hasn't be shamed is because this topic hasn't been brought into attention that it deserves or even talked about, I am just wondering why tattoos are even a thing in the first place and why.

Been going on weeks on no fap usually trip here and ther, but in result I am getting stronger and eventually hit eternal nofap.

It’s probably some “self-expression” atomized bullshit

Racists are atomizers, you fucker. Without shattered little violent liars looking for targets to abuse an atomized society doesn’t develop.

Hang in there, user. After many failures I finally got in a good streak. My problem was that I never replaced the time I spent being degenerate with more productive things. So now I read more instead of fapping. Although I’ve also taken the no-alcohol pill, I have yet to follow Hitler’s footsteps in becoming a vegetarian. I like meat too much

The left atomized society only to the extent that they failed to be true to their ideals! We ought to have no gods and no masters by which we might be compelled into predation! No longer should mankind submit to the chained necessities of war and criminality! Live a life as can be lived in the open, even where you know yourself to be seen by you alone!

The absolute state of shills. This is the third shitty post you’ve made this thread. Filtered

Seriously, you slaves are a daily joy in my life. Every day you find a new way to scream in self-inflicted torment. Shallow, joyless lies by the people who have submitted themselves to the sociopathy of their incestors… You also will someday know happiness as I do.

Got a federal agent in this thread.

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Collectivism is always atomizing, dipshit. You aren’t literally a kyriotate floating above a collective - that’s psychosis if you think you are. You’re an individual dwelling in one skin. Individualism deatomizes society as people grow more comfortable being and making connections as a single individual person in a world of people who are also single individual people.

It's a nice looking lady would make children with her, though

I don't think eating meat is a bad thing at all, I am still against what (((slaughterhouses))) are doing to animals, but I do not think eating meat will be the end of the world since our ancestors diet were 80 or 90% meat based, I suggest a different solution like letting animals be free in one giant land where they can be walk around, but still can be hunted down.
Sage for off topic.

For sure, no one can deny that.

Yeah, because federal agents are known for trying to discourage hateslaves owaitno they encourage you to radicalize and get busted out of society entirely

and get this?

Because you slags ARE the atomizers, it’s arguably a good service.

Sure thing schlomo
Instead of thinking with your baby dick, use you're brain like a white man does

This will be my last reply to you glownigger.

Somehow bad.

Look just because the kikes do it, doesn't mean it's bad. Niggers just lack the proper intel.

Stay mad Tyrone

Sailors, soldiers, whores, and convicts. So of course the women thought "I deserve one too" and went all stupid with it. These niggers now that have the money for ink, do the face, or get anything besides their Division insignia and a hula girl are just whores. Its fucking stupid how people get this shit for thousands of dollars, that might have cost a coconut or a pair of shoes to a malay tattoo man 100 years ago.

I’ve heard that we eat too much meat and at the rate it’s currently at (like much of our consumption of goods and resource extraction) it’s unsustainable in the long-term with growing populations. I agree with you concerning (((slaughterhouses))) though, those are fucked. It’s in the NatSoc spirit to care for both the environment and animals.

The Soviet Union was atomized because it was dishonest, corrupt, and took a fascistic approach to those who were considered beneath the party. Nazi Germany was atomized because it was dishonest, corrupt, and took a fascistic approach to those considered beneath the party. Modern China is atomized because it is dishonest, corrupt, and takes a fascistic approach to those considered beneath the party. Collectivism always atomizes people. Don’t worship heroic individuals, for heroic individualism is collectivism.

After all, if the big oongas are worthy of so much worship, what are you little ook ooks worth if you think you have any worthwhile thoughts or experiences? You’re narcissists, that’s what.

Narcissists when permitted to rise to the top project narcissism into the polity even as they teach narcissistic patterns of behavior that make their criticisms true.

either a bitch or a boomer - you aren't a boomer bitch, are you?

Nobody likes narcissists, so a society that has begun to emulate them goes to an unfucked hell and has no longer any joy between people. That’s atomization.

Boomers and bitches alike should live forever.

You do have a point when it comes to increasing populations including when it comes to cases at the increasing populations of chinks and shitkins and putting so many animals at risk at extinction.

Ignore him don't derail the thread.

Enough with the gorgeous ladies.

How about you post some beautiful nude men?
Strength, courage, determined look, and intelligence sparkling in their eyes. That's what inspires MY heart, at least, seeing as I am a woman.

Prove it with timestamp.

You need to be tortured and killed you fucking feminist. Your hero was a feminist too. We will find every last one of you and we will kill you.


This place admits allll the tiiiime it sees my posts. Call me a schizo, slaves. Abuse yourselves trying to hurt someone through a screen. You know already how well it works on *you*.

You know, the reward of honesty is that I’ve all my life had *literally more* sexual opportunity than I wanted. I’ve had so much sexual opportunity I actually wish I hadn’t had swathes of it. That’s what people who aren’t hateslaves get.

you're a washed up presstitute going to bed alone again

Lets try not fuck this thread over.

You're entitled to your opinion, but I think people who enjoy nudism get a pseudo-sexual thrill from it. I see no other reason to enjoy it.

Your mind is basically jewed.

That's one of the reasons, probably the main one when men are looking at women. Your point being?

His point is you are the only kikes here

Why would kikes be celebrating beauty?

Naked isn't beauty, it's trash for niggers. Cover your shit up and act like human beings instead of niggers working for kikes, you homos just spam this faggot shit all the time here instead of doing anything productive or talking about news and politics

Here is how these things play out IRL.

Normal people admire the human body, and have sexual thoughts. Nofap is great, but it doesn't mean you can't do that. The people who get very worked up about this are usually degenerate as fuck.

I disagree. They make target ID so much easier, and they're a lot harder to remove once the bad times start, unlike blue hair and piercings. I say, encourage more people to wear their heart on their sleeves. Let a thousand flowers bloom.


My point is that kind of weirdness leads to nothing good. Just pick one person like you're supposed to and be happy that reproducing is fun.


Have you ever kissed a girl?

It's sad that Walt Disney, a great artist and noble anti-semite, made anti-nazi war propaganda for the US government

Nice ad-hom, faggot. and nice reddit spacing

HEard that walt disney is actually forced to.

always brightens the day to see beautiful huwite women.

Here is another point, (((porn))) degrades women in so many ways and maybe men to some extent and turns that mind to what is primal when people see a naked women and think of sex is because this is regressing people into the primal state of humanity, and Ithink hitler also said something along the lines or someone else did is by that point your basically an animal.

The ancients also shared their wives and fucked little boys. We don't need to return to some naked barbarism like a new Guinea tribe.

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Well I agree with everything but with one thing, that everyone who wants change gets wrong.
You can only change something you have control of. If 65% of propaganda and 100% of goverment is controlled by jews, you cannot achieve aby significant uncompromised change.
The absolute first step, is for a legitimate emperor to take a real position of power.

Oh and I wanted to add that in Mein Kampf Hitler states, that boys should were short clothing in summer to show their body, so they are more determined to be fit and their fitness is displayed.

decadence wasnt the rule all the time you moron. A small dick was aesthetic because it showed that you are rational and not sexdriven.

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Walt Disney was a pseudo-genius piece of shit who would write his name on the works of the GREAT GENIUSES of the time…

Walt Disney was a poser, an evil person, and an egomaniac who had more power than a ass hole should ever have.

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this looks shoped and retarded

tfw "facts don't care about your feelings" lead me to "the iron laws of nature don't care about your feelings" let me to ethno-globe 2050.

I got tattoos before being red pilled, also I'm a chad with high intelligence and good genes. Just got led astray as a youngin.

He was wise to the kikes though, which is more than I can say for most of the dipshits I put up with.

Thanks, that's really interesting. Also, for those who don't know, the men are Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, both murderers. And that was from an era where even the vast majority of men were not tattooed.

Yeah, people change, and they are bitch to remove. It's not like shaving off a mohawk after a punk phase.

same here user
although i'm not on it for that long but i share the same points of view

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I don't know about you guys but I love sticking my dick in some hot wet white pussy. Goddamn.

user mind telling me how much porn you watched?

And gay

This is the kind of leftist "feel good" emotional rhetoric that you use here. It's like when (((social engineers))) and leftists say "There is nothing wrong with masturbation/porn/homosexuality/sodomy/perversions/having 100 sex partners/cheating/cuckoldry/……"
This is not a rational argument, but an emotional argument.
As a matter of fact, nudism is actually wrong rationally speaking.
See this thread here.

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Porn is the worst of all jewish creations.

Miscegenation is the worst of all things pushed by jews. Jews didn't create porn, they exploit and export it.


how does it feel to be a giant insecure faggot?
For pro nudity arguments see

also consider that clothing just like makeup is often used to cover parts of your body that you are not confident with.
There are 3 ways out of this,
-accept what you cant fix and fix what you can fix by exercise and proper nutrition.
-cover it with makeup and clothes
-preach equality

While I do not say that you should run around naked, I do believe that when the weather allows for that you should be wearing tight and short clothing.

I will find you and I will cut off your balls. You are not Nat Soc and you aren't a man. Keep posting though, I'm sure you'll convince us of your MGTOW horseshit eventually. Can't wait for your ip to leak so we can execute you you useless unloved waste of air worm.

i have 5 female cousins that look like those first pics and three married beaners, one got knocked up by a nigger and now married to a redskin, and the other is not yet married to her beaner. same with the 4 boys, all married to beaners or have brown kids. case in point, having white babies mean NOTHING OF YOU DONT REDPILL YOUR KIDS, 9 blonde blue eyed whites have been browned who could have easily made 30 more. now it will be more than 30 mutts im sure. really fucking bothers me. i hate this overrun state.

Imagine saving pictures like theses in your computer, yikes you are probably a nigger obsessed with White people.

You know why I don’t make threads?

It’s because I love watching slaves spin.

I want to save the users; the forum can rot.

I disagree. The human figure is beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of, yes, but the definition of nudity is the exposure of your sex organs - allowing another to see them is inherently a sexual display in and of itself. Fitness should absolutely be encouraged, but it doesn't require you exposing your genitalia, and I would be very uncomfortable with either myself or my wife being exposed to others. It isn't shame that drives me to not walk around with my penis exposed, but pride in my body's value.

Nudity is tied to sexuality in the same manner that food is tied to hunger. You cannot look at a naked body without some aspect of sexual thoughts appearing.

ah yes, very accurate

where do you see dicks and vaginas on those pics?
Also you are to focused on gentilia.
I have been to a roman style high tier Sauna and it was acctually mixed.
It was very nice to be honest and not decadent in any way.

Well yes there have been very atractive girls and women. But I didnt have any sexual fantasys and I didnt see any hard dicks.

Fuck off tbh fam

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Depends on how nudism is portrayed.
There is nothing wrong showing the human body 100% but if it's showing what is between the legs than ya it is wrong and (((pornographic)))