Woman is the worst evil

NAZI SOCIETY IS FEMINIST. The Jewish problem was always known, common knowledge in fact, but women were ALWAYS known to be the worst evil. You're not in on some big secret, but you're ignorant of the biggest problem facing western men and ALL MANKIND. Women of all ethnicities belong to the same evil race

Christian – "Sit not in the midst of women, for from garments cometh a moth, and from women wickedness………. Give me any plague, but the plague of the heart: and any wickedness, but the wickedness of a woman………. Tis you women, with your tricks and artifices, that lead men into error."

Islam – "A woman advances in the form of a devil and retires in the form of the devil…. Evil omen is in the women"

Confucianism – "Disorder is not sent down by Heaven, it is produced by women…. They beat men down, hurtful, deceitful."

Taoism – "Yin (feminine) represents inactivity, negativity, darkness, evil and decay"

Hindus – "Women are the root of all evil, you must know that…. Women have no sense of morality…. Women live their lives in falsehood"

Jain – "Women are the lamps that burn on the road that leads to the gates of hell”

Buddhism – "Having been born a woman is a result of bad karma…. the danger of the shark is a characteristic of woman"

Judaism – "Even the most righteous of women has witchcraft….When a man talks much with the woman, he harms himself, neglects his studies and will end in hell"

African – "Every woman is beautiful until she speaks…. Marriage is like putting your hand into a bag of snakes…. Eating with a woman is eating with a witch."

Gnostic – "For evil are women, my children; and since they have no power or strength over man, they use wiles by outward attractions, that they may draw him to themselves. And whom they cannot bewitch by outward attractions, him they overcome by craft…… and in their heart they plot against men"

Ancient Greeks – (The first woman, Pandora was created by Zeus as a curse. When he presented her for the first time) "Wonder took hold of the deathless gods and mortal men when they saw that which was sheer guile, not to be withstood by men. For from her is the race of women and female kind: of her is the deadly race and tribe of women who live amongst mortal men to their great trouble, no helpmeets in hateful poverty, but only in wealth…. Even so Zeus who thunders on high made women to be an evil to mortal men, with a nature to do evil."

Germanic religion (no texts left) – A man shall trust not the oath of a maid, Nor the word a woman speaks; For their hearts on a whirling wheel were fashioned, And fickle their breasts were formed OR Spun on a wheel were women's hearts, In their breasts was implanted caprice OR for their hearts were shaped on a whirling wheel, and falsehood fixed in their breasts

Zoroastrian – Women are more inclined to sin

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You don't give in do you.
Heil hitler!

Mother Earth, Father Sky, don't make women something they aren't, Sky dominates the Earth, Earth keeps the sky at the center of gravity.

Women in high schools and even university? CHECK

Women voting? CHECK

Women's property rights? CHECK

Hitler did not bring back arranged (and abduction) marriages? Females have a choice? CHECK

Women can divorce? CHECK

Wife beating illegal? CHECK

Said he wanted true equality? CHECK

Women exposing their bodies? CHECK

Women eligible to hold some jobs and get promoted? CHECK

Women receive alimony? CHECK

Women believed in court? CHECK

More first-wave feminist social practices? CHECK

No one takes you seriously mein nigger.

There are just FACTS, and feminists hate FACTS

You only hate women because you've never gotten laid

Religions lied about women so dishonestly straight priests would have access to women and dishonestly gay priests would have access to men. The people who obeyed the misogynistic teachings didn’t breed, expressing a hatred for misogyny extending deep into ancient times.

The Buddhist one is just saying being born a woman is bad luck or a punishment for a past life or the actions of the parents. It's not saying they are evil or anything.

Religious or traditional societies have always had a birth rate of 6-10 kids per woman

Another FACTUALLY incorrect statement by a women's rights activist. What a surprise!!

Gays have always been shunned or killed in religious societies. More FACTUAL incorrectness

How many times you making this thread goatfucker?

this thread again?

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Yes women are of lower birth.

"The danger of the shark is a characteristic of woman" is also a clear reference to women's evil nature.

Further, Buddha said to women - “This [your] body is a swamp of garbage, an infectious heap of impurities. How can anybody take pleasure in such wandering latrines?”

Buddha also composed the following:

Those are not wise
Act like animals
Racing toward female forms
Like hogs toward mud
Because of their ignorance
They re bewildered by women, who
Like profit seekers in the marketplace
Deceive those who come near

Much more can be said. In fact the feminine is considered the main problem of this world

Guess this is the new chan talking point for the next two weeks
GG, powers to be.

Excellent taste in bugs, thanks for the pic.

It's saying that women contain the souls of evil doers. The same thing was believed by the ancient greeks. Plato said:

“All male-born humans who lived lives of cowardice or injustice were reborn in the second generation as women”

Ignore slide threads.
Learn to sage if you can't help yourself.

What an unfuckable and undoubtedly smelly incel nigger you are. I guarentee you my wife would fuck you up, pussy. The Führer respected his volk no matter their gender… Yes, women have their place in society but they are the mothers of the future of the Aryan people. You are a repulsive kike degenerate spreading your nigger rape slave fantasies and National Socialists do not tolerate such blatant kikery.

Kill yourself untermensch scum or we will do it for you one day and it will not be nearly as pleasant I can assure you. Saged and hidden for massive faggotry.

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Poo in Loo-tier thread.

Feminism is big powerful men fucking over other men. The biggest hint his the "feminist" embrace of "transwomen".

Feminism is also about depopulation.

This is not something created by women.

Feminism has been used to prop up castrated men as the most virtuous of all people.

With castrated men they will destroy the rest of humanity.

As if women should have a choice? Fuck off and DIE feminazi DIE!!

A feminist

Patriarchy has ALWAYS BEEN the way and that's how it's going to be no matter how hard you feminists try you will face slaughter like the world has never seen before. We should kill at least 100 million of you

You know, we understand that all women have to offer are their moist holes, you don't have to be this transparent about it.

In fact, it's much better if women don't CHOOSE to fuck you because women are evil and their choice is evil. Women should only be FORCED

rape produces ugly faggots

new here?

Fuck off you women's rights activist. Nobody gives a shit about looks except women. In fact, it is inherently evil to call people ugly

Can't expect better from a woman tho. You need to be forced to be a slave and raped regularly

Women are like the host colonies for the cultural sickness eating the West away. Their usurpations have correlated with the decline of Christianity, which correctly defined the feminine role.

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Yeah, you can fuck off back to cuckchan

You're way too obvious and trying way too hard in spite of how many times you've failed

That's not a man it's an IP hopping woman who invades every single patriarchy thread


ugly people are an eyesore ugly things are an eyesore attractive things are the opposite. if you try to say otherwise you're a tublrite tier landwale faggot. also I hate women.

The OP quotes about women's wickedness are also correct. Here's more:

Only one out of a thousand men is virtuous, but not one woman!

Yeah you can tell. She used a different IP right here

You, go, >>>/4cuck/, now

MGTOW is a psyop to convince white men to hate women in order to never have children

I hate to break it to you user but people can have an ugly appearance. Its unfortunate but its not evil to notice. Dont be so sensitive you ugly fuck. Jk user dont let it ruin your night.

The fertility rates were through the roof during patriarchy as mentioned in another post. Fuck off with your women's rights shit

Adultery was punished severely (often by death) for the woman especially in every pre-feminist society.

It's morally wrong you evil woman. What do you know of godliness? Nothing. Women are associated with atheism, LGBT rights, oppression of men and destruction of civilization. You're nothing but a disease

yeah thats why the islamfags are so infertile get a load of this roastie

they're jewish brainwashing facilites, it does't even matter
everyone in the government is a fucking jew
no one owns anything in this day and age
no one should be allowed to divorce
sharia law is bullshit and islam doesn't exist to counter feminism, retard. islam existed long before feminism

OP is still a fag for citing fairytale bullshit

I'm all for social shaming whores and making them poor factory workers or something like that.

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LOL are you serious cuck?

I'm sick of these women. We need to beat and capture them ASAP. Let's do it!!

These things existed in a Nazi (feminist) society

I wasn't advocating for islam but hating women clearly doesn't lead to infertility even though it does lead to bugmen

FEMINIST BRAINWASHING!! Wife beating is as old as the hills themselves. It was always permitted till feminism, and even encouraged everywhere in the world
The Germans and Greco-Romans always did this. So did white christians and everyone else. The only way to control these free roaming women is to capture them. Especially those who have no male authority figure in the family who can control them

Not by law idiot, by merely leaving them no options like idiot fucking rotten cuckolds like you do to men everyday.

'if you are anti women you are anti white'.

a traitor says things like that.

no it's not.when you are not anti women THEN you are anti white.or anti male.

all important humans of the white race are males that are anti women.

The whites where always anti women.

and you are not against 50% of the white race because how do you now that women are humans.

it not matter when you are against that 50% white cunt animals.

If you are only for the white males,THEN you are for the white races.

This video refutes this whole thread.


You're ok op. Better than betterness or worse. You're overwhelmingly ok bruh. Couldnt be here asking for a base otherwise if you weren't fren. Whether success or failure of endeavor to be other than present you still got u for otherwise to become, you good. Women will come and go in sense you percieve as you do your own.

No it doesn't it proves hitler was a feminist

Nonsense. Women enjoyed plenty of rights & got special treatment and were in positions of mid-level power. Men were used as workhorses for women. Men were almost slaves in marriage and it was a feminist hellhole

Typical feminist. There won't be any peace on earth till every one of you is impaled

This sounds exactly as believable as the human lamp/killer roller coaster/wooden door gas chamber bullshit

Nice quads user


So the jews have instructed the shills to turn man against woman. How stupid of them.

Just going to copy-paste this:

Women in high schools and even university? CHECK

Women voting? CHECK

Women's property rights? CHECK

Hitler did not bring back arranged (and abduction) marriages? Females have a choice? CHECK

Women can divorce? CHECK

Wife beating illegal? CHECK

Said he wanted true equality? CHECK

Women exposing their bodies? CHECK

Women eligible to hold some jobs and get promoted? CHECK

Women receive alimony? CHECK

Women believed in court? CHECK

More first-wave feminist social practices? CHECK

lol. Oh wait you're a woman! You need to be beaten, confined and kept under STRICT RESTRICTIONS

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All that shit existed in Nazi society. It's just a FACT

A bullet should go straight through your mouth. You blood needs to be spilt

Prove it or piss off back to Reddit

Try making sense, okay?

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10% university seats were reserved for women and they finished high school.

As for voting, women voted in all the elections after hitler was elected

Everything is a FACT. Stop trolling and DIE

It's okay if you can't prove anything you've claimed. Stay mad


The OP of this thread clearly states that Jews are a problem, and this problem had always been recognized. Learn to read before posting this women's rights activist shit

Nowhere in the OP were the jews cited as a problem at all


t. Insin

Its surely from experience with women. Not the lack of experience

My feelings don't care about your facts, boyo

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lol. true and it has nothing to do with sex. womens very presence in public is a huge problem.

spot on. Liberals are illogical

I told myself I wasn't going to cry :,)

Did the trannies on TwoX figure out how to use Tor?

Since when did Zig Forums use words like incel, insult by not being laid, and all this reddit spacing. Christ if you want to refute his point actually try you braindead neanderthals before I kick you and your entire family back through the time portal they accidently came through. I hope all you redditors, shills, and normalfaggots are all hanged. Women only act this way in order to breed, repopulate, get noticed, survive, if all men today decided to act like gentlemen and return to the way of old all women would follow suit, if all men hated abortions then all women would too, sure you would have straggelers but just watch how Eve eats herself alive just to impress Adam (metaphor don't get triggered paganfags and christcucks). Who has caused these modern men to fall from grace? Who has funded these proxy wars? Who owns the banks? Who owns the military? Who can you not associate yourself with and why, and who decides that for you? The Jews, it has and always will be the Kikes until we ethnically and religiously cleanse them from this Earth.

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Let's take care of the traitors while we're at it. They're part of the problem.

The Jews just so happen to be the traitors user, don't worry we'll kill the niggers, boomers, and cucks later after we deal with shlomo.

Since the mods stopped moderating the board and let all the redditors in

Except you cucks do nothing but promote degeneracy. No one should ever give a fuck about a womans opinion

Wait a minute…you posted this exact same reply word for word in the last thread!

Maybe someone would care about your post if literally anyone gave a flying fuck about a single one of the religions you listed. Maybe.

All women must be killed and replaced by artificial tools for reproduction.
Women are not people. Never were, and never will be.
It is ok to torture and kill any women, from any age.
Kill female toddlers. Burn alive adult women. Anything goes.
Women are a plague, the same as jews.
All women must be killed, along with all jews.

Yes women should be wiped out but we can't do that because unlike Jews women are a necessary evil. So we have to cage and beat them into submission. Also women are inherently evil unlike jews

Stop finding excuses for evil behavior. Whatever your feminist justifications are, at the end of the day women's behavior is HIGHLY EVIL and women must be stopped at any cost
Just because a zookeeper lets lions loose to attack tourists, doesn't make him as dangerous as the lions.
Usury is just one crime, while women are the hotbed of sin. Plus this is sanctioned by the Jewish religion while women's problem is inherent. Additionally, the jewish problem was always known so this doesn't change anything.
They're rebelling against Judaism too. And these aren't the bitches who started feminism in the 19th century. They're not the women in the women's march either. You know who's to blame?


Who are just as bad as women of all other races. They are evil SUBHUMANS

Women are predisposed to being subverted by the eternal jew and its tricks, but as men we establish order to provide the framework which not only keeps them on the right path, but also generates life itself. Without men being men, extolling the truth of race and culture in that framework, the woman is rudderless and easily commandeered by the enemy.

Just go pay for sex already.
Women know that you crave it.
That is why they sell it.
Fucking cuck. Become a man and women will follow.

Before feminism, the Jewish problems were easily solved with killing, expulsion, forbidding christians to speak to them, forcing them to wear different clothes etc. With women out of the way, everything will be easy because then logic and reason will predominate.

Currently the state of society is utter confusion with name-calling, shaming tactics and personal insults being the way of shutting people up. These are all part of any gynocentric world.

FACTUALLY INCORRECT. Also, women's evil was always known to be much worse. Hitler did nothing new, but was a horrible feminist.

Women cannot be led astray, they can just be liberated.

Jews merely helped liberate women. All the shit that's happened since then (and continues to happen) is women's fault. Socrates predicted the abuse and oppression of men today almost 2500 years ago when he said:

Once made equal to man, women becomes his superior

Are the Jews forcing women to falsely accuse men of rape, violence and harassment?

Are the Jews forcing women to do all this alpha male, loser, bad boy, grow a pair shit?

Are the Jews forcing women to divorce men when we lose our jobs and lie in divorce courts?

Are the Jews forcing women to turn men against their friends, brothers and parents?

Are the Jews forcing women to ask for money in return for sex?

Are the Jews forcing women to falsely play the fathers victim in front of their kids to demonize the father?

Are we just going to ignore the fact that women have been putting social pressure on the media for over 100 years to become more and more feminist?

Are the Jews forcing women to physically assault men arrogantly just because they're women?

Are the Jews forcing women to protest naked and wear short/tight/revealing clothes?

Are the Jews forcing women to argue/verbally abuse with their husbands viciously and deceptively to make them feel bad and question their own sanity?

Are the Jews forcing women to nag their husbands to death?

The list goes on. These FEMINAZIS always want to BLAME MEN at the end of the day. They are indoctrinated to excuse women and fight with other men. Discrimination against men is ingrained in them.

They make false accusations, lie and abuse because they are in league with evil (women). They literally worship evil.

Women love Hitler because he was a feminist and they can use men as their slaves in a Nazi society while getting special treatment

You're trying too hard.

This is what men have always done. So we are just supporting a normal society.
Implying they have a choice to refuse to follow? Fuck off bitch you should not even have a VOICE let alone a choice!!













Yes, and in fact I would be happy to see a bunch of patriarchal jews, niggers or men of other races kill them. These men are the No.1 enemy. Women have ruined men's lives. They ruin everything. We're oppressed… No more!!

Pretty sure you could make a long list of how fucked the modern man is too.

Hitler was not a feminist and you have yet to provide sources for the claims you have made about the state of women in the third reich.

Good goy

They were mostly expelled, retard
If people back then only KILLED jews instead of expelling them then we wouldn't be in this situation in the first place but a brainlet like you wouldn't be able to understand

KEK! This faggot is at it again.You are amusing, I'll give you that.

The muslims are a strong unity and have in some muslim country's old high anti women cultures.the NS and Christian europe are that not any more,even USA not.the important nature law:The strongest (race) wins.
You see that the muslim races are very strong races because they control women.but the high races or white european races and the American mix-white-race are very weak.
because of they weakness you can do 3 things.1 doing nothing about it.2 is you keep yourself not weak and try to make your race mentally strong again.3 you go to be a muslim and help that races.
That 3e option is the best option because the strongest always win and if the enemy is stronger you better can be a traitor.that's because i say:The muslims are high humans with a greatfull high culture.more high then european and american for women (lesbo traitors) cultures.
Tarrant is probably the most famous right-wing extremist of 2019 and will certainly be in the top ten of the 10 right-wing extremists of the 21st century.
Aren't you ashamed of it?! You as a white man should be ashamed of yourself!
Don't you understand how disgraceful that is?!
The muslims (!?!) have an even higher culture and are a stronger unity than the Christians. (The Muslims!?!).aren't you ashamed that women are equal before the law? A woman is a failed human life. the muslims were always disadvantaged and now they seem to maintain their traditional culture even longer than the high white Christian cultures.you should be disappointed and ashamed.

If op's not a bot its pic related.

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