TRS will be shilling here over the next few days

The narrative will be that Uruguay is a white country and that Striker is from Uruguay and white. Enjoy the next few days of their discord coordinated shilling ops calling everyone who notices how infected the aut-kike is kikes, antifa, leftists.

When you surround yourself with shit then expect it do get on you. Clean yourselves up.

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Uruguay and Canada have legal pot.

eternal 2015
no one cares
It's all so tiresome

There was a thread about this earlier that went something like this:
>heh quoting (((SPLC)))
>well yeah it's him but still…(((SPLC)))
>so what if the info is real, it's the (((SPLC)))
TRSodomites are no different than trumpniggers. LARPing spergs following a cult of personality while living in a fantasy world.

Marijuana is degenerate user.

Yes God forbid Zig Forums fall for shilling tactics or hold anyone's water or anything. Constant vigilance, fellow nazis.

Look at these faggots pretending the shabbot candles are the only reason we call Mike a kike, and not his numerous admissions of jewishness. Not to mention that he was married to a B'nai B'rith Youth chapter president who he brought onto his fake "racist" podcast on multiple occasions.

Deep down they know we're right, otherwise they wouldn't resort to lies.

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Nah, abuse of it is degenerate. Very big difference, but sadly that's exactly what (((they're))) trying to force upon the people, so even people who use it for legitimate reasons will sometimes get pegged as degenerate.

No, I don't think you are.

Sorry, meant for

Coming from a bug eyed hook nosed Mossad kike

Projection. Prove you're white.

Imagine that. People figure out you're full of shit and your support wanes. Ask Trump how that works.

Roy Batty you are an irredeemable faggot; go suck on that federal informant Azzmador's half inch cock some more instead of trying to shit on one of the few people that ever wrote for that kike rag who had integrity.

Pick one.

I think it’s cool that Striker is from South America. Why would you doubt that he’s not white? Plenty of whites in South America.

Lol. This is my first day here and this is happening. Is this just a bunch of I fighting or what?

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Go away.

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We had a thread earlier with 500 replies and (((Mods))) deleted it

Kike Enoch is a literal Jew named Pienovich and he's admitted it multiple times

I still listen to every episode of trs after all these years. Your pathetic counter shilling campaign will never work mossad. U mad?

Mike the Kike Enoch

>>>/gasyourself/ Mike

Well, at least thanks for the heads up, OP.

Like cocksucking? Mudsharking? Shooting heroin into dick vein?

kek. that's hilarious.

When a fag calls you a nigger because you were checking out the cute blonde Irish girl in yoga pants.

Fuck off Jew

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Anyone shilling SPLC articles is a fucking cryptokike. Yeah he is probably a south american mutt. If that is unacceptable to you then just stop listening to his podcast, stop doing (((their))) work for them by constantly driving wedges and infighting.

Anyone from 8ch still listens to those clowns?

>By pure (((coincidence))) a true Aryan user is on hand to post said Jewish hate organization's screed on this individual less than a day after it was first uploaded
Really gets you thinking.

>Trust the (((splc))) who advocate against your group interests
It's like (((they))) worked out Whites operate primarily on trust but it's extremely fragile, ripe to exploit and infinitely repeatable, hence this constant loop of purity-spiralling.
'TRS will be shilling here' is just an inb4 they can level at anyone who disagrees, then immediately project this back saying shills will dismiss them as kikes.
I judge a tree by it's fruits and until trs say anything i take issue with i'll listen, same as i listen to many podcasts or don't as the case may be.
One thing i don't listen to are anonymous faggots posting (((splc))) propaganda which has no other purpose than to cause division.

i love having a reason to repost this fuck TRS

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He co-hosts a podcast with a kike whose wife was a B'nai B'rith chapter president. Even if he doesn't have a drop of spic blood in him, he's a traitor.


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About fucking time.

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you're getting gassed along with them

Shocking, it's almost like multi-racial societies have negative outcomes like for example dating, where, after the fact you may find out that person wasn't 100% Aryan.
I imagine the problem is more pervasive in the USA but i'd be more concerned if said relationships produced offspring.
Feel free to post your dating history for public scrutiny, i'm curious what your cope would be if anything is found?

I could have an implicitly White relationship with Mike's nigger retard brother, and it still wouldn't be comparable to:
1. Being a jew, which Mike is.
2. Bringing his B'nai B'rith BioQueen wife onto his fake "Nazi" podcast to deceive his followers and say things she didn't really believe.

The fact that you even think this issue comes down to what you perceive as race-mixing (they're both heebs) shows that you don't even have a grasp on the jewish problem. Maybe take some of the time you usually spend on podcasts and read a book about jews (and not some aut-right meme book) or even listen to an audiobook?

The post. Hi kike Enoch. You're a fed. Fuck you.

It's the definition of ad hominem to argue against a person instead of what they say. But I'll present a plausible scenario
Almost no one's going to go listen to old episodes of their show, but you can listen to these people go from racist libertarians to white nationalists in their first two dozen episodes

There's a bit of speculation there, but that seems far more plausible than… what? "Husband and wife duo engage in years' long plan to do the Hal Turner bit again."

There are no good Jews.

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There's zero evidence that Peinovich got a divorce.

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Why is TRS even still around? Do they get sorosbux on the sly or something?

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You left out the "repeatedly bring your jewish wife onto your WN podcast" part, which is irreconcilable with him being sincere. Not to mention that he's obviously a jew himself.

Maybe one day you'll get it, but if you're still listening to him, that's unlikely.

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If enoch is not a jew by blood then by deed

Is… is that a bunch of tranny hormones stacked on a copy of Mien Kampf? Am I seeing things?

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I've met numerous 100% European people from Brazil. Uruguay is even whiter than Brazil.

It's a fuckton less degenerate than all the fucking opioids, methamphetamine, anti-depressants, benzodiazapines, sleeping pills and all the other horrible shit pushed on people by the pharmaceutical jew. Marijuana is fine as long as you don't abuse it, less harmful than alcohol even.

I'm not going to say Uruguay is a White country but there are a good number of White people there.

I'll wait to see his DNA results before I declare him a mud.

TRS has been absolute nothing but an embarrassment since it was founded, why the fuck does it continue to exist. Anonymity is our domain not e-begging podcast LARPers.

Remember Ghoul?

A homosexual who groomed little boys, dated trannies and was constantly on their podcast? Who then put his face on youtube, got doxxed and lead to Mike's wife being found?

Richard Spender and Greg Johnson also have TRS ties. I wonder what all these people have in common..

Ok Saul…seems the only book you read was 'rules for radicals'.
Again, tell me how anything trs puts out advances jewish interests?
Again, tell me how it hinders White interests?

It's election day here so i'm off to vote for a 'far-right' party, what are you doing today except for attacking the right?

Oh I don't know how that isn't advancing Jewish interests. Don't you pay the woman who organizes your local child abuse rallies too?

Gee, it's pro-white. What's the problem here? As long as it's spreading pro-white ideas it doesn't matter what happens behind the scenes. Shekelberg is doing a fantastic job making us all feel like we're doing something while we're not. We should make him the new fuhrer.

This is how democracy works BTW. Enjoy your Far right voting. An oxymoron if there ever was one libtard

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While the minority, there are more Whites in Uruguay and Argentina then the other Latin American countries (At 54% White, America is a pot calling the kettle black) . A White South African is still White despite the country certainly not being White. Hell, even Bolivia and Peru have a tiny legitimately White population.

It's just that the bar for what is considered "White" to them is usually a lot lower.

Only Amerimutts believe white is an ethnic group. It's like saying a dog is a cat because they're all animals.

Nice strawman but i listen to the free episodes on their site, never paid a dime.
It's interesting how you equate listening to a pro-White podcast to child abuse though.
Getting that mad someone is voting for the far-right and equating it to being a libtard.
Explain to me what it is you do to help the White race?
Explain your amazing all-encompassing path to victory?

Ghoul used TRS to groom a young boy and sexually abuse him. Did you not listen to 3rd Jimpact?

It fucking stinks up the whole block when you stuck that phillie dick.

It's just an umberella term.
The BNP (British Nationalist Party) was originally going to be called the WNP (White Nationalist Party).

Yep that is a shocker, any other hot takes saul?
Basically all anyone can glean from your posts is that you have an agenda. What is your ethnicity?

Umbrella terms are useless. It's a mutt term for people with no home

everyone says it's less degenerate than this or that or it's bad to abuse… you can compare it to WHATEVER YOU WANT. we've been told that alcohol is a weapon against the masses. I get it. opiods are a worse weapon. marijuana is still a weapon against your own nature. It's a hotwire fix to reality. It's a way to trick yourself into not caring or feeling good when you should be doing something productive that will delay that gratification and return it 10 fold. It's like deciding to indulge in hookup culture instead of seeking a wife and family. fact of the matter is, Weed… Is fucking degenerate, binds to the fatty acids in your synapse and slows your mental capabilities. this is a fact. people that smoke weed end up slow, lethargic, and lazy. Looking forward to the next time they buy and get another quick happy.

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White nationalists:
Also white nationalists:
You guys should be glad Jews are merciful and only made you cut the tip off. Next time we'll make you remove the whole thing.
Honk honk, or whatever dumb shit you're saying these days as we rule the planet.

Yes we're just quaking in terror.
Please kvetch more though, your tears give me power.

You're a good example of why right wing groups lose and don't gain ground. Instead of seeing people can have different opinions on the same objective you scream jew at everyone. The above post is an obvious troll but you've done it through out the thread.

Johnathon Bowden said getting right wingers to work together is like herding cats. Even if you agree on 99% of things the colour of the table cloths is enough to make right wingers break apart and form rival groups instead.

You should look in the mirror and ask yourself how you're helping instead of disrupting. You may have the best intentions but you have absolutely no self awareness. If someone disagrees with your method it doesn't make them a jew. But you screeching Jew at everyone and being disruptive is an active problem to forming a coherent group.

If I was a jew trying to disrupt things I would act how you act. Any time people agreed on things I would knit pick it and poison people's minds with paranoia until they broke apart and become less effective. It's easy, you can't be blamed for trying to witch hunt Jews as it's actively needed, but you do it over minor differences and nothing more until it all collapses, nothing changes and everyone goes home disappointed they failed (again)

Along with the Zig Forums, cuckchan, and the 15 other consistent shills that never go away.
Acknowledging them just validates their bullshittery.
This is no different then caring about e-celeb jewtubers.

Attached: 5-1-19-1.jpg (343x267, 30.04K)

now I'm not agreeing with tthe poster shouting "kikes this, kikes jews" (even tho on the world stage it generally almost always actually the kikes) but William Pierce said getting right wingers to get up off their asses and do something to protect their values and country is like herding cows, You gotta bark and scare them and even turn everything to shit before they'll stand up and act united. So… I dunno. I feel like there's no point to this thread in particular anyways other than saying there will be shills, I don't know what he's even disrupting. IN OTHER THREADS THO. I understand that alright, They're like autistic monkeys trying to have a poop fight and saying nothing coherent at all other than "no you're the kike….. " "NO YOUR THE KIKE" "NOOOo, YOU"RE THE KIKE AND A NEWFAG!"

TRS stands for technically retarded sandkikes

Don't forget kommonfilth

You don't fit in

Bumping for dead glowniggers

Interesting, i've never seen this tactic before…
Clearly i'm replying to
In that post you stated:
Clearly admitting your are jewish and have an anti-White agenda.
Hint: everyone can see.
Literally: the jew crys out in pain as he strikes you.

TRSodomites fuck off nobody cares about your dead websites and your jewish e-celebs
nobody likes Moarpheus, but nobody likes your faggot kike cult that spent years attacking Zig Forums and National Socialism unprovoked

Hide TRS threads
Ignore TRS posts
Do not reply to TRS posters


That's the exact narrative TRS tried to spin when they got caught shilling here.

So if they are shilling a narrative which is ture and makes sense they must be the good guys.

Is that the one where she doesn't mention kikes at all? Should have been a dead giveaway at the time.

You are not. The TRS/alt-right crew is rife with sexual perverts and other assorted degenerates.

pic 2 related

Attached: kissam jared.png (1500x3000 136.77 KB, 3.26M)

This is a satanist homosexual loli friendly board, fuck off christcuck.

This. Lone wolf mass redpilling for me. I want them to have no idea who their enemies are, or how many.

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The fine work of Axel's extreme autism

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1084x268, 33.11K)

I want to know why he left the Papa John's Farm and Murphy's Fuel Oil Company ads in after using memes to cover Facebook ads before, or didn't just crop them out. The whole flow of the infographic is so terrible. Upper left to lower right, every other screencap compilation in the world understands this.

pigment slaves
i don’t care if you’re lying
the lie is also pigment slavery

I like common filth. He pissed off a lot of the right people. His stance on degeneracy and the way white people behave was entirely accurate. He got run off by people like TRS who are full of homos and jews which he called out.

They even slander him as being a spic to try and distract from him telling the truth. I understand why you might not like him but he's a fuck load better than the other e celebs.

Attached: 1413176724181.gif (400x224, 1.28M)

What's wrong, morphauscuck? Did the mods do their fucking job for once and delete your (((splc))) (((morphaeus))) eceleb thread so you felt the need to make another one?


Way to prove TRSodomites and similar groups are 100% deradicalization shill groups to stop you from doing anything actually effective.

No idea.

Attached: Pinochet autism is Likud-approved.png (1477x3340 738.64 KB, 2.56M)

Sorry you're so triggered by the truth. Even if he was a spic he still told the truth. A lot of white people's problems are self imposed. Centuries of apathy and surrender has left them vulnerable and weak. If they don't solve their own damn problems it doesn't matter if they get rid of the jews or not. It's literally the same decay with a new ring master.

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Attached: image_2003.jpg (780x398 39.33 KB, 98.21K)

You know they didn't start out completely jew-woke, right? Bulbasaur wrote the articles, and didn't he leave after the wife stuff come out?


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lol it literally has a larger white percentage population than the US

Attached: 1EaxqJI.png (1920x1080, 195.85K)

It's almost 20 percent more white but for some reason you don't get an army of cry babies going on about muh Dee and Cee when you call them mutts though.