Picrelated. What follows is Venezuelan official transition to gommunism, they will reform their consitution to mirror Cuban one.


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Heck of a job there, Bolton!

CIA's getting either too lazy or too confident.

Have they ever managed a successful coup?

It's been here or there, not as consistent as the KGB.

sleeping agents

I think the only one that I'd call successful would be the 1953 Shah of Iran, but of course that fell apart in 1978. They've definitely been useless as of late.

This is one of the greatest stains of the shit show filled Trump Presidency. He literally LOST to Putin in Venezuela. There's no way to look at it accept Putin outplayed Trumplestein again.

Part of me wonders if this was Maduro allowing members of his military to court Guaido for a coup to see where everyone's loyalty stood. My contacts in Venezuela are very anti-Maduro but support him over what they see as (and what is) U.S. meddling so it's no surprise few showed up. Its also hard to believe that with the entirety of US intelligence that Bolton would be caught so off guard.

If I was a betting man, I'd say Bolton knew the coup was flop from the start but was trying to play it up to embarrass Trump and force his hand into a foreign intervention.

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Trump spoke about this today with FBN. He said nothing other than that they were taking a wait and see approach. All bark and no bite.
Trish looks a lot like his wife, and the way he said her name at the beginning makes me wonder if he knows her in the biblical sense

Can't think of anything else RN

Next round; jews will throw lots of hard cash around, YOUR cash to buy off the officers.

People are shocked again and again.

That is not how the coups work. If you can't rally sufficient percentage of support in the first day/first hours even, you are fucked.

You must have a dedicated junior cadre of officiers with sufficiently loyal troops who know what are they about to do.

Just look at the failed anti-Erdogan coup. Soldiers were told shit about the true intentions, they were told it was a drill.

Same in the case of Guaido.

Fucking hell, Monroe Doctrine is dead. With this act USA's influence in the Western hemisphere is dead and curbed back before 1898 Spanish-USA war.

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need more

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jesus christ user, they succeeded in many coups, just not that recently

and that's just off the top of my head. They're definitely effective at this, but they have to have a weak military and leaders in front of the country for them to succeed, didn't happen in venezuela because a) not enough popular support b) military was all with maduro.

Anyway I don't believe this is over. I expect some kind of false flag in the following days to rally support for a US direct military intervention.

Can someone explain why Maudro just hasn't imprisoned or shot him yet?

Because its a normal country with capitalism and democracy and you dont do stuff like that. Whatever atrocity propaganda you hear is fake, about anyone actually.


Are you reading Orangekike? Stop being a retarded jew cocksucker.

So you're wanting a US intervention?
If so you don't belong here.

Maybe the US should have got involved after all?

But on the other hand if they did, those 25 people and thousands more would want to move to the US.

Lmao, a fucking Duginist & Putinist

But it is well known that Maduro & Chaves kept military loyal

Any e who supports communists is nonwhite

No, only throwing tantrums and retaliation. Well, if you include the OSS, then yeah the Dixie Mission helped Mao create modern China and overthrow the republicans and fascists.

I think I'm gonna side with the commies for once

A lot of the military leaders have been living in luxury while the people starve.
Like Maduro and the controversy about him eating at the worlds most expensive restaurants while his people rummaged through bins for scraps back home.
They wont defect because they know they would be torn apart by the local population if Maduro lost power.

Why? Even modern US is way better than communists.

I've also heart from Brazilian guy that Maduro purged officers with questionable loyalty.

US intervention is a preferable scenario tbh

The modern US should collapse and right wingers should take the power. During the next civil war, Russia and China will try to expand their sphere of influence. The smaller their spheres are now, the less they will manage to expand them.

Have you been around any university?

You tards never learn do you?

I've lived for several years in both Russia and US, and have studied in unies in both countries, trust, me, you should support the US over Russia.

It isn't middle east. You can also try to do better, if Iraq invasion was a bad idea, this doesn't imply that Venezuela should be left intact and that the US should never ever invade anyone.


You aren't a deep thinker, are you

Just as planned. Every reble group like the Kurds have been commies. Heck we dropped support for a Nationalist leader in China who was Christian for supporting commies.

All those died by the hand of Mao. well their blood is on America's hands as well.


Look whose talking.

Why should I expend anymore energy than necessary when dealing with bullshit like yours?

I don't have to choose a side between Zog and Jewtin. And what interest do I have in a Venezuela invasion that does nothing but reinforce the zionist stranglehold on this world?

Your old tactics of nationalist pride don't work anymore. Not when you simultaneously speak with the other side of your mouth, boosting up the very communist types you decry.
If I am to support Uncle Sam, why is Uncle Sam (CIA & alphabet I'm looking @ you) funding and supporting marxists within our own universities/country?



No answer huh?

One of the most embarrassing things about all of this is that Maduro's government is terrible, but the Venezuelans would still rather have that than the United States getting involved in any way.

Venezuelans want nothing else like they want an US intervention

Theres quite a lot of Venezuelans out on the streets wanting the other guy.
Watching them demonstrate was pathetic because they are a completely disarmed population, trying to impose their will against trained, armed Russian military men.

Like most latinos they want to move to the US and cut rich peoples lawns.


In practice you have to, either US or Russia/China wins

The emperor has no clothes. He is also a diminutive little faggot. There are tons of agencies because of bureaucratic incompetence, not need or amount of reaources.
Stop fearing glows.


Reminder to filter out kike shills, it should be obvious to anyone that a war with Venezuela only benefits the Jew.

They are a strategic threat to the U.S., and are more than happy to allow themselves to be taken over by the Chinese. They need to be toppled, if for no reason other than to prevent a future humanitarian crisis (refugees).

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ZOG trying to update a Bolshevism 2.0 government to Bolshevism 3.0. It’s all so humorous — except that we’re paying for these monkeyshines.

There are russian soldiers in venezuela. nothing is ever going to happen there. maduro stays. end of story. fuck bolton.

The CIA doesn't care enough to really intervene. Though some foreign elites who hold oil fields and land in Venezuela do want something to happen. The population gets fucked either way, probably more under maduro and socialism since its a dysfunctional economic system.

It's far from over since material conditions will continue to degenerate. USA needs to be careful though since there isn't enough support among Venezuela for intervention and the government of Venezuela is now on full alert. Venezuela might just opt for more totalitarianism so that the party protects itself at the expense of the population.

Brazilian here.
I don't care about the Jewish tricks in Venezuela, I do care however for the hordes of mutts arriving.
The UN and government solution is to ship them off the border states (which are mostly amazon wastelands with no people or wealth) towards the richer south, which (((coincidentally))) are the last white majority states here.
I don't doubt for a minute that the same is being done in other Latin American states who received "refugees".
Venezuelans are already 20% of the population in the border state of Roraima, 70% of neonatal beds in hospitals and half the patients at hospitals.
All for free, they get food, shelter and some even job training and pre paid rent.
Who affords this? While we can barely support ourselves you might ask?
The UN and astonishingly enough, the EU.
Yes European anons, you are financing tranny Venezuelans, thousands of them.
Don't believe me?

Monroe Doctrine was violated in 1914, what it actually says is stay out of our backyard and we'll stay out of yours.

Yes, Trump controlled-opposition that he is, completely fucked it up. If you want to coup/invade, you do it in a fucking day or bust. The USA is so fucking done as a world power.

The (((UN))) and the (((EU)))

Now China and Russia can virtually annex the Caribbean with impunity. Cuba is already on their side. Whew the US is fucked on so many levels nya~

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Bolton is such a mutt.

Jew coup has failed. Zog is falling apart.

And yet Zig Forums thinks Putin is a Jew tool so that means the coup being defeated is a Jew victory.

It's so badly done that you have to think it was the same crew that made a huge mess out of the Ukraine.

Now it is up to Eastern ZOG nya~
Jews are behind Chinas rise nya~
The only non-Chinese in the CCP are Jews nya~

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If you still don't know that Jews attempt to play all sides, you need to lurk more nya~

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Everybody is a kike. How beautiful!

You're mostly good goys around here.

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I wouldn't consider Karlin much of a "Putinist" or "Duginist".