WHy the fuck are you not on NeinChan.Com yet with all the BASED Anons?

They cracked the Z34 Cipher tracing it back to Bernie Sanders as the Zodiac Killer

Better Anons post on NeinChan


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Nein is for information- who wants that when we can bask in our doomsday posting on 8pol?

Nein pol = honeypot, the chan

Because neinchan will be used for a future exodus you faggot nothing more.

This too.
Fucking glowniggers

Do you teach stuff about meditation and astral projection there?


NO seriously though there is an user that has been to heaven through meditation

The clownworld memes are an evolution of alt right. Don't fall for it.

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Forgot to add


But not 8& half ,right?

at least mewch had a camwhore

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8pol allows tor
Do you?…



Stop posting links to this pedo site, thanks.

Great. Another place for shits and giggles while the world falls apart.

Theres a porn ban on NeinChan you MOssad kike

nope.jpg - she's in love with him and wants him to raise her kid.

after his mother dies he babysits the kid occasionally and ends up testing joker venom on her by leaving her laced flowers he literally gasses her and gets her locked up in a nut house
almost everything in that trailer is bullshit if a fairly credible looking leak is to be believed.

this joker is going to be a generic anti-establishment type with the message being "all extremism is bad and capitalism and cops are good"


neinchan is not a honeypot, only jews say it is because kikes like to monopolize and they get mass advertizing, neinchan is shilled from the grass roots by it's own users, not jews and Trump/Q fags from Patriot's Soapbox like Zig Forums. We got a Discord link on our home page, you can come and find out for yourself if it's a honeypot, unlike with Zig Forums where your admin is some asian guy and a guy in a wheelchair who lives in NY with a jew and nobody knows who they really are because you can't meet either of them. It's kind of ridiculous that anyone from Zig Forums could say that neinchan is a honeypot at this point.


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1. You retarted nigger it already had jewgle verification. That is moderator login which 8Ch.Net/mod.php also has. They have ZERO Brute Force Protection where Nein actually had some

2. No warrant Canary. Yeah there is no fed posting you cannot say I will kill politicians because it is illegal

3. Who cares Nein does not even store IP addresses. It was bought with a fake name

Gas yourself you fucking kike

fred lives in the Philippines and his address is publicly available
and it's not a honeypot it's just botnet-tier and the way your autistic admin set the place up makes it stupidly vulnerable to attacks.

shit even endchan's retarded admin team realized that having your mod.php improperly configured was fucking asking to get ebin haxxx'd

So what? At least people can CONFIRM that it's not a honeypot.


you have boards for that here

also correct way to run an imageboard anonymously


get rid of the gay human verification shit. shouldn't have to do a new one for every post. 8/pol is only once a day per IP. also just too slow due to lack of anons. it's alright though, 8 will be shutdown soon and anons will need a new foxhole.

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