A government agency known for its secrecy (CIA) is making a splash in a very public forum: Zig Forums & Twitter

A government agency known for its secrecy (CIA) is making a splash in a very public forum: Zig Forums & Twitter.
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been raising eyebrows with its increasingly conversational and pop culture-filled social media presence, in recent months giving shout-outs to hit Hollywood films, game show hosts and other buzzy bits. And just last week, the agency added an Instagram account to its growing social shop.
“We’re trying to be as transparent as possible with the constraints that the CIA currently has,” agency press secretary Timothy Barrett says.
Tweeting to the world isn’t exactly cloak-and-dagger, and the aim for a public face is an undertaking that has unique quirks at one of the most secure places on the planet. But when ITK wanted to know how the social media sausage was made, to our surprise, Barrett invited us to Langley, Va., to speak with the some of the secretive squad about how the CIA gets its message out online.
After leaving all electronic devices in the car — nothing, not even a Fitbit, is allowed in its headquarters — ITK prepared to meet a hush-hush band of CIA social media mavens and maestros. But rather than a tight-lipped team decked out in trench coats and sunglasses, what we found was a rather ordinary crew cranking away in an otherwise normal-looking office.
“We don’t do social media like most people do,” says Amanda, the social media lead at the CIA, "We're Jews, jewing" Amanda who, like most of the behind-the-scenes jewteam, declines to give her last name for security reasons. But she snidely remarks it's Finkelstein if you need to know.


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CIAniggers are real, but they're kikes, not niggers

Article does not mention Zig Forums. Click bait.


They got women into top positions, expect them to become as dangerous as a hunting lodge.

This a White Pill. Never mentions Zig Forums though . But man do things sound bleak at the CIA headquarters its sound like she given a tour by a cat lady from silicon valley.

Serious the chinks aren't that creative but, they are pragmatic enough to know not to be putting cat ladies as the head of any department. If the US gets in a war with even a occasionally competent government like China they are fucked but,hey Whites get to their create a ethnostate naturally like we have seen in our temporary ones every natural disaster :)

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Glowniggers should be ran over with your car
RIP Terry you were my hero

Lost my kek :')

They make it too easy

This is what happens when you have diversity hires.

They consider cultural guidance part of their mandate. I’m not the biggest fan, not the biggest enemy. It’s bullshit that shouldn’t operate, but there are many bigger issues. They degrade culture, but so do ten thousand lesser artists who have no ties to the CIA and deserve the chance to do their thing. It’s only the narcissism that puts CIA influences over the top - they’re a poison pill.

I don’t think their values are that dissimilar to mine, though obviously I don’t know. CIA transparency is an oxymoron. You’re supposed to be smart enough to figure out enough of the references to jive with it, but it’s not a good way to interact with the world.

OP mangled the article pointlessly in case anyone doesn’t follow the link.

If I ever encountered more than the one CIA agent I noticed…

Cmon spooks give yourself a little more credit than that
More like pirates

I don’t really believe in the fundamental honesty of the CIA. I think that’s the thing that tips me from “whatever, carry on” to “this budget dies, but I’ll let it die last”.

Are you fucking retarded?

The chinese beat the dutch several times in the 1600s. Who made that stupid post?

Kikes are black.

Would you trust a kid with a mini gun? Lol still it has its purpose

Not as much as would be healthy given the future I expect for Earth, but I’ll do my best when it really matters a few years out. You’ve got to be smart enough to be honest. It’s easier to do science with an accurately reporting retard than with a four dimensional chess player who might be scheming anything.

Depends on the kid. It could be a fun experience in the right circumstance. It’s important not to infantilize people too much - sometimes even kids.

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If this place had oldfaggots, it would have truth. You fuck off, Poohbear.

if they are on twitter they are certainly on Zig Forums faggot

Please don't tell me the CIA recruited these new uh 'agents' from reddit.

It’s a ruse

>direct link to (((the hill)))

Another idiot who's never heard of Mockingbird.
There's no doubt in my mind that the CIA has tried clumsy propaganda on the chans because nobody left or right can stand the CIA, they need to end as an organization, and you would get these shill threads about how heroic the CIA is and we should believe their lies and be grateful for their thefts.

CIA will have to be disbanded. No agency has done more damage to the US in history than these fucking kikes.


so acknowledging their yid cousins in showbiz.

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in other news water is wet

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They are doing a recruitment drive.

they sure did, last night

Time to dump CIA redpills on it's social media?

Reminder: even Moby talked about his CIA friends. They are everywhere.

are they ready for the big guys?
that is us BTW

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Is Miss Finkelstein hot?
Is it race-treason to imagine her jewing?
I suspect we are red-pilling her as we speak.

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I'll bet it doesn't have a direct quote about jews jewing either. Gold star for you.

China is secretly run by the (((British))) user.

Which means jews.

Hello CIA-bot. You don't know that this is a SATIRE website yet.

can i sue cia for cyberharassment

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