Why are women these days so stupid

It's annoying I swear.

I told a group of girls I know that BBC is a myth and that us white guys have bigger dicks, but all they did was start laughing hysterically at me. It pissed me off so much, why are normies so retarded and aren't as reasonable as my friends on here and 4chan?

I swear that normies don't know anything, most of them even believe in BS like evolution as well. At least I can come on 4chan and on 8ch and be surrounded by like minded people and not be laughed at.

How do we educate society to agree with us instead of laugh at us?

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Answering the topic title , Jews.

howdy ho h-chan, I don’t think much of OP, but I came here to tell you the greatest of all races is the space race. Join the space race today - it’s a blast!

Low effort thread >>>/4cuck/
What is your next step? Get some yellow fewer and fuck girls who love you for your dick or what?

Stupid Thread gonna get deleted-

The Jew brainwashing has gone to other countries also like in Asia, I talked to a girl in HK and she also is under the impression that blacks have bigger dicks and are better athletes.

I tried to explain to her that Jews run the world and try to misrepresent us white men and undermine us, but she just kept loling at me like an idiot.

I swear the Jews have total control over the minds of 90% of people on the earth, bloody annoying.

Don't have brown fever, no. Plus not interested in banging some south east Asian gold digger who pretends to tell us what we want to hear.

I'll be by golly gee willickers

Also anime is degenerate KYS

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< It has basically gotten that bad today.

Even the cutie Marica Hase from Japan is hooked up with a black dude. So fucking stupid, I know none of these women would do this is the Jews didn't brainwash them to do it.

Without brainwashing they would date us cool guys on 8ch and 4chan I think.

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The Chinese don't want to gas anime or that nonsense, they are now making hundreds of their own anime as well and trying to take the industry over from Japan.

< Plus the liberals claim that race basically doesn't exist.

Then they turn around and brag about BBC and shit like that, they can't have it both ways.

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Us whites are the best and I will never let dumb Jews convince me otherwise.
Us whites have the following in reality.
1. Most strong physically.
2. Most athletic.
3. Highest IQ's.
4. Largest brains and longest life spans.
5. Most attractive.
6. Richest.
7. Invented literally 99% of everything in the world.
8. Largest penises.
9. Lowest crime etc.

Plus Jews are not a race, they are just whites with a different religion. So all of their achievements are merely our achievements as well. They are just white people who want to pretend they are different.


Inventions within the middle east also count as ours, as they are Caucasians.
Japanese who invented stuff is likely a result of their part Jomon DNA (which is a Caucasian race). Thus their standout abilities compared to other Asians is from those ancient Caucasian genes they have. Thus it doesn't count as an Asian achievement.

Quite literally Caucasians invented 99.99% of everything in the world, us whites are the best.

You have to talk about the myth to dispel it, saying the word doesn't mean you believe in the myth. Unless you think mentioning Islam means I believe in it? You aren't logical bud.

Daily Reminder that Mike Enoch is a Kike and Zig Forums will never be AltRight

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! retard detected !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You deserved to be laughed at incel

is this the pajeet again?

It doesn't matter if he made Zig Forums you silly boy, it matters who is on here. Reddit is also filled with all sorts of people, alt-right, super liberal weirdos, trannies, kids etc. Yet the creator of Reddit is none of those things.

Do you really think who created a website then determines that every user on the website is a clone of that creator? Fuck sake, so stupid.

Zig Forums thread. Watch the porn spam start soon.

Let me guess, you went to public school and were indoctrinated?

I bet there really are aliens, but the greatest secret of the developed nations is they’re in full contact with only aliens who suck. That’s why religion gets tax-exempt status; aliens don’t like it, but some of the people who suck less than aliens do like it.

Don’t take this too seriously.

Only Christianity is the real true religion, and Jesus was white like us. This is the only true religion in the world, all others are fake.

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No. I'm just not retarded enough to believe a magic sky man created duh erf in seven days.

suckle on my cockle b

Fuck off unless you follow the Gospels of St. Terry you Judas worshipping nigger foot licking larper

There are millions of white guys like John Holmes, even I am one myself.

But the Jews took over the global porn industries and have kept big cock white men out of porn to misrepresent us.

Don't you find it a coincidence that there were huge cock white guys like John Holmes before the Jews took control of the porn industry from whites? lol

So you are a public school servant of Jewish propaganda, good to know.

Jews are just self hating whites that larp as Hebrews, there is no such thing as real Jews anymore. They are just Europeans with identity issues.

poo in the loo pajeet

You should have, 'have fun fucking niggers, I bet you fuck your dog too.' And walked away before they replied. If they follow screaming at you, just ignore them, it will signal power to other women in the area. They think like dogs. You tell a dog chocolate will kill it, it thinks 'haha, master is jealous I got his tasty treat!'

Go worship that bearded kike in the sky, if it makes you happy, but it will never make you right.

Exactly, good analogy also with the chocolate as well.
I will try to do that in future, but in this case I couldn't just walk away as I knew them.

But I agree that women are inferior and are easily brainwashed, they are like pet dogs basically and sadly Jews are their current owners. We need to get control back.

Enjoy hell, try to save yourself.

wew lad, do you even know how to women

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Even the Germans know truth, they Jesus is real and is our god and whites are closest to angels. Other races are inferior animals of earthly origin.

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If you can train yourself yo ignore women, you will have infinite power over them. They live off of social validation, they lack the capacity to face the world on their own otherwise. Next time a woman you know does this, try ghosting the next 10 social interactions, then shoot her a one word text. If she is still cunty, do it again twic as long. If you have to be around them, pretend they are literally not in the room and give absolutely no response to anything they do or say.

Now this is shitposting.

Filter and report.

Sadly showing them these cases doesn't convince them to not date blacks, it's annoying.
It's nearly like the fear factor excites them or something, like blacks being dangerous excites them. Many white women are masochists.

Amen, they don't have the capacity to accept truth. Instead they just want to believe in a world they would rather exist.

That's why they don't agree with us that us white men are the best, they hate truth and try to run away from it.

OP is doing good work reminding people that -
well -
if the message is any good, I’m sure it’s obvious what the reminder is for.


Us white men have the lowest rates of killing women in the world, why wouldn't women respect that?
I have read that women are masochists and like men who abuse them, they like to be abused basically.

Thread itself is full of the usual slave fodder, though. The people who project this much brokenness onto others are just totally shattered, what broke people so hard they believe in suffering like this?

If I was a white woman I would want to fuck you guys on here, wouldn't want to fuck some black and be like those women on shittedDOTcom.

If you really
want a woman who wants to be punched
learn enough anatomy to do it safely
train to output exactly force as you intend
learn to safeword and never fuck it up
make weirdo contacts and be nice at them
(or at least consistent)

this thing
be done, but it’s a PITA
I mean, why bother?

Anyone masochistic enough to ignore their own health isn’t an ideal romantic partner, and if they aren’t ignoring their own health you can’t take any shortcuts setting this thing up.

Not that the sociopaths around here deserve any of this knowledge. Man, you swinebags, it doesn’t matter if you tell truth or lies, you gotta be broken to think these are good truths or good lies.

it was necessary to present evidence

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The only real options for most of us, thanks to this new BS world Jews have created are the following.

1. Become homosexual, but you can't breed this way. At least you avert feminism.

2. Marry some south east Asian gold digger, you can at least get pussy this way (but we have to fool ourselves why she is with us).

I think option 2 is the best overall, at least we can breed. Even if our kids may be inferior, at least we somehow found some happiness. Since Jews have robbed us of our own women and stolen their minds from them.

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Being punched at all is a person who ignores their own health, sorry.
But this is how women are largely.

I know 2 white women, one is with a black dude and he hits her. She complains about it, yet she says she loves him. I get the feeling she gets a kick out of being abused.

The other white woman I know is with a mixed looking guy who does the same, she also doesn't leave him.

Us men who are kind and want to respect women are basically not seen as sexy, since women naturally like to be bullied and abused and hit and hurt.

Lol, people who reproduce get permanent drops in life satisfaction in exchange.

I’m never going to, personally. A nice broad reproductive strike may even advance the tech curve. Why would that be?

It’s a mystery, I’m sure.


If we don't reproduce, we are failures.
Thus it's better to reproduce with anything than nothing. Otherwise we are a dead end loser.

Some of us here might get a harem of our own, but 4chan?! LMAO! Those faggots wouldn't even date each other.

it's probably because of the brainwash. it's obvious black people don't have big FIGURATIVE dicks because of their giant chip-on-the-shoulder attitude and tiny-dicked ego. it's only ironic by god's amazingly retarded design that they ACTUALLY have larger penises.

whites have bigger MENTAL penises. which is why blacks always chimp out at the drop of a hat (inferiority complex) and whites don't.

it's funny though when whites suck black dick this hard (and just more proof of what I'm saying). in short, dumb bitches.

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I didn't start it, one of them even is dating a black guy and they were talking about it.

I just tried to correct them, that's when they laughed at me.

In fact most idiot normies don't agree with me, at least here on the chan websites I have a lot that agree with me that BBC and black athleticism is a myth made by Jews.


They don't have big dicks, it's a myth created by Jewish porn.
Their average size is only around 5.5 inches in real life. Us whites are on average 6 inches, we are larger.


"I can see he beats you"
Walk away.
It really is that simple. Attack their social status.


Op is gay , stop talking about black penis's to the people in your life. Its one thing if op moms does it all the time , its bad form for a guy to. GAYLORD

I wasn't the one complaining, dipshit.
get it, kiddo?

Do you really think your advice is helpful or worth your time?

Exactly. What the fuck is wrong with you?

His advice isn't helpful, his advice is basically to just ignore women and let them fuck black guys. About the worst advice possible.

If you’re convinced that’s how women are, it’s unlikely you’ll ever actually find one who wants to be punched. That’s how it works. You have to know you’re looking for rarities before you find them. Otherwise all you’ll find is fool’s gold - which in this context means a jail sentence for inappropriate violence.

Most people of most races and most faiths are not violent at all within their families. Promulgate that, if you’re for real. When people realize that violence is a thing of only a few percent of the population their standards start rising.

Peace works, and people love it. Go around telling people you’re peaceful and it’s precisely because most people are peaceful that they’ll think you’re protesting too much. But it’s a little more forgivable when you can point to people in your social periphery and be like, “That, right there, is not most people.”

Just don’t expect to be anyone’s second choice. You took pigment as a primary input (or pretended to do so), so you probably have mental health problems to work out. Colors are not moral worths.


it's also quite telling that a 'woman' (or one posing as one) made the thread because women loop around to being black males. black males are estrogen filled bitches and that's why they get along so well.

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Neither of you fucks should be having this conversation at all.

I wonder what you're trying to slide.

keked and checked

You are a strange person, no offence. Your advice also comes off as a mentally ill person who thinks he is a genius while living on the internet.
"learn enough anatomy to do it safely, train your output exactly in force, use a safe word, Not that the sociopaths around here deserve any of this knowledge."

You are not all there mentally, none of this topic was about fetish sex and stuff like that. It was about actual men who legitimately hit their women, not part of some stupid porn-esque sexual fantasy you autistic fool.

You go around saying unrelated stuff to people, thinking it's advice gold and you come off as autistic. Do us all a favor on here, don't reply anymore to this thread. You are a useless person to be on here.

White women are us white men's property, we have the right to turn them away from kike brainwashing.

White women in this disgusting society love being hit, Jews have changed our society into a masochist type society. Thanks to all of their horrible movies and gore shit.

White women need to see the light (us white men) and come to safety and the side of Jesus, instead of liking to be with devils (Jews and blacks).

Truly a mystery.

kys quickly

So Rome was the largest empire in the world since the world's creation?
It's a mystery how you believe that.

Also Rome always had Jews, additionally Jews didn't like Christianity and instead hate Jesus and hate Christians.

Op is gay and a nigger

Both of you kill each other. Fucking gay cunts, you do not belong on this board.

This is obvious satire, you retarded cucks. OP is a 4chan-tier troll.

Why are you so angry?
< is that you?

You hate that us normal white men actually want to breed with white women? fail

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I am married and have white children. Both of you are calling yourselves losers and are promoting race mixing. You need to kill yourselves or leave the board.

They are European and so are their achievements. Studies have shown this, they only have tiny remnant DNA from the middle east other than being European.

t. kike

Very believable, totally not how an autist speaks. "bro I have WHITE CHILDREN".

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Anyway enjoy your se asian gf and happa kids right up until the point where we hang you from a traffic light in minecraft.

If I was a white woman, I would fuck you chan guys on here. I wouldn't fuck gross blacks or other men.
I don't know why most on here are virgins, since I think you guys are very good options for women.

Yet women keep choosing useless niggers instead.

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Spoken like a true autist, and yet you are still here on this thread getting triggered that people believe believe your larping "sniff sniff, I have a white wife and kids….please believe me". lol

Poor guy. You are one of the lost souls on here, most likely learning difficulties as a result of mental illness. Your life will forever be on a chan website. Don't be mad.

Very low quality bait. Saged.

There there buddy, we believe you. You don't have to keep getting angry and trying to defend your larp, you are a winner in real life……….

So you are still here getting offended? Geez, get over it darling.

Every day having to witness this shit <
All thanks to Jews and their culture fuckery in our society.

Remind us why we were nice to Jews and saved them in WW2? All they do is turn around and try to destroy the fabric of our society.

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Maybe so but bumping this thread so you can jerk each other off about the matter isn't doing anybody here any service.

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you see, the B(r)it-ich are like In-gland, no penises.

they measure their dicks from their assholes (turds = black dicks) understand?

the question is… why do I want to be shit on?

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We need to communicate, since the average white guy is a retarded liberal who supports kike BS and even tells white girls to get with black dudes (as some BS virtue signalling crap).

At least on here and on 4chan we are straight up about it and how it's a problem and want to take our society back for our own people. Jews and blacks should fuck off back to their own lands, and if they are to exist in our white countries then they shouldn't spend all of their time trying to undermine us.

Fag incel identified