MSM Going After 8Cuck Cloudflare Service

MSM Going After 8Cuck Cloudflare Service

The gunmen accused of attacking U.S. synagogues and New Zealand mosques over the past six months brewed their ideas on online hate sites, pulling U.S. cyber-defense firm Cloudflare Inc into a debate on the balance between online speech and security.

The attacks have prompted some investors to ask fresh questions about the company’s services allowing the sites to mask their real locations on the Internet to thwart hackers. That is one of the core services used by clients that have more than 12 million Internet properties, including government agencies and major ecommerce operations. “The temperature has turned up,” said Doug Kramer, general counsel for the privately-held San Francisco-based company. Investors ask questions after Cloudflare’s services were linked to reports about shooters’ activity on hate sites, Kramer said in an interview this week. “They understandably want to know how we think about these things,” Kramer said, declining to name investors.
Fidelity Investments and Franklin Resources Inc’s Franklin Templeton funds hold stakes in Cloudflare. Both declined to comment. The alleged gunman who killed one person and wounded three at a San Diego synagogue on Saturday, as well as one who massacred 50 people at New Zealand mosques in March, had posted hate-filled screeds on the Zig Forums message board, a Cloudflare client.The man accused of killing 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue in October did likewise on Gab, also a Cloudflare client, according to Internet records. Cloudflare helped both those sites mask their real Internet protocol addresses. The service obfuscates where its customers are hosted, making it more difficult to hold them accountable, said Micah Schaffer, a technology policy consultant and former Snap Inc executive.

Cloudflare does not passively move information, said Alex Stamos, a Stanford University professor who previously served in top cybersecurity roles at Facebook Inc and Yahoo. “They are cloaking these companies and cloaking the people behind them,” Stamos told the information security “Risky Business” podcast shortly after the New Zealand shootings. Stamos squared off against Islamic State terrorists as Facebook’s chief security officer and said, compared to ISIS, white supremacist terrorists can more easily find a home on sites like Zig Forums.
“Nobody was willing to be the official ISIS chatboard, but Zig Forums is willing to be that (for white supremacists), and that changes the entire texture of the effort to fight it,” he said in a phone interview. Officials at Zig Forums did not respond to requests for comment.
But Kramer said Cloudflare treats all clients the same, citing far more banal content. “It’s stuff like cat photos and family reunion photos,” Kramer said, adding that Cloudflare does not believe its role is to monitor the legality and appropriateness of content on client sites. “If we do that, it gets messy really quickly.”

One notable exception came in 2017 when Cloudflare stopped routing the traffic for neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer after the site falsely labeled the company as a secret supporter of the hate ideology. Cloudflare is private, but the company is interested in an initial public offering that could value it at more than $3.5 billion, Reuters reported in October, citing people familiar with the matter.
Fidelity funds, including Contrafund, value their investment in Cloudflare at more than $100 million, according to disclosures with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Cloudflare said it has never provided law enforcement with a feed of customer content. However, should law enforcement contact the company about unlawful activity, it will provide information about the hosting provider, as needed, the company said in an email. Brittan Heller, a fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, said Cloudflare is in an awkward position dealing with clients that run hate sites.

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Hey hey hey! You hear that? Golly, I didn’t know civilization required exposing people to judgmental hackers!

But I didn’t expect actual hateslaves so w/e bring on the glasswall

Maybe someone more heroic than I should brew up a nice little storm in praise if Cloudflare’s loyal defense of the site. Innit great that they’re so supportive? Go on, you can say anything you like now, I’ve “proven” that your comments will just be evil false flaggers trying to break a service is using.

Daily reminder to save fucking everything useful

I wish these kikes would get rid of release valves like Zig Forums and gab.


those article don't write themselves, and then again, how can journalists write if they have no hands anymore?

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No, that's no speculation. It already happened in the Soviet Union. The only way the system can survive is by silencing any opposition.

Glasswall glasswall glasswall glasswall glasswall

Make it so transparent the “small” can look up at the enslaved masters, too.

glasswall glasswall glasswall glasswall glasswall

The slaves at the top are too paranoid to submit to their own mores. They see threats everywhere, because they live their lives creating them!

glasswall glasswall glasswall glasswall glasswall

If people understand who really uses this site they’ll be horrified! Bring on the horror! Reveal the hateslaves and free them!

glasswall glasswall glasswall glasswall glasswall

I don't know where you're from but you need to get the fuck back faggot

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Remember those names if Zig Forums goes down.

Lol? this place can only keep up its lies by manipulative moderation. It’s pathetic.


Can't take a joke.

I love how these fags don't know how the internet works. lol

Of course it’s a honeypot the question everyone wants to know is who eats the honey

I think the real reason the site stays in operation is because its already run by a vengeful group of retards who know what I mean when I call them retarded

All shall be well - eventually. But it’s better for everyone if it gets there sooner.

Sunlight disinfects, so expose the wounds nobody admits to

This is one of the lowest IQ posts I’ve seen in a while. Accelerationists want to accelerate until either SHTF or people start caring. Getting rid of fullchan will accomplish nothing and will not shift the overton window in the slightest. The only thing this will accomplish is preventing based magapedes and zoomers from ever going past their lolbertarian phase.


I wouldn't worry at all as it's still protecting piracy sites and gab. They can always head to Bitmitigate if they fold.

It's pretty funny that journos want to essentially DDOS the site despite it being illegal. We always have bunkers too, but they're ADD-riddled idiots who can't cope with a few minutes of twitter/facebook downtimes.

I pray for the day the kikes finally shut down Zig Forums. Maybe then somebody will actually do something.

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It won't, they pulled the same type of shit in 2014-2015 and it failed. They did every single dirty tactic in the book. They DDOSed the website, planted CP (so that it would be blacklisted from the clearnet, only google blocked it), wrote hitpieces, and deplatformed us from domains like Zig (we obtained it back though).

In 2016, they created a bot that caused massive spam wave for all boards, but a furry created an anti-spam tool saved the entire site. Trust me, the staff had a lot of experience with their bullshit before and they're not going to fold ONCE.

absolute gold

i hope Cloudflare caves in. To open the market and so it becomes a lackluster IPO like Lyft was.

Okay let's do some digging. Post up any info you can dig up on these people they need to be doxed and exposed. Any attack on freedom of speech shouldn't be taken quietly. Social media, addresses, family members etc.

Why do journalists think the law protects them when they harass other people and try to take down freedom of speech.

Why do journalists think the first amendment protects them from bullets?

Fool. If you threaten journalists with violence, they’ll combine against you so you never see truth, and it’ll be your own fault. Unlike the slaves in this place, journalists know defiance.

Credible threat, Shlomo.

Kill a journalist today.

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I don't want to threaten anyone but since these people are against freedom of speech and are intent on harassing the people here for no good reason then it's only fair we pay them back with the same.

Post dox.


Anticonspiracy 101: be pacifist and mean it so people feel bad about hating you and contemplate turning

don’t enforce your enemy’s loyalties by threatening them

This isn’t even the advanced lessons of humility and minesweeping, you’re way behind

The people here suck. They either lie about bigotry or they mean it. Why is anyone supposed to weep for you people?

Armed revolution 101: if you murder your enemies, you win.

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Dumbass journalists are essential pillars of freedom, without the prowhite journos where would you nazi clowns even be.

It's called freedom of speech nigga, people shouldn't think they can take away other people's rights without consequences.

Journo kikes kiking

Since when do these idiots ever defend our freedoms? All they do is sit and spew lies with their stupid narrative about 8ch being a hate site.

That’s a good one
Did it get tossed from a building or did it get trucked of peaced? Fuckin funny either way

At the very least I'm going to fuck with these people online since they're fucking with this community. What did we do to them?

But this is a hate site right? Look at the posts why would you want to kill other race of people.

We exist user. That’s enough for them

Only whites are human. Anything else is less than human , sub-human
They’re more closely related to roaches or monkeys

They'll retort "it's not censorship because we pressure companies to", but they are technically trying to prohibit free speech as they pressure governments to ban the ideology along with identitarians like Martin Sellner.

Anyway, if you want the answer, it's because they're dumb people. Leftists adopt their views out of peer pressure and conformity, not out of experience. So they assume that we do the same.

Whatever you say journo, you're a collective of egotistical primadonnas with toliet paper degrees. If you were really brave, then you would report warzones instead of whining about the mean tweets you get in your notifications.

Tucker Carlson is respected because he has reported in war zones. In contrast, the majority of you melodramatic homos are west/east coast faggots who play tattle-tale and dress up.

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Armed revolution doesn’t work against literally information, dumbass. You can’t kill your way to truth in journalism. The lies will only ever deepen. Pol Pot fucking tried this already.

Consider lurking this site for a long duration of time to figure out the reason.

We're not talking about you, we're talking about the anti-white leftist journos.

Eventually the only people willing to tell the truth in an environment of shattering coercion are people too dumb to report accurately. You want to run a revolution where all your scouts are old people or down syndrome sufferers?

This is just sick, you went from zero to hundred in an instant mang.

Not everyone here supports violence and actually most people who do are only angry and have no way to express that anger because they have zero fucking free speech thanks to cunts like Ross Kerber and Tim McLaughlin. Anyone got any recommendation for private detective companies?
Just having these guys investigated can't be illegal right?

I’m not sick , you’re sick for existing comfortably in a sick world
Eco Naturism , white only globe

I wouldn't worry at all one bit, they tried their hardest to deplatform the site in 2014-2015 and they can always switch to a different service if the Cloudflare guy folds. He can't fold because it would it make him open to be attacked for protecting other sites as well.

The real question is: how long until they fold to this like fucking faggots getting fucked by (((msm))) and (((popular opinion)))?
I’m guessing sooner than later. I’d rather be wrong, but, save everything you can just in case.
If they take it down soon, it would be a perfect time to go out and be proactive in our communities, do some outreach.



and kek'd

You want a real wakeup call? I know why you people are supposed to hate Jews.

It’s because you’re supposed to die. You’re supposed to live surrounded by your own pattern and die miserably. You’re not supposed to notice things like this:

Long life and good health is not supposed to be *for* hated hateful people. Even though it would make people less hateful if thry had it!

I know that it probably isn't a big deal but that doesn't mean I'm happy to sit here and let these people get away with throwing shit at us. I'm not going to do anything illegal but I'd appreciate any help in building a profile on these guys so I can contact a detective agency and have them investigated. It's probably a waste of time but at least I'll feel better. Anyone know what state these guys live in (assuming they are US based).

Research is information, and information doesn’t merely cross borders, it can even arise from basic ubiquitous processes. Sometimes research performed anywhere is research performed everywhere.

Israel doesn’t have a massive healthspan because they’re parasitizing the world’s health somehow, but because they’re doing good research and turning it into good practices.

You lot just aren’t supposed to notice that. You’re supposed to remain slobbering hateslaves who die.


Stop being a slave, swine. Gain some pride. Quit being so weak you have to look for it in crawling up the assholes of a pigment.

Those things are to mitigate the damage not prevent them entirely and having to solve a captcha is hardly inhibiting unless you get eye strain from trying to read shitty unintelligible symbols.

You people are supposed to remain devoid of truth, trapped in false pride and false strength, and not to notice things like this:

If every user if this site is exposed, you will learn who has spoken true and who has spoken false!

What lies? Dumb kike.
We are Free.

Are you gonna start talking about asses and elbows soon?

Best Bunker

Gee, it can't because that most Jews control our government and media to represent their own interests and reject ours. I must have been imagining the BDS law, lobbying groups, and foreign wars all in my head!

You're clueless lol, lurk more.

I think it's funny that your methods of coercing people are always intimidation or bribery. Are you starting to get why people don't like your demographic in the first place? Now, I'm not telling you to hate yourself. I'm telling you that it's not of a vacuum.

You could go for it, but I don't waste money and time on those clowns.

Can anyone pull up contact info for people at Cloudflare?

Has anyone ever explained Cloudflare's hiring of Michael Nelson and Heather West in March 2015, who respectively came from top positions at Microsoft and Google and who immediately joined the launch of the UN's Broadband and Gender Working Group that wanted to make it illegal for anyone on the worldwide internet to disagree with a feminist?

Chodemonkey and Jim host the website in Philippines in Jim's Pedo sex dungeon basement. He's worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The website works in cooperation with Glowniggers, seeing as he is a half Jew Freemason and CIANigger and that Ronald Watkins (codemonkey) is a half gook half jew Asian Sodomite who fucks Jim's CIA Handler Thomas Reidel.
This website isn't going anywhere. Diversity.

Confirmed for botspam. Reported.

thanks BASED diversity!

You do realize that Google's recapatcha isn't anonymous, right? Not a huge issue in cuckchan because of it's large userbase but it's a problem in a site like neinchan because of it's smaller userbase.

Why does it matter, it's clearly done nothing at all. The UN is an incompetent organization that sends angry letters, they can't partake in civil war at all.


The internet really needs an overhaul to make censorship impossible. I don't want it to be nothing but CP and spammers but freedom of speech needs to be bulletproof.

I agree that most of you are too much of pussies to act irl this isn't even close to being the only website to ZOGpill lolbergs.
Step one: download tapatalk for Android.
Steo two: type in "Dirty Fucking Kikes"
Step three: watch tons of forums appear for you to chat on like the Beer Barrel for example that are filled with NatSocs.
Step 4: (((profit)))

Your next move will be to post some images and screencaps from totally nonbiased Joshua "I can't code for shit and leaked anons' IPs with my incompetence but it's Jim and Hotwheels' fault infinity NEVER EVER flopped" Moon.

Ron is rebuilding 8ch to be decentralized on blockchain. Bitcoin/Blockchain based image boards will be censorship free, but their moderation will be a "Democracy" among SuSu (8chs crypto) holders. This terrifies Glowniggers.
Particl Project has a similar thing going on with their forums and its live now and even has video streaming options.

Hello codemonkey

Man that sounds strange, it's almost like anyone being able to buy shares in the site and whoever owns shares gets a vote.

Yes that's basically what it is.

Cloudflare does no such shit. Your ISP and glowniggers still know you visit 8ch.

MSM isn't going after any of the real murders constantly taking place like the one where on duty african police officer in Minnesota murdering a russian woman. But quickly, very quickly adapting to the muh synagogue shooting narrative, even jumping to conclusions that websites are causing this. In reality these degenerates are just waiting for an opportunity, any opportunity to slander their opposition. These are spineless cretins. You know how low they will sunk to try and control the narrative. Leftist internet terrorists lurk these boards for this purpose every day.

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That's from the article m8
Cloudflare literally IS Glowniggers who hold international websites at ransom by ddos them if they refuse to pay up.

Frederick Brennan is Jewish (his mother), most don't know that.
That said Jim is a Freemason and half Jew and Ron is a Half Gook homosexual. Seriously.

Cloudflare is just a backup service that helps protect sites that are regularly DDOS'd or go down easily because of sudden increases in traffic. These journo's just salty about freedom of speech.

If they support freedom of speech then they have to be the good guys.

Cloudflare literally DDoS' websites itself to blackmail them into using their service, lol

You're a fucking retard.
I know it's from the article nigger. I'm pointing out how retarded the article is.
So you think it's bad cloudflare prevents DDOS at a cost and people who use that are expected to pay for it?
Next you're going to tell me you want more gibs.

It goes deeper than that

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That's one perspective. The second perspective is that websites like this exist to mine data both for Glowniggers and for profit and test out AI understandings of alleged radicals. The third perspective also trueis that websites like this are used to push psyops QAnon and keep you inside shitposting instead of doing things in minecraft.

You're not understanding.
Cloudflare is responsible for DDoS attacks then tells companies they need their service to be protected.
It's a racket.

This user gets it.

I think that's a good thing. Freedom of speech is probably the most important right, that and gun ownership.

Your source is literally from a blog that doesn't exist lol

I'd agree with that for sure, there's no denying that 8ch has helped redpill millions of people indirectly or directly over the years in all 7 continents.

What? Lol. No you know who I am and you know that, Ron. Don't make me dox your boyfriend Thomas.

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which part of what I posted are you referring to? Everything I posted is common knowledge here. Welcome to Zig Forums.

It's Ron playing D
He does this sometimes
It's okay he's a good guy even if he's a faggot

Called it.

>more (((Josh Moon))) propaganda

Those images tell me you're a huge shitposter and not much else.


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This is bait and I won't take it.

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