Vegans are right

holy FUCK this board is literally inhabited by the most brainless thoughtless retards in existence

its so fucking hypocritical for anyone to care about politics and eat meat, like to the point of absurdity. politics is centered around the lives of other people, at the core, thats why we are interested in politics. we have boards in Zig Forums where these hypocrites cry about white genocide all day

and then they turn around and kill pigs and cows and chickens like its nothing. pigs and humans have a nervous system and an ability to have subjective experiences in a way that is BIOLOGICALLY IDENTICAL. in the same way that niggers and whites experience emotions the same, pigs also experience them the same. if you kick a pig it will feel pain in the same way that a human would if the human was kicked. their nervous system is BIOLOGICALLY IDENTICAL, THEY CAN SUFFER

but whites cry all day about the boo-boo's they recieve with niggers, but go around to torture pigs and cows for their tastebuds

dont you guys find this just a little bit ironic and hypocritical? honestly anyone who takes politics seriously is a fucking JOKE. that entire board is an intelectual joke, i cannot take them seriously. those hypocrites would fucking hunt down ANYONE who hurts dogs for instance, yet they have pigs on their plates every fucking dinner. this is what being a normie is: being a delusional hypocritical retard who contradicts themselves and isnt even aware of it

i made a thread on veganism in r9k >>>/r9k/309028

ur all an intellectual joke if u believe in jewish genocide or if you worship hitler. this place is a cult and it radicalizes you. stop eating meat and then talk to me about living in peace you delusional hypocritical retards

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Us being the omnivores we were meant to be would probably be less disgusting if we had about 100 million less problems in America. Only a thoughtful and balanced society would be able to stop the industrialized, “conveyor belt food” horror that exists. Individualist hive-societies aren’t “white”. Here’s your (You), hippy of worthy discussion.

if only if we were as efficient and emotionally in touch as non-Europeans

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Begone vegan shill.

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OP is a slave.

only 4 u daddy huuueee

>>>Zig Forums
No shit retard.
Not like humans. Does a pig have buddha nature? Fuck no.


no one cares faggot we're biologically designed to eat meat kys

Nice one, OP. Kill yourself.

Get gassed shabbo shill

begone kike. veganism is anti-human. killing animals and eating flesh is natural and necessary to human survival. you dont need to be a vegan to be against factory farming, which itself is evil. if you care that much, kill your own food or go protest factory farming, dont kill yourself with an unnatural diet. the human digestive system is made for digesting flesh. the human stomach is more acidic than a dog or cats for example, we are meant to eat almost exclusively meat. stop spreading propaganda.

Niggers are not humans.

epic tumblr meme XD

>(((Zig Forums))) is retarded
no way

The answer is not to abstain from meat consumption, the answer is to source your meat properly.


>politics is about giving a shit about other "people's" sic lives
No nigger. Politics is about giving a shit about you and yours' lives.

There’s so much wasted potential in this world. All these people whose skulls get fractured by the gentle brush of melanin (or who lie about it, heh) could be helped to enjoy life again.

For mow, dumb thread gets bumpsies, hah.

Forgot to add for the second point

yes they do. you should die for talking against them.

op is right.

Global report.

Its called eating free range. The animals get a good life free of predation. They get a quick death they never see coming and thats it. I dont feel guilty about it, I dont eat fast food.