How to red pill properly, efficiently and effectively!

How to red pill properly, efficiently and effectively!

TLDR: Verbally mention simple ingenuous red-pill comments, to family and friends, when topics of politics arise (News on TV, face2face discussions etc). Thus to slowly induce and influence sleeping comrades and normies. Because straight up and confronting red-pill comments, such as “Jews control everything” brings further problems and inconvenience - which often leads to bitter arguments where you end up as the “racist, white supremacist neo-nazi conspiracy theorist”. Instead, slowly influence your fellow folk with comments like “Why do (((they))) hate us white people so much?” or “I am proud of my ancestors achievements” or “Why do we always have to fight wars for Israel…?”. Never tell them anything directly - unless your prepared to suffer the consequences, as the usual.

It can be frustrating seeing your fellow folk, friends and even family mislead and disillusioned by (((them))). You can be trying so hard, knowing that deep down your right - but they always end up backfiring, on you!

Remember just as some people are not made to sing and/or be historians - is the same way people are not made to take in the truth. You can try as much as you want, to honestly tell them the god-damn truth, but they will never take it in and just refuse - let them be. Normies are normies, that’s just what they are - the masses of people. We cannot red pill ALL the normies, nor shall we ever. What matters now, is to slowly take those that we can, under our own wing, and to guide them down the rabbit hold of truth. Remember, the awareness of truth does not come artificially, but naturally, as it is why most of you have stumbled across here today.

I just hope that my writing adds to the movement’s conscious, and becomes a normal method of “operation” for our fellow anons irl.

Other than that, farewell and Hail Victory comrades!

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The only redpill you should accept is this century and the next belongs to the Jewish people and Israel, the sooner you accept this fact you will live your life peacefully.

lie out your ass and call it truth, gull

Nope, still a lie. See it’s a lie either way. The people with autonomy just aren’t hateslaves at all. They aren’t blackpilled or whitepilled, they’re just getting on with life without beingvtotally submitted to the kind of broken everwarriors who haven’t enough pride to defy this place.

Your kind is finished hershel

I'll never give up. I'll never surrender.

Yet you people can't stop benefitting from Jewish economy.

Not saying it's ingenious, but I did do this yesterday. Was having a discussion about WWII and I brought up two easily digestible points:
These two things always seem to flick on a light bulb with people discussing Hitler and WWII

good post

imo the next phase of red pilling is already happening, people are starting to put 2 and 2 together, it is important now more than ever to make sure people look towards (((them))) and recognise they basically own the world and want everyone to be slaves

Know your audience and tell the truth in terms that your audience will understand. When you speak you must build your case so that your words have the ring of truth and then you will have people hooked

people all across society, even many in law enforcement are realising that they are basically wageslaves and totally cucked by the system

no matter what (((they))) at the top do they will soon feel the reality of their sins come back to haunt them…some of them are even beginning to hate themselves, and realise how shitty and fucked their country is

we've been trying to redpill everyone for how many fucking years now?
the generated material might be dispersing more the more the overton window shifts, but the fact is there's millions who either a) can't understand because they're actually retarded or b) understand, but still want to throw you and your family under the bus so they can get their gibs

enough teaching the retarded, enough pleading with parasites, enough arguing with your children's murderers and rapists
spend your time getting your shit together and not being useless to those you want to protect

Hey, thanks for your comments.
What's the onion link for Zig Forums, so I operate there? Cheers.

lurk 2 years before posting

Why do the WNs keep running around in circles. WHITES ARE FUCKING YOU UP RETARDS

No it doesn't and you better cut that shit out


Nice thread, OP. I’ll always bump effort threads and kike removal threads, even on cuck chin.

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law enforcement are the fucking problem.

You want to debate that? The winner wins all?

You win nothing but an oven

So you back out of a debate? You lose already.

You brainless fuckers are going to get the oven if you don't listen the fuck up.


How is it false?

Does it make you nervous that there are hundreds of thousands of people that want to exterminate yoyr entire race? And millions that want to destroy israel? The difference between you and me, is that we're going to come out on top after all the attacks. The jewish century is coming to an end.

Are you going to debate the point or not?

You made no point. All you've said so far is:
Which is how we know you're a jew.

No, I said the whites are fucking whites up. And you are a moron for thinking otherwise.

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The WN loses, can't even contest a single point. It's pathetic.

A thread with some potential to be productive comes along and it quickly dissolves into autistic screeching and shilling. Goddammit 8pol, get your shit together.

police and military are supposedly right leaning already, but i'm wondering how much they know
do they know how much of their job is just putting their lives on the line for shit immigration policies and a certain (((ally)))?
do they know the (((left))) influence perverting the chain of command they swear loyalty to?
do they know they will eventually be ordered to protect (((them))) by shooting at their own neighbors in honest protest?
do they know how to defect and be a mole?
do they know how to nudge others in their ranks?

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You are so fucking cucked you have to appeal to authority to be on your side. You can't ideate a revolution, unlike every other white in history. You are totally balless morons.

What jew did this to John Lincoln?


Being an effective mole in a police department, even a small one, is no easy task. You'd have to find every excuse to avoid doing the kike's bidding and make sure you have an excuse the Kosher shitheads will buy every time you so much as sneeze in a way they dislike. Then on top of that you have to avoid getting fucked by the local legal system and taken down by some self-righteous boomer Zionist magistrate.

Go back

aaah a jew joins us, hello IDF!
i have a message for you

the masses are waking, now more than ever before people are aware of YOU
you can no longer hide in the shadows, whatever action you take (make public or bury) people are starting to see the light
they are starting to realize you rule the world and that you are enslaving humanity for your disgusting greed

but the world is starting to realize that you have, by deceipt and cunning, conglomerated your power on a global scale
with the sole purpose of oppressing those that are not like you. No other group has done what you have done
YOU are problem, YOU are the CANCER

soon your cities will not be safe, your families will not be safe, you will not be safe
if the IDF took a day off you would be completely wiped out, you are correct to fear
have you ever wondered why? just look around you, look at how your fellow jews have treated every other race

deep down you know this, as hard as it is to admit
but fear not, for if you realize this then there is still salvation for you
your mind has been poisoned but you can still redeem yourself

the writing is on the wall, have you ever pondered on the fate of hertzl- the creator of the star of david?
that family line is long dead. this is a prophecy meant specifically for you - it is a message
this is the fate of the evil in your nation. it will die, and be forgotten

turn back now or your humanity, and ALL of humanity will be lost forever!

I think they might have an AI bot that automatically reads and posts something inflammatory on each new thread. Hence the speed.

whilst y'all fighting over nothing, is there anyway I can edit or delete my thread/post? Thanks in advance.

Never underestimate weaponized Autism. Most of what you see isn't JIDF but rather plain simple autistic lefty/pol/ and Antifa ZOG volunteers. Honestly I wish it was a clever Mossad trick or JIDF algorithm rather than the concert effort of race traitors.


Can't I just change my identity? Why would I lurk for 2 years dude?

So you don't alienate every single regular poster here with your blatant newfaggotry

Answer the question. You wall of text means nothing to me.

STILL WAITING FAGGOTS. Are all of you have no confidence and too afraid to look stupid for everyone you know? Are you too afraid for the truth about the Rich White Elite?

You're the traitors. Why won't you talk about the Rich White Elite?


We are watching you.

Too afraid to look stupid for everyone you know? Are you too afraid for the truth about the Rich White Elite? It looks like it.

Rich (((White))) Elite. Your communist Utopia is a pipe-dream of a kike who couldn't even be bothered to wash his own fat ass more than once a year.

dont laugh I'm at mossad right now

Engels was white you fucking idiot. Stop learning from the Rich white elites minions. How dumb is that?

Jewz are incapable of building a peaceful society. They are only good at sewing chaos and discord.

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Those with eyes to see and ears to hear, OP. Don't cast an pearls before swine. People who want to know will ask. You feel them out by sprinkling goodies here and there and see who bites. Giving books, sharing links, lots of ways to do it. I've never had such a problem though as both my grandfathers killed jews from sun up to sun down :)

You mean the Chinese. You die out this century.

This mentally ill kike imagines we benefit from THEIR usary? hahahaha

1.5 BILLION mudslimes willing to blow themselves up to get a jew or two and this baby dick retard is concerned with White people. They're so jealous it has driven them mad to the pont where they can't even see the real threat to their existence.

The difference being, some of us have your granny and kid in crosshairs.

You are part of the West and will go down with it.

Go away kike


How to redpill by word of mouth:

Fuck off kike

Bumping for effiency

Bump for interest.

Nick Fuentes on how to redpill people


Little point tbh, the board is about 80% retards, shills, bioluminescents and kikes these days. I wish it weren't the case but hey, and actually bear in mind republican support for israel is down 12% in two years. That isn't bad progress lads, so keep sowing the seeds of a white awakening and remember unironically, Zig Forums is and always was a board of peace.