Mentally ill trannies are trying to deplatform MK11 VA (Ronda Rousey) for being a "terf"

BREAKING: Journos, trannies, and leftists want Ronda Rousey kicked out of MK11 for refusing to fight a tranny in MMA during 2013
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It's nerd shit, but just wanted to give a quick whitepill about leftists eating themselves. It's the inevitable outcome of their retarded anti-white ideology. Time and time again proves that "diversity" doesn't unify people, it divides them because they have to adhere to conflicting interests and contradictory values. We'll probably have a chance in 2024 if they keep it up.

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nigger, if you dont explain these insane terms we arent going to know them. those freaks make new words every week

Kill yourself OP.
And how is it a "whitepill" that leftists infight like literally every single other group? Absolute fucking retard.

Weird… all the women I met in the military felt like (and consistently demonstrated that) they were equally capable as men in any given task.

I’ve never actually met a terf that was a woman. I thought only men believed in gender inequality.

I didn’t know that one either but I have google so I can explain it for you. Trans exclusionary radical feminist. A person who believes trans women are men in dresses and don’t deserve to be compared to or compete against women.

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Whats bullshit is they didnt motion cap any of her moves. They just used her voice. Which she isnt well known for.
Why bother basing your character on a real fighter if you dont capitalise on the fact that she can actually fight?

What weight could they bench press?

Well, nevermind that she was a bitch who got put in her place by a docile housewife. She is not wrong here.

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I stand behind Ronda on this.

Vid related: Some barely bearable faggot explaining pretty well Tolkien's view on how evil ultimately defeats itself.
Polite sage for being only tangentially related.

Don't care faggot.

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Looks like someone found a portal to another dimension. Get /x/ on this.


Too bad it isn't about their fucking feelings.

Yeah I bet you'd like to be talking to a board full of twinks, you fucking faggot


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Holy shit the ref should've have stopped that fight 30 seconds in. Retard letting her get knocked out.

Amanda nunes is a man.

women can't fight fag

Pic related.
As an aside, looks like scientologists need to get their audits in. One of their boats was quarantined for measles. Gonna be a ghost ship. kek

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Her voice sounds like shit too. She's also a retarded Bernout. Fuck Rousey. Hope she's forced to fight a tranny and choke on his ballsweat.

She's just mad she can't nut-punch like in the old ultimate fighter days.

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Disgusting. Women's martial arts are a mistake.

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Nigger what? It's just fucking martial arts, women just shouldn't be allowed to learn it

They can fight other women in a sporting environment.

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I meant vaginas smashing each other in a cage on camera. I don't think women shouldn't be allowed to learn them - I'm all for a wife or daughter learning how to defend herself against nigger or shitskin rapists, but to make a show of two dykes beating each other…?

Need women for Seiðr, nigger.

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Are you trying to turn anons off from it because you make it sound kinda hawt. Cunts smashing in a cage? Dykes beating each other? Thirsty much?

It means "sane person".

lmao, you unironically think it's violent that contestants refuse to beat up trannies

Do you now understand why people claim that you're mentally ill?

I found a pic of your unit.

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“Mentally ill trannies” is redundant.

How much could they lift? More than you, I’m sure.

I mean hey, I spent a career in the armed forces. All of my coworkers were in peak physical condition. Not many people live in an environment like that. So my experience could be a little unusual.

In mainstream society men and women have gender roles that are very different. In the Army, there’s male soldiers and female soldiers, and the latter tend to take very strong offense to being treated as “weaker” or less capable. The kind of women you’re used to interacting may readily admit that they’re not able to compete with men of similar build and strength, but those women probably don’t tend to walk into the recruiter’s office.

There are some differences. The fitness test requires males to do more pushups than females. But females have to do more sit-ups too.

I think if you look at Olympic records you’ll find that when pushed to the extreme, the male physiology is better equipped to do things like the bench press event. But we aren’t talking about that.. we’re talking about martial arts. You don’t spend your entire career working one muscle group to be a fighter. You learn your body’s strengths and weaknesses and perfect your technique around it.

Also, hormones change things like muscle distribution and bone density. So the idea that you can chop your pecker off but you’ll still be a man is kind of ignorant too.

Guys will go on crash diets to come in a few grams under their weight class. How’s that any different than gaming the gender charts?

It's passive aggressive emotional violence that is so much worse because they refuse to fight a man braids and get their asses kicked, shitlord. I have PTSD now just relaying the trauma.


Takes years of removing the proper hormones for you to lose your bone density to the point it matters and the structure is already in place and more massive from the fucking start. Kill yourself.

Except all evidence shows otherwise.
All evidence shows standards - already low - need to be lowered for women.

He's not asking if she can bench more than him, he's asking if she can bench equal to the peak male military officers. If not, then ergo, there is no equality.

A woman is nothing more than hormones and a hole. Once you get those, apparently, you're a woman according to (((experts))). Common sense be damned.


How did you find this place faggot?

Then you've never met a terf, faggot. Take your pro-tranny shit back to Zig Forums

THEY ARE men in dresses. Simply believing you're a dale doesn't remove your male biology and physical development. There is NO belief to it, science denier.

Just filter him anons.

It's probably the tranny Heath Alex.

To be fair once they get the cloaca or the meat nub installed they are neither.

What was your MOS? Bet you were in some bullshit like logistics. How capable would they be carrying a 200 pound male and all their shit in combat ?


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I bet blah blah blah.

If you wanna know what it’s like grab your balls and sign the contract. Pick any MOS you want.

confirmed pussy. Finishing my masters in mathematics this year then I'm signing up faggot. Til then I'll keep humiliating the shit out of female black belts every time we spar

Daddy gobernment won't save you in 3 months, ZOGbot

unfortunately ZOGbots the only place you can legally kill subhumans. Wake me up when its racewar time

The point is that if a professionally trained woman refuses to fight a tranny because it would be unfair, how could a normal woman hope to fend off a wild nigger? You're giving false hope that always ends in dead or raped women.

fuck off stolen valor

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why do people come here and pretend to be former military tough guy here here thinking it will get them respect with young males? oh wait i know, to spread "progressive" propaganda ( like no gender differences)… you think you can make your position look "rough and tough" just cuz


I did it the other way around. You’re probably going to be bored to death with the intellectual challenge unless you go Air Force and get into signal intelligence or electronic warfare tho.

If you go in as an officer just try not to assume your females are incapable. You’ll have plenty of limp dick male soldiers to babysit too.

I am by no means an expert, but there are martial arts tailored to give physically weaker people a chance against bigger, stronger opponents. Not necessarily to kill them but to get a chance to escape and/or get help.
Then what do you propose? Tell your wife or daughter to just lay down and take it? What the fuck is a "false hope"? Fighting is always better than submitting. Always.
Of course, an ideal solution would be making them train with and carry a firearm, but it's not possible in cucked countries, hand-to-hand combat is more available everywhere.

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Where the fuck did you get that?

Ammo can lifts? Hahaha

like how you go from "equally capable of any given task" to dodging the fact that they cannot carry their teamate out of the shit. Let's not even talk about the reports about lowered performance in units with women because males have to pick up the slack

That was definitely not my experience with women in the military

It basically means someone retarded enough to both open Pandoras box and then complain about it.


I suppose you ignored it on purpose. I have never ever heard of someone who served and tried to push bullshit like you are. People who are pushing it are either POG's or crypto-feminists.
Woman in combat is a liability. Period.

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Sure they can. I was a combat lifesaver. We all had to demonstrate the ability to carry a battle buddy a specific distance. Even the females. And yes, they can do it.

And I said they asserted and maintained their ability to keep pace with their male counterparts. I didn’t say that the best of the female species can outdo the best of the male species.

The majority of pasty neck bearded pansies in this thread will never encounter a human of this level of fitness in their life anyway so for most of you this is an exercise in theory.

Btw I’m talking about the US Army. I never heard of ammo can lifts or 880 yard runs. We had a two mile run and two minutes each of pushups and sit-ups on the APFT. Maybe other nations have some weird shit like that. I think the Navy has a 1.5 mile and some pull-ups and the air force has an alternate bicycle event but even those are no bullshit.

I want to fly with sigint as a backup (it would be a bit cringe to follow in daddy's footsteps though). I wanted to be a SEAL when I was a kid, but I doubt I have the stones to get through buds. A childhood friend barely made it through and he always made me look like a pussy growing up. From the horror stories I hear assuming everyone is incompetent is mandatory for an officer.

This is the ideal dodging your opponents argument entirely. You may not like it but this is what being BTFO so hard you can't even come up with a coherent response looks like.

Ronda being nuked from the game would be a bullet dodged
Who the fuck would want his name atached to this dumpster fire?
it's funny that SJWs are sperging about this shit right now that even the UK of all places is starting to recognise that tranies still have the advantage of higher T levels wich makes sports in women categories unfair

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I'm going to need a citation on this bullshit.
You're a shill. And probably a fucking POG.

still think you are a fag for defending muh wimmens, but thank you for your service user. inb4 muhzogbots

You are right to be sure. Im a computer programmer, and while there are some people in my industry that are very athletic, Im not one of them. Fortunately its not part of the skill requirements.

I was more trying to understand what you meant by strong. And how female marines compare to male marines.
Loads of guys here will compare strength by how much they can bench press. If you're going to introduce a new metric thats fine but it should be a number.

I was talking about the military.
I thinnk its a moot point anyway. Because there are psychological problems with having women in actual combat. But I was interested to learn about the physical aspect.

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News at 11!

I cannot take you seriously when you're so incredibly wrong.

gotta love people that love women so much, they despise femininity and demonize any women that radiate femininity.

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women need to be in firing ranges, not dojos

Yes I gotta level with you. I ignored the chan screenshots because they have no bearing on my life experience.

Sounds like some of y’all are afraid of a strong woman!

It’s a job. I wasn’t being a patriot or anything like that. I did it because I can shoot really well and because I was a total fuckup in high school and couldn’t handle the thought of college. It really sucked but after a while I got used to the lifestyle. In hindsight I probably would have got more out of a more technical mos but it was a hell of a good time.

And I’m not defending women. I just think this one particular mma bitch is being a literal pussy for not wanting to step up to the challenge.

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Some people are afraid of ghosts, yet they don't exist.
I like how you admit to ignoring "chan screenshots" (you're glowing) but you conveniently omitted an actual female combatant's opinion just next to it. She clearly says that despite her being in top 1%, carrying other combatants would be too much for her. Your aversion for written word and reliance on
anecdotal evidence is noted.

been into martial arts since 7. Never lost to a girl in striking, but I've gotten cheesed by experienced women in judo a few times. (that was after I was told to stop lifting them off the ground and slamming them though). Never to a degree that would have ended the fight but still got clearly outplayed. The problem is that both participants know exactly how experienced the other person is, so it is a lot harder to land an effective technique on them. If she pretends to be a scared girl and gets the jump on an untrained, overconfident retard at the right time he will die though. Saw a vid of a brazillian lady killing a nigger with ippon seioi nage. Low center of mass OP

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False hope is a stupid cunt trying to engage an attacker in hand to hand combat instead of running away and screaming bloody murder. Teaching the myth of womyn is what gets people killed. Women who take kickboxing and other spandex larps learn the hard way when they get their shit pushed in.

Been there, done that, faggot. 0311. You're objectively wrong. Every single woman I met in the military in every branch was an incompetent moron compared to her already near-retarded male peers (Ironically, infantry guys tended to be far more intelligent than the low T mongoloids that were drawn to being fucking POGs for whatever reason) Even the fittest of the fit couldn't even compare to a soft body male reservist who's only PT for the entire year were the CFT and PFT.

Abbreviation for "trans-exclusionary radical feminist". A feminist that believes in female supremacy, the matriarchy and all the typical shit, but thinks trannies aren't real women and that they have male privilege or whatever.

I didn't notice your reply, because you did not reply directly to me. The topic of peak woman v peak man comes into question in this thread not because you brought it up, but because it is the topic of this thread.

Gender-confused males have no place in women's competitions, because a trained man will always outdo a trained woman. Can you actually argue against that?

Haha man next life try not supply! I dunno dude. I enlisted pre-TRADOC 350-6.

Marine Corps CFT. You should know this, seeing as any time a soldier and a Marine interact for any extended period of time, fitness tests get brought up, because Marines are assholes and love waving their dicks in soldiers faces

0311 is a rifleman, shitdick. It even has 11 in it just like the Army's 11B. Holy fuck you're stupid.

Im not into it for anything patriotic; just think I'm unsuited for anything else. As much as research was interesting, after I published once I just felt empty and havent done shit with my life since. The idea of joining got me out of bed and running every morning at dawn to prepare so its good enough for me. Patriot or not I respect the difficulty of getting through all the bullshit and hope to do the same

You're a deluded faggot. Explains why you joined the ZOG expeditionary forces.

Who gives a fuck. That is the bed they made when they decided to make a political anti-white game. The left always eats itself and she is on the menu.

For those not in the know Jax uses the word woke and creates Wakanda, along with a ton of other bullshit. After that all I have to say is good, I hope it escalates to them killing each other.

Reminder that Fallon Fox never voluntarily disclosed >she used to be a man.

Not always possible.
This is not what I had in mind.

This is.

Who's really mentally ill here?

the absolute state of trannies, keep being deluded