How Subverted is this Board?

I feel like everything on this board is designed to incite patriotic-minded people to hatred, more hatred, and ultimately violence. There are very few positive threads, there is very little ideological discussion. It is not possible that this board is independent, and if you find yourself agreeing with everything that is written here, you are being played.

Stay positive and say no to violence!

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Trust the plan. Q said if anyone else kills jews he is going to delay The Storm.

This board isn't telling people to go and killing groups of people they did that on their own decision and made up in their mind.
It wasn't the glowniggers that told them to do it made them do it, it is clown world and the actions of subhumans which got them to make up to that conclusion.

You don't have to act on violence yourself, but leftists won't respect you if you police others to obey guidelines that they don't follow. Give this thread a read:

Also this.

I see no problem with this.

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the board is subverted by federal faggots like you scared of not having shlomo to sign your checks when the lights go out. this board might still be good if mods banned and deleted all anti natsoc posts and banned migapedes but they dont because they are feds

you're a fucking fed

The real /bros are on NeinChan

That board would be based if more Anons posted

So stupid that this becomes a talking point for any leftist person taking about this place. It’s like saying you can order heroin at Starbucks because someone left a used needle in the public bathroom.

obviously youre newly assigned

Your thread wasn’t up long faggot

100% agreeing with National Socialism is fine.

You only fall into the Jews trap by advocating for violence but cheering violence on when it rarely happens to our black and Jewish enemies is perfectly legal even though most of these incidents ie Tarrant in New Zealand are just ridiculous Jew false flags to make us all think something is legitimately happening which was only truly carried out sonJews could justify grabbing more guns so whites can’t properly defend themselves from the Jews violent mud hordes which is exactly what we saw with the Jews “Saint Tarrant”.

there are literal open web cp chans. anybody posting cp here is a fed keeping the board dirty for zog reasons.

Get out

I know, right? It's funny that they try to convert people to their side via dishonesty, intimidation, fear, or bribery.

how do you solve this? killing people.


No you shill…
killing ppl accomplishes nothing.
It only forces Q to extend our timeout. u need to stop killing jews and "removing kebab" like you racists call it


a very based post indeed

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Boomers and the influx of NPC's who desperately cling to a narrative that requires no action in meatspace.

Read Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War. Embrace violence or be replaced by those who do. Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

It used to get you banned.

They do this while also trying to normalize pedophilia in their media.

It is just a qcumber/boomer who in other places posted shitty water-marked memes about "molon labe" and "from my cold dead hands" and now they have to claim anything that might force them to actually defend their guns from the government is a false flag. Hilarious really, the lemmings are so desperate to maintain their easy life that they will concoct the most bizarre rationale for their fear of having to back up all those words with deeds.

Saw a boomer at the supermarket with a "Our ancestors would be shooting by now". The finger he points, is ironically point back at him.

u think that is funny shill? u wil never delay the trump train

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confirmed by the boomer-op on the southern boarder, retards cucked out big time

why did you reply to your own post


wasn't my post. check ID nigger

that hurt me

I don't mind people's opinions. There are many kinds of right-wing ideologies and National Socialism isn't the only one, but it certainly is the most controversial one, and it can instantly cost you your social life and your job. By forcing people down this path who are not ready for it you are creating lonely and angry people that are more likely to commit violent acts for the (((media))) to gawk at.

I know. Strange, isn't it? It wouldn't get you banned on Stormfront, but on "free speech", "pro-white" 8pol it would.

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Who said anything about muh righty tighty wings? Other options abound like ….eco naturism

Nice leftypol may may faggot.


same id nigger

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100%. Fuck off.

the part where it links back to me was to show my post about Q. wasn't a response, just "WWG1WGA" lol. was only to make sure that you don't kill any innocent Jews. As long as you do that, no issue here

Hotwheels has always been cooperative with authorities in the US when approached, anything involving Jim is just further down that hole. Being pro-Nazi would get you banned for a time but now that's been less of a thing, BBC porn stopped because of counter memes exposing all those "white" girls as actually being Jews which forced the BBC spammer to stop until he could find something else. Just never reveal your physical plans and keep it legal, exchanging philosophical ideas and venting about your local Nigger who stole a store's floor mats with his pants down.

I've never been on leftypol.
My point stands, the fixation on WW2 revisionism benefits only the (((leftist media))) that wants to paint all White advocates as Nazis, and not the survival of the White race. We are more than 12 years in Germany.

Basically this. Also OP is a faggot

Wonder why /b2/ suddenly showed up.

This. Articulation of any potentially interesting points, and especially those that don't fit the narrative du jour, are shut down and drowned out with killderjews or killyoucosyoureajewshill.
It's difficult to know if it's shills, recent imports drawn by the media storm or a combination of both.
Saying all that though, given the way things are going, I cannot see a way that major violence will not erupt as it always does when there is no common ground between different ideologies and I want to be on the winning side

>don't tell them its a lie you larper! you will destroy the white race, our masters are watching! just play along, civic nationalism has always fooled (((them))) before!
Your theory is dogshit, tantamount to denying one's self to carry the cross of our racial sins. Your kind think like semites not aryans.

You're the only one that thinks like that.
only u
Ancient Celts have invented soap and used it extensively, Romans adopted it. Also since most of Northern Europe was forest, obviously people used what is the most available, wood. Maybe they weren't roman marble palaces, but were comfortable nonetheless. Houses are still built from wood, you know. Doesn't mean the builders are niggers.
Master race bullshit was invented by kikes. According to Germans Europe was made of six races, all of which could be part of the Reich. Surely a photo of an old guy in uniform proves anything.

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a pretty strong indication

Q said he personally wants to oven them.

I feel the exact opposite. Free speech is necessary so violence does not happen as, in the US at least, government infringement on freedom is supposed to be violently opposed, i.e. 2nd amendment. One of things some anons forget is that for every leftist nazi larper behind a honeypot VPN can be replaced by another, following a script, and no one knows because of anonymity. They could be vanned and no one would know. This site stops more violence than it starts, but infamy serves a purpose for those opposed to free speech. For example, the CP slanderous accusations come most from Dan Olson, who set the whole thing up and nearly vanned himself in the process. The journos who are against this site are against it because leftist want control of thought for obedience sake and they will never get that here or make any significant takeover without killing free speech.

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No shit the board is subverted. Kikemonkey made sure of that when he stole the board because he got banned once.

You realize that the vast majority of Europeans fought against the Axis in WW2? Anti-Nazi sentiment has been drilled into us since always, and it is the stupidest possible strategy to champion the most controversial topics instead of focusing on immigrant crime, low birth rates, Jewish control of the banks and the media, wars for Israel, etc. Not being an obnoxious revisionist doesn't make you a civic nationalist.

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I tried to warn you idiots

The more 8ch breaks in the news, the more shills, newfags and reddiors woll flood here and takeover.

I agree with you, but if you get shunned and fired for telling your coworkers that "the holocaust didn't happen but it should have" you're not gonna feel very happy in your free speech. By shutting down anything but the most extreme opinions this board facilitates just that, which is why I posit that it is subverted.
I know that several dubious boards pertaining to this have been deleted from 8ch for advertising reasons just recently. Still boards like /loli/ exist, which are absolutely disgusting and degenerate and shouldn't exist, so I think the whole child pornography thing could've been more than just slanderous accusations at least at one point in time - which is enough for the feds to take over the site as illustrated in the OP pic.

Thank you.

The meme is very misleading. Zig Forums likes natsoc germany for what it had accomplished and aimed to do there is a lot more to like about them than what is being shown in your (((meme)))

just go

Ya but it is the topic that is used against europa yo this day, you will have to make sure you normalize topics as you go on and slowly get to national socialism and hitler and normalize those topics, these wouldn't be just a fucking hassle if (((jewtube))) had not gone out of their way banning and shutting down tgsnt and natsoc and positive views on hitler and nsdap germany.

You deceitful little nigger.

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How, when the majority of Europeans weren't even on the Axis side? If anything it should be used for Europa: If the Nazis were evil Europeans were good for defeating them.
Like I said, only our enemies can link the future of our race to an ugly war and a lost cause. If "the White race lost all hope after WW2" isn't a shill slogan than I don't know what is.

Stay mad shill.

I dont know man if your a nazi you go to jail shut down and you should pay reparations for the holohoax.
I also don't like the fact that the nsdap were bad it feels like you are purposely lying to to them to get them on your side, were not kikes user.


I'm not saying we should repeat the propaganda of our enemy, but I'm saying is that they can't shoehorn us into "Nazis" because we have thousands of years of proud European history.

Europe isn't ww2 Germany, you retard.
It's fine to take inspiration from it, but to ignore everything else and try to re-create it 100% in a completely different time and circumstances is idiotic.
Stop being fixated and look at the bigger picture. We can do even better than Germany.

Yes WE are more….what you lack in LOGIC you make up for with cretionus like kikey sophism…
The NSDAP is the *archetype* for white identity politics in that..
1. It was the ONLY example in Modernity for WHITE IDENTITY POLITICAL organization

2. MOST critically it was an EPOCHAL success in
Economic records that STAND to this day
Indigenous European Cultural revival
Proof that a revolutionary organization (SS)the vanguard of the NSDAP could change the values ( reborn Nordicism, Ahnenerbe recovering European past and ORIGINS) of a nation
achieve military victories that the regular Arly was in awe of.
and lead Scientific breakthroughs that STAGGER the imagination and remain classified to this very day.
That is why we NATZEE nigger

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False. We had many different fascist movements and monarchies in Europe in the 1930s, with monarchies being the archetype of the European society throughout the ages.

Basically because we know the crimes of the corrupt in government, they have their foot soldiers running ops on anons. They use the CIA niggers to run false flag ops as an excuse to attack those of us who know the feds are corrupt and protecting the real criminals hurting children and trafficking them. This is why Assange is in jail and why podesta is free. These people are a fuckin disgrace.

And an epochal failure.
Meanwhile we can fall back on epochal successes without epochal failures.

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This isn't kikechan, nigger.

This guys knows his shit and what it is about.

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You know someone is a shill/fed/low IQ schizo when they advocate for violence/terrorism and neo-Nazism.

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Stop projecting, kike.

Scientists Discover Gene That Predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to Schizophrenia
haaretz com/israel-news/.premium-1.560128

Like I said, I support the right of all right-wingers to express their opinions peacefully, but not to force their opinions on others, because this is exactly what our enemies want.

You're fucking retard, if you want a homogenous white country regardless of your beliefs you are de-facto a "racist, nazi, facist, white supremacist" according to the (((media))), so none of their labels matter.

Nobody dictates themselves, or alters their beliefs after what the enemy labels them. But you're clearly just dishonest or severely low IQ so you're mentally incapable of drawing organic conclusions.

Nothing changes the fact that the Germany with the NSDAP was the good side in WW2, Hitler tried multiple times for peace and ceasefire, even when mid war when germany was leading and already took over france. The jews refused and did not want peace because france and britain declared war over poland, not the other way around, their (((governments))) wanted war.

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everyone should listen to these two good advices

Very good advice if you like sucking cock for a living

No wonder nobody takes you cuckservative retards seriously.

You're free to believe that. What I'm saying is that the future of our race does not depend on this contentious topic, and only our enemies benefit from pretending that it does.

kike shill count +1

you dont think those are good advices for you? if people keep killing innocent muslim and jew then normie npc will not like us and that will he bad for getting votes. we need 2 rellect trump

This thread should have been deleted upon OP posting this.


Except that germany was the good side is the factual and objective truth and not a "belief".

Example pic related, airdropped flyers instead of bombs in 1940, meanwhile they could have firebombed britain into a smoldering ashpile like they later did to germany, but they were too humane and benevolent unlike the jewish allies.

There's no reason for you to be this retarded. This is the age of information, not the age of "muh evil dishonest kikefied marxist feelz".

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That's your problem right there bitch, you feel instead of think. Probably because you don't know how. No daddy, slut single mom who parked you in front of the electric jew before you pissed off to public school where you learned about anal sex and how bad the White man is. Now look at you, shit posting on a gook image board for Pissrael.

Violence is pure. Violence gets things done. Your apathy and laziness like that of boomers has had a far more devastating and destructive effect on our society.

Germany killed millions of innocent European civilians. Pretty sure that for them Germany was on the bad side.
The German Luftwaffe wasn't nearly as strong as the allied air forces in 45. The Brits also had the RAF.

Highly based

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You mean the brits and the soviets?
Oh ya some of the massacres they easily blamed on the germans after winning the war.
Lurk moar.

In what way did it fail?
Losing a war does not mean the ideology failed.

This is exactly what it means. Don't be a commie now.

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With a fraction of the planes that the allies had when they bombed Dresden. The Germans couldn't turn Britain into ash you moron.


The mighty intellect of /trannypol/ folks.

Take those with a grain of salt user.
Not trying to be, national socialism did not nor did it ever fail on it's own merits it was removed demonized and had psyops to make that one ideology look bad.
No fucking shit, but the hands of the brits and (((them))) are all dirty for a war they did start over the fact hitler nationalized the banks.

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You can take them with as much salt as you like, it's still millions of civilians murdered by Germany. Germany started the war too, as the Gleiwitz incident was obviously a false flag, and no mental gymnastics or supposed "provocations" will get you around that. You attack first = you're at fault.

Oh lol, that means no Soviet POWs died because some retard on some Internet forum doubts it. Lol.
Or because the Brits had gas masks:

Fuck off with your slide thread retard. Couldn't hide your nose even if you tried.

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Pic related.

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How did I know I was going to find you here a dozen+ posts deep. XD

Nigger brain kike
muh monarchy
Post Roman Empire collapse European (((Monarchy))) is a KIKE derivative religious construct
with CHRISTIANITY… the social media/moral convention of the time…the guarantor of monarchy (((legitimacy)))

NSDAP was NOT Fascist you fucking joo cretin

But that doesn't happen, at all.
In fact, the most extreme opinions are the ones most likely to be banned, whereas milquetoast shitposting by leftist actual-LARPers is not commonplace.

The only reason we don't have outright BLACKED spam is because the mods know it would invalidate the board as a mechanism. Instead, they focus on shit like making a "Hitler Appreciation Thread" (1) and done OP, then letting a bunch of Zig Forums and /int/niggers spam it with disinfo and bad arguments for days at a time.


Thats not an user.
Could you not tell by his prepared link-lists that this is someone with an axe to grind?

This particular faggot has been coming here for the last few months. He enters any thread related to National Socialism and begins attacking it - as of late, he's started covering himself by claiming he is a National Socialist, and just doesn't like Hitler, but the more you press him, the more it becomes clear that in actuality he hates Germany, hates Germans, and will align himself with any European ethnicity - be it Dutch, Polish, British, whatever - to attack the German National Socialists and their efforts in World War 2.
He's been doing it for weeks now. Hundreds of posts per thread.

After awhile, you can pick him out within a few posts.

Is he the crying dutchman? Dutchmen?
Holy fuck is he finally trying a different tactic because the last few didn't work?

Reminder that (((mods and BO))) selectively allow these pathetic dishonest hasbarafags trying to poison online discussion.

All we do is point out what jews say and do, what jew media outlets report on what jews are saying and doing. How people react to what jews are up to is their own reaction, and it's coming from jews, not us.

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He used to present himself as a Dutchfag and argue on those grounds, but nobody really gave a shit and his argument was garbage.
Next he tried to argue that Hitler's pseudo-alliance with the muzzies was some demonstrably terrible thing, but that also didn't see much headway.
Most recently he's been aligning himself with the Poles and British, trying to argue that the Poles dindu nuffin to nobody and Prussia was always Polish bro; coupled with arguing that the British were being 'noble' in stirring up war with the Germans via the Anglo-Franco-Polish military alliance (which was specifically and explicitly designed to antagonize Germany).
Coupled with this is the claim that he is a National Socialist, but doesn't like Hitler, etc, as previously described; but again, this facade falls apart the more he is pressed.
Usually, once so-pressed, other posters will appear in the thread out of nowhere to back him up and/or attack anyone who was attacking him. In some cases, the number of posts these Anons accrued will then be used to attack them, even as the person they're arguing with maintains post-counts into the hundreds.

Long story short, there is an individual or organization that has targeted National Socialism on 8/pol/ as something that needs to be attacked, discredited and generally maligned in whatever way possible, and this faction/factor has initiated an operation to push this agenda on the board.

The moderation staff, to their kosher credit, appears to be supportive of this, and there's a fair argument to be made that the moderation staff themselves are the source of this, as these threads are never curtailed in any fashion, while myriad other threads are deleted under extremely-dubious assertions as to their content by the moderation staff.

If/when this is cited outside of the meta - that is, if you make a thread like this suggesting what I am, even if you present evidence as seen here , the mods will deny any wrong-doing and in most cases will claim that you are in fact attempting to attack them, usually alluding to you being associated with the previous moderation staff in some fashion and/or to you being the source of the very material you are citing as being of issue. They then brigade the thread and bumplock or delete it, usually with a ban for "meta outside meta" or the like (despite the fact that nobody reads the meta thread, making it just as worthless as the meta board, making the whole exercise just another expression of the same motive behind the meta board, which was to keep meta discussion out of the view of the board populace at large).

Thus, if you complain about something on the board, the counter-argument is that you must be the source of that which you are complaining about, and/or are associated with the previous moderation staff, and no effort to curtail the behavior is made.

I should note that since this image started being posted they have become more aggressive in their moderation of specific posts, and as a result the post in question no longer appears to be engaging in such blatant spamming campaigns.
Instead, they engage in more subtle campaigns of similar intent, saying the same thing but in different wording to avoid being so blatantly identifiable.


that 4th pic

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