Getting a gun in Eastern Europe

Hi anons,
I want to know how difficult it is to buy weapons in the black market in eastern europe, i'm thinking ukraine, hungary or bulgaria and bring them back to the E.U
Is it doable ? Any advice ? Would love to hear your opinions

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supposedly (((albanians))) in Serbia are a good source, might want to grow a beard and pretend you're a mudslime

Actually I though about pretending to be one lol
But i was mostly thinking about chaotic eastern ukraine you know

AZOV in Ukraine would help for the right price

Keep in mind its difficult to just randomly find some guy on the street selling guns. Realistically you need to find someone with connections or somebody who knows the right guy. Oftentimes drug dealers also deal in firearms, so you could start there, but be careful user

Rumor has it that all the new mosques that came out of the Merkel/Erdogan deal are supplied with illegal weapon shipments from mossad over Saudi Arabia.

Yeah thanks for the advice, I really need a gun, my country is probably the most anti-gun in europe but i really need to protect my family and be prepared against ever-surging non-white violence, as my country is FLOODED with niggers

Get a replica in spain , drill the barrel open.

Go ask the sandniggers where they buy theirs.

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Too dangerous, I despise them, I don't want to get anywhere near them, as they are extremely dangerous filth

Eastern European fag here.
The fact that you are even asking this question tells me that you don't speak Russian, so forget about it user.
They will think you are glowing.
In minecraft it's usually easier to steal a gun than buy one.
How many times does your character intend to use it?
If it's piano time then your character could aquire them legitimately.

and say good bye to your fucking fingers

actually not universal, here in norway this is closed. In sweden however you can just go up on a god damn street corner and ask after, just buy drugs a couple of times first then pop the question.

obviously depends on you too ofc. Doesn't work here regardless how you look, big difference between the flags. I image that certain countries in the balkans it should be fairly doable

so you intend on smuggling it back home?
well.. not a very bright idea user

Ok man if you think so, one thing I do know the European Union has proposed laws ready to ban these replica's for the sole reason they can be converted to workable firearms. In Minecraft weed land this is the way to go.

No i don't speak russian indeed…but i though it would not be that difficult as there is a huge share of informal economy

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there's a 1% chance he gonna get stopped and searched

What would be best according to you ? I REALLY need a gun as my country could SHTF litterally next week

You warm my heart user aha 😁

I might go full Chopin on (((people))) at some point lol

Thanks for the info, I'd prefer the real deal though aha

Most of the countries on OPs map don't have any border control at all. The smuggling would be trivial.
Belarus and Russia take their borders extremely seriously.
It takes around 45 min to cross the border from the EU into Russia because of all the checking they do (dogs on the bus, customs on the bus, passport control, police checking faces). The dogs check every vehicle without exception.
I wouldn't recommend taking anything naughty over the EU external border.

Dude I know these kind of fucks that sell drugs and weapons they speak only one language - Fucked up Russian.

If someone wanted to do a recital, they wouldn't need an untracable black market weapon. Anything would do, as it would be their final act.