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>Note this is my second posting. A (((mod))) deleted this very relevant thread.

Imagine my surprise.


Imagine if we could spread this in social media

bump for israeli tears

bump for undying hatred of kikes

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friendly reminder the rabbis are the generals directing the jewish forces in their war against whites.




Goyim are fucking stupid.
Look around you.
Look at your family, your friends .
You tell them "Jews run the world!", you show them proof, you show them video of Jews admitting we run the world AND THEY STILL DON'T SEE IT.
That's a goy.
That's a fucking animal, no different than the people you call niggers.
It's over.
We won.
That smell in the air isn't our genocide, it's our complete victory over your ignorance.

Best Honest kike post I've ever seen on Zig Forums

Read this

Err, that's a bump from me, sorry.

Europe will rise again, and we will crush you kike rats for good.

All kikes are like this deep down, especially the ones who pose as liberals.

That link is broken.

I don't identify with ignorant fools aka Goyim / Sheeple or kikes.



when will you do that ?

because the migrations paired with the low birth rates already predict an end to the white race even without a war to get more whites killed

so when are you finally going to rise up ?
will it be before your race is extinct ?
the jews plans have already set a date on your death, will you rise up before it ?

also, if you had the ability to rise up, what are you waiting for ?
your race grow weaker and weaker with each passing day
your women is falling for jewish media tricks, racemixing shit, your men is falling for fagottry, and modern society cuckoldism
what are you waiting for ?
to rise up when you wont have enough numbers to survive ? waiting till you dont have enough numbers to even put up a fight ?
look at your numbers, you are growing weaker, not stronger
the sooner you rise and fight, the more chances you'd have to survive

what are you waiting for ?

Imagine calling yourself genetically superior when you have the most genetically diseased population on Earth.

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imagine being so naive that the most diseased population still manages to get you replaced by 3rd world apes

Kike Mods are working hand in hand with the CointelPro Jews and Spooks.

Hahaha guy is a pisser, gotta give him that… BEFORE TURNING ON THE GAS.

he is promoting his shit in the real world
when will you turn on the gas in the real world ?

Yikes. Jesus really did curse them.

They are the children of their father on Earth, Satan.

Don't you live here to, Shlomo? Yeah, your not so clever plan has you running yourself out of Europe and living with human feces and syringes in America.

And yet, here you are… Not your genocide? REALLY? With all the drug use and faggotry going on with you? You infected your own people with your Cancer. Your numbers are shit. Simple demographics have us out lasting you dumb motherfuckers. If not by some chance, those 'animals' will, EAT YOU. You need White people. We don't need you.

When he comes to the real world. Right now he's munching foreskins in the desert.

not my plan
the ones doing the plan are safe in their mansions
when will you revolt and take them out ?

They were making derogatory remarks about non-jews, not simply Arabs. This is the norm, not only in Israel but everywhere.

Yes , absolutely best honest post ever on Zig Forums>>13222532
Yes this the Jews folly , what happens when the only People with White Skin are the Jews , they’ll need Space Travel in case the World turned into a Giant Haiti for them

Who says only whites will be a part of struggle?

The next holocaust (a real one this time) will be a multiracial cooperative against you fucking yids. Every color is going to put an end to you racist, cousin fucking, uncle niece fucking, inbred fucking fucks.

Since people are too stupid to realize that Jews run this country, I'm going to become a Jew. I'm done trying to educate idiots, obviously they want to be slaves and not think. From now on I don't have to be nice to the goyim anymore. I don't have to try to teach animals how to use their heads and become human anymore. I can treat goys like the animals they choose to be and call it sacred and holy.

I actually can't believe it took me this long to figure out that people are too stupid to wake up, but I can literally wave it in their faces and they're still too stupid to wake up lol. Like apes, but that's an insult to apes. Apes resist slavery and confinement. Idiot people don't.

Such arrogance, such chutzpah, I don't doubt you are really a Jew. You think you are killing us? You are only purifying us from the dysgenics of the industrial age. You think bringing in all these animals to our lands will end us? It is in war and chaos we thrive. You are only succeeding in breeding out the weak, the noncompetitive, the lame, the unintelligent, the pathologically altruistic, and the xenophilic among us.

You say our race is dying? Look at yours, the Jewish race suffers from all the problems you have inflicted on us (race mixing, low fertility, increasing age, homosexuality), but your numbers are much smaller.

Look at the geopolitics, your hive of scum and villainy in the Middle East is beset on all sides and only exists due to our support. Like a parasite, you can only survive with a host. However, the Zionist World Order is being rejected everywhere, especially by younger generations of whites. What shall you do when the chaos you have made of our lands causes all the ZOGs to fall and all people to turn against you? Your race and it's state have no future,

We face war as well, but a major difference between our racial civilization and yours is that you do not study war like we do, nor do you practice it well. Your race has a long history of failure, defeat, and expulsion. I shall watch with glee when the Arab subhumans enter your Satanic state and rape your disgusting women to death on mass. When we have not won our wars we have slaughtered countless times our number in battle. It is rare for us Europeans to ever be defeated by anyone one but ourselves.

Look at the games our youth likes to play, whether virtual or physical, it almost all based on war. Whereas you kikes think of physical labor or exercise as a fate worse than death. Your people cry out in horror at the phase "arbiter macht frei".

We are preparing the coming generation of whites for this world of race war, generation Z will not be our end, but your yours. This finest hour of our race shall forge a perfect generation of white warriors ready to heroically sacrifice their lives for the future our race. They shall make All the fears of you kikes; which you have projected in your Holocaust fantasies, reality.

Your best chance of surviving is begging for mercy. You Kikes understand intrigue, yes? Why don't you give me a code word, so if I ever get the chance to kill you I promise to make you a court juster instead.

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I hate Jews and I hate fools/goyim. I'm done trying to wake up the fools. I'm done defending anyone that is not strictly mine nya~

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If that were true, you wouldn't need to be here and post that. It would be a waste of your time.
You're frightened.



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Look, I respect Jews for what they have carved out of the world from so very little and out of a dwindling genetic pool.

However, there's no way they can call everyone else stupid and violent when they literally had to commit henious acts to achieve what they have.

I also, don't think my race needs their help, especially not if they're going to to behave like squids to get it.


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I'd love to be a slave to a jew. They'd go to sleep thinking everything is great, then the next day they wake up in an oven.

I'm literally watching Red Dawn for the millionth time right now.

Also saved.

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You fell for pic related.

Many of us former liberals, stop being a defeatist cuck.

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Nothing can stop me now cause I don't care anymore.

Nothing can stop me now,
Nothing can stop me now,
Nothing can stop me now,
Nothing can stop me now,

Nothing can stop me now

Nothing can stop

Faggot mods deleted my post. Wonder why?

Step right up,
Crawl right up on your knees
feed (no time to hesitate)
I want a little bit
I want a piece of it
I think he's losing it
I want to watch it come down
Don't like the look of it
Don't like the taste of it
Don't like the smell of it
I want to watch it come down

All the pigs are all lined up
I give you all that you want
Take the skin and peel it back
Now doesn't that make you feel better?

Shove it up inside,
Stains like the blood on your teeth
suck (away the tender parts)
I want to break it up
I want to smash it up
I want to fuck it up
I want to watch it come down
Maybe afraid of it
Let's discredit it
Let's pick away at it
I want to watch it come down
All the pigs are all lined up
I give you all that you want
Take the skin and peel it back
Now doesn't that make you feel better?

The pigs have won tonight
Now they can all sleep soundly
And everything is all right

Get out larping faggot


You can't help my isolation
You can't help the pain that it brings
You cant help my absence of faith
You cant help my anything

It was real in your mind, just like a Holohoax

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Does anyone here think they would be happier as a Jewish slave?



If they stop the pozz, yes. So ultimately no.


Is this a cucked answer, or only half-cucked?

They will try anything to stop it .

Shit screencap.

this can't be accurate

I'm pretty sure that smell in the air is the smoldering from the first cinders of God's wrath coming for your arrogance. Again.

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the same israel with anti-miscegenation laws on the books, gave the largest funeral in israeli history to the most racist rabbi worse than the worse of the kkk grand wizards, and recently made that racist nation state law? fat chance.

jews are evil and to exterminate them is humanitarian.