Anti-White traditions

There's been a lot of untold, historical racism against whites around the world and this is bound to resurface as whites lose power. Would be grateful if Zig Forums intellectuals could add to this. I've found a few examples below:

Whites “are nearer animals than men . . . They are by nature unthinking and their manners crude. Their bellies protrude; their color is white and their hair is long. In sharpness and delicacy of spirit and in intellectual perspicacity, they are nil. Ignorance, lack of reasoning power and boorishness are common among them.”

Racial discrimination by the ruling Han Chinese in imperial China has been documented in historical texts such as Yan Shigu's commentary on the Book of Han, in which White people were called "barbarians who have green eyes and red hair" and compared to macaques. Gweilo 鬼佬 - literally "ghostly man" (directed at white Westerners). The official rhetoric reduced the Westerner to a devil, a ghost, an evil and unreal goblin hovering on the border of humanity. Many texts of the first half of the nineteenth century referred to the English as "foreign devils" (yangguizi), "devil slaves" (guinu), "barbarian devils" (fangui), "island barbarians" (daoyi), "blue-eyed barbarian slaves" (biyan yinu), or "red-haired barbarians" (hongmaofan).

Europeans in the 17th and 18th century even claimed that they were treated as untouchables. The official 19th century caste system in nepal categorized whites as touchable but impure low-castes whose water was untouchable.

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Other urls found in this thread: Jewish Role In The White Slave Trade —- [YT Channel allmoderncons].mp4

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If we are hated, then we ought to know why.
Specific examples. Not mere insults.

Once we know the problems we are causing for other people, then we can begin to correct them. If they wish to only insult us, but provide no way to fix the situation, then I think that they are the problem.

And because this is Zig Forums, I will mention that it is the same for Jews.
If they wish to know why we hate them, then they can either leave, or correct their conduct. Or better, leave AND correct their conduct.

If it is about "foreign devil" syndrome, then the solution is to keep ourselves segregated: A separate continent for every race. Europe for Europeans, African for Africans, Middle-East for Middle-Easterners, Asia for Asians, Israel for the Jews, and so on.

This is how it's always been, and there's never been problems. If they wish to be friendly, we have the internet and phone calls, and if we want to exchange goods, shipping via boats and planes can also happen.

But as for where we live? We live here. They live there. Now there is peace.

If they cannot name specific examples of what we do that bothers them, then all they are doing is insulting us, and that makes them unjust. I do not have time for people who don't have a benevolent objective in mind.


They know that they are sandniggers and that they are inferior to europeans. They specifically invented the hijab and burka and implemented mummery laws to protect their purchased or kidnapped european women from being stolen by fellow sandniggers.

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That wasn't the dominant narrative during the Caliphate rule in Southern Europe. Also, veiling has nothing to do with Islam. It is practiced by all caucasoids including Jews, Hindus, Greeks, Indo European tribals, Romans, Christians, Egyptians, Yezidis, Gnostics etc.

Nope. There are other cultures where headscarfs for women are encouraged, but veiling to disguise the race and appearance of the women is only practiced by sandniggers.

The Greeks and Romans did it to hide women from other men actually. Among the Hindus, headcovering has to do with modesty, ie, to hide the woman's appearance from other men. So no.

But you're right that face veiling is unique to Arabs (not Islam in particular). Though you have to provide evidence that the reason for this was what you claim it was

It's a custom that originated in nations that had slaves

Arabs are literally a tribe of slave traders, who did nothing but trade clothes, spices and slaves for more than a thousand years. Their scum-like ascent to top is the direct result of marrying barbarian women which they purchased from the romans. The ethnic evidence from the slave trade is all over the Arab world and without their slave-era customs of veiling european people would've noticed a long time ago.

1. The Chinks, Niggers and others also had slaves, so you're completely wrong again.

2. There were plenty of caucasoid tribals that did not have slaves yet practiced headcovering.

3. It is also often religiously sanctioned for the sake of modesty. In pre-feminist European and Indian traditions women are supposed to cover themselves in front of other family members as well

4. Headcovering among Caucasoids was for all other men (regardless of slaves) as is evident in not only texts justifying it, but also the fact that Ancient Greek and Roman slaves actually saw and obeyed their master's wives. The wives were often in charge of the slaves.

5. Also, Greek civilization far pre-dates the practice of slavery in it.

Yeah, and they also practiced veiling which proves my point. It's even more pronounced in Arab nations, because they were slave traders for centuries and have always had a much greater ratio of slaves to slave masters than any other nation. Even today the average sandnigger in Saudi Arabia works only one to two hours a day. It is inborn at this point, they are natural born slave traders, which is why they import all their workers from other countries. They don't even know how to work.

And don't confuse headscarfs with mummery.
There's such thing as sandnigger modisty, That's a rationale cooked up after the fact. The primary function of female-specific mummery is to conceal the ethnic features their women, because there are vast differences between a sandnigger goblins and european slaves that have to be concealed to keep the peace. Jewish Role In The White Slave Trade —- [YT Channel allmoderncons].mp4

I cannot take seriously those who lost a continent to people they claim "In sharpness and delicacy of spirit and in intellectual perspicacity, they are nil. Ignorance, lack of reasoning power and boorishness are common among them.”
Then again aside from saudis, most arabs conflate kikes with whites
When did the irish and scottish fight chinks?
Says the poo men with a river of literally shit and air that is also literally shit.

user, those traits are common in early germanic peoples especially, and in the furthest east of Aryan peoples. See the Tocharins, who the chinks try to pretend didn't exist.

Sigh… it is tiresome to explain history but the first 'mythological' Jade Emperor of China was an Aryan with green eyes. The Scythians aka Tocharians ruled all of Northern Asia for a thousand years. The were basically the Rhohirim from LOTR but with pointy hats and bows nya~

Arabs are wise SOB's then, while whites constantly give up any advantage. Arabs are like like kings nya~

Technically East-Celtic, not Germanic,
But Celts and Germans are Aryan cousins.

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That's funny because the penalty for saying Allah was black, is death. In the Koran they describe the guy's body BY PART and say how White he was.

Similar shit with Indians.

Chinks are still salty for being made junkie whores.

Fuckers are jealous because they aren't us.

Their modern day ascent to the top has to due purely with oil. Historically Arabs, like their cousins the Jews, took advantage of weakness nya~

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Seems like a psy-op to me.

Fuck off faggot. And no, Germanic. The damned Romans even spoke of red haired germanic barbarians.

Yup. And we need to go back to putting women in cages (houses)

Nope the chinks and sub-saharan africans never had headcoverings. There are only records of mass female veiling in caucasoid territories. Are you just trolling? Why spread such outright lies? You must be a female troll.

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this is what pretty much every dominant group of people does to dominated people. Are you really surprised?

I REALLY like you.
If you had been born female, I would do anything to make you my wife.
But you weren't, so please do not forget to adopt masculine ideals for yourself. Cuteness is a technique to allow children and women to be spared.

It won't work for men. You simply need to be strong.
But you are my brother, so please be strong, for both of our sakes.

I wish you the best. And again, I really appreciate your intelligent posts.

That's 8chaim for you, and this probably is a psyop thread, like most threads of here (for different purposes), but I do recognize the Arab and Chinese statements. The Arab source is of one man (ibn Fadlan?) describing some Slavic or Germanic peoples and he contrasted them to the darker Mediterraneans.

The arab source is from the caliphate era in spain and refers to the conquered visigothic and iberian people. The Indian source seems to be from wikipedia though


subhumans being jealous

Who care' what the low races say'd about the high races,or some 'white' races.
Why you make that thread?
it's not important.

Completely agree, waste of time, instead of reading this thread we should be working out or reading books.

Mohammad was white

If so the biggest cuck in the history of mankind.

8/pol/turds being the low IQ shits they are, as usual.

They sound rustled. Remember to take any opportunity to claw back all our knowledge, systems, technology, culture and trade markets over the next century. No more gibs of any form for any reason. Purify the Occident.

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You didn't even mention the Chinese Qing Dynasty which was even more brutal and sparked the Opium Wars due to their wanton murder of any Europeans even near their territory. They captured one French man and beat him to death and left him hanging in a suspended cage dead for weeks for the crime of "learning Chinese." The Boxer Rebellion was an anti-white uprising that eventually led to the British to invade again and burn down the summer palace in retaliation for the brutalities suffered by the Chinese people (and sponsored by the Empress Dowager.)

The Koreans were brutal to Europeans, there is the tale of Hendrick Hamels and the Dutch sailors he was with whose shipped crashed into the Korean peninsula. They were immediately kidnapped and held indefinitely by the Korean king, who forced them to live as Koreans and refused to ever let them go home to see their families. The justification was "well that's the law." A few men were beaten to death for letting the Chinese envoy know they were foreigners. Eventually, Hamels and a few others were able to sneak out of the country in a small boat that they procured.

The tales of Mongol brutality against Russians, Hungarians, and Romanians is among the most horrific in the history of the world, their entire end game was the complete murder of every single living man, woman, and child in these countries. Master Roger's Epistle is full of story after story of Mongolian massacres of Europeans.

We know about the brutality of the Indian "Native Americans" towards whites who they would randomly kidnap, torture, and scalp before killing them, often in front of their children or children in front of parents. There are numerous captivity narratives detailing these crimes.

There is the awful Ottoman, Arab, and Mongol slave trade in Eastern Europe.

There is, of course, the Vietnamese Nguyen Dynasty beheadings of all Europeans living in Indochina, which gave France the justification it needed to invade Vietnam and install its own government.

In recent years we have the Khmer Rouge's capture of any boats in international waters and imprisonment of any white people on the boats as "foreign spies." Not a single one escaped alive, usually their fate was to be held in Tuol Sleng prison, torture until admitting they were CIA spies, taken to the courtyard and burned alive in a pile of tires.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, there are thousands of examples of anti-white hatred throughout human history going all the way back to Babylon, Greece, Rome, etc. and continuing uninterrupted to this day, not to mention the numerous jewish brutalities perpetrated against Europeans.

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Very subtle D&C

If holocaust studies are not the prime example of kikes fucking with education for thier own benefit, the narrative that the opium wars was started by China's refusal to engage in trade and murdering any outsiders they could get thier hands on is in no way those communist chinks fucking with it either.

no shit, you're acting like a kike. trying to play the victim to gather sympathy

Stop being victims and start being victors

All pretty spot on, except for one point. The "Mongols" had nothing in common with modern Mongolians. They weren't even Asian. All early accounts point to them being either Arabic, or closely related with modern Cossacks, possible both. They also weren't loosely organized, nomadic tribes, like everyone assumes. They had an entire civilization at the heart of their empire which produced the supplies necessary to fuel their conquests.

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What's the D&C, I'm not saying Greece and Rome were anti-white I'm saying during those periods we find numerous atrocities against Romans, Greeks, and other Europeans, by nonwhites in Africa, Asia, etc. Nice fucking try though grasping at straws this hard to try and discredit information detailing atrocities against whites in order to label the post "d&c"

They were always called "Tatars" in most documents from the era, there's speculation they were related to the Turks, it's very hard to say exactly who they were, but we do have drawings of Kubla Khan and other of the royal line, who look very oriental. Again, it's impossible to pin down some of these ancient races, they've gone through hundreds of years of mixing and scattering to get to what they look like now.

Those drawings, and art pieces are fairly recent. Earlier ones depict them as clearly Caucasian.
Fair point.

Hello spamming kike

Ibn Fadlan was a retard with envy issues who purposefully lied about how Vikings and Europeans are dirty because they didn't torture and fuck the goats before eating them. Ibn got butthurt in one account because he found out muslim women were converting and leaving in droves for any Vikings that came in to port and that they had a routine hygiene regiment that was unheard of to be that clean.

Vikings were described in multiple accounts by arabs,sultans, meds and foreigners as

"Large Beautiful men with colored hair and eyes who each carried their own comb, loyalty although the fierceness in war is what worried the muslim sultans"

Serious Ibn is a shit source, the meds scribes give a better account of the whole situation. There was multiple European bandit groups made up of various European mercs who were known for drowning muslim sailors and stealing their ships, somehow Ibn left that one out hmmmm….

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The original Mongols were in no means Caucasians maybe a little Eurasian but they were their own Chink group chinks as of recently have been pushing that lie to prove they were never savages, they became a mutt army who just absorbed the locals. Whites in the Mongol army were already living in Asia long before separated from the chinks and were the last White tribes left after the last exodus from shitskin horse tribes invading. Muslim Uyghur killed off the last few White tribes in China.

Funny enough there has been a long brought up issue among the Northern Chinese in the formerly White tribe indigenous land claiming they should recognized as Caucasians.

Also shitkins tend to be jealous

Also another thing is their lore about other Europeans in other cultures?

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Except that the Boxer Rebellion wasn't anti-white, it was anti-Christian and anti-foreigner in general. Chinese Christians were also massacred, and many Japanese soldiers fought against the boxers.

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As this shows, it was specifically anti-white. There were many Korean foreigners living in northeast China at the time, there were also several Central Asian foreigners of various ethnicities and Turkish traders living in China at the time, so, no, it was not simply anti-foreigner, it was exclusively anti-white. Chinese Christians were massacred for being in communion with Europeans and Americans who were in China at the time. Christianity was seen as the religion of the white foreigners, which it was, and so it was attacked.

In fact, your narrative of it being simply "anti-foreigner" is easily disproven by the fact that the rebels allied with another foreigner, the Indian Rabindranath Tagore in their attacks on Europeans. It was a "rebellion" where government troops carried some executions of whites in the north. If they were only focused on missionaries, they wouldn't have also put to death 56 white children, as well as slaughtering wives and family members after promising to shield them during the Taiyuan Massacre.

We need to get rid of the tradition of being the kike's favorite pet. This is the most pro-white thing yhat white people can strive for presently.

Nation of Islam was founded around the aftermath of the Civil war. They teach that white people were created by evil scientists. Litterally what founder taught.

You would be surprised by how many killings and assassinations, NOI can be traced to or was likely behind. Not just Malcom.

They tend to have many wives (girlfriends)

Muhammad Ali was a draft dodger and so we're his strawmans opponents. When he finally faced a military boxer he lost, but judges rigged.

Noi has been subverting US for a long time.