Female quotas in migration to increase nationalism

We know women support migration much more than men. A feminist approach might sway them.

Men perceive migrants, who are mostly young males, as competition.
Women would consider new young men as potential partners. More potential partners can be perceived as a better choice. It naturally increases the effort of the native men in courting, due to increased competition.

For high educated people migrants are less of a problem than for people with mid or low education.
For mid education women are less of a competition than for men: A migrant doesn't have the decades of linguistic and cultural benefits to compete against an e.g. kindergarten teacher (mostly female) and can't even undercut the price (not a free market).
Compare that to a plumber.

The influx of new people increases the demand for 'female' jobs, increasing the stability of women's jobs, as the welfare state provides these services (like education).
The welfare state does not pay for e.g. plumbing. The influx of people does not necessary increase the demand for many 'male' jobs.

And since migrants are mostly male even the amount of potential competitors is far worse for men, when looking at industries, that don't have a 50/50 gender split (nearly all jobs).

For low education women welfare benefits are a bigger factor. As migrants tend to vote for welfare parties, this in turn benefits the woman.

To sum it up: Current migrants have some benefits and next to no negative effect on women.
It's reasonable for women to vote for open border and migration.

Let's use feminism dogma to solve the issue. Let's introduce a female quote on migration.
It's easy to justify ("We need to help the women, who seek a better life here as well. Right now only the evil men benefit!")

With quotas you suddenly have far more women entering the country.
Suddenly the native male population has an increased pool. I bet you could cut the amount of beta orbiters by half, by just bringing in more women into a country.
Not many will accept the neurotic mind games of entitled feminists, when literally hundreds of thousand of new women are entering the country, seeking for a stable, good relationship.

This in turn reduces the cultural and politic outreach of the (mostly feminist) women, who have learned to manipulate beta guys.

With an increased amount of (migrant) women trying to marry, more families are formed, which pushes political views towards conservatism on its own.

New women will reduce the female privileges significantly. e.g. It will be harder to find "women support" apartments, when you don't compete against 50 women in your city, but suddenly 5000. Or when your gynecologist offering free screening now has a waiting line of 20 people instead of 2.
I'm sure welfare dependent women will notice this change very quickly.

With a new, hard competition for women, native women will try to defend what they already have and will try to limit migration, to not damage themselves too much. Which reduces their will for mass migration.

tl;dr: Female quotas on migrants increases competition on women. They will try to reduce migration to protect themselves.
Use feminist dogma to increase nationalism.

To make sure: The proposal does not aim to increase migration in general, but reduce male migration, while increasing female migration to get the 50/50 split feminists like so much.


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Bring in only young women, see how willing everyone is then.

I like it, good thinking user.

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Is it? High taxes (they pay them to) and a greater risk of rape is 'reasonable' in this faggots head.

Skimming the rest and my 'thoughts' are that you're someone I would like to beat and curb stomp.

There's already MILLIONS of worthless cunts coming in. Shlomo wants them to reproduce like the rotten that they are.

How about just dying instead of making me get up off the couch?

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This, honestly, you have to exterminate the BREEDING FEMALES

You don't get the point.
1. Add female quota
2. Less male migrants, more female migrants
3. More competition for native women
4. Native women like migration less
5. Migration criticism increases in total
6. Less migrants

It's about changing the political zeitgeist, by using feminist rhetoric to sway the most pro-migrant group (women) against migration.

This is why we're going to kill you. This right here. You do not know when to fuck off.

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I said I would read the next post before going to bed.
This was it.

Are you being purposefully obtuse? The desired result is not an increase in net migration at any point. Simply changing WHO migrates in order to turn a larger amount of people against it. I don't think it'll work, but I understand what he's proposing.

You fucking LARPer.
Go read a book about propaganda.
If you think your current goals can be achieved directly right now, in this cultural climate, you are completely delusional.

Accelerationism won't work. Armed resistance will be opposed by an international army. And even your fellow countrymen will fight you, because you are part of a radical and tiny ideology.
Reduce "radical" and you'll reduce "tiny". Add propaganda and you have a working method to work towards your goals. In a democratic system the head count is key.

The only migration worth discussing is the migration of jews and non-whites to Hell. There is absolutely no reason to consider the political system any longer, who do you think you're fooling?

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There is no peaceful solution.

As though we care that we are the only ones who see clearly what the problems are…the extermination of ALL non-Whites is the only legitimate goal. We should start with the ones THAT THE BABIES COME OUT OF…

Nothing would change, other than some current anti-invasion guys turning traitor and supporting it because they're degenerate and/or socially inept. Muh dick, basically.

Gimme some counter arguments.
I had the idea just a few hours ago and want to work out the problems.

Live in a democratic system.
Numbers currently strong against nationalism.
People can be swayed.
Countless historical examples.

Kill your family and then yourself.

Ratio of Men, Women, Children (Boys and Girls under 18 with a Dental Age Test), and Whole Family Unit (DNA Tested),
Mandatory; Drug Testing, E-Verify, Real I.D to Wire Transfer,
Reform; Must work equal to time to being on Gibs; welfare, food stamps, medical, hud, Free schooling must be worked off, etc.
so many more great ideas…

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OP is a faggot.

Women are favorable to it because what they see in the TV are children and injured old women. If they knew it's mostly shitskins they would change their minds because they are disgusted by them. That probably doesn't apply to American coal burning women but still the point stands.
Also, most immigration in Europe is still from other European countries, that's why the proles haven't woke up yet.

Here is one reason why 'political solutions' won't work any longer. Only exterminating the women that are the breeding females will work to SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

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Bump for think-posting

Because of judaism.
And yet not.
There isn't. You are a paid shill.

The Democrats bend over backwards to get the non-white and woman vote for decades. Why are you surprised when a front runner for the Democrats says this?
As you can't easily sway the non-white vote away from the Democrats, especially on this issue, it's only feasible to sway the women.

I wish I knew how to do it. Last few times I showed several clips (raw footage) about the caravans or arriving migrants on the European coast, I was accused of sharing conspiracy alt-right propaganda.
The topic was literally "most of those are men", but fucking raw footage is dismissed, because MSM has such a stranglehold on the narrative.

Easier to simply kill the breeding females. Then the problem never has to be thought about again.

I always thought Ali G's immigration policy was a good one tbh.

pic = short version of this proposal.

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Any men who want to reduce their DNA to NULL in a subhuman cunt should go do it. White women only need a handful of devoted White males to propagate and continue our species.


that true, no whites should race mix, period. but the point is that cunts would have a panic attack if a ton of asian women were flooding US shores. overall, it might actually be a good thing because white women would start behaving normally in order to one up the asian women, thats all men want, really. it would be a wake up call as they see all the attention diverted away from them, so they would delete the fucking tinder profile, shave her armpits and respond like a normal girl when a man approaches her.

the chink lady looks like a fucking alien

How clever, and the only price we have to pay for our women 'shaving their armpits' and 'behaving normally' is the genocide of our race inside our own nations…yes user, I see your plan now and how it is all going to work out for the White race.

When you scrape off the 15 pounds of makeup they wear on their face/neck you will think it is a actual bug

A perceived threat can cause disproportional change, when it is heavily reported.

First we'll kill losers like you then we will cherish and protect our women

Chan is back
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Chan is back..
Meme war 2..
We will win.
I am a veteran on the Meme war .. we will win

I want only female migrants, maybe finally I'd stop being an incel

So sorry white women think you are fat an ugly.
Go on a diet and become a real white man.
Or go full faggot. I don't care.

Perhaps, but anyone with any brains wants to manouvre in as good as position as he can before the bullets start glying.

Nips are not subhuman an0n. I've been to their lands.
They are as close to as as a non-white can possibly get. Show some respect for others, especially those that earned it.

Being pro-white does not mean being aginst everyone else.

If we can meme this narrative into the public, we will have saved Europe from Brazilian fate.
Why? Because the muslims won't let their women immigrate, and there aren't that many Asian women moving in.

Hi muzzy
We are going to send our white seed to all your women.
You will destroy your existence.

Plus: We really need global trade and being brazenly racist against everybody is the fastest way to get sanctioned by other countries.
Full isolationism does not work, when our fertilizer require stuff, which does not even exist in our borders. Unless one tries colonialism again, but colonialism doesn't work well against countries under the protectorate of countries with nukes and modern arms.

Right then. The proposal, I don’t know why it’s an atrocity. The original idea may’ve been to help the men with our superior first world resources while the sane and much-suffering womenfolk were left behind as the chosen virtuous people to inherit that society. But I am neither impressed nor disgusted with women, and I do not expect them to have that much or that favorable a dispersion from the men in society. My own father tried to teach me to live in peace; it was my mother who made me cry for being permanently ticked off. I feel bad sometimes if I get stressed out because it makes me feel in danger of being more like her.

I’m a pacifist without sexual motives, for full disclosure, so this “competitor” bullshit sounds like soulless alien virality. It’s appalling. But if I ignore that, I still don’t know what makes this policy an atrocity. Maybe in their own culture the broken men can heal.

Or maybe they’ll turn into dumbass beta wolves like men in China whose mothers milled their daughters to have more of the valuable sex. I read a report of cross-border sexual crime along the India-Chinese border. You’re proposing to create unmarriagable armies.

I think what’s been observed might be that men in impoverished nations don’t value their own individual existence as such. They’re kind of soulless residents in the moment looking around them for their immediate scenario while trying to be vaguely correct towards the acquisition of their actual motivation: baby pigment slaves who they can hurt all through childhood and indoctrinate with the same faith that never managed to give them a sense of higher motivation. Now personally, the only such thing that I ever remember anyone saying to me directly attributed that as a womanly motivation, but bear with me: if babeez are the only motivation of these virus-people, maximizing their wealth means maximizing their access to women. And as the nations in question tend to be underdeveloped shitholes full of violent criminal people, maybe it’s very adroitly utilitarian to make possible the least wrong motivation by which their economy and culture can be dragged into a state where it becomes susceptible to antinatalistic influences.

It’s such a bizarre motivation, though. It seems like people should try to be more beautiful than viruses. Even pure hedonism is a more beautiful motivation than natalism.

The same person who told me of that “womanly motivation” may or may not have been trying to warn me that my lack of respect for human replication motivation might result in women lying about me and falsely claiming me to be misogynistic.

Are you even trying Muzzy?
I will always and forever fuck you up.
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Weird speculation: there may exist two nephilistic errors: the one that takes women from a society because they are lovely, and the one that removes men from a society because the lovely women deserve to be free of them. It may be best if we avoid both nephilistic errors.

Help the men in distant places to be men in distant places. As we always sometimes aliens to one another, perhaps this will even echo homewards, and make our society shine like brass buttons.

You are the nephilim, if a nephilistic error there is, for I am immediately expecting that you do not imagine muslim women being fucked by rams. You are objecting only to what makes you say, “ewe”.

I wonder, do you often think of that conjunction of genitalia? You might find peace if you can find acceptance of those thoughts. They don’t have to hurt you; you will not hurt goats by staring at them.

not a bad idea but it won't change anything because women don't decide jack shit. Corporations, the business community and even the military want cheap labor to push down wages, and cheap recruits to go send into foreign hellholes, it isn't stopping and isn't changing, no matter which puppet we put into office, anything that impedes immigration will be a non-starter for the ruling classes

The logic of feminism is always anti-white. All other rules and principles take a back seat. Feminists will literally plug their ears and start yelling when you suggest anything that may benefit white men. This is why they invite brown rapists while condemning rape. Also, the females coming over are bringing kids with them and are probably already pregnant.

"I am a veteran on the Meme war"
This is a perfect example of your generation, as to how pathetic you all are, constantly role playing.

That's only because the only women coming over are coming because they are already married to a guy who has already migrated.

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I'm short and ugly and you can't change that.
Can't wait for my traditional migrant muslim wife.

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Short and fat. Are making fun of Mexicans?

The only way to 'approach' immigration is to end it. Stop new immigrants coming in, and kill / segregate / intern in concentration camps the ones already here.
Same with traitors bringing them in.
Also, your position is illogical.
Why would anyone go to the trouble to agitate for less male immigrants, when
the same amount of effort could be used to agitate to stop any immigration, and would be more useful overall?

God’s sake, get with the times. People don’t barbarise each other in conflict anymore. We contend over ideas and defend causality models by whatever methods we can. The meme war is as real as a stormcloud on the horizon; when you see it, there might be rain.

Because the proponemts of immigration are so uncharismatic you can false flag them with that shit?

Go say that to Antifa members.,
Hi Muzzy..

I’m really enjoying the thought of goat genitals, by the by. That lit up my day. It’s just biology, and nothing in mind alone hurts anyone. Too many people around here forgot how to be candid and have fun with it. Why are we all supposed to suffer forever losing our lunches over thoughts?

We’re in a society where meatvats are getting started. That’s going to reindustrialize tissue provisioning in so many ways. Why get hung up with ancient sociopathic contests of warriors backed by crowds of half-living replicating virus people? We can instead share in the joy of consciousness and live in a brightly glowing future.

If we put down revulsion, we can begin to understand each other. We can be meat connected in a web of electricity working hard to shock each other. For indeed, is this not a shock site? 8ch is made of mutually electrocuting meat!

not in modern warfare. You don't need more grunts, you need more highly specialized (=educated, stable, trustworthy) support roles.

the ruling class consists of humans. The proportion of females among Western elites increases. They are not robots, they follow ideologies, which can be changed.
A real danger for women will change feminism, will change feminist elites, will change cultural direction.
Rape is not a real danger. The numbers are too low for that, the threat is too tangible.
Competition on the other hand is invisible, omnipresent, abstract and nearly impossible to refute.

Nature is scary. Denying reality is stupid.
Just because you admit to be "without sexual motives" (and thus probably never experienced competition this competition), does not mean it isn't there.
Or to put it another way: If you are blind from birth, don't discourage people from talking about pictures and visual aesthetics.

Or to put it simply: "Westerners, give money to Africa so they develop and have less kids"
Didn't work out over the last 50 years, did it?
To be frank, I don't care that much about their problems. They are responsible to solve them and they can pay us to help them out.
I'm concerned with the fate of the West, which is going down, very quickly.

On a personal note. Don't take it as an attack. It's meant to help you.
Based on the words, grammar, severity and other rhetorical patterns, as well as your misinterpretation of cultural normalcy and the lack of sexual motives:
I believe you are suffering from a mental disorder, which likely stems from a childhood trauma. If you aren't treating it yet and if you have experienced stuff like strong violence, strong humiliation or sexual abuse during early childhood, please try to seek professional help.
It's really not an attack. This is curable.




club penguin tier.

Wrong. The ones that would flow in are the goblinas with 7 children, to be brought over later with family reunification, and those mother goblinas sure as fuck aren't going to be competing with white single mothers.


Kill yourself if you can't see the most basic of concepts here nigger.

Hence defining the requirements as young unwed girls of breeding age. Try and keep up, shitskin.

Because they aren't already doing that now right? Like we're only getting men in our countries and it's perfectly fine!

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This thread really brought out the kike shills and schizophrenic tradcon-feminists in a panic, I think that means it's a damn fine propaganda angle to push.

Where in his post (the one quoted in the post you replied to) did he mention those details?

Hmm, if migrants are by far majority male, and there are huge swarms of males entering the US all the time, does that mean that there are millions of single young women down in Mexico desperate for men? Entire villages of nothing but 14-20 year old mestizas, working the crops, milking the goats, praying to God to bring them some men.

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Yes there is.
If you can stay away from bad towns and city parts, which are controlled by organized crime, you can find some nice Spanish girls there, who were raised with family and traditional values.

Of course many women in cities without a husband often go towards prostitution and become gold diggers later, but not all.

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Yeah, that's how my cousin was able to easily find a 10/10 waifu (virgin, meek, and obedient).

Wymyn have hypergamy, they look for resources

Stop you right there. You're making three mistakes:
1) You woke up this morning and didn't kill yourself. Shame.
2) You appear to give a fuck what women think about something (protip: they don't)
3) You assume women can be swayed by anything that isn't on TV.

I suggest lurking for a little while. See if you can pick up a few pointers on how not to be a fucking faggot OP, faggot OP

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The absolute state of Zig Forums.

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You can tell he doesn't even believe what he's saying. Poor guy chose the wrong team and has to lie to stay in the game.

No. The pure ones and ones with high European admixture are middle to upper class and are accounted for. The ones left behind are ugly little pinguino mother fuckers.

op needs to be melted in a vat of acid

Fuck off, you disingenuous roastie. Go wash your stinking pussy.

what about the traps?

worthless hole detected

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